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Hawaiian Dog Names: 200+ Ideas

Hawaii is a gorgeous, breathtaking location. Many dog owners look to this natural beauty to find name ideas. Learn more about naming tips and see our 200+ Hawaiian dog moniker ideas.


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What a wonderful time bringing home a new fuzzy fur baby is. Once you have your new puppy home, it’s time to start thinking about a name. For many pet owners, favorite places and cultures are fantastic places to find naming ideas. Hawaii is one of those places. Renowned for its undeniable natural beauty, this gorgeous group of islands is unforgettable. Finding a Hawaiian dog name is a way to pay tribute to this amazing place and say aloha to your new fur baby.

Hawaii is made up of 137 different volcanic islands, though most folks only of a few. It is one of the most beautiful places in the world, a location many people only dream of going to. The lucky ones who make it are in awe of this island paradise’s beauty, culture, and history.

Traditionally Hawaiian names are unisex, though, in recent times, names tend to be applied more often to one or the other. In traditional Hawaiian culture, monikers are picked for new babies by their elders and could be changed later in life. Naming ideas came from dreams, visions, mystical sources, and ancestors to honor an event or based on the baby’s personality. We’ve got over 200 Hawaiian dog name ideas to share with you.

Traditional Hawaiian Names & Meanings

Hawaiian culture is full of very traditional names, as well as those that are highly popular. Below we introduce you to just a few of these traditional names and their meanings.

  1. Aka means shadow.
  2. Akahi means for the first time.
  3. Honi translates to kiss.
  4. Kahuna is a name that means chief.
  5. Kai is very popular and means sea.
  6. Kamea means the one and only.
  7. Keilani means glorious chief.
  8. Keiki translates to child.
  9. Koa means brave and fearless.
  10. Lani represents the sky.
  11. Maka means favorite one.
  12. Makani means the wind.
  13. Manu translates to bird.
  14. Nani means beautiful.
  15. Pua translates to flower.
  16. “ilio, the Hawaiian word for dog.

Female Hawaiian Dog Names

Big white dog lying on the beach with pink flower crown on head

While all traditional Hawaiian names can be unisex, some tend to be bestowed more upon girls. Anyone who has ever owned a girl pup knows they are all true island princesses at heart. Your perfect princess needs a name that is as beautiful as she is. Perhaps one of these flowing ideas might do her justice.

LakaWai Nani

Male Hawaiian Dog Names

Chihuahua Pup With Tropical Hawaiian Shirt

Male canines boast a certain level of confidence and charisma. Finding the perfect moniker for your pup, that term that perfectly matches his appearance and personality, is essential. Below we have listed some intriguing ideas of titles for a new male puppy. These all come from Hawaiian culture and are quite unique. While some might be more common, any of these handles will make your proud pup stand out at the dog park.


Hawaiian Place-Inspired Dog Names

Dog at Hawaiian park near water

Hawaii is world-famous for its spectacular natural beauty. Hawaii is an adventure lover’s island paradise with glorious waterfalls, idyllic beaches, and active volcanoes. These islands are full of unsurmountable beauty, and naming your new puppy after this beauty is a way to always keep a piece of that fantastic landscape with you.

HapunaMauna Kea
HawiNa Pali

Hawaiian Food & Drink-Inspired Dog Names

Dachshund Eats Fruit on the Beach

Naming a puppy after a favorite food or meal is a wonderful way to pick a unique, meaningful moniker. Besides being famous for its awe-inspiring natural beauty, Hawaii is also full of distinctive, spicy, and intriguing island culinary flavors. Many of these dishes tickle the taste buds and make fascinating ideas to title your dog.

Chow MeinNishime
Huli HuliPoke
Lau LauTako
Loco MocoWonton

Hawaiian Flower-Inspired Dog Names

woman in black dress with red hibiscus flower with husky dog

The islands of Hawaii are a slice of tropical paradise packed full of brilliantly colored flowers. They dot the landscape and are woven into the culture. From the welcoming lays placed upon visitors’ shoulders, two beautiful displays growing next to waterfalls, in gardens, and all over the islands, the flowers of Hawaii inspire brilliant pet name ideas.

JasmineOhia Lehua
LokelaniUki Uki

Pet Naming Trends

We often look to pet naming trends and fads for ideas. Trends come and go, often around things happening in society and entertainment. Dogs named after favorite Harry Potter or Star Wars character, hipster styles, food, and more are common. These ideas can be trendy for a time. Some stick around longer than others. Naming trends can be helpful if owners need assistance coming up with ideas. They are a wonderful place to start brainstorming. Trends also help owners stay away from popular and overused names.

Tips For Naming Your New Puppy

Picking out the perfect title for a new puppy is a fun yet challenging task. After all, this one word will be the single most important way you communicate with your pup (no pressure!).

  1. If you are considering a pet name inspired by Hawaii, or another place like Germany, take some time to learn about the culture, history, and language. Be sure to stay respectful of the culture.
  2. Take your puppy’s appearance, color, size, personality, and breed into consideration.
  3. Canines respond better to shorter words. Stick to those with one or two syllables. If you pick a longer title, come up with a few shorter versions, words longer than two syllables tend to get lost.
  4. Stick to sounds dogs can hear clearly. Letters like D, K, L, T, S, or even combinations like Ch, Sch, and Sh, are sounds they hear well. Softer letter sounds are harder for canines to pick up. Words that end in vowels are also easier for canines to hear.
  5. Take care to pick terms that are appropriate and respectful. Owners should always consider this, especially when choosing a term from a different culture or place. Be sure to do your research and ensure that you are not picking anything offensive or disrespectful to anyone. Many other people will need to use this moniker throughout your pet’s life, and you want to be respectful to them and your pup.
  6. There are often times when owners pick terms with sentimental meaning or attachment to them. It’s important to remember that pets will learn their names and respond to them but will never understand the deeper meaning or significance that a specific term may have.
  7. It will take time for a puppy to respond to its new name. This is a learning process, and owners must have patience. Puppies have a lot to get acquainted with, a new environment, new people, new smells, sounds, and names. When they respond to their name, offer your puppy plenty of treats, cuddles, and positive rewards. Before long, this will become an old habit. Your dog will learn that when they hear this word, it is time to go inside, go outside, have dinner, go for a walk, or simply respond because their owners are calling them.
  8. Remember to come up with some different nicknames, especially if you pick a longer term. Many times, owners who have their hearts set on a longer word will come up with nicknames or shortened versions. Try to deliver a few nicknames for every idea you are seriously considering.
  9. In some cases, an idea simply does not work out. Sometimes an idea an owner is attached to simply does not fit the animal. It is okay if this happens. Dogs’ naming handles can be changed when they are young puppies. Do not try to change the moniker of an older pet. This is a much more complex process. When picking out an idea for your new furry companion, try to have a few backup options ready in case your first pick does not work out.
  10. Remember to have patience with yourself and your puppy as you work through the naming process. This is a learning experience for both of you and an important bonding time between pets and owners.

Final Thoughts

Welcoming home a fluffy, loveable new puppy is an exciting time, as is brainstorming and selecting the perfect name. Not only is this a memorable time, but it is pivotal in forming a strong bond and understanding with your pet. A moniker is more than a simple term, it is a powerful communication tool, so it is important to take time and pick something special that works well. Not only should this name be easy to say and hear, but it should also encompass parts of your dog’s personality.

If you are selecting a word inspired by Hawaii, take some time to learn a little more about the culture, the history, and the specific terms meaning and applications. We hope that our list of gorgeous Hawaiian dog names has inspired you. If you are still looking for ideas, consider unique, popular, hipster, funny, or even mischievous monikers for your new puppy.

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