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Sheltie Dog Names: 200+ Names For Your Shetland Sheepdog

Are you bringing home a new Shetland Sheepdog? These pups are adorable and unforgettable companions. We have a list of over 200 Sheltie dog names to help you pick the perfect moniker for your new friend.


Last Updated: May 16, 2023 | 7 min read

Shetland Sheepdog puppy sitting outside

Are you about to welcome home a new Sheltie pup? Part of the fun of this spunky breed is picking the perfect Sheltie name. The Shetland Sheepdog, or Sheltie, is a lovable, energetic dog from Scotland who always brings a smile to your face. These happy-go-lucky little dogs are popular and make wonderful pets due to their personality and size. Shelties are a ton of fun but a lot of work. Anyone adopting one of these little firecrackers will want to consider plenty of Sheltie dog names.

There is a lot to know about raising a Sheltie. These pups can be very needy and somewhat sensitive. Shelties are also known to be very vocal, making wonderful guard dogs. These sweet doggies may be reserved with strangers but are full of love and cuddles for those they hold near and dear. This sprightly Scottish breed makes a wonderful companion and needs a title that reflects its uniqueness.

When looking for a puppy’s name, owners should consider a dog’s appearance, personality, and breed. Ideas inspired by Scotland or this pup’s fluffy coat are also fun to consider. Check out our list of over 200 Sheltie dog names to get you started.

Meaning of Scottish Names

  1. Aileen is a female term and needs light from the green meadow. Variations include Aileene, Lina, Eileen, and Leena.
  2. Artis, a name for a female, means bear.
  3. Banner means flag bearer and is an unusual male moniker.
  4. Caelan, Is a male word. In fact, it is the Scottish form of Nicholas, meaning victorious people.
  5. Craig is a male moniker that means rock.
  6. Creighton is another male moniker that means rocky place or hilltop.
  7. Dallas is a male title and translates to a meadow.
  8. Dee, short for Aberdeen, makes a fantastic girl’s name and is also a river that flows through Scotland.
  9. Edan is for a girl and means fire.
  10. Gaven, a male title, means white hawk.
  11. Greer can be male or female and means watchful.
  12. Kenna is feminine and means born of fire. This is the female form of Kenneth.
  13. Lainey is female and means shining light.
  14. Leith means water and is traditionally a female word, but it can make an excellent epithet for a boy or girl pup.
  15. Mairead is perfect for a female pup and means pearl.
  16. Makenna Is female, meaning the child of the handsome one.
  17. Murdock is a great idea for a boy and means protector of the sea.
  18. Rory, a male title, means red king.
  19. Senga is a female title and means pure.
  20. Tavish means twin and is a tremendous male moniker.

Scottish Names For Shelties

Shetland Sheepdog
From the names of the Scottish Isles to history, culture, and tradition, Scotland is a land full of beauty and plenty of inspiration.

The Shetland Sheepdog is named after the Shetland Islands in Scotland. They are also known as the Islands of Opportunity. Scotland is a beautiful place to find inspiration for this cute little breed.


Scottish Place-Inspired Sheltie Dog Names

Scotland is a country famous for its beauty. From countless gorgeous beaches to rolling green hills, craggy landscapes, castles, lochs, and plenty of lore, Scotland is always mentioned as one of the most beautiful places in the world. Why not take inspiration from that beauty for a unique and intriguing Sheltie dog name?

Ben NevisBrittany

Fluffy Sheltie Dog Names


Shelties have amazing, fluffy, soft coats. They are quite distinguishable and part of this breed’s adorable look. A moniker that centers on this fluffy coat is a fun and creative way to christen your pup. Keep in mind that this feathery coat requires a lot of grooming. Expect to brush a Sheltie three to four times a week and almost daily during heavy seasonal shedding.

Food-Inspired Sheltie Dog Names

Sheltie and pile of dog food
One of these delectable ideas will hit the spot, from favorite drinks to tasty snacks.

Food is always an incredible and vast landscape to find pet-naming ideas. This can be a Scottish food term for the Sheltie or simply a food their owners like.

ChiveGlayva (liqueur)

Unusual Sheltie Dog Names

Three Sheltie Dogs
No one wants to pick a dog name that every other pooch at the park will have.

For owners looking for something a little more unusual and unique, there are plenty of places to find fantastic ideas. We have a few ideas for you to try on for size. Any of these make a fabulous and creative call sign for an adorable Sheltie pup.

Dog Naming Trends

Dog naming trends are an interesting phenomenon. As events happen in the world and different things become popular in entertainment, we often see a reflection of this in pet naming trends. Sometimes owners want a popular name, and looking to see what other folks are choosing for their pups is a wonderful way to find ideas and inspiration for your own. Sometimes trends are around fashion or popular entertainment franchises like Marvel and Harry Potter.

One thing to remember about trends is that these fads change quickly. What is popular one week may be less hot the next. While looking at popular name lists and trends in entertainment, society, pop culture, and social media are lovely places to start brainstorming and find information, remember that what is popular today might not be so trendy tomorrow.

Owners should remember that picking a name for a puppy is not about being popular or picking something that everybody else will like. This is personal, an essential communication tool you will have with your pup, and you want to avoid choosing something that might not seem as appropriate down the road. Look to your interests and a pet’s appearance, breed, size, and personality for inspiration rather than just picking popular things.

Dog Naming Tips

Naming a new pet is a significant process. Sometimes owners get stressed out or feel a lot of pressure. While it is important, it should not cause angst or frustration.

Owners must start by deciding what kind of message they want to send. Are you looking for a strong, powerful phrase that commands attention? Or are you looking for something sweet or a little unusual? Once you have decided what kind of idea and theme you are looking for, then it is time to start brainstorming.

Before you make a final choice, spend some time getting to know your pup. And if you already have an idea picked out, be willing to compromise and change things if something does not fit right. Picking a new name is not something that should be done quickly. It is even okay if your puppy comes home and you have yet to decide on a final choice.

Pet names hold much more profound meaning for owners than they do for our furry companions. Of course, humans understand language on a much deeper and more complex level than canines do. Canines understand that different words mean different things and know that their name is significantly important. Once they learn it, puppies comprehend that this term indicates it is time for dinner, to go outside, cuddle, or simply that their owner needs them.

However, dogs will not understand that this term has a deeper meaning for owners. For example, if someone honors their pet after a friend, family member, or former pet, your new pup will have no idea of that significance. This is important to point out so that owners do not get frustrated or upset if their pet does not seem to respond to this title enthusiastically.

Naming Tips

  1. Canines respond quicker and more enthusiastically to one or two-syllable words. Words that are longer than that can get lost in translation, so to speak. It is better to start names with a hard consonant. This harder sound is clearer for the canine’s ears. They may get confused or not respond as quickly to words that start with soft letter sounds.
  2. Do your best to avoid words that sound like common commands. At some point, you will be training your puppy to sit, stay, fetch, run, go, and the meaning of the word no. However, if you christen your Sheltie something that sounds like one of these words, they will have a much harder time learning it. It is best to avoid this headache and stick with terms that do not sound anything like a command your pup might be expected to understand and respond to.
  3. Along with avoiding names that sound like common commands, it is also essential to avoid anything that sounds like another person’s or pet’s name. While it might be cute to call your pup John, this will not be a happy or fun situation for very long if your son is also John. So avoid duplicating names to avoid confusion and chaos in your home.
  4. Remember nicknames. Most of the time, owners end up calling their pets cute nicknames. Often these are shorter versions or variations of their actual name. For every idea you are considering, come up with a few nicknames to try out. Of course, some nicknames have nothing to do with your pup’s formal title, but having a few at the ready is always a good idea.
  5. Puppies do not respond to their names right away. This is because they must be taught that this word is especially important. Owners cannot expect an animal to react simply because we humans have decided that a particular term is their name. Puppies must learn their names. Owners need to have plenty of patience and practice positive reinforcement to make this process happy. Every time your pup responds to the new call sign, offer a treat, cuddles, and plenty of verbal praise. Once they realize that responding to this word gives them a positive reward, the process will go much quicker.
  6. Avoid ideas that can come across as insensitive, inappropriate, or offensive. This is important to remember because owners are not the only people who use their pets’ names. If you are uncomfortable shouting a word aloud, really loud, in your backyard, then you might not be comfortable saying it at the dog park. You do not want to embarrass anyone like veterinarians, nurses, groomers, dog walkers, or dog sitters by giving your pup a name that will embarrass them or anyone else who has to use it. Be respectful of your puppy, those around you, and yourself, and pick something appropriate.
  7. Lastly, owners need to remember that this naming process takes time. Be gentle with yourself and your puppy. The process of picking a name is stressful, and once you have decided on a final choice, you must start teaching your puppy to recognize and respond to it. Take things one step at a time and understand that it will take a few weeks or more for your dog to fully understand that this word signifies something special.

Final Thoughts

Bringing home a new puppy is an unforgettable, wonderful time full of joy and many happy memories. Picking a new name for this adorable furball is one of the most exciting parts of new puppy ownership. The naming process starts well before a puppy comes home, as anticipating owners brainstorm and try out different ideas. Sometimes naming a dog takes longer than expected, which is perfectly fine. Your pup will happily respond to Baby, Sweetie, or Puppy until the perfect pick becomes clear.

Shelties are fantastic dogs, fluffy, energetic, and full of love. From picking a title with connections to Scotland, or something silly that just describes your dog’s personality, you cannot go wrong with welcoming one of these fluffy sweethearts into your family.

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