Author & Animal Lover

Danielle DeGroot

Danielle is a professional writer, pet lover, and book nerd. She has experience writing in communications, freelance writing, copywriting, blogging, PR, marketing, and education. Danielle graduated from the University of Colorado Global and has a Bachelor’s Degree in Communications with a specialization in Marketing. She is a lifelong supporter of rescue pets and has adopted almost every animal she ever met that needed a home. Big or small, she falls in love with dogs of all shapes and sizes. If she could, she would adopt them all!


Danielle loves to write about dogs and their care because she loves to help people learn. Her work allows her to take the very best care of her fur babies. Her favorite thing about her job is that she gets to help other people take great care of their pets. For 11 years, Danielle raised a very special dog with epilepsy, opening up her eyes to the needs of dogs that suffer from incurable conditions and the unique needs of caring for senior dogs.


Danielle loves to take her dogs on adventures, letting them explore the great big world. Taking her dogs and kids hiking in the mountains of Colorado is one of her favorite activities. There is nothing more exhilarating than watching her pups (people and canines!) experience the freedom and magic of the great big world.


Along with writing and crafting, she spends every day navigating the adventures of her Poogle puppy Falkor, and her lovely PitBull Lab mix Daisy, who make life a lot more fun.

    Danielle DeGroot