Rottweilers: What’s Good and Bad (Behavior, Temperament & More)

Rottweilers are working dogs. They were originally bred to be guard dogs, but they also worked driving cattle on farms. They also used to pull carts for people, and many people are now teaching their dogs to pull carts.

These days some Rottweilers work as police dogs and guard dogs. They also make excellent leader dogs for people who are blind. Many people like to teach their Rottweilers to pull carts, and to herd sheep.

Some Rottweilers also make wonderful therapy dogs who visit sick and elderly people. Rottweilers, like German shepherds are headstrong and also make very faithful companions.

The Rottweiler

Rottweilers can grow up to 27 inches tall and weigh between 85-115 pounds. Males are bigger than females.

These large dogs have a beautiful short, black coat with rust markings. Rottweilers will shed, but a good brushing at least once a week will help. If hair comes out in the brush, it won’t be on your floor! Rottweilers need to be bathed and brushed regularly.


Rottweilers Need Exercise. Rottweilers like to lay around the house with their family, but try to walk your dog everyday even if he has a large yard. Rottweilers like to keep busy. If you have a place that you can teach him carting, herding, or agility, he would like that, too. Check your local dog club for groups of people that teach their dog to do these kinds of things. They have experienced teachers who can show you just what to do.


Rottweilers are self-confident, which means they are usually not afraid of things, and alert, which means they notice things around them. This makes them pretty good watchdogs.

Rottweilers are very intelligent and faithful. Faithful means they will be your best friend.
It’s a good idea to play gentle games with your Rottweiler puppy. Don’t play teasing games or tug-of-war games too much because, like all dogs, they can make your dog more aggressive. If you do play them, make sure you stop the game before your dog gets too rough. Short playtimes are best with these kinds of games.

As your dog gets larger, he won’t know how to calm down if he is used to playing roughly. Treat him with gentleness and kindness and you will have a gentle and wonderful pet.


Rottweilers have very powerful muscles and are very strong. It is important that your dog start learning his manners in obedience classes when he is young. As he grows, he will get stronger and it will be more difficult for you to train him.


A Rottweiler might take a little while to get to know new people, which is why he’s not a breed we’d recommend for first time owners bringing a dog into their family. He might be waiting until he can trust them. Because of this, it is a good idea to socialize your dog. By taking your dog out to many different places when he is still young, he will experience new sounds and see new things. Socialize him slowly, a little at a time, so you don’t scare your puppy.

Fido’s Fabulous Dog Facts

In the middle ages, Rottweilers were used to hunt boar, which are wild pigs with tusks.

All About Rottweilers

(from the kids!)

“If you are a dog and your owner suggests that you wear a sweater…suggest that he wear a tail.” – Fran Lebowitz

“Hi, My Rottweiler’s name is Jessie. She is 5 years old and her birthday is August 30! She is so sweet!
She does whatever I tell her and loves attention especially from kids!” Jill, age 12, Georgia USA

“My dog’s name is Charlotte, he is already 7 years old. I enjoy playing with him because he is so patient, playful and affectionate. Here in our country the dog like him is very rare and unusual, so I’m very lucky to have him.” Kahla, age 16, Manila, Philippines

“My dog’s name is Ceazer, and he is 1 year and a half and he weighs 187 pounds of muscle. This dog is an ox and a raging bull in one compact body. He had a training and is the best dog ever. I love him so much.” Josh, age 17, Pennsylvania USA

“Our new puppy is Bode, he is months old, we rescued him from the humane society. He was a Valentine’s gift from our Dad. He’s a great, loving pet. He loves my mom, dad and brothers, but he does sleep with me in my room at night. We all feel very lucky to have found this new member to our family.” Spencer, age 14, Washington USA

“My dog is a nice female Rottie called Koki who likes playing around. It’s parents are the best dogs in Egypt.” Adham, age 18, Egypt

“My rottweiler is a very trained dog. It can do many tricks. My brother named the dog Killer. Me and my brothers really love it and we take good care.” Tabatha, age 16, USA

“My Rottweiler’s name is GiGi. She is 7 years old. She is a well trained dog. If my mom needs help GiGi will do it. I really love, love, love her very, very much.” Rachel, age 14, Ohio USA

“My Rottweiler’s name is Max, he’s about 3 1/2 years old and he weighs 127 pounds He’s a big baby, and loves attention. If he’s not being petted, he’s on alert, and watches for people that come to our house.” Miquela, age 13, Indiana USA

“I have two Rottweilers. One is my mom and dad’s and I have one. My mom and dad’s is my dog’s mom and her name is Sadie and really old!! lol My dog’s name is Dare. He is an 8 year old Rottweiler mixed with Lab. But he has more rot than lab. He is really gentle. But I love dare so much and he loves me so much. He sleeps right next to me every night. And he loves to go outside with me and play. He and Sadie
loves to go boating and go swimming. I love to grab his little tail and he will pull me to shore!!

“I love my dog and I hope he never leaves me. When people he doesn’t know he always barks to let me know that someone is there at my house. Then if he can tell I am scared he will stay right there by the door until they leave while he is still barking. Well, my dog is awesome and I love him so much.” Coty, age 13, Michigan USA

“My Rottweiler’s name is Buddy. He’s 7 yrs old. He is a very big dog, but also gentle. He will even go to the door to tell us when there is something or someone outside and let us know. Once he broke his leg because he got hit by a car, and got a cast. He is a very well-trained dog. When I got on the couch, he got up and he took up the rest of the couch, including my lap. He is a very good dog, too. I love him a lot, and he loves me too, at least I hope.” Mikayla, age 8, Ohio USA

“She loves kids and never would harm them unless they were harming others. She loves to be with me and my family. She loves to play with my other dog.” Alana, age 14

“Bud is 3 years old. He is very nice. He will not hurt anyone. He was born May 28 1999. He is 110 pounds and has a very big head.” Lexi, age 10, North Dakota USA

“Max is a great protector and he loves me very much”. Max, age 13, Maryland USA

“I have a Rottweiler that is now at the age of one! He is about one hundred and two pounds. He loves to play and cuddle. I he has proven to me that a puppy is just like a little child, you have to be gentle and kind all at the same time. He is very protective of the house, also waits at the door for everyone to come home! I think he feels he is the whole reason why we come home to him. I would like to say but even he thinks that the bed is a comfortable place to sleep.” Ilima, age 17, Arkansas USA

“My dogs, Patches, a Beagle and Rocky, my Rottweiler are so playful! They are both 2 years old and their favorite game is Fetch!” Felicia, Age 13 Singapore

“My Momie shares her dog with me. I am still too young (almost 7 months) to care for him. His name is Merlyn (Rottweiler) and we are growing up together. Thank You Momie for helping me share. Well, I got to go take a nap. ByeBye!” Patti, Age 6 months North Carolina USA

“When I saw Toby (Rottweiler), I knew he was the one for me!” Brenda, Age 15 New York USA

“Kacie (Rottweiler cross) is the cutest puppy ever. She does tricks, sleeps on my mom and dad’s bed and is so energetic (at times). She’s been with us since May 1999. She loves the snow and likes the dog next
door. What funny about her is she never sleeps in her kennel anymore. We don’t know what she’s crossed this because she was a stray and the SPCA found her. We didn’t cut off her tail so when she’s happy, you see it and feel it. She never has bitten anybody and this one time she warned us that somebody was in the garage. She stopped a burglar from getting anything and scared him away. She’s a pretty big dog and is as strong as an ox. That’s about everything about her so if you’re looking for a loyal, smart, playful and loving breed of dog, Rottweilers are the one. Even though Rottweilers are portrayed as the bad guys dogs in movies and are mean and vicious, they really aren’t. They will love as long as they live.” Kim, Age 11 Alberta Canada

“My dog, Chief (Rottweiler), is the cutest dog in the world. He’s a pain, but that’s only cause he’s a baby.” Ashley, Age 11

Adopt a Rottie

There are many Rottweilers around the country without homes. Have your parents call a Rottweiler rescue to adopt a warm, loving dog just waiting for a home. You’ll be doing a good thing.

Check here for a rescue organization in your city.


Here are some great books about Rottweilers or Visit our Rottweiler Shop.

Rottweilers: Everything about Purchase, Care, Nutrition, Breeding, Behavior, and Training by Kerry V. Kern, from an reader: “This was the first book I purchased when I first became interested in getting a Rottweiler. I have learned very interesting things from this book. I feel that for a person who is interested in a Rottweiler this book is a nice start. It is not complicated and boring, very informative on the breed.”

Training Your Rottweiler, by Barbara L. McNinch. Virtually every aspect of training is covered, including housebreaking and paper training, basic obedience, teaching the animal to obey, retrieving, and walking on a leash. Also covered are humane methods of breaking a dog’s bad habits, such as begging, jumping on people, unnecessary barking, and biting or showing other forms of aggressive behavior. The author shows how firm, consistent training can transform a Rottweiler into a gentle companion and loyal guardian of home and family. She emphasizes that the owner must be assertive when training this breed. Filled with instructive full-color photos.