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Tough Dog Names: 200+ Strong & Powerful Names For Male Dogs

Looking for the perfect dog name to give your pup, that's sure to strike fear into the hearts of any unwanted intruders? Below you'll find over 200 different tough and aggressive dog names that are based on mythology, military vocabulary, regal names, and more!

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Last Updated: August 31, 2022 | 5 min read

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As a male dog owner, you want to name your dog something that fits their breed, size, and personality. Naming a guard dog, ‘Fluffy,’ just doesn’t work. But finding that perfect tough dog name for a stronger dog can be a challenge when you don’t have a list of ideas to work from.

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If you are lacking inspiration, fear not! We’ve compiled a list of over 200 male dog names that are tough, strong and powerful. Doesn’t matter if you are naming a big dog, or naming a medium-sized German Shepherd, you want your dog’s name to mirror their personality.

The 200 plus dog names below can not only be used for more aggressive breeds but can actually be used as fun for smaller pups too. There’s no reason why you can’t name your little Cavapoo something like “Maximus.” Let’s jump in and check out our favorite strong, powerful, and tough dog names.

Regal Dog Names

If you give your dog the royal treatment, you should consider some of these regal names. Some of these are great for breeds that may come from a regal background or if the dogs were bred for royalty. These names command the attention and make a bold statement.

Regal Names For Male Dogs

Military Inspired Dog Names

The military is a great place to look for inspiration for a strong dog name. Whether it’s a former member of the US military, or a military member overseas, each of these names will command attention. These names are great for military members, veterans, hunters, or anyone who just likes these tough dog names.

Male Military Dog Names

Unique Strong Dog Names

Some dog owners want to name their male dog something completely unique. This could be naming a Boerboel after their country of origin, a name after other animals, warrior, or even a tough dog name after their favorite movie or just some very scary dog names. Let’s look at over 75 different tough dog names that you aren’t likely to hear anywhere else.

Tough Chinese Dog Names
Tough African Dog Names
Tough Greek Dog Names
Tough Egyptian Dog Names
Tough Famous Dog Names
Tough Warrior Dog Names
Powerful Animal Dog Names
Intimidating Tough Dog Names

Other Tough Dog Names

Just in case you have not found the ideal name. Here are some more for your strong dog. These names do not necessarily have a specific meaning behind them, but they sound tough.

Most of these male dog names could fit any breed, but they particularly fit German Shepherds, Dobermans, Rottweilers, and other larger breeds. You can also use one of these bold names to give a small dog, like a Miniature Doberman Pinscher, Chihuahua, or a French Bulldog, a larger-than-life persona.

Other Tough Dog Names

Dog Naming Tips

Choosing a tough dog name is no different than choosing any other name. Anytime you name a pet, it is essential to think over your selection carefully. Below are some tips to help you pick a name for your new puppy that your entire family loves.

Tip#1: Spend Time with Your Dog Before Choosing a Name

You might have a name in mind before you pick out your new puppy, but later realize the name you thought was perfect is not right. Spending time with your pet before you name them is one of the best ways to choose a name that suits them.

So, make a shortlist of names you love, and after getting to know your pet, decide on the best one. It is also okay to wait a while before you name your puppy. The better you know your dog, the easier it will be to pick.

Tip #2: Select a Name That Represents Your Dog

The name should represent your dog. So, if you own a red Tibetan Mastiff, you might want to pick a name, like “Chong,” which means powerful in Chinese.

Or, you could name your dog, “Red,” because that is the color of his fur. You could also choose a name representing one of his features, like “Goliath,” because your dog is giant. The most appropriate names tie to the animal in some way.

Tip #3: Pick a Name That Means Something to You

The name you pick reflects you just as much as it represents your dog. So, it is essential to choose a name that fits with you and your family. You can also pick something that represents the hobbies you have or your passions.

If you enjoy history, you might want to pick a historical name. An avid gun collector or veteran might choose to name their dog “AK,” “Ammo,” “Gunner,” or “Soldier.”  If you like to go fishing, you could call your dog, “Cuda.”

Tip #4: Pick a Name You Do Not Mind Saying Loudly

While most of the time, you will be at home with your dog, there will be times when you have to call your dog in front of other people. For example, when you go to the dog park, or if your dog gets away from you.

If you do not feel comfortable calling your dog’s name out in front of other people, these situations can be pretty awkward. The last thing you want if your dog gets out is to be embarrassed to call them.

Tip #5: Choose a Name Your Family Likes

If you have a family, your new pet will likely be close to everyone in your home. So, you should try to call your dog something the rest of your housemates do not mind. If you live with your mom, naming your dog, “Killer,” might not be the best idea, as she probably does not want to scream that in her backyard.

Instead, you might want to consider a strong, regal name, or name your dog after a Greek god. Your mom would probably prefer if the neighbors heard her yelling, “Zeus.”  However, every family is different. So, it is good to consult with the other people who will care for your new pet.

Tip #6: It Is Okay to Try a Few Names Before You Decide

The good thing about naming your dog is that you can easily change their name if you do not like it. It is not like naming a baby where you have to fill out a birth certificate and let your extended friends and family know the name you have chosen.

If you name your dog “Maximus” and decide later, they are more of a “Zeus,” no big deal. If you go through a couple of names in the first few days or weeks you have your dog, it should be fine. However, you do not want to go too long before deciding on your puppy’s name. Otherwise, it can make training challenging.

Final Thoughts

Now that you’ve read through our list of over 200 strong, powerful, and tough male dog names, you hopefully have a few different names to choose from. If none of these names struck inspiration, there’s always other avenues you can look at. You can name your dog after the color of their coat, or even specifically for their breed. Some names work better for Labradors than they do for Siberian Huskies. But finding the perfect name for your pup isn’t an exact science.

Just remember the tips above, be creative, and have fun. Often, it’s best not to overthink it. The right name should feel natural to you, and should fit your dog. When in doubt, engage family and close friends and ask their opinions. Ultimately though, you need to be the one satisfied with the perfect name for your pup.

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