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Catahoula Leopard Dog & Pitbull Mix: Pitahoula Breed Information

Are you thinking of rescuing or adopting a Pitahoula? This designer dog is relatively new, so read on to find out everything you need to know about the Pitbull Catahoula Leopard Dog mix before owning one.

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Last Updated: March 6, 2023 | 11 min read

Catahoula Pitbull Mix

The Catahoula Pitbull mix is a rare and relatively new designer dog whose popularity has just started to take off. Many dog owners now opting for something a little different from the usual family favorites such as the Labrador. Lesser-known breeds, such as the Catahoula Leopard Dog, are becoming more popular.

The Catahoula is quite an intense breed, so when it’s mixed with the American Pitbull Terrier, the end result can be a somewhat more adaptable and affectionate mix. While he is not suited to every family home, there is something very special about this mixed-breed pup.

If you are active and an experienced and strong-willed dog owner, this breed can make an awesome canine companion. So, let’s take a closer look to see if the Catahoula Pitbull mixed breed pup is the perfect canine companion for you and your lifestyle.

Breed Overview
    • weight iconWeight40-85 pounds
    • height iconHeight18-23 inches
    • lifespan iconLifespan13-15 years
    • color iconColorsRed, Blue, White, Merle, Mixed
  • Child Friendliness
  • Canine Friendliness
  • Training Difficulty
  • Grooming Upkeep
  • Breed Health
  • Exercise Needs
  • Puppy Costs

Parent Breeds

To fully understand a designer dog and what genes he can expect to inherit, it is vital to learn a little about his parents. The Pitahoula may inherit any combination of genes and characteristics, so you need to be sure that you are comfortable with all of them.

Catahoula Leopard Dog

Catahoula Leopard Dog
Catahoulas have become more popular over the last decade.

This dog is less well-known compared to the Pitbull. That is unless you live in Louisiana, where the breed is their state dog. In fact, this breed is named after the largest natural freshwater lake in the state. He is a mixture of what is believed to be Spanish Mastiffs, Bloodhounds, and Greyhounds. The breed was brought to the area by Spanish travelers in the 16th Century.

Also known as the hog dog, his original profession was to hunt wild boar in the swamps of South Eastern America. Farmers were so impressed by his prowess that he became a popular ranch hand. In packs, they employ their unique herding skill of creating a canine fence around stock to enable their master to direct them.

The hardworking Catahoula Leopard Dog is described as loyal, independent, and watchful. He makes a hard-working canine colleague. He is also known to make a great family pet for the right family. However, he needs a strict and firm leader who understands the pack mentality. Otherwise, he is known to become unruly.

American Pitbull Terrier

Young Pitbull Terrier Dog Walking
The Pitbull has been used as a working dog in many capacities for decades.

The Pitbull Terrier is more well-known than the Catahoula. With that comes his unfair reputation of being vicious. However, a well-trained Pitbull is the complete opposite of this myth. This unfair reputation stems from his forced participation in blood sports.

Thankfully, after these cruel sports were outlawed, he also became employed as a ranch hand and became the Cowboy’s favorite colleague. Since our love, and education, have increased and improved for this popular breed, he is also commonly used as a therapy dog simply because of his loving nature and adoration for humans.

The Pitbull Terrier is described as smart, confident, and good-natured. The breed makes an excellent family addition, even for those with small children, which is why he is known as the nanny dog.

He needs an outlet for his energy and needs to be placed with an active family who can spend most of their day with him. Pitbulls do not like to be left alone for long periods. Designer Pitbulls have become quite popular, with many other popular pitbull terrier mixes. The more popular ones include the Labrabull, the Pitsky, the Beaglebull, and the Corgi Pit.

Catahoula Pitbull Mix

Catahoula Pitbull Terrier Mixed Breed Pup on Grass
The Catahoula Leopard Dog Pitbull Mix is a very beautiful mix.

The combination of the above dogs results in the Catahoula Pitbull mix. If you are curious about what to expect or have never seen one before, then be sure to head over to Bullitt’s Instagram page, where his parents describe him as half crazy and half lazy. Pitahoulas are becoming one of the more popular Catahoula mixes.

The Catahoula Pitbull is a designer dog, and as such, there’s no breed standard. This guide focuses on what you can typically expect from this mix, but it is important to understand and research each parent breed thoroughly. You should be prepared to expect your Catahoula Pitbull to inherit any characteristics of either parent.


Pitahoula Playing Outdoors
Pitahoulas require a very dedicated dog owner that has experience managing stubborn breeds.

The Pitahoula is not for the first time or a timid dog owner. He needs to be placed into a family that understands dogs and is willing to establish a pack mentality in the family. If this is not established, this pup will not do well. Not only will he challenge you as a pack leader, but it can lead to behavioral issues.

While this instinct will be somewhat diluted thanks to the Pitbull genes, this characteristic needs to be treated as though he were a pure Catahoula. However, once this is established, he will thoroughly adore his master and the entire family and do anything to please you.

This pup has a lot of physical and mental energy that he will need to expel. He should be placed with an active family who can commit to a lot of interaction, playtime, and cuddles. Nothing would make this dog happier than having a job to do with his owner, making him an ideal ranch hand. Once he has burnt off his energy, he is known to enjoy calmness in the home. This mix will happily lay by your feet in front of the fire.

Thanks to his Pitbull parent, he is very affectionate and constantly craves your attention and praise. For this reason, he can be a very intense canine. If you enjoy intense dogs, then look no further than this pup. On the other hand, if you like your space, then you should consider another mixed breed!

Size & Appearance

Beautiful Mixed Breed Dog Outdoors
This mix can vary widely in both size and appearance.

Dependent on the size of his parents, the Catahoula Pitbull can weigh between 40 and 85 pounds. He will measure between 18 and 23 inches in height. The Catahoula also carries the heterochromia gene, whereby his eyes are different colors, or they can even be a mixture of colors in the same eye.

His intense energy and boisterous nature when playing outside of the home means that he can be quite forceful and strong. His owners need to be prepared for this. While he is calm and gentle with children inside the home, small children should be supervised at all times simply because of his size.

Coat & Colors

Spotted Pitahoula
Pitahoulas can have a variety of different coat color combinations.

This mixed breed is strikingly stunning. He’ll certainly turn heads even just for his coloring! He will inherit any combination of his parent’s colors. In fact, most Pitahoulas look completely different from one another, even when coming from the same litter!

The Pitbull comes in red, blue, white, and just about any color except merle. So this means there’s a good chance your pup could come with any of these colors incorporated into their coat patterns. It’s possible you can have a straight red-coated dog, or your Pitahoula could be completely blue or white.

The Catahoula comes in all different shades of merle. This means you can expect absolutely any color or markings with this pup. Because of their Catahoula parent’s spotted markings, it’s possible that your pup could pull in any normal base color from their Pitbull parent, with some merled spots.

Exercise & Living Conditions

Very Active Dog in Home Backyard
Expect to spend quite a bit of time dedicated to exercising this mix.

The Catahoula Pitbull mix will need a lot of exercise. You must be able to commit to at least 60 to 90 minutes of vigorous exercise every day.  Otherwise, he will become very restless and destructive. Quite simply, if you cannot commit to this, then he is not the breed for you.

If you can, he will return his gratitude by being the best four-legged friend you’ll ever have. He is also perfectly suited to families with younger children despite his size. You’ll almost always find him favoring the young ones for cuddles on the sofa.

Because of his potentially large size and energy, Pitahoulas are better suited to a larger home with access to a reinforced backyard. He will need access to fresh air as he’ll get cabin fever easily. These pups hate to be locked up for hours on end. Because he can be very protective of his family, you’ll need to ensure that your backyard is reinforced. If not, you’ll risk him escaping if he feels danger on the perimeter.


Catahoula Leopard Dog Mixed with Pitbull Playing
This mixed breed is very active and needs a firm trainer that’s experienced with headstrong breeds.

This is one of the main sections that you’ll need to focus your attention on. Training this mix can be a challenge. Firstly, early socialization is key. You should introduce him to as many dogs and other animals of all shapes and sizes as possible, as well as other humans.

Walking him on the sidewalk at all times of the day will ensure that he becomes accustomed to other leashed dogs and noisy vehicles. Enrolling him in a puppy obedience class would be very helpful. Not only will your dog then get used to other pups, but you can set the rules from day one.

He needs a strong-willed master who will be committed to his training. This means being very consistent because if he sniffs any weakness, he will take advantage of this. Not only do you need to be strong-willed, but you also need to be physically strong. This mix is also strong, and for this reason, it is advised to leash train him from an early age.

Positive enforcement training is also important because he will react in self-defense to any mistreatment. Plenty of verbal praise and small treats will keep him encouraged. Because of his intelligence, he will be eager to please and pick up basic commands quickly.  You should also ensure that if you plan to crate train, you find a crate for Pitbull breeds, and the same goes for training with a harness.


Healthy Catahoula Pitbull Mix
This is a healthy mix with very few potential genetic health issues.

The Catahoula Pitbull mix is a relatively healthy dog. It’s estimated that he will live for a healthy 10 to 16 years. As with any dog, the Catahoula Pitbull mix can be prone to any canine health concerns, particularly the ones that affect his parents. Here’s a list of the following concerns to be aware of:

Hip Dysplasia

This is a common concern in most canines. It’s caused by an abnormal formation of the hip joints. Over time the continuous grinding of the poorly fitting joint socket will result in painful arthritis as he grows older. For this reason, it is important to feed him the size and age-appropriate food, for these will have the correct levels of calcium and phosphorus, which affects his bone growth.


Merle-coated dogs are more prone to deafness, be that unilateral or bilateral. The Pitahoula inherits this health risk from his Catahoula parent, who is more prone to deafness than other dogs. Even if his coat is not merle, he could still be a carrier of the gene. It’s important to ask breeders for relevant health certificates when possible.

Skin Allergies

The Pitbull parent is prone to skin allergies. This means it’s likely that the Catahoula Pitbull mix could experience skin problems at some point during his lifetime. Common allergens are grass, mites, and nutritional ingredients such as chicken or grains. If he has dry, itchy, or hot spots, then be sure to take him to your Veterinarian to investigate the root cause.


Hungry Dog Waiting on Food
Regarding nutrition, we recommend going with high-quality dry kibble, regardless of breed.

Nutrition is unique to every dog. It depends on the dog’s size and energy levels. A good estimate for most Pitahoulas are that they will consume between 2 ½ to 3 ½ cups of food every day. Of course, if the dog is being utilized to hunt wild boars or herd cattle, he will be at the higher end of this scale. If your pup prefers the comfort of the sofa then they’ll need much less.

Because of his lean and muscular body, he will require high-quality kibble that is high in protein. He will need enough energy to keep him sustained throughout the day. Be sure to feed him age-appropriate food. It’s possible his kibble might affect his potential skin allergies. Be sure to ask your veterinarian if you have any questions about tailored advice in regard to his nutritional needs.


Beautiful Dog With Two Different Colored Eyes
This mix is low maintenance when it comes to grooming and upkeep.

The Catahoula Pitbull mix has a double coat but is very short and smooth. This mix sheds slightly less compared to other dogs. He will require a brush once a week, but this is more to keep his hair shiny and looking healthy. His coat is not long enough to tangle.

He will require a bath once every few months as he is a relatively clean dog. Of course, if he is a working dog or he likes to roll in muck or mud, then you may need to bathe him more frequently. Overall though, this mix has lower maintenance grooming requirements, so if that’s important to you, just know that the Pitahoula’s shedding, nail trimming, and bathing needs are all easy to handle compared to other dogs.

Puppies & Breeders

Catahoula Pitbully Mix Puppy
This mix can inherit many color variations from its parent’s breeds.

Because the Catahoula Pitbull mix is a very new and rare breed, there is little information about puppy costs. You are just as likely to find one at a shelter or rescue than from a breeder. However, as they are not particularly in demand compared to other designer dogs, they will not be terribly expensive.

As previously mentioned, these dogs are quite rare. If you are dead set on adopting a puppy, you’ll likely need to invest a lot of time, and potential traveling, to find the perfect breeder. It is still important to remember to work with a reputable breeder. If available, ask to see health certificates, as well as see both pups and parents.

If you are struggling to find a breeder, then be sure to speak to Catahoula breeders and Pitbull breeders, as they might know of a reputable breeder for this particular mix. Be prepared when talking to purebred breeders; they may not respond well to someone looking for a “designer dog” unless it’s a rescue pup.

Rescues & Shelters

Rescue Dog with Unique Colors
We always encourage rescuing versus pursuing designer dogs as puppies.

Rescuing a dog is one of the best things you can do. Being a Pittie mix, you can be sure that there will be one of these pups in a rescue shelter somewhere. Because he is rarer you might find that it will take you longer to find him compared to other breeds. The Catahoula Rescue website lists all the adoptable Catahoula Leopard dogs per state, and there are plenty of Catahoula mixes listed, so feel free to start there if you are open to rescuing.

As Family Pets

  • The Catahoula Pitbull mix needs to be placed with an experienced pack leader.
  • This dog is very active and needs a firm yet gentle hand with training.
  • He enjoys snuggles with his human pack after a hard or fun day’s work.
  • This breed should be socialized very early.
  • This mix can be quite protective of its pack.
  • The Pitahoula mix is an active pup.
  • They don’t like to be left alone for long periods of time.
  • He needs to be placed with a very active family.
  • You’ll need to commit to 60 minutes of daily exercise.
  • Because of their protective nature, they should always be leashed when in public.
  • You’ll also want to make sure your yard is enclosed so that they can’t escape.
  • Early training and socialization is very important with this mix.

Final Thoughts

The Catahoula Pitbull mix is a feisty pup who adores his family very much. Pitahoulas are quite happy being with being worked till sundown and cuddled until the morning. It is important to be firm with this mix, but once pack hierarchy is established this stunning pup is playful and protective of his family, and also very fun to be around, and you’ll soon begin to wonder why you didn’t welcome him into your life sooner!

Grey Pitbull on yellow background

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  1. I have a 4 year old catahoula/pit. He us the most loving, loyal, stubborn and gentle ive ever owned, not for faint if heart family, ive always had large dogs. But he has challenged me and my thinking. He is deeply pak minded, in so many areas, fierce if he fears for me, and a hugger. They are not fir every one but he is everything to and for me

  2. I personally own a pitahula pup and can tell you she is the most loving, loyal and affectionate pup I have ever been blessed with and wish she could be with me forever. She will be as long as we are both alive shes the best companion I’ve ever had . Protective is an understatement but very obedient as well she was extremely stubborn and iv very strong she was an excellent choice for me and I now have a favorite breed and no other will due for me SHE is for ME..and beauty she looks like a dessert storm camouflage pattern so I named my baby CammyBlue because she also uas ice Blue and honey gold brown mixed eyes.. she is amazing and definitely an eye catcher..

  3. I just lost my pitahoula a month ago. She was 17yrs old but cancer finally got her. I have had a lot of dogs, but the pitahoula was the best. She protected the family, and was the most loving dog ever. She could read people very well, and I would honestly think she completly knew the English language. Lol. I am looking for another female pup. Got over an acre of fenced in property, plus she will be in the house with the fam. Any breeders please contact me. I am in florida, but do not mind a ride to see her, and possibly (probobly) purchase.

  4. My female CALA.just had first liter 12 pups beautiful blue eyed mixed with one one the basest red nose Pitts I’ve ever seen and he was put to sleep last week I’m selling the pups 250 apiece

  5. Andrew friddle

    I just got this puppy yesterday but I can already see the rraits from both breeds and I have to say I’m looking forward to the adventures that lay ahead

  6. Christopher Ferri

    I recently lost my Pit /Dalmation rescue “Chica” after 16 years with her. She was the best dog I ever had and It was extremely tough for me to get another dog. 2 weeks ago I received a photo via text that my family member was fostering a Brown/Grey merle Catahoula male.. 6 months old about 45 pounds. All I can say is after us meeting up 1/2 way from north and the south. It was well worth the drive. He is extremely smart and stubborn as well as very food driven. I started off by feeding him by hand. In the first week has learned “wait” and “go” ahead with food. I ask myself who in their right mind would let a beautiful smart dog like this just go and not care he was lost. Truth is he was abandoned and had to fend for himself and was pretty emaciated when the foster picked him up from the street going through trash. I ended up naming him “Mijo” thought it was suiting at the time… Now he as proven to be a good son. Strong, smart, quick and eager to get into anything new to him. So far this week he think he has his learners permit and wants to sit on my lap as I drive. If a merle gets it’s paws on you… you will absolutely need a reflective or led color for them at night. The built in Fur camo works way too well. I highly recommend a Yip or Fi tag… any wooded area you will need more prayers and than luck to find. Though is very quiet, he is extremely protective of his family and new home and will us his bark of a dog that’s twice his size at any out of place noise. He loves locking me out on the sliding glass door lock if im outside without him… He’s already training me. Fur as soft and short as can be.. fish oil or egg will give a great sheen to compliment his new puppy smell. He has a little dry skin condition we are working on.. Shedding is very minimal. Playtime wear leather loves he’s a little velociraptor that doesnt realize how sharp his teeth are. Anytime I say “ow!” he stops biting and licks me. Hopefully this will go away when he gets neutered in a few weeks. I’m running out of pant legs and skin on my hands. All in all I didnt think he wouldn’t match up too my last dog. So far he’s proving me wrong, we are inseparable. Buy lots of dog snacks maybe an air fryer and make sweet potato chips will be less expensive than store bought.

  7. I adopted a 13 week old female Pit/Cat mix from a shelter . It was right before Covid lockdown and even before that I was lucky enough to have plenty of time to train her. She is highly intelligent, not difficult to train at all. A few repetitive commands and corrections and she understands. She’s never chewed on our stuff or gotten into the garbage. Accidents were infrequent and it’s true that they love their pack. Mine isn’t happy until all three of us are home. If she sleeps with us, it’s at the end of our bed between us at our feet and doesn’t move. She only comes up on the bed when asked to do so and only at the end of the bed. She’s amazing.. I socialized her early at doggie daycare. She still goes and comes home worn out 3 times a week. I was strict and firm, and very affectionate with her as a puppy and it paid off. I always wanted a dog but couldn’t fit one into my life until now. I’m 55. She was worth waiting for. I’m now looking for another as a playmate for the first.

  8. We have two male brothers, born Oct 10 2021 and they are very much different in looks as they are in personality!
    Our brother Pitahoula’s are exceptionally smart and equally stubborn, but very sweet and loving!
    Our beautiful tan one (Tanner) is our lover boy but scared of everything. This dude actually disappears and becomes invisible when monitored outside on our surveillance cameras in night vision due to his BLONDE color coat!
    But then there is our almost solid white one with tiny black spots here and there (Boo-Boo: who looks very similar to a Dalmatian) who is our hard headed-silly-boy who does not take well to assertiveness. He also thinks we are dumber than him lol! He is so silly hearted that he is pitifully cute, with his under bite and sad eyes he is sure to melt your heart like he has ours!
    We became their parents by accident, but absolutely love our rambunctious Pitahoulas!

  9. Judy Maxwell - Seiple

    We got this puppy and he was the runt. He came over to me and put his paw on my leg..like take me home. In just two weeks he grew quite large. He definitely is a hand full. I have 4 other dogs and he messes with them all. He loves the cats and the ducks but hides behind me when the horse comes up. When he is Hungary it’s now or never. He doesn’t want to wait and eats a ton. I have big dog bowls out so my dogs can eat when they are Hungary. I don’t know about anyone else but he loves water. He stands with his front legs in the water bowl. His energy is more than any dog l have ever had. We love this dog and he is family with my other dogs. They all let him chew on them and play with him. His name is Gunner.

  10. Christine smith

    I have a red nose pit female and a red toned male brindle cattahoula leopard dog that just mated and had 5 GORGEOUS FAT HAPPY AND HEALTHY BABIES ! 😁Parents and babies are all doing fine

  11. RHONDA Fletcher

    I rescued a Catahoula mix during Hurricane Harvey, he came from FL to MD at about 7 mos. We had his DNA done and he’s Catahoula, Labrador, Amerian Bulldog and English bird dog(in this order) All think he’s a pit because he has that big piti grin! but marked at a Catahoula 🙂 He is the most loyal sweet boy we’ve ever owned. Super smart, muscular at 90lbs. Suffers terrible separation anxiety. Our older dog was already pass play time so he was super destructive his first year. There is not a thing in our yard that doesn’t have tooth marks in it. We adopted a small lab mix pup because we don’t want Red alone and he was not keen on her. Now he’s super protective of her. We love him dearly, he loves to ride and listens so well, but he’s not puppy park material for sure.

  12. This is not new it’s not a designer dog and it’s not rare since both are used for hog dogs they can be found all over Louisiana since the catahoula cur is our state dog but most likely can be found in Florida, Georgia,Alabama, and Mississippi too.

  13. As a pitahoula owner catahoulas are very stubborn and very prey driven. Once they get on a scent they seem to forget their commands. I recommend using a shock collar. They learn rapidly to pay attention after the first shock you just have to give the warning vibration or bell and they’ll be spot on.

    1. Same! My pitahula is my best friend but once shes stuck on something shes smelling, its like giving orders to a wall. I used the shock collar for a while til she got ahold of it one day and decided to chew it up. She did great on the beep after the first couple shocks and the vibrate definitely got her attention. I got ger at 6 weeks and we have been inseparable. So much so that shes chewed up every pillowcase and every corner or every blanket i own, especially on those 10 plus hour shifts at work. She plays hard, sleeps hard and cuddles accordingly . Shes stubborn and sweet. When my fiance and i got together, she really took to him more than i expected. He kinda stole her from me a little i blame it on his high energy level and calm deminor. Im going to breed her with a very good looking pit and im curious to how many times she will go into heat per year, i just want one litter and she will be spayed after its obious when shes in heat shes a big baby and she bleeds alot paired with the puffyness. Shes in heat now but no time for mating with work schedules clashing, so how long would i need to wait for her to go in heat again? Shes 2 and a half yrs old

      1. Hi Jaime, dogs by rule go into heat every 6 months, two weeks into the heat your girl will stop bleeding and be ready to take a male, I would recommend for them to meet a couple of times before she is ready, that way you will know if they like each other. A female will not take a male if she doesn’t like him. I have a male Pitohula, he has the Pitbull head and the lean body of the Catahoula , but he is muscular . He is white with brownish Grey coat with dark brown spots, he is a handsome boy. Very loving not so much stubborn, but can be if I let him.

  14. I have a red pitahoula, Twitch. He’s wicked smart. As we are building a small farm ,he’s so awesome. Every animal we introduce to him becomes his family. Currently he’s besties without 3 week old Boer baby goat and our 15 week old black kitten Baby Mew Mew. When the goat is outside I have to put Twitch and Emily close enough touch noses and kiss each other. He also protects his people and our property. He doesn’t bite but he will bark like crazy or growl if someone he doesn’t know is in the yard . He goes pretty much everywhere with us and I’m glad he loves Emily because she is bottle fed and needs to go with us everywhere too. He loves going places with us he has his travel toys and his doubles at home. In the truck he lays down in the backseat falls out then snores and farts. Oh my does he fart, ugh smelly farts. I couldn’t ask for abetter dog. He’s 7 months old right now. I’m hoping he gets as big as his dad ,150 at peak size. I’d appreciate 120 though. Next weekend we’re getting him another goat to guard and in a year he’s going to have a great Dane sister pup. I’m so excited. We also have 2 indoor kitties and 3 outdoor kitties. He just guards everyone once introduced to him. Perfect pup for us

  15. I love mine.. Catahoula Leopard/Blue Pitt (momma) he is intelligent, funny, playful, protective, loving, my cuddlebug….. Mine is a blue Merle… I wish I could post some pics of his sweet self

  16. I have a brindle aka (tiger-strip ) his name is duke and he was was a rescued boy. He is A grate lil boy very loving but very independent as well. He is a smart guy but can be a bit stubborn as well lol he is very protective of the home and FAMMLY a grate watch dog , He is very active loves to run run run did I say he loves to run ?…. I will say everything I have read in this article about the breedI’d have to say is very accurate , fits him to a tee, Over all this is one of the best breeds Smart loving wants to please Brave abit silly when playing I love my lil boy so much and he loves being loved ,

  17. Bennett stanyard

    That pitahoula that’s brown with three freckles is my old dog.. his name is Thor… If he’s for sale I would love to get him back.. he was my son.. I miss him .. please please let me know… I can’t believe I found him on here… I’m from Maryland and he ran out the door… SPCA got ahold of him… I was in the middle of moving and had to wait till the Weeknd to get him… And when I came back to get him they said he was already adopted… I have pics and video of him to prove it

  18. Hi! So someone dropped off about a 3 month old Female Pitahoula In My Neighborhood. I Took Her In And Gave Her A Good Bath. She Was Skiddish At First But Took To Me Within Just A Couple Hours.

    Not Sure If Someone Has Already Tried To Work With Her, But She Is House And Kennel Trained. Anytime She Wants To Go Out She Looks At Me Wines And Heads For The Door. She Also Does Good With My Female Hybrid Wolf.

    She Is In A Good Loving Home Now Where She Will Be Loved And Taken Care Of.

  19. I have had pit bulls before. I rescued a red merle Pitahoula. She is an amazing dog. She has the best qualities of both breeds. She is smart and high-energy. She is gentle with my kitten and my bunny. She is extremely loyal and protective of me. She definitely sees me as a pack leader and looks to me before she reacts in new situations.

  20. I have a Pitahoula. His name is Blaze, and he is one of the best dogs I have ever owned. He’s only 4 months and is very loyal and strong. But also gentle and loves to cuddle. He is very smart the first week I got him he learned how to sit, lay, shake, roll over, and stay. He’s very intelligent. I love this dog breed and will be the only breed I have from now on. You can’t go wrong with this mix!

  21. This is such an informative article. I rescued mine, Eliza, 1 1/2 yrs ago and she is now a little over 2yrs. I am trying to get her into a behavior/aggression trainer. If a dog or person moves too quickly, or if she decides she doesn’t like a dog. She will bite at him/her.

    1. Glad you liked the article, Cindy! I think seeking out a local professional trainer is a great idea. Good luck in your search!

  22. We have one. His name is Max. He is the most loving pup. But after reading this all of his tendencies makes a lot more sense.

  23. Christian Saurin

    Thank you for the information. I learned about my new dog. I love her! She is giving me stubborn issues on the leash and doesn’t like car noise or too many people while walking her. She is a very loving protective girl.

    1. Sounds about like the right temperament for this mix Christian! Good luck with your pup and glad this article helped!

  24. I just got a Pitbull Catahoula mix. He is 9 weeks old and 15lbs! Any idea how large he will be? I am socializing him every day. He is gentle with strangers but is very rough with me. I know he is playing but those needle teeth hurt! Any tips about that? His name is Chief!

    1. Hi Rebecca! Sizes for these pups will vary. But generally speaking, most Pitahoulas will end up between 40 and 65 pounds. Regarding the aggressiveness of his playstyle – you need to continue to correct and redirect the behavior. Unfortunately, all pups have razor-sharp teeth as puppies. My husband still has small scars on his arm from one of our pups that’s now 4 years old. As long as you are consistent, and redirect those behaviors to a chew toy, Chief will get the hint. Good luck!

  25. Hi there! I have a dog who is a Catahoula mix, distinct by the markings, although without the blue eyes. She is one of a large litter rescued from an abandoned house in Tennesee about 3 years ago. The rescue mission got mom too. I wonder if part of her mix is some kind of pit or bulldog.

    Sometimes the shape of her head and muzzle seems a bit bullish, and she has a fairly sizable chest. Her tail also seems very thick and heavy. The funny thing is, it looks the litter had two separate sires. One bunch is large and framed about the way you’d expect a Catahoula to be, but there is another bunch who are much smaller and thinner, like some kind of shorthair terrier maybe. And the really funny thing is, mama looks nothing like either!

    She is very thickset and heavy, and in between the sizes of the two puppy groups. They all got adopted into southern New England, and the local rescue group has family reunions on Labor Day weekend, which we went to once, the year before last, so I have photos of them all, as well as a couple of videos from the original rescuer in Tennessee. More recently, I was talking to someone with some experience of dogs (he had a very old American Pit Bull), and he said that a lot of dogs getting passed off as Catahoulas these days really are pits!

    So. I know there are dog DNA kits, but no idea how reliable they might be. Our other dog is a pedigree mix (we kind of rescued him, too), so I thought maybe we’d do him first and see if the results were accurate, then do the Cat if so. But they run close to a hundred bucks each and I’m not THAT worried about it!

    SO . . . I’m hoping that I could post or send some photos and that you might be able to make some kind of guess as to what’s in there with my Cindy besides Catahoula. You or anyone else here willing and able to take a look and take an educated guess? Thanks much!

    1. Hey Rob! Thanks for commenting. If you want to email me, feel free to reach out to kelly @ loveyourdog.com and I’d be happy to take a look. I’ll do my best to guess, but that can be awfully hard.

      I would honestly recommend doing a doggy DNA test. We’ve used Embark twice. Once to find out if our rescue pup was actually purebred. It turns out he was, and we were very impressed with the results. You can see a little bit about our experience if you search our website for the term “fluffy mastiff.” All the details of the test are there.

      We are waiting on the results of test number two for our most recent addition. We were told she’s half lab and half mastiff, and those results are still pending. We plan to do a writeup on our Embark experience once those come in! Good luck, and feel free to email me!

  26. I have a female Catahoula Pitbull mix her name is Hope and she LOVES all humans. We rescued her from abusive people as a pup and my kids named her.

    She picked her main human as my husband because she views him as her protector but she loves my large family of 7! We have a Husky as well and they are the best of friends!

  27. I have 7-month-old Catahoula/Pibtull puppy and he is as you have described. I’ve had dogs all my life but he made me step up my training. When he was a smaller puppy he like all puppies Luke to bite when he played with me, not new all puppies do but when I git on to him he would balk, look in my eyes and talk back. It was cute but it could have been a huge problem if not stopped. With diligence and love, he has accepted that I’m the alpha in this pack. He is loving, affectionate, powerful, and fits perfectly with my other dogs.

    This breed is not for most people, it takes knowledge and experience, they will challenge you, insist you stand your ground or do their way. My puppy named Colorado is amazing, lives to hug, does not like it when I leave him at home lol! Thank you for the information on this page, I strongly recommend anyone considering these amazing animals read it thoroughly, take it to heart.

  28. We rescued a 4-month-old Catahoula/Pit mix on 8/26 that was going to be left behind when the owner was evacuating from Hurricane Laura. She was covered in fleas, spine sticking out, and could not stand on her own. After holding her in my lap for about 30 minutes, we brought her into the bathtub for what was most certainly her first bath. The number of fleas and dirt that came off of her was heartbreaking.

    She fell asleep, then raised her head to eat the eggs I had scrambled for her (trying to get some quick protein in her). She rode out the storm with us (asleep the whole time). After 3 days, she was gaining weight, asking to go outside to potty, and running around like the amazing puppy she is. We may have lost our home that night, but we gained so much more with our Ruby. She is the sweetest, smartest little goofball I’ve ever met and our hearts are full!

    By far the best breed of dog I’ve ever been around (now if I could just get her to stop chewing everything I own the minute I walk out of the room). 🙂

  29. I love my pit/catahoula Remus. He is the most loving and affectionate dog ever. He’s always licking everyone! Unfortunately when I got him I was preoccupied with suddenly being a single mother and didn’t socialize him well, so he can be very territorial around strangers and unfamiliar dogs but we manage. It’s kind of nice to know that if he senses someone that he doesn’t know in the house, I’ll have a protector. He’s very strong at 70 pounds and loves to run and play in the fenced in backyard.

  30. I was passing some time looking at Pinterest and came across your Pitahoula article, the dog pictured looks almost just like our Jasper! I have never heard this combo name and it just thrills me to finally hear a catchy breed name for him. Our Jasper is almost 11 years old and to hear he is rare just makes my heart melt because he is, inside and out!

    I really enjoyed reading the article and the comments, it sounds exactly like him through all the breed mannerisms. Everywhere we take Jasper people stop and have to comment on him, he’s even been in a local commercial on TV. Jasper’s mother was Catahoula and his father was an American pitbull. He’s the most well mannered and most well-behaved dog we’ve ever had. I would love to send you a couple of pictures to add to your site.

    1. Sounds like an amazing dog Jodie! Swing by our contact page and feel free to drop us an email. We’d love to include some pictures of your pup in this article! Thanks for stopping by to comment!

  31. Our Micco is my first experience with a dog. I had always been a cat person. (meow) I’ve been in love since the moment I first held him. His mom is a red-nose pit and his dad is a Catahoula cur. He is now 5 yrs old, and is pure joy for our family. We would LOVE to find a lady-friend of the same mix. He is all white with 2 blue eyes. So handsome!!!

  32. My boy Rocco is a Catahoula/Pit mix. I’ve had him since he was 5 months old, he will be 2 in October. We went to puppy school when he was young and I have always socialized him with other dogs and people. He’s a fast learner and if you have treats he will do anything you want him to. He’s a good boy.

    He demands a lot of attention and chatters at me to pay attention to him if I’m on my phone or doing housework. He has a big yard to run in which he does laps in regularly. He loves to play ball and frisbee and can run really fast!

    He’s my sidekick. When I tell people he’s a Pit Bull & Catahoula mix most people have never heard of Catahoula.

  33. I rescued Joe, a 3 yr old Catahoula/Pit mix from a rescue that pulled him from a high kill shelter in Riverside Co. CA. I drove 14 hours to go get him! I feel in love at first sight! He is a very friendly guy, loves everyone he meets and is a star at my job, where he goes everyday with me.

    He does have a very strong prey drive that we are working on and I HIGHLY recommend a trainer for these guys. I have raised 4 pitties before Joe, but he is definitely one of a kind 🙂 STRONG, STRONG WILLED, intelligent and beautiful. He is the most gentle mouthed dog I have ever had, will take food and never touch your fingers, BUT play time is fair game and he plays rough! He needs a lot of exercise, which I give him daily.

    Without it, he is a hot mess 🙂 Cannot wait to see more and more of his personality come through..he know he is home now (4 acres in the country) and protects his property from all the deer, rabbits and nutria who DARE to come through. This guy can be so serious one minute, and the biggest GOOFBALL you’ve ever seen the next. I’m in heaven and I think Joe is too!

    1. Thanks for stopping by to comment Stephanie! Sounds like an amazing pup! He’s lucky that he has a ton of room to run around!

  34. My Catahoula is almost a year old (rescued her), and she went into heat and I think my pitbull mix got her pregnant. He is 80 lbs and she is 60 lbs. Should I be worried that the puppies will be too large for her to deliver?

    1. Hi Tara, that’s close enough in size that she should be fine. I would still recommend a trip to the vet to be safe. Good luck!

  35. My Catbully Eugene is awesome! He is only 7 months and he is at the age of testing the water. Intelligent and STRONG is very accurate. I love my boy and plan on maybe getting a female when Eugene is older. We live on a farm and have lots of room to run.

    He is good with the horses and he was socialized well. Other than he had a treat and toy aggression he is perfect in every way. He is a Blue and very loud coloring but no blue eyes. He is a Catahoula/American Bully. Great info!

  36. I have two Catahoula Pit mix dogs one male one female. They are my ESA dogs Army Vet with PTSD. These dogs are super smart loves people and they both love to cuddle with me and watch tv. They are super calm while inside but outside they love everything including cats. And yes they will bark when people come to the door. I live in a apartment so the stuff about needing a house is totally false.

    All you have to do is take the time to play and walk them. And they had pups since Frankie the dad has most of the multi color even with blue eyes Anna the mom dog has little spots and one half brown patch over left eye mostly she is white though and it was funny most of the puppies had mostly white with grey and brown spots and blue and brown eyes. Each person who got a pup always ask if they will have more pups I wont do it again since Frankie will be fixed. But these two dogs are my best friends.

    1. Thanks for stopping by to comment Justin! It’s good to hear that you have some great pups on your hands, and that they are well behaved in an apartment setting! Generally speaking this mix seems to do better with a yard to run, but it sounds like you are very involved and active with them, which many owners are not. Appreciate you taking the time to stop by and comment, and thanks for your service!

  37. I have my girl Daisy, and boy is she smart! We’ve had her now for six years she was I guess technically a paid rescue as someone was going to we’ll.. “throw her away,” so I drove two hours away for this small merel purple eyed pup who was more head than feet. Who chatters when she wants something, she’s an amazing animal loves my little boy and without training knows if I need help getting up off the ground or if my BP(Blood pressure) drops to seek help.

    She wasn’t always easy she has a stubborn side to her that will make you want to pull your hair put but with good training she was just fine. Not long ago she had her first little of puppies (not by choice ?) and some of them were laid back and relaxed others were.. well NUTS but we will blame daddy for that. I have owned many dogs in my life but this girl is my ride or die, my cuddle buddy and oldest doggy friend and I’m praying I have her for a long time as my Little ones first real word was ‘Daisy,’

  38. I have a catahoula mix (mostly catahoula). Bred by a Pitt/ Bully. Had 14 pups , 3 died. So 11 very beautiful, unusual looking pups are being weaned right now. At 41/2 weeks. I know that’s a little early , but, mama can’t do it anymore.

    They have tore her up. I am giving them milk. Puppy chow and pedigree puppy formula canned food. I am transitioning them right now from the can to the dry food. They eat hood. And a lot! Each one of these pups are unique in coloring and shapes and sizes. Looking for good homes for 8 of them.

    1. Hi Juanita, I would suggest you reach out to local Facebook Groups and no-kill shelters. We don’t rehome dogs here at Love Your Dog, but I’ll be praying you find some help for your situation!

  39. I have one, Zeus is one of the best dogs out there. Gentle with children and plays hard with adults. Yet he is instinctive with my blind brother protecting him from getting hurt to being gentle around my mom who can’t hardly walk. I remember when one of the kids had night tremors. He would stay at her side to help her threw. Zeus loves kids and is protective of our home when we are gone. They are right this breed is super strong. Very intelligent and you must be alfa. Loyalty to the end. Looking forward to finding another one.

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