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Rottweiler Dog Names: 250+ Names By Size, Geography, Trends, And More

If you are a new Rottweiler owner, one of the first things you want to do is find the perfect name. We've got 250+ unique name ideas for these lovably unique dogs that will separate them from the pack.

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Last Updated: August 31, 2022 | 5 min read

Four Rottweiler puppies running in grass

Rottweilers are strong, confident, and calm companions. After taking yours home, you will see the traits of an excellent guard dog. This guard dog has an easy-going demeanor that makes it successful in military and police work.

But now it’s time to figure out the right name for your new Rottie. There are so many popular options but the options can be overwhelming.

Let’s take a look at some trending names and a plethora of other unique ideas that will allow your dog to stand out from the pack.

Most Popular Names

Rottweiler with Dog Toy in Mouth
Here are some of the most popular names for Rottweilers over the years.

Of course, the name you choose has a lot to do with whether you have a male or female. And while they both are lovable, some differences between the two could influence which of the two you would choose.

Females have maternal instincts that tend to make them sweeter and less rambunctious. Conversely, males are stronger, larger, and have more dominant dispositions.

Take a look at these popular names for your Rottweilers:


German Rottweilers

portrait of a purebred Rottweiler with sunglasses and bottle of alcohol
Prost! Why not name your Rottie after its German roots?

The history of Rottweilers is a bit convoluted. They were bred by the Romans originally from the Asian Mastiffs as guard dogs for their army. At the time, the place that they occupied was modern-day Germany. After the Roman Empire fell, these dogs remained in cattle herds and guard stores in this area.

In 74 A.D, the Roman army traveled across the Alps. That place is now southern Germany. A town in this particular region was named Rottweil. This city would become the home of the dog breed that we now know as the Rottweiler.

These dogs do not belong to any one area. They’re from Asia and Rome and Germany. However, people still associate the breed mostly with Germany, even in modern times. Therefore below are some German names that you may consider for your Rottweiler.

Adler Wanda
Alger Ada
Adolph Bernadette
Aldo Anka
Albern Greta
Baldwin Addie
Albrecht Beatrix
Bach Amelia
Arlo Ava
Alger Brunhilde
Emmet Heidi
Alphonse Gretchen
Alvin Claudia
Axel Ida
Gunther Trudy
Bernard Leona
Otto Marta
Claus/ Klaus Millie
Felix Lola
Raymond Sofie
Franz Ursula
Max Ingrid
Rolf Gisela
Roland Emma
Schwartz Leah
Rudolph/ Rudy Mollie
Siegfried Grettle
Wolfgang Gertrude
Stein Gretchen
Ulf Berlin

Coat Color Based Names for Rottweilers

Black and Brown Dog Standing Outdoors
The breed is primarily black mixed with a touch of mahogany, rust or tan.

What’s always consistent is a black base color. You may find some Rottweilers are red or even blue but those colors are very rare. Rotties have distinct markings on their cheeks, the throat and chest, their eyebrows, and underneath their docked tails.

Here are cool names for black dogs:

Carbon Angel
Coal Gem
Hawk Noire
Tanner Velvet
Hunter Nite
Shade Lacquer
Dusty Madame
Shadow Graphite
Reece Onyx
Gunner Dahlia
Leilo Jewel
Smoke Rosie
Smock Trixie
Inkblot Dakota
Kuno Darcy
Spades Pearl
Mamba Opal
Calla Pepper
Bruno Shot
Chase Pepsi
Shawn Diabolique
Julian Ghost Rider
Cocoa Donnie
Tater Harley
Winston Huntress
Topper Hecate
Knobby Kedavra
Foo Phantom
Cecil Celeste
Scott Pitch
Fancy Minute
King Mystica
Jet Panther
Jamesy Nimbus
Spot Morticia
Duncan Ofelia
Kellen Odile
Blackie Never
Darkness Poe
Deep Lelee
Bruise Talladega
Kole Valencia
Storm Puddle

Breed Size Based Names for Rottweilers

Rottweiler wearing a lion mane
Rotties are big in size but have the heart of a lion.

Since most dog names based on size are usually for either small or big dogs, we just went with names for large dogs with this category.

Alpha Attila
Limo Olympia
Diesel Olga
Tank Bertha
Dozer Mega
Mack Amazon
Terminator Crush
Everest Xena
Magnus Bear
Thor Yeti
Avenger Jumbo
Gangsta Dinah
Max Big Mama
Thug Atlas
Gladiator Ocean
Maximus Cleopatra
Thunder Egypt
Goliath Blanket
Gravity Canyon
Moby Glacier
Titan Roma
Brutus Sunset
Grizzly Zilla
Moose Fluffy
Train Abigail
Bull Basha
Hammer Acadia
Ogre Cairo
Tron Akiva
Bully Althea
Hercules Amaris
Truck Bess
Cadillac Calista
Hoss Kasey
Ox Giant
Haul Malibu
Clout Marmalade
Hugo Butterball
Quad Montana
Colossus Nikita
Hulk Cersei
Quake Damaris
Cronus Delia
Jumbo Echo
Sasquatch Denali
Kilimanjaro Fallon
Shrek Fergie
Zeus Gemini
Kong Cali

Strong Rottweiler Names

Large Rottweiler dog drags his owner across field on walk , a strong powerful do
This breed is known for its strength.

Rottweilers were bred to guard livestock but were also used as general-purpose farm dogs, even pulling carts and hauling heavy packages. So, we thought it was fitting to give you a list of names that were a reflection of one of their best traits. These names reflect that strength.

Odin Akita
Buck Acadia
Goliath Punky
Taz Kitana
Samson Avril
Tiberius Lagartha
Titan Elektra
Riggs Mystique
Thor Pyro
Loki Sheba
Pistol Zelda
Joker Venus

Rottweiler Naming Trends

This breed has a reputation for being powerful, often influencing the names that people choose. Our personal favorites amongst these names are Hercules (of course), Thor, Athena, and Xena.

We have also seen a lot of animal names for Rottweilers, like Bear, Bull, or Moose. These can be fun if it describes your dog best.

We love the coat-based names that seem to be rising to the forefront lately, like Shadow, Raven, Honey, and Cocoa. These names make perfect sense because of the dramatic coloring.

These are the most popular trends, but we’re also fans of names that showcase how sweet Rotties are like Bella, Hazel, Rosie, Max, and Caleb.

Rottweiler Naming Tips

Rottweiler Pitbull Mix on Leash
Rottweilers are considered medium to large sized dogs.

Still stuck on how to choose between names? Try these tips to get your creative juices flowing.


One of the keys to naming your dog is simple sounds that they can recognize. The name should start with any letter with a distinct and sharp sound. Words that begin with a K, T, or D are easier for your Rottweiler to acknowledge.

On the other hand, names that start with F or S have softer sounding beginnings. Names that start with these letters might confuse them, at least initially. Dog names that end with a long “e” or “a” are much better for helping the dog differentiate from other sounds and words.


Syllables matter when you’re choosing a name for a dog. Most commands are only one to two, making it easy for your pup to respond. This is the same concept for your dog’s name. If you give them names longer than a few syllables, they could get it confused.

If you’re stuck on giving your pup a long name, try to also come up with a shorter nickname. A name like Johnny Long Legs may sound cute and funky, but you’ll more than likely end up just calling him Johnny within a few weeks anyway. And he’ll thank you for it.

No Command Words

You don’t want to name your dog anything that sounds close to their everyday command. So names like Phil, Fay, Joe, or Bit may be too close to “heel,” “stay,” “no,” and “sit.” That’s yet again another avenue of confusion for your pup.


A dog’s heritage can be a significant factor in determining its name a lot of times. Rottweilers have German ancestry, as well as a few other places. Why not draw inspiration from that?

These are just a few of our suggestions that we think can help you name your dog. Let the name come naturally, feel natural, and pick one that garners a positive reaction from your Rottie. They can help too.

Final Thoughts

Hopefully, this list is useful for you as you’re sorting through all the names you could pick for your Rottweiler. We know that it can be overwhelming and even frustrating sometimes to choose the perfect name. After all, you’ll be stuck with it for life.

But don’t fret. This should be a fun process that could serve as a way to bond with your dog. They’ll enjoy hearing you call out to them, and they should give you an idea of which ones they like most.

Also, you might enlist a little help from friends and family. Get their input to see if they have any fresh ideas that you haven’t considered already.

Lastly, pick the names you like best, and if all else fails, toss them into a hat and draw one. If you are spending this much time to get it right, we feel confident that you’ll get a name that you’re happy with, and that showcases the best aspects of your beloved Rottie.

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