Best Harnesses For Beagles: Ratings, Reviews & Top Picks

Finding the right harness for any dog is a challenging task, but often a necessary one depending on the breed you own. When it comes to Beagles, their risk of future back problems requires the support of a harness to help them live long and happy lives.

So, how can you pick out the perfect harness for your pup? This article highlights some of the best on the market for this breed and includes a buyer’s guide to help you make the best decision for you and your pooch.

Dog Harness Buyer’s Guide

The Beagle breed is a natural hunter with strong instincts for tracking down prey. They rarely contain the urge to run after potential “prey,” and they also happen to be master escape artists. Furthermore, their elongated spines require ample support throughout the years to keep them healthy.

Combined, these three elements mean that a harness is the best option for any Beagle owner. Beagle’s pull on their leash nearly every chance they get and continually fight that urge even with the best of training.  Aside from the ability to handle intense tugging, the durability of your harness of choice should reflect your walking activities.

Beagles love to hike in the woods and even make exceptional hunting partners. If you plan on more adventurous outings with your pup, make sure the harness can handle it. Waterproofing, military-grade fabrics, and highly visible elements like reflective straps are ideal for these scenarios.

Outdoor activities mean more wear and tear. So, keep that in mind when shopping for a harness to help you make a better investment. Finding the best harnesses for Beagles is a tough task, but this buyer’s guide is here to help.


The number one aspect to look for in a harness for this breed is durability. Despite their stature, Beagles are strong when the instinct to hunt emerges. Your harness needs to handle their darting and dashing after wild animals.

Metal D-rings are an excellent option here as they provide durability and control. Aspects like nickel plating, reinforced stitching, and sturdy nylon are also beneficial. It’s essential that the durability of harness match one other vital quality, though.


All of that tugging and dashing does require durability, but it also means your Beagle requires added padding to protect them from the pressure of their pulling motions. The focus should be placed on the chest piece, which reinforces your command to stay while adding control to your leash hand.

Extra padding in other areas is even better, but the chest is a number one concern. Finding an option that sits lower, alleviating any pressure on the neck and throat, is another excellent choice. The unpredictable nature of their tugging can lead to choking even with some finer harnesses simply because the design rests higher on their chest bone.


Beagles know how to wiggle out of tight spaces. It’s in their nature to squirm through obstacles and retrieve their prey. That’s why a harness capable of multiple adjustments is vital with this breed. The more straps that can tighten to your dog’s body, the better. There’s no worse feeling than losing your dog after they slip out of a harness and run off into the distance, or worse.

Harness Types

Just like dogs, no two harnesses are created equal. The size of your Beagle and the activities you both enjoy are vital indicators of which harness is the best for your pooch. Here are the four styles and what they have to offer.

The Front Clip Harness: This option is used for training. It provides a higher level of control over the dog and its motions, allowing you to reinforce proper behavior while walking. While it is an excellent option for puppies in training, it is far from ideal for the Beagle.

The Beagle’s tendency to dart off at the drop of a hat leads to trouble with the front clip. It holds the potential to spin them around, jerking them in a motion that is often painful. We recommend avoiding this scenario and the damage it may cause.

The Back Clip Harness: Placing the clip in the back distributes the pressure across the chest, which is where excellent padding becomes a necessity. While the back clip offers less control, it does provide the added comfort this breed needs when chasing the slightest scent of another animal.

The Dual Clip Harness: If a front clip is a must for your training needs, then we recommend the dual clip variety. This allows you to quickly switch between lead points based on where you’re walking. It’s the best of both worlds and a more worthwhile investment than the front clip models.

The Vest Harness: Vests offer the most comfort with additional padding. Added coverage also redistributes pressure more evenly, making it a safer alternative to the other three varieties. Vests can feature either a back or dual clip system, as well.

Another benefit to the vest is its supreme level of support. This is a necessity for most senior dogs as well as those with elongated spines. While the Beagle’s back isn’t incredibly long by dog standards, IVDD (Intervertebral Disc Disease) is common to their breed. The added support of a vest harness helps ward off this back issue.


There isn’t a golden rule that spending more on a harness means buying a higher quality product. Some pricey models offer less support and protection that their cheaper counterparts provide. However, spending the bare minimum almost always ensures a lower-quality harness.

The trick is to find something that meets your dog’s needs, aids in your training of the dog and meets your budget. Remember that Beagle’s require an adjustable fit with ample chest padding and back support.

Our Favorite Harnesses for Beagles

This guide has been compiled and is in the same format to our harness guide for dachshunds and to our guide for giant breeds like the Great Dane, we put together what we feel are the best harness for Beagles on the market. While this is by no means an all-inclusive list, it does provide a great starting point for anyone looking to purchase a harness for their beagle pup.

Each option includes the features we love, where improvements could be made, and what benefits each product has to offer.

EcoBark Max Comfort and Control

Colorful and cute, the EcoBark Max is a no-pull and no-choke harness that features a luxurious (by harness standards) double layered mesh fabric. The material does not rub, is comfortably breathable, and offers ample padding throughout the product.

With the correct size, the expansive chest piece and snug fit ensure your Beagle isn’t escaping every time it smells some “prey.” With durable D-ring buckles, you also gain added control along with increased durability.

What We Like:

  • Extensive padding for maximum comfort.
  • Back clip design eliminates unwanted pressure in critical areas.
  • Adjustable back straps help with fitting.

Voyager Step-In Air

This Voyager harness features extremely breathable mesh to keep your dog cool in the heat. That mesh doubles as comfortable padding throughout the body of this model. A simple Velcro design allows for easy adjustments, while hook and loop fasteners create a secure fit.

There are double D-rings on this model for added durability and control, both of which are connected to a buckle to help make this a more escape-proof model. Finally, there are reflective bands stitched into the sides that help cars see your pet during nighttime walks.

What We Like:

  • Ample padding for comfort.
  • Reflective bands are an excellent add-on.
  • Durable hooks, looks, buckle, and double D-rings make for a secure fit.

Wiggle Tail Harness with No-Pull Handle

This Wiggle Tail harness starts off its features with two quick release buckles at the neck and chest for simple removal (which is exceptional for hunting dogs). Light reflective material makes this harness highly visible in the dark, while a no-pull handle offers full control even over the most excitable dogs.

Made from 600D Oxford Fabric, the harness is incredibly durable. That fabric is lined with a sponge padding that absorbs motion from darting, jerking, and pulling. The final aspect we love about this model is 100% money back guarantee.

What We Like:

  • Highly durable nylon fabric and clip design.
  • Added handle for extra control without undue pressure.
  • Quick release buckles for hunting.
  • Reflective material for night walks.

Sporn Dog Harness

Sporn’s harness features one aspect that others do not; a flexible nylon mesh webbing that stretches to accommodate your dog’s pulling. Places low to the chest, this piece eliminates any strain on the neck while providing the control you need as a Beagle owner while further removing pressure.

Nickel plated hardware where the clips are places adds to the durability of this model, while the nylon itself is weather-proof. Wrapping under the chest and securing up around the back, this harness features a snug fit that’s difficult to pull out of. Best of all, it’s a cinch to put on.

What We Like:

  • Flexible mesh webbing for extreme comfort.
  • Fully adjustable.
  • Weather-proof, durable fabric.

Embark Adventure

Fully adjustable, the Embark adventure features ample padding and support throughout its construction. Added padding in the front of this model eliminates damage to the trachea, while a back and front clip allows you to switch between training purposes.

This harness is made from no-rip nylon for a durable investment, but it doesn’t sacrifice comfort thanks to anti-chafe padding. Reflective trim allows nighttime drivers to see your pooch, reinforced straps above the padding add control, and the X-shape offers plenty of support. There’s also a 100% satisfaction guarantee.

What We Like:

  • Supreme design in both durability and comfort.
  • Reflective features are great for nighttime use.
  • Dual clip design.
  • X-shape and padding provide plenty of skeletal support.
  • Fully adjustable.

Eagloo No-Pull Dog Harness

A dual clip design allows owners to switch the Eagloo from training mode to leisurely walks with ease. Two zinc-alloy rings help to distribute pressure while adding durability and control. Meanwhile, the nylon webbing stretches to accommodate even a Beagle’s darting motions.

Straps around the chest and neck allow for a fully customizable fit on this harness, while plenty of reflective surfaces for nighttime use. The chest padding is excellent for alleviating pressure, while the back padding provides the support this breed needs. Throw in a scooped neck for less stress on the throat, and this is one excellent harness.

What We Like:

  • Thoughtfully placed padding.
  • Fully adjustable.
  • Reflective surfaces.
  • Zinc-alloy D-rings.

Copatchy No-Pull Reflective Harness

Copatchy’s harness uses a sponge for its padding, making a comfortable fit that further alleviates pressure from pulling. Straps on the neck and underside of the chest allow for an adjustable fit, while reflective surfaces help make your dog visible in the dark.

High-quality, breathable mesh surrounds the sponge padding for a durable yet comfortable fit. This model also features a top handle for full control without stress from your dog’s tugs. The major downside here is a lack of chest coverage, which is essential to training. It also relies on the top strap to hold the dog back, which could pose a choking risk if set too high.

What We Like:

  • Sponge padding is excellent for comfort.
  • Reflective materials are a great addition.
  • The straps make this model fully adjustable.

Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some commonly asked questions about Beagle harnesses.

Q: Does my Beagle need a harness?

A: A harness is always an option, but not always a necessity. However, they do provide a variety of benefits to Beagles and other breeds. For Beagles, there are three main benefits to choosing to use a harness.

The jerking motions made by them tugging on the leash can cause damage to their back, neck, and throat. A harness allows you to train your dog without the risk of injury, creating a safer and more comfortable alternative. Added support also protects their back from future issues.

Q: How can I tell which clip style to buy?

A: Your dog’s level of training usually determines which clip style to buy, but Beagles benefit the most from back clips. Whether it is a regular back clip harness or a vest, the pressure from their darting motions is places towards the chest and lessened with comfortable padding.

Given the Beagle’s tendency to develop IVDD, a vest is often the best option. The added support of these models helps them live long, healthy lives without excessive pain in their later years.

Q: How do I size my Beagle for the right fit?

A: Measuring a dog and finding the right sized harness is a daunting task. No two brands hold the same measurement, for whatever reason, which means you need to do a little investigating. Start by measuring your dog’s neck and chest loosely with a tape measure.

Remember to leave room for your dog to grow. Accommodating for winter fur, weight gain, and increased comfort in old age is also recommended. When in doubt, pick something slightly larger that’s adjustable features allow room for growth.

Q: How can I tell if the harness is too tight or too loose?

A: If your dog’s harness isn’t fit properly, it loses a majority of its benefits. Finding the perfect fit is often tougher than buying the right size, but there’s a simple rule of thumb to follow. Place the harness on your dog, adjust it, then stick two fingers underneath the harness.

If the harness is too tight for your fingers or feels as though it is smashing them, then it is too tight. If you can fit three or more fingers underneath, then it is too loose. With Beagles, remember to make the harness as close to the skin as possible, so they don’t slip free of their restraint.

Final Thoughts

There is an endless number of harnesses on the market, but finding the right option for your breed is vital to their health and longevity. All models help eliminate choking and potential health hazards caused when dogs pull on their lushes, but Beagles need this option for a few different reasons.

When it comes to the best harnesses for Beagles, the Embark Adventure is our top choice. Its design creates supreme comfort and durability while offering a fully adjustable fit for proper support. The X-shape adds to that support, as well.

Furthermore, the reflective elements in the harness make this an excellent choice for nightly walks as well as hunting. Throw in the dual clip design, and you have a harness that doubles as a training device. While the sizing runs small, measuring your Beagle will help you find the perfect fit.