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Australian Shepherd Mixes: 20 Different Aussie Mutts You’ll Love

Kelly Wilson

Last Updated: September 13, 2022 | 12 min read

Australian Shepherd Mixes

The Australian Shepherd is a widely popular breed choice, ranking 17 out of 193 in popularity by the American Kennel Club. This active and spirited canine is also stunning, with gorgeous multicolored coat markings and eye colors. Their fun and faithful personalities and head-turning good looks have made them a highly sought after breed to mix with other purebred dogs.

The Aussie is friendly, loving, family-oriented and extremely social.  They are also very high energy and that requires a very active family. If your pup happens to take after the Aussie parent, you’ll need to be ready to handle that ball of energy as well as everything that comes with it.  These pups often have stunning blue eyes and a variety of different coats, including merle, black, white, and tan.  When mixed with other breeds, you’ll also get the chance to get many other different colors, including brindle.

This practice of intentionally mixing two different breeds is known as designer dog breeding. In today’s article, we are going to look at 20 different designer breeds that have been produced from mixing an Australian Shepherd with another popular breed to create a whole new kind of cuteness!

Australian Shepherd Mixes

Aussies are some of the most popular dogs across the United States.  Because of their amazing demeanor, they’ve become extremely popular with the “Designer dog” crowd.  You’ll see everything from an Aussie mixed with a German Shepherd, to an Aussie mixed with a Pomeranian.  Most of the time the reasoning behind the mix is that people want a truly “unique” mixed breed pup, which can also alleviate some of the health concerns of buying a purebred pup.  Let’s dive in and look at 20 common Aussie mixes!

If you are not certain of your dog’s genetic makeup, you can use an at-home DNA test kit to find out.

Aussie German

German Aussie Mix

Breeds: Australian Shepherd and German Shepherd

The Aussie German is the stunning result of an Australian Shepherd and German Shepherd mix. This agile and powerful breed does best in homes with a large fenced yard and a dedicated owner who is committed to meeting this breed’s high exercise and grooming demands. The Aussie German, like many others that we will meet on this list, is a high energy pup who has a strong urge to always be working and moving.

This is not a breed that can be pent up at home for long hours or in small quarters. If the Aussie German is left to their own devices without providing them with ample opportunities for activity, this large, strong breed is likely to become frustrated and take it out on your home and furniture in destructive ways. However, if you are committed to regularly stimulating this mix mentally and physically, they will reward you with endless loyalty and love.


Baussie Mix

Breeds: Australian Shepherd and Boston Terrier

The Australian Shepherd and Boston Terrier mix, popularly known as a Baussie, is a lively and playful pup who demands lots of attention and energy from their family. Many of the breeds on this list will be similarly high-maintenance, but the Baussie especially is a dog who would be content if playtime never ended. This is a more uncommon Boston Terrier mix, but it’s one that’s becoming more popular as people embrace what both breeds have to offer.

This mix loves attention and needs to feel like they are part of the family. They don’t like being left to their own devices and may interpret this as hurtful neglect. They do best as an adventure companion to an active and devoted owner who is willing to take their furry friend with them wherever they go.


Auberman Mix

Breeds: Australian Shepherd and Doberman Pincher

The protective and graceful Auberman is certain to turn heads. The offspring of the devoted and energetic Australian Shepherd and the regal and loyal Doberman Pincher, this mix is likely to be both extremely athletic and fiercely loyal. These qualities make the Auberman the ideal guard dog and this pup is certainly not one to hesitate when it comes to protecting their pack.

However, it is important that these instincts are trained and managed by a strong leader so the Auberman does not act out aggressively to friendly visitors or strangers. Extensive socialization, introductions to different environments, burning off excess energy, and kind but firm training can all lead to a well-adjusted and well-behaved Auberman.

Australian Eskimo

American Eskimo Aussie Mix

Breeds: Australian Shepherd and American Eskimo

The Australian Eskimo is a beautifully striking mix between an Australian Shepherd and an American Eskimo. This fluffy canine generally weighs between 30 and 60 pounds and can sport either the all-white coat of their American Eskimo parent or show the signature markings of an Australian Shepherd. Either way, this beautiful dog is as high-maintenance as they are stunning and usually requires daily brushing.

The American Askimo is known for being friendly and playful, the Australian Shepherd is praised for their work ethic and loyalty. You’re likely to get a mix of both personalities with the American Eskimo, which is really good news! This adaptable breed does well in both cold and hot climates, as long as they have room to roam, explore and stretch their legs!


Aussie Husky Mix

Breeds: Australian Shepherd and Husky

The independent Ausky is a mix between the powerful Siberian Husky and playful Australian Shepherd. This is a vocal pup who will howl, sing, whine – an endearing trait which comes from the Husky. While this can be very amusing, one should consider the consequences of encouraging this behavior, as it can be very difficult to suppress once the Australian Shepherd gets used to vocalizing. Because they are not considered a quiet breed and have intense exercise requirements, we do not recommend this pup be kept in an apartment setting.

The Ausky is a strong athlete and a skilled and confident handler is recommended when training them. This medium-sized canine has a double coat that can resemble either parent. Any potential Ausky adopter should take into consideration their seemingly endless endurance and inquisitive nature and be willing to provide the appropriate amount of stimulation for this bright breed.


Beagle Australian Shepherd Mix

Breeds: Australian Shepherd and Beagle

An Australian Shepherd mixed with a Beagle is known as a Sheagle. This mix is as active as they are smart, and they are very smart. Because of this high intelligence, the Sheagle can get into quite a bit of mischief if not provided with ample mental exercises and boundaries. If you can keep up with this energetic and playful mix, they are certain to keep your life interesting!

The Sheagle does well in families, especially those with young children. The Sheagle wants nothing more than to be a constant playmate and companion, a perfect mix for children who sometimes seem to have equally endless amounts of energy. This pup is likely to have a high prey drive, thanks to their Beagle genes. Therefore, a Sheagle should be monitored around small animals and remained leashed when out for walks.

Bull Aussie

Aussie Bulldog Mix

Breeds: Australian Shepherd and English Bulldog

The faithful Bull Aussie is a mix between an Australian Shepherd and an English Bulldog. This mix is most likely to have high energy, like the Aussie. However, Bulldogs are much more relaxed and may help level out these extremely energetic urges to produce a more laid-back and low-maintenance breed.

This hybrid is large in stature and very strong. They require a skilled and dominant leader to enforce kind but consistent training. This intelligent breed flourishes with lots of mental stimulation, which can come in the form of interactive games or training exercises. One thing is for certain, the Bull Aussie loves their family and wants to be around them all the time, playing games, getting active and making you smile!


Augi Mix

Breeds: Australian Shepherd and Corgi

The adorable and compact Augi is the perfect mix of Aussie and Corgi. This medium-sized pup will generally weigh between 20 and 30 pounds and can be characterised as highly energetic and affectionate. This mix does wonderfully well with children and other animals, making them an ideal choice for active families.

The Augi loves to run and can be a great canine choice for those who own large plots of land or a farm. Both of their parent breeds have herding background, making this hybrid the perfect choice for those that are looking for a canine to perform tasks around a ranch or farm. However, if their owner is committed to providing them with their time, affection and energy, an Augi is likely to adjust well to suburban living in a more confined space.


Shepnees Mix

Breeds: Australian Shepherd and Great Pyrenees

If you are looking for intelligence and protectiveness in your next canine companion, look no further that the Shepnees. Equal parts faithful guard dog and gentle family pet, this Aussie Great Pyrenees mix inherits quite a few admirable traits from their lovable parent breeds. While this pup’s safeguarding abilities are superior to most, socialization is important to producing a well-rounded pup who can adapt well to new situations and people.

The Shepnees sports a beautiful coat that is quite a bit of work to maintain. They will require frequent brushing and regular grooming. While this can sometimes help reduce the amount of hair a Shepnees will shed, they are still likely to be heavy shedders. They are generally a very affection hybrid who wants to spend time with you, wherever you are.



Breeds: Australian Shepherd and Akita

The Aussiekita is a special breed but is not a mix suited for everyone. A striking combination of the large Akita and the spirited Australian Shepherd, this breed should only be considered by those who have space and energy to accommodate such a demanding breed. Given the proper environment, training, and activity, the Aussiekita will prove themselves a wonderfully loyal companion. However, if you slack on these obligations, the Aussiekita will likely become disobedient, destructive and even aggressive.

The Aussiekita does best in an environment where they can stretch their legs, explore their surroundings and burn off excess energy. They are better-suited homes with access to a large yard and you should never keep an Aussiekita in an apartment or tiny home setting. If you are considering adopting an Aussiekita, you preferably are an active family that enjoys lots of different exercises and are willing to take this breed on many outdoor adventures.


Boxer Aussie Mix

Breeds: Australian Shepherd and Boxer

This highly intelligent, medium-sized mix known as an Australian Boxherd is an energetic and devoted hybrid between a Boxer and an Australian Shepherd. This mix descends from extremely hard-working parent breeds. Australian Shepherds are herding canines and Boxers have backgrounds as hunters and guardians. Their offspring is eager to learn, happy to please and ready to work! This mix is a very popular boxer mix that’s become even more common over the last few years.

This is a very energetic breed and requires intense amounts of exercise to remain happy and healthy. Any prospective owner should consider these physical demands before adopting an Australian Boxherd. Without proper stimulation, this clever breed is likely to find ways to stimulate themselves, usually resulting in quite a bit of destruction. They are best suited in a rural or suburban house with room to roam and explore.


Aussiedoodle Mix

Breeds: Australian Shepherd and Poodle

Next on our list is the popular Aussiedoodle, also known as an Aussiepoo or Aussiepoodle. This active and loyal breed loves to be the center of attention and will constantly entertain you with their happy and playful disposition. The Aussiedoodle can make an excellent companion dog for many different types of families, fitting in well with children and other canines.

This pup, like many other Aussie mixes, will require high levels of exercise and stimulation. Given the proper environment, however, this wonderful hybrid is likely to excel in both intelligence and obedience. This makes them an easily trainable and very well-behaved pup.


Aussiedor Mix

Breeds: Australian Shepherd and Labrador Retriever

The Aussiedor is a gentle and devoted family companion who is bound to steal the hearts of your entire family. This medium-sized canine generally weighs between 40 and 80 pounds and has a whole lot of intelligence and an even bigger heart. Like many Labradors, the Aussiedor can be slow to mature, meaning you may have an energetic and puppy-like dog well into adulthood.

Once matured, the Lab’s easy-going disposition can mellow an Aussies high-strung personality. However, you’re still likely to have a very active breed on your hands. The Aussiedor should be exercised frequently and particularly enjoys interactive games like playing fetch with their family.



Breeds: Australian Shepherd and Dalmatian

A Dalmatian and Aussie mix, known as a Dalshep, is a family-friendly dog who will require lots of attention and activity. They are a beautifully striking breed whose coat could take on the very distinctive markings of either parent or a combination of both! Whichever you end up with is likely to produce a stunning coat and canine.

This pup should not be left alone for long periods of time and demands quite a bit of affection in order to be the happy dog they are meant to be. Please consider your schedule and commitments when deciding to adopt a Dalshep. While they are no doubt an absolutely gorgeous breed, this should not be the only reason to get one. They are also incredibly high-maintenance and need a family that is dedicated to meeting all their needs.


Aussie Spaniel

Breeds: Australian Shepherd and Cocker Spaniel

What do you get when you mix two extremely lovable breeds together? The Aussiel, of course! A combination of the ever-popular Cocker Spaniel and the Aussie, this exuberant pup is sure to delight and surprise everyone they encounter. Training is very important for this mix. They require lots of stimulation and have innate tendencies to both herd their humans and jump up on visitors. A strong leader can guide an Aussiel away from these behaviors.

This is a medium-sized dog who weighs between 13 and 17 pounds. Their compact body is very agile and made for running long distances without tiring. They are extremely playful and curious and are generally up for all types of outdoor adventures, making them an excellent camping or hiking partner.

Australian Retriever

Australian Retriever

Breeds: Australian Shepherd and Golden Retriever

The amiable Australian Retriever brings in the best characteristics of their Golden Retriever and Australian Shepherd parents. Being two of the most popular breeds of dogs, this is saying a lot! There’s so much good here: easily trainable, wonderful with children, friendly and outgoing, and the ideal family companion.

An Australian Retriever adores the outdoors and loves to spend their days running, exploring and swimming in the water. Make sure you can fulfill these desires while you are considering if an Australian Retriever is right for you. They are their happiest when enjoying these activities with the ones they love – make sure you can and will give them that opportunity!

Chow Shepherd

Chow Shepherd

Breeds: Australian Shepherd and Chow Chow

A Chow Shepherd is a stunning, medium dog with Aussie and Chow Chow parentage. This hybrid is likely to have guarding tendencies and due to their Chow Chow genes, this can sometimes turn aggressive. Because of this aggression, coupled with their high energy levels, this breed should be skipped if you’ve never owned a dog before.

An experienced handler with commitment to training and lots of space is a better choice for this special hybrid. Expect lots of brushing and regular grooming. This is a gorgeous dog but it takes quite a bit of work to maintain their dense coats. The Chow Shepherd should not be left unattended for long periods of time and needs plenty of opportunities to burn off their excess energy so they do not act out in destructive or aggressive ways.


Border Aussie

Breeds: Australian Shepherd and Border Collie

This beautiful mix between two of the most admired herding dogs is not surprisingly one of the more popular and well-known breeds on this list. This hybrid is playful, active, and full of life and love. Give the Border-Aussie a job to do and they are certain to impress!

They do best on a farm or in a home with a large backyard where they can run around, as they were bred to do. Attempt to keep a Border-Aussie cooped up and they will most likely become frustrated and destructive. But if you provide a healthy, balanced, and active environment, this special mix will be a constant delight.

Aussie Pit

Aussie Pitbull

Breeds: Australian Shepherd and Pitbull

The medium-sized Aussie Pit is a loyal and active breed that may not be suitable for everyone. Because of the Pit Bull’s dominant nature and the Aussie’s high energy, this mix must be placed with a skilled owner who can provide the structure they require. Pitbulls are popular mixed breed parents, as long as you can handle their energy levels.

They are likely to do well with children but may not get along with other dogs, especially those of the same sex. Socialization and training from a young age can help produce a friendly, aggression-free dog who is well-mannered and obedient. Lots and lots of exercise will also help in keeping this mix content and well behaved!


Australian Shepherd Dachshund

Breeds: Australian Shepherd and Dachshund

The Dachsherd is a surprising mix between the active Aussie and the sleepy Dachshund. While which parent they take after is entirely up to chance, it’s likely that this mix will fall somewhere in the middle. This means the Dachsherd may have less physical demands than many other Australian Shepherd mixes and is perhaps one of the more manageable breeds outlined here.

While the Aussie is quite agreeable, the Dachshund is notoriously feisty and should have an owner who is willing to take control to combat their more willful side. If you can give this hybrid the healthy and stimulating environment they deserve, the Dachsherd will make an amicable and affectionate family pet.

Final Thoughts

The Australian Shepherd does not only have an excellent personality, but they also bring plenty of beauty to the breeds they are mixed with. However, adopters considering an Australian Shepherd mix should be prepared for and committed to providing them with ample amounts of mental stimulation and physical exercise. Especially if they are mixed with other herding breeds. We know these demands means they may not be the dog for everyone. However, if you are active, devoted and responsible – you might just earn a place in one of these amazing Aussie hybrid’s hearts!

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October 13, 2022 at 10:03 pm

I have a mostly Aussie Pit mix (she's got Lab, Chow, and German Shepherd in there too). She is the best dog I could ask for, very chill but always up for a walk or a fetch session. Loves children and is very gentle with them, and plays well with our cats too.


Ava kimbrough

April 17, 2022 at 9:22 am

My dog is a Maltese and miniature Australian Shepherd mix. She approximately 8 pds and the best dog ever.


bo blackstone

February 23, 2022 at 5:36 pm

they are all so cute


Mia Whitley

February 16, 2022 at 1:53 pm

I've been looking for an Aussie Irish Setter mix article. This is not a very common breed but they are gorgeous animals and very playful. It would be much appreciated if there was an article posted about this mixed breed. Other than that, this is a very nicely wrote article and is much appreciated.


Gene campbell

January 30, 2022 at 3:26 pm

Lost our 14 yr Aussie Shepard. Got him from local SPCA. Been checking them out but nothing. Anyone have puppies Aussie mix for sale?


Jesse Hendricks

July 24, 2021 at 12:10 am

My Chachi was Australian/border. He was the best everyone loved Chachi. He gave me the best 14 years of my life. Had to put him down last month. Tears...


Kelly Wilson

July 26, 2021 at 4:29 pm

Very sorry for your loss, Jesse. Watching our pets cross the rainbow bridge is one of the hardest things to deal with. Prayers to you during this difficult time!


Judy Ellsworth

March 25, 2021 at 5:09 pm

Great presentation of Aussie mixes! I'm looking for an Australian Retriever Puppy. I have the yard and a soft wheaten terrier that's 4 yrs old. She would love to romp around with a new friend. She lost her companion two years ago, a beautiful Golden Retriever. She has a hard time without her.


Kelly Wilson

March 28, 2021 at 3:11 pm

Hi Judy! First off, I'm sorry to hear of your loss. Regarding a puppy, I would recommend checking local rescues and shelters first, and then expand your search from there.