Dog Careers: Best Jobs For People That Love Working With Dogs

It’s never too early to plan your future. If you love dogs and other animals, you may be interested in working with them. First it’s important to understand the meanings of some words related to working.

Jobs and Work

Job – a job is any kind of work, task, or chore that is sometimes done for pay. Examples of some jobs would be pet sitting, walking dogs, cleaning kennels, working in a pet store, working at an animal shelter.

Career – a career is a person’s lifework or long-term pursuit of a way of earning a living. Some careers would be a receptionist in a veterinary office, dog groomer, dog obedience trainer, jockey, owning a pet store. Having many jobs could be a person’s career.

Profession – a person who has a profession has a college education, intellectual skills, and follows ethical or technical standards for the work that person does. Some professions are veterinarian and veterinary technician.

How to be Successful

Find these words in a dictionary.

  • Responsible
  • Respectful
  • Cooperative
  • Independent.

Do you have all four qualities?

People who get jobs have learned to arrive on time. They have learned to work with others and share ideas. They have learned to complete assignments on time. They are pleasant to be around. They discuss instead of argue.

People who decide to learn a profession go to college. They prepare themselves in junior high and high school by having good grades, good self-discipline (getting assignments in on time, attending classes), and goals for the future.

They work well with others and share ideas.They are pleasant to be with and they discuss instead of argue.When a college looks at high school records, they want to see a pattern of responsibility and achievement.

Things to Consider

When you think about what you want to do when you grow up, it doesn’t matter whether you are a boy or a girl. Both boys and girls can have the same jobs, careers, and professions working with animals.

What do you want to be when you grow up? How do you want to earn a living?

If you want to work with animals, there are lots of choices. Here are a few:

  • groomer
  • obedience trainer
  • working in a pet store
  • wildlife volunteer
  • zoo employee
  • veterinarian
  • veterinary technician
  • search and rescue animal care worker in shelters
  • pet store owner
  • farmer
  • animal breeder
  • pet sitter
  • kennel helper
  • receptionist in a veterinary office
  • trainer for service dogs


Do you want to work in the veterinary field? Veterinary science is a profession that deals with scientific and medical matters concerning animals. There are many areas of veterinary medicine that you could choose.

Vets diagnose illnesses of animals. They examine animals and administer medicines. They also give vaccines to prevent disease and they give advice on nutrition and medical care. Veterinarians can work in many different settings, doing many different jobs.

Veterinarians can work in private practice or group practice. They can specialize in small animal, horses, dairy animals, and more. They work in clinics, hospitals, from home, and in mobile vans and trucks. Industrial veterinarians work in research and development of new products for animals, evaluation of products, management, and in the Food and Drug administration as a regulation representative.

Government veterinarians can work at a state or city level in public health to insure safe food supply, and animal disease control.

Federal vets can work in the USDA (United States Dairy Association) and the FDA (Food and Drug Administration).

Military veterinarians work in biomedical research, food safety at military bases, care of government-owned animals like defense animals, horses, ponies, drug dogs, and public health.

There are so many different kinds of work that someone interested in the veterinary field can do! Here’s a list of some:

  • Animal Ecologist: studies the environment and how it effects animals.
  • Animal Scientist: does research that benefits animals and help teach farmers and pet owners about animal care and disease.
  • Animal Husbandry Specialist: studies animals and helps farmers to breed better cows, sheep, and other farm animals.
  • Animal behavior
  • Avian (birds) medicine
  • Blacksmith
  • Biologist
  • Ecologist
  • Environmental Management
  • Environmental Chemistry
  • Exotic animals
  • Forestry/Park Ranger
  • Jockey
  • Holistic medicine
  • Kennel Management Therapy and Psychology
  • Racetrack Veterinarian
  • Space medicine
  • Wildlife management
  • Wildlife Rehabilitator
  • Wildlife Researcher
  • Veterinarian
  • Veterinary Technician
  • Wildlife sanctuaries, zoos, parks captive breeding of wild animal that will be extinct; help control spread of disease and maintain the ecological balance in forest areas.
  • Zoo Keeper
  • Zoologist: studies the history and habits of different kinds of animals.


Becoming a vet requires a real commitment. Most colleges will have their own requirements for accepting students. Here are a few things a veterinary college might require:

1. Must have completed at least three full academic years at an accredited college or university plus 90 semester hours of course work before enrollment in the veterinary college. Most successful candidates
have earned bachelor’s degrees before enrolling.

2. Students must have a high level of motivation.

3. Good aptitude for the sciences – chemistry, biology, physics

4. Experience with animals. Some schools look for 240 hours experience in many different veterinary settings. A student might have worked as a volunteer, observer, or paid employee.

5. Students must have a genuine love for animals.

6. Students must have good observation skills.

7. Students must have ability to evoke confidence in animals.

Useful Links

Adventures in Veterinary Medicine – Adventures in Veterinary Medicine (AVM)at Tufts University is the only program of its kind in the US. It’s an exciting one or two week program offered for middle school, high school, and college students, as well as adults, who are considering careers in veterinary medicine.

Long Beach Animal Hospital – You Make the Diagnosis – This animal hospital in California has a very interesting and fun section where you can practice diagnosing animals from x-rays. Take a look!

Veterinary Technicians are like registered nurses of the veterinary world. They assist veterinarians and scientists in vet hospitals, labs, pharmaceutical companies, zoos and wildlife areas, humane societies, and the military. Here is some more information for you: Veterinary Technician Schools in the US will give you a list of schools and their websites. girl and her collie