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Flower Names For Dogs: 200+ Botanical-Inspired Names For Your New Puppy

Are you looking for a botanical inspired name for your new puppy? Flower names for dogs can be fun, unique, and beautiful. We share over 200 flower names for dogs you'll love.


Last Updated: November 29, 2023 | 6 min read

Corgi with open mouth peeks out of bunch of purple tulips.

Naming a new puppy is a fun and exciting part of pet ownership. Your dog’s name can perfectly represent your interests and personality but also reflect your new pup’s personality, appearance, breed, or history. For you pet owners with a green thumb, flower names for dogs can be a huge hit.

Flowers, as do dogs, bring a burst of joy to our lives, so naming a furbaby after a favorite plant or flower is a wonderful way to blend the two. The botanical world is big, and flowers come in all shapes, colors, and sizes. They offer plenty of naming inspiration for our four-legged companions.

Whether you’re a green thumb or simply someone who loves the beauty and aromas of flowers, we have plenty of ideas to share. Jump in and explore over 200 beautiful and exciting flower names for dogs.

Flower Names For Male Dogs

A dog holding a Dahlia flower in its mouth lying in the grass.

When we think of flowery names, many of us often think of female names, but there are plenty of plant-inspired dog monikers. Some are the names of plants themselves. Others are words associated with flowers or nicknames. All make some interesting and unique names for tough male pups.


Flower Names For Female Dogs

Golden Retriever mix lying on the beach with a pink flower crown on its head.

There’s no end to the ideas for flower names to represent female pups. Flamboyant, bright, and sassy are all characteristics we look for in our lovely ladies. Just like we love a bouquet of fresh flowers, we adore these blossom-inspired female names for pups.


Red Flower-Inspired Names For Dogs

A black Pug sitting on the ground with red roses in between its paws.

Flowers come in all colors of the rainbow, but those red blossoms always pop. Finding inspiration from red flowers for your next puppy is a lovely idea. Some breeds even have a reddish-colored coat, which pairs wonderfully with a red flower. We explore just a few of these rose-red-inspired ideas. We have divided these into male and female, but many can work for either.


Blue Flower-Inspired Names For Dogs

Australian Shepherd Among Blue Flowers.

Blue flowers are striking and range in shade from delicate to vibrant. They are lovely to look at and can offer some intriguing ideas for pet monikers. If blue blooms like cornflowers are your favorite, or your dog has a blue-hued coat, these ideas might be the right shade for your sweet pup.


Yellow Flower-Inspired Dog Names

Blonde Dachshund sniffing yellow Sunflower.

Yellow flowers, like sunflowers, brighten any room and bring a bit of sunshine to a dark day. Not only are these blossoms beautiful to see and smell, but many also have titles that make wonderful pet monikers. For an energetic and affectionate pup, a name inspired by bright yellow florets will always bring a smile to your face.

BulbineBusy Lizzy

White Flower-Inspired Dog Names

Corgi in a field of while flowers looking up.

White flowers are refreshing, peaceful, elegant, and an authentic piece of natural perfection. There is nothing sweeter than a bouquet of beautiful white roses, daisies, or dahlias. With so many species of flowers that come in white, it’s hard to pick a favorite. We love these naming ideas based on soft white blossoms.

Sweet WiliamPetunia

Funny Flower-Inspired Dog Names

Australian Shepherd chewing potted flowers tipped over on the ground.

Not all flower titles are pretty and flowing. Some botanical terms or nicknames can be quite funny. We found just a few that make very unique canine monikers. Some of these are a bit long, so a shortened version may work better. Either way, you’re sure to get a laugh yelling out one of these doggy call signs at the park. These ideas can work for male or female puppies.

Bear’s EarHogbean
BeardtongueHookers Lip
Black BatLungwort
Bleeding HeartMad Dog Skullcap
Butter-and eggsScurfpea
Cow VetchToadflax
CuckooTrue Blue
Dog HobbleTurtlehead
Dutchman’s BreechesVoodoo Lily
Gold DustWishbone

Pet Naming Trends

Looking at top pet name lists and most popular rankings is a wonderful way to learn more about what other pup parents are christening their pets. This information can be a starting point for brainstorming if you find yourself stuck. Trends are also a helpful way to know what to avoid if you are looking for a more distinctive designation for your puppy.

Naming trends vary by location and interest. They often follow entertainment franchises like Marvel, Disney, and Harry Potter. Other entertainment ideas, like Star Wars characters, are popular with fans over many generations. Sometimes, naming trends follow fashion, like retro or hipster, or even foods trending on social media.

It is important to remember that naming trends tend to change quickly and are often subjective to a specific area or group of people sampled. So, while they are great tools and an excellent way to get your creative naming ideas flowing, they are not an outright authority nor an entirely accurate reflection of all pet names. You can look online and in your local media for naming trends in your area, and the American Kennel Club and other organizations do surveys every year to try and determine the most popular picks.

Dog Naming Tips

Deciding on a name for a new puppy is a great joy and the first step to a long friendship. A pet’s moniker is a representation of them and their owners. It’s also one of the owners’ most significant communication tools with their pets. A dog will learn that this word means something special. The process can be stressful, but it does not have to be. We have a few tips for owners to remember as they work through naming a new puppy.

Remember that this is a learning process for both the owner and the puppy. Keep calm and have patience. With positive reinforcement (treats, cuddles, verbal praise, toys) and practice, your puppy will learn their new title in a few weeks. It’s also okay if you don’t have an idea picked out immediately. As long as your pup feels loved and cared for, the issue will work out eventually.

9 Tips For Picking A Dog’s Name

  1. A temporary call sign like “Baby,” ‘Puppy,” or ‘Sweetie” can work for a while. Sometimes, these nicknames even become a pup’s more often-used title. For example, my dog is named Falkor, but we often call him “Bubba,” which we started using on his first day home with us. Nicknames are important, so think up a few for every idea you are seriously considering.
  2. Consider your puppy’s size, breed, coat color, personality, and history, along with your specific interests. Take some time to get to know your fur baby a bit before making a final choice.
  3. Stick to shorter, one to two-syllable words. These terms are easier for canines to recognize and pick out of background noise. Shorter terms are also simpler to remember for people and more manageable for owners to speak.
  4. Canines hear and respond to hard consonant sounds the best. Try to find a word that starts with one of these sounds, like C, D, G, K, P, and T. Double-syllable words are another sound structure that canines can pick out easily.
  5. Canines respond to words that end in vowels more than words that do not. That is because we raise the tone of our voices when we make vowel sounds, and canines pick up on that change.
  6. Stay away from words that sound like commands. This is advisable because you don’t want to confuse your dog, especially if you plan to do any kind of extra training like tricks or agility. Additionally, stay away from words that sound like other pets or family members’ monikers to avoid confusion.
  7. Remember that while a dog understands that this word has special significance, they will never understand any more profound meaning. While a designation may be a tribute to a favorite person, a previous fur baby, or, in this case, a special flower, your pup will not grasp that connection the same way humans do.
  8. Be courteous and considerate when picking ideas. Stay appropriate, and do not pick a word that can be taken offensively or be confused for something offensive. While it’s terrific to be funny, you don’t want to hurt anyone’s feelings, be offensive, or embarrass your pet or yourself. Other people need to use this title, so consider that when debating ideas. It is especially true if you pick a term from another language, like Italian, Spanish, German, or Japanese. Research to be sure your idea is appropriate in all languages.
  9. If something does not work out, changing it a few weeks in is perfectly fine. Try to stick to a term that sounds similar, especially if your pup is a little older. Understand that this process will take time, and stay positive so your puppy doesn’t get discouraged.

While designating your pet after flowers is lovely, be careful about letting your pup eat them! Many common garden blooms and some state flowers can be toxic to pets. Blossoms and foliage can be hard to digest even if they are not poisonous and can cause gastrointestinal distress and pain. Proceed with caution whenever your dog is around any kind of blooming plant.

Getting Ready For Your New Puppy

We are so excited about your new puppy. It is a wonderful time, and you will make many happy memories. Along with choosing a perfect name, you will want to be prepared before your pup comes home. You will need basic supplies like puppy food, beds, toys, treats, puppy pads, and a collar and leash. Puppies are messy, with lots of potty accidents, so be sure to get plenty of cleaning supplies. You will need to puppy-proof your home and yard. Some dogs like to eat grass, so watch for that and keep your pup away from potentially dangerous flowers and plants. This is especially important when puppies are teething, as they like to chew everything in sight.

As you bond with your puppy, they will grow into their personality and name. Flower names for dogs are a beautiful way to find a unique and less common moniker. We love the idea of naming a pet after a favorite plant or flower. Whether your dog is a big, powerful breed or a fluffy little love ball, we are sure there is a flowery name out there that you will adore.

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