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Hipster Girl Dog Names: 300+ Hipster Names Perfect For Your Girl Pup

Inspiration for your new puppy's names can come from many places. For those considering a hipster dog name for your girl, we have compiled a collection of over 300 names. Learn more about picking a fitting hipster name for your new pup in our guide.


Last Updated: August 31, 2022 | 8 min read

Yorkshire terriers in a tracksuit at the window

Are you looking for the perfect hipster girl dog name for your puppy? As a new dog owner, you want a name that captures her spirit and reflects your personality. Naming your new fluffy BFF is a big deal. After all, you are going to be close companions for a very long time. Crafting the perfect moniker for your baby may take some time and consideration. A name must be easy for them to understand and fit their personality and appearance.

In fashion and culture, a hipster is someone who follows trends and fashions, especially those that fall outside the parameters of the cultural mainstream. Hipsters tend to be young adults that are intelligent, creative, witty, value independent thinking, and do not always follow the cultural norm.

Hipster dog names can be traditional, new, creative, or a combination of new and old. The possibilities are vast. This is an enjoyable and fun part of pet ownership, setting the tone for many happy years with your pup. We compiled a list of some of the best hipster girl dog names we could find by category.

Fashion-Inspired Names

Fashion is a big part of being a lady. Your sweet pup is no different, and she will have her own unique look. Some of your favorite fashion choices might just give you ideas for her name. Designer names, style trends, materials, and colors, there are endless possibilities for fashion-inspired names. Whatever your personal style, we are sure there is a fashion-inspired hipster name below that is a perfect fit for your girl pup.

Bella Diamond Gigi Satine(Satin)
Bijou Dior Heidi Scrunchie
Cashmere Dolce Harper Stella
Chanel Donatella Heidi TIffany
Chiffon Elle Juicy Velvet
Coco Estee Kylie Vera

Food-Inspired Names

Do you have a Haute dog? 

Food is a massive part of our lives and inspires us every day. Following food trends or blazing one’s path in the food world is totally hipster. The food and beverages you enjoy can inspire a name for your girl dog. For people who work in food, or simply love to eat, the world of food means a lot to many people. This love of food offers plenty of hipster ideas for sweet dog names. Why not name your new baby girl after your favorite tasty snack? Whether it is a reference to a favorite dish or a new age kind of superfood, these food-inspired names are a real sweet treat.

Apple Clementine Jasmine Peaches
Biscuit Coconut Jelly Pudding
Brie Chia Kimchi Skittles
Brownie Cookie Kombucha Snickerdoodle
Butterscotch Dumpling Nugget Tiramisu
Carmella Cookie Olive Tofu
Cannoli Cupcake Oreo Wonton

Inspirational Names

We are lucky to live in a world where inspiration comes from many places. With so many options for self-care and self-expression, inspirational names for your pup can come from just about anywhere. Religion, spirituality, mediation, yoga, mindfulness, manifestation, etc. Any kind of inspirational practice or passion in your life may give you an idea for a dog name. Naming your sweet girl after something that inspires you, drives you, and makes your life better is beautiful. We hope some of the names below inspire you!

Ashtanga Crystal Heaven Serenity
Amari Devi Juno Shanti
Angelica Eternity Kali Shiva
Bliss Faith Mandala Trinity
Charity Glory Mantra Yana
Chakra Grace Sadhivi Vinyasa

Popular Girl Dog Names

Small Happy Dog in a Dress
Girlie dogs deserve a name to live up to their diva status.

While it might seem like the opposite of being a hipster to pick a female dog name that is “popular,” some names are always top choices. Remember being a hipster means both following trends and creating your own. The names mentioned below do just that.

Athena Dahlia Lola Queen
Billie Flora Luna Sadie
Blaze Flora Maisie Siri
Calliope Huntress Pixie Xena
Cleao Lassie Prudence Zelda

Nature-Inspired Names

Everyone can appreciate nature, and there are plenty of nature-inspired names to choose from for your pup. Whether your girl reminds you of a flower, a waterfall, a special campsite, your favorite hiking trail, or even a wild animal, she can be named after it. We love these nature-inspired names, just as we love the vibrant, natural beauty that inspires them.

Aspen Fleur Ocean Shadow
Birdie Ivy Onyx Skye
Buttercup Iris Pearl Stormy
Cedar Juniper Periwinkle Terra
Clover Kalani Prairie Topaz
Daisy Ladybug Raven Tulip
Dawn Laurel Rosie Willow
Dove Lavender Sage Wren
Echo Lily Savannah Zola

Names Inspired By Places

Happy Dog Next to Bulb Plants
From a well-known city to a tiny town, sometimes places inspire us long after we leave.

Many people, hipsters or not, will name their dogs after their favorite places, and we are here for it. The name of a hometown, a place one spent memorable moments, a far-off place on bucket lists, the world offers many places that can inspire a hipster girl dog name. Perhaps one of these ideas motivated by real places will be the right fit for your new little lady.

Abilene Dakota Lourdes Rio
Asia Cheyenne Nevada Selma
Arizona India Nile Shawnee
Asia Kenya Odessa Utah
Brooklyn London Paris Virginia

Book-Inspired Names

Best Dog Books
Books are a wonderful source of unique and original names.

Books have inspired us to name pets and children for generations. Whether it is a favorite character, a picturesque fantasy world, a book title, an author, a genre, or mythology, there are endless ways to draw inspiration for a hipster girl dog name from the literary world. Great classics, new writers, poets, these spaces are where we find those perfect hipster girl dog names.

Alice Emma Matilda Rapunzel
Agatha Ginny Maya Scarlett
Arwen Guinevere Nana Shiloh
Arya Harper Ophelia Sookie
Charlotte Hermione Perdita Sylvia
Daenerys/Dany Juliet Pippa Tris
Dorothy Katniss Pippi Wendy
Duchess Lassie Prim Winnie

Names Inspired By Music

One place pet owners have always looked for guidance when picking names is music. Music inspires us to do many things, and it can undoubtedly influence picking a female hipster dog name. Our favorite songs stir emotions, which can lead us to a name. Music offers solace, joy, and many other things to our daily lives. This makes it an excellent source of ideas for dog names. Musically inspired names like those below might just strike that perfect chord for your new pup’s name.

Adele Hymn Melody Reba
Beyonce Harmony Missy Rhianna
Billie Jean Hymn Norah Roxanne
Blondie Iggy Lizzo Serenade
Cadence Joplin Lyric Stevie
Gaga Joni Mariah Shakira
Dolly Lyric Melody Viola
Gaga Mariah Pink Whitney

Movie-Inspired Names

Picking a hipster moniker for your female dog would not be complete without these movie-inspired names.

The perfect name for your sweet gal can sometimes be found on the silver screen, from fan-favorite franchises like Disney, Star Wars, and Marvel to indie flicks. Movies inspire many of our fur baby names, and there are plenty of hipster choices. The film world is vast, and with so many genres, there are endless possibilities to find a special name for your pup.

Astrid Dory Mary Nala
Aurora Eva Merida Raya
Belle Fiona Minnie Rey
Buffy Gamora Muppet Tiana
Carrie Leia Mystique Tinkerbell
Clarice Lucy Lu Nala Valkyrie

Science-Inspired Names

Science is everywhere and can offer unique ideas for hipster girl dog names. Whether it is a love of math, biology, astronomy, etc., some incredibly unique dog names can come from the scientific world. Naming your female dog one of these names is fun, gives your dog a name most others will not have, and might make the neighbors think you are super-smart when they hear you calling for your puppy to come inside.

Andromeda Element Lyra Nova
Celeste Gamma Nebula Venus
Cipher Geo Neptune Venus
Digit Lumina Neon Xenon

Alcohol-Inspired Hipster Girl Dog Names

Dog drinking water with fruit and straw
We could not talk about hipster dog names without mentioning beverage-inspired ones.

While they may not be the most common, that just makes them even more hipster. A name inspired by a favorite beverage adds a fun background to how your dog got her name. It also makes you smile every time she comes running because she is sweet and so is that delicious beverage. Check out these beverage-inspired names for your little lady.

Absinthe Bubbles Kahlua Sangria
Amber Cider Margarita Sherry
Appletini Chardonnay Mojito Sparkle
Bellini Gimlet Moonshine Spritz
Brandy Hennessy Rosé Whiskey

Funny Hipster Girl Dog Names

Some pet owners like to laugh, which can carry over to picking a pet’s name. It is perfectly fine to have some fun. Choosing a name for your pet is just part of the excitement of welcoming a new pup. Some of the funnier takes we have seen on female puppy names are below. Have fun with these but remember to keep it classy.

Barbie Chica Marshmallow Squeaker
Baby Doll Cutie Pie Mary Poppins Squirt
Cha Cha Kitty Pee Wee Zippy

Unique Hipster Girl Dog Names

Of course, we love unique dog names. The fun part about a hipster girl dog name is that dog owners can get as creative and unique as they want to. A very special pup needs an incredibly special name. It is ok to look for a name that is outside of what most people think of. That is just part of being a hipster. Whatever passion inspires your dog’s name, it will help create a special, lifelong bond with her.

Cameo Kali Minerva Rain
Eleven Koda Mishka Vixen
Fancy Lux Miri Zoe
Isla Matcha Nikita Zara

Dog Naming Tips

Sometimes pet owners will have a name picked out for their new fur baby regardless of what kind of dog they get. Sometimes a specific breed or size of dog will lead to a noticeably obvious choice of name. Other pet owners wait to get to know their puppy. Some pick a name when they first meet them based on appearance or some other characteristic. It is certainly fun to learn more about dog names as you decide.

There are a few things to keep in mind when deciding what your pup’s name will be:

  • Avoid overused names. This can lead to confusion at the dog park because every dog named “Baby” in the hearing range may try to follow you home.
  • One and two-syllable names are easier for your pooch to recognize.
  • Pick a name you are going to be ok calling out and putting on paperwork. You do not want to be embarrassed or give anyone the wrong idea about your pet.
  • Try out a few nicknames for each name that you are considering.
  • Names that end in vowels tend to be easier for dogs to recognize.
  • Avoid names that resemble frequently used commands. For example, “roll over” and Rover sound similar as do “sit’ and Kit.
  • It is ok to test out names on your new little princess. She may respond to one name better than others. There is nothing wrong with giving her a little time to let the right name find her.

Naming your female dog is the start of your journey together. She will learn to respond to this name and know from your tone whether she’s in for a treat or if she needs to answer for chewing up the couch. You do not need to have a name picked out right away.

Your pet will take some time to learn her name and may respond better to some nicknames than others. You can offer her treats to reward her for recognizing her name. If your dog does not respond to her name at all, consider a professional trainer and a consultation with your veterinarian to check her hearing.

Final Thoughts

Naming your pet is a process, and you can draw inspiration for their name from many unusual places. Let yourself have fun and be creative. Hopefully, our list of over 300 hipster girl dog names will help you find the perfect moniker for your girl. Some breeds like Chihuahuas or Great Danes will have names that work with their appearance, color, size, or personality. Others can be more versatile, and different names will fit.

Take some time to get to know your puppy and learn her personality traits and behavior habits. The right name will be a blend of both her personality and yours. Picking a name for your pup is not a perfect process. You will have some great ideas and some others that fall flat. Do not put yourself or your dog under too much pressure. When you find a name you love, do not overthink it or let other people discourage you. Ultimately, it is up to you and your pup, and the two of you will figure out her perfect name together.

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