Best Dog Toys For Huskies: 2019 Reviews & Top Picks

Huskies are arguably the most beautiful dog breed out there, and their owners would agree to that five times over. Their amazing eyes nestled among their incredible coat make them one of the most desirable dog breeds.

If you own a Husky, you understand that their extroverted personality and playfulness can sometimes lead to destruction if not adequately tended to.

We want to help by supplying you with some excellent dog toy ideas that are sure to entertain your Husky for hours.


The key to picking the right dog toy for a Husky is to understand their personality and how that translates into playtime. Huskies are intelligent, playful, and social and those three traits make a significant difference in how they play compared to some other dogs.

Huskies love interactive play, and they don’t typically like to be alone for long, so you want to keep these traits in mind when choosing a toy for your Husky. They will enjoy interactive toys that you can play together.

This breed is towards the top of their class in terms of intelligence, so you want to make sure you choose a toy that challenges them mentally.

The last thing worth mentioning is, Huskies love to tear things apart so while it might seem cute to get a puzzle toy that gets made of a bunch of soft plush material, it is not the smartest choice for Huskies because they could quickly destroy it.

Outward Hound Puzzle Brick Dog Toy

This toy is the ultimate Husky toy because it tests their mind and allows them to engage themselves in solo play time without requiring their owner. The toy has two different sections on it; one is a bone cover that has to get flipped over to uncover treats underneath. The second part is a sliding compartment that reveals treats when it’s flipped open.

These types of toys are ideal for pups that enjoy mind games and need time alone to get used to solo play. If your pup has a hard time being by himself, this toy could make a huge difference for you. It reduces boredom because most Huskies will continue looking until they have found every piece of food in the container.

What we like:

  • Great mind game for Huskies
  • Helps with poor alone time behavior
  • Easy to clean

What we dislike:

  • Dogs will eat the plastic pieces if left alone with no treats
  • The game can be too easy for some pups

Gnawtlers Premium Elk Antlers for Dogs

If you are looking to escape all the fancy toys and go for something that makes sense you could get your Husky a chew toy. Huskies love to chew, and this is a great way to keep them entertained when you are not home, so they do not become destructive.

These antlers are a unique option, and they come in a variety of different sizes with natural flavor. The bone marrow in this provides your pup with calcium, phosphorous, and zinc which make them a great healthy treat.

Something that we love about this chew toy option is that it doesn’t contain any artificial flavors or dyes because it’s all natural. It’s a great choice for chewy Huskies that get bored when they are alone during the day.

What we like:

  • All-natural chew toy option
  • Help keep destructive pups busy
  • 100% money back guarantee
  • Works well for aggressive chewers

What we dislike:

  • Because it’s an all-natural option, size may vary
  • Could be a choking hazard if unsupervised

Nylabone Dura Chew X

This beef flavored bone chew is another great option for pups who prefer to chew rather than play. The toy comes in the shape of an X which makes it easy for dogs to hold onto and bite away at. The X has a few different textures on it, so it helps clean their teeth while they have fun.

These types of chew toys are great for dogs who deal with separation anxiety or have destructive behavior when they are home alone. This toy is primarily intended for large dogs that are larger than 50 pounds.

What we like:

  • X shape is ideal for dogs to hold onto and chew
  • The toy has different textures that help with dental hygiene
  • Keeps pups busy when you are away

What we dislike:

  • Artificial flavoring can be harmful to your Husky
  • Not for powerful chewers because they can break it apart and swallow pieces

Kong Rubber Ball Extreme

The ultimate toy between dog and dog owner is a ball, but this Kong ball is durable and made with a material that helps soothe your pup’s gums and help their teeth. The ball can be used for fetch and comes in three different sizes to meet the needs of all sizes Huskies.

The best thing about the Kong ball is that it comes with a hole drilled through the middle so the ball can double as a solo play toy because your pup can spend time trying to get the treat out while you are off doing something. There is a hole drilled through the ball, so it does not create a suction on your dog’s tongue.

What we like:

  • The durable and robust ball is hard to chew
  • The coating helps keep dogs’ teeth clean
  • Doubles as a solo toy because of the hole drilled in the middle

What we dislike:

  • Some customers receive the ball without the drilled hole
  • The black color makes the ball difficult to find

Chuckit! Kick Fetch Ball

This is no ordinary fetch ball; it is more of a kickball, so it’s intended for you to kick it and for your dog to chase it. The ball has grooves throughout that make it easy for them to pick it up with their mouth and bring it back. Compared to the Kong ball this one also comes in a vibrant blue and orange color which makes it easy to find if it gets lost.

This ball is ideal for interactive play, but we don’t see any use for it when it comes to solo play. If you let your pup sit around and chew on it for too long, it will not hold up. The ball is buoyant, and it comes in a few different sizes and colors, some of which even glow in the dark.

What we like:

  • Vibrant colors make it easy to find
  • Grooves make it easy for the pup to carry
  • Great for interactive play
  • Different shapes and sizes to meet many different needs

What we dislike:

  • Not intended for solo play

Features to Look out For

As we’ve stated throughout the article, there are some things you want to keep your eyes open for when it comes to Husky toys. This breed has a habit of quickly destroying toys especially if they are left alone with them and they get bored.

You want to make sure you find a toy that is both durable and safe for play. Here are some of the most important things to look at when purchasing a dog toy for your Husky.

  • Toy material – The type of material the toy gets made from will determine how durable it is while your pup is playing. If the toy is plush material like a lot of squeaky toys are, chances are they will destroy the toy before they even have a chance to enjoy it.

If you must pick a plush toy like some of the puzzle toys than go for one that has a 100% money back guarantee. A lot of the toys that claim to be indestructible will offer a lifetime warranty in case your pup chews it up; they’ll replace it or give you your money back.

  • The intention of the toy – When you buy a toy for a Husky you want to have a goal in mind. Is the toy for you and him to play with? Is it meant to keep your pup busy when you are gone? Or is it intended to help develop his brain and cognitive skills?

When you decide on a toy always think about the purpose behind it because every toy has an intention. If you give your Husky the wrong type of toy at the wrong time, they might get bored or even destructive with it, and they could harm themselves.

Fetch vs. Chew

As we said, each toy has its purpose, but some toys can serve as multi-purpose which is always helpful. If we compare a standard fetch toy like a ball compared to a chew toy like a bone or antler, we can see that some of them can get used as both.

Balls are typically interactive toys that are meant for play between you and your pup. These are not that durable and won’t hold up to your Husky sitting there chewing on them all day. Bones, on the other hand, will make a great chew toy and can also serve as a throwing toy so you can play together.

Materials to Avoid

Some toys are not made for large dogs who have strong jaws. This breed can obliterate a soft plush toy in no time causing a hazard to their health and leaving a mess about the house.

Click here for more information about some of the most dangerous dog toys to give your Husky.

  • Plush toys – When dogs consume ingredients like cotton it causes digestive issues and discomfort, so you want to avoid these types of toys or give them to your pup when they have supervision.
  • Squeaky toys – Huskies think everything is a game and as a result, they might chew through the toy while they seek out the source of the squeaking. When they find it, they might chew it or eat it, and that could cause a bunch of problems.

Frequently Asked Questions

If you still have questions about what type of toy your Husky should have, we’re here to answer them for you. Here are some of the most frequently asked questions people have about Husky toys.

Q: What is the best toy for my Husky?

A: There is no right or wrong answer here because every dog is different and has different habits. You could try out a lot of different toys and see what works. If your Husky doesn’t do well alone and has destructive habits, you might want to stay away from soft toys and give him something that won’t easily break apart.

Q: What is the best toy to keep my Husky busy when I’m away?

A: Great question! The best toys for bored Huskies are ones that entertain their brain and give them a goal to reach. This doesn’t have to be a special puzzle toy, but it could be something as simple as a spoonful of peanut butter inside a ball. It could take your pup hours to get the peanut butter out, and they’ll love every minute of it.

Q: What are the best toys for Husky puppies?

A: Huskies can have any toy above as long as the toy is not too small or large for them. Keep in mind the age of your pup when choosing chew toys because pieces can get detached from the bones and stuck in their throat. It’s best to consult a vet when choosing toys for Husky puppies, and take a look at our article that breaks down our favorites for teething puppies.

Final Thoughts

Now that you understand how to choose a toy for your Husky let’s recap what we talked about throughout the article.

The most important things to remember are:

  • Your Husky is smart and demands a toy that tests their intellect.
  • If your Husky doesn’t do well alone, provide him with a toy that keeps him busy but is also safe.
  • Huskies are chewers, so be careful with plush toys.
  • Buy toys that are both interactive and good for solo play.

After much research, we decided that the Gnawtlers Antler is the best toy for solo play. The all-natural chew toy is healthy and great for your dog’s teeth. Due to the nature of the toy though, we do not recommend giving it to your pup when you are not home.

For interactive play, choose the Chuckit! Kick Ball because it’s brightly colored and great for hours of fun outside with your pup. They’ll love chasing it down, and you’ll love its durability and longevity.

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