Best Indestructible Dog Toys For Aggressive Power Chewers

Are you looking for the best indestructible dog toy for your pup? Finding toys that your dog can't tear apart is challenging if you have a relentless canine chewer on your hands. The durable dog toys in this review can withstand abuse from even the most aggressive chewers!


Last Updated: April 10, 2024 | 17 min read

Best Dog Toy For Aggressive Power Chewers

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Some dogs rip through the most durable and indestructible toys in a matter of minutes. We’ve all been in this situation, staring at our pup asking them – why do you have to keep doing this! Finding a dog toy made for aggressive chewers that actually stands up to the abuse can be hard. This can end up costing you additional money in buying more toys that they just keep tearing through.

Some of our editors here at Love Your Dog have been in the exact situation, as some of them have giant breeds with extremely strong jaws, like Mastiffs! If you are at your wit’s end, you have options. Quite a few of them. Plenty of dog toys out there will hold up against even the most aggressive power chewers. Below, we’ve got 13 of them to share with you.

Keep reading for our list of the most indestructible toys. We’ve also compiled a comprehensive guide to help you make the right purchase for your pup. With any of the durable dog toys below, your pup will have a chew-tastic toy that can hold up to some serious abuse. Let’s jump in!

Our Favorite Indestructible Toys:

Chuckit Ball Toy
Our Rating

Best For Fetch

Chuckit! Ultra Ball

Kong Extreme Giant Toy
Our Rating

Best For Chewing

Kong Extreme

Goughnuts Tug Dog Toy
Our Rating

Best Tug Of War

Goughnuts Tug Dog Toy

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Buyer’s Guide

Dog Chewing Tough Dog Toy
There are a few important factors to consider when buying a durable dog toy.

When you are shopping around for an indestructible dog toy, there are a few things you want to pay attention to. It’s no secret that your power pup will rip apart a standard toy and leave it scattered across your living room in a matter of minutes. Toys are also a great way to get your pups attention away from your personal belongings.

Features To Analyze

Every toy is different, and each will have different strong points and weaknesses. Here are some of the most important things to keep in mind when shopping for a durable dog toy:


For heavy chewers, you need to make sure the toy is made from a durable and robust material. You want to make sure it will hold up to their aggressive chewing and playing. Toys that use rubber, double-knit rope, or nylon are ideal. Each of these toys are designed to hold up over weeks of rough play.

Toy Type

There are a lot of options, and not all of them are for aggressive chewers. Some toys are meant for specific breeds, while others are geared toward a specific purpose. For example, getting your dog a bone chew toy might last a long time. At the same time, you could opt for a durable rubber ball. These will hold up for a long time and make for a fun toy for months. However, they aren’t great for chewers.

Toy Size

The toy size is essential because toys that are too small quickly become choking hazards, so you always want to keep this in mind. You’ll need a bigger-sized toy for giant dogs and smaller toys for toy breeds like Pomeranians.

Safety Of Material

The last thing you want to look out for is that the toy is FDA-approved to contain no materials that will become a health hazard to your dog. Toys that contain certain elements could cause allergies or adverse skin reactions if they contain toxic substances or even certain chemicals and dyes.

Preferred Materials

Dog Going After Kong
Certain materials, including Kevlar and other durable rubber, are preferred for aggressive chewers.

We talked a little bit about this above, but let’s go into more detail now about the different material options you have for durable dog toys. If you have an aggressive chewer, not all toys will work. Your pup needs a toy made of material that will hold up and withstand abuse. Here are some of the top dog toy materials made for aggressive chewers:

Durable Rope

What dog doesn’t love a big rope chew toy? These toys make for a lot of tug-of-war fun between you and your pup. If they are made of strong material, they can take quite a bit of abuse. Rope toys can also get thrown in the washing machine for a quick clean if they start to look too dirty.


Most dog toys that get created for aggressive chewers are made using durable rubber. These are ideal because they are almost indestructible, and every dog loves a rubber ball. When you are choosing rubber as your toy of choice, make sure you pick one that does not have any sharp edges. Rubber toys also work well for teething puppies.

Hard Nylon

A Nylon dog toy is generally extremely hard and inedible. They can come in fun colors, shapes, and themes to entertain both you and your dog. This is a harder alternative to a rubber, Kong-like toy, but also has a higher risk of dental fractures. So beware.


In recent years, toy manufacturers have begun using this material in their toys. Kevlar is the main component in making bulletproof vests, so you know it holds up well against power chewers. This material is five times stronger than steel but is definitely more expensive for families on a strict budget. And given its unyielding strength, it also has the highest risk of breaking a tooth.

Top Indestructible Dog Toys

Dog Chasing Kong
There are a variety of different toys for dogs with a formidable bite power.

Many factors go into choosing a dog toy, but unfortunately, most pet owners usually overlook them. Going to the dollar store and buying the cheapest toy on the shelf will not only waste your time but it could actually harm your dog as well.

Each of the dog toys below contains durable materials that are long-lasting and safe for your pup. We clearly describe each of them as solo or interactive, so you get a feel for how your dog should play with the toy as well. Here are our recommendations.

Chuckit! Ultra Ball

Chuckit! XXL Ball Very Large
  • Extremely durable ball toy.
  • Can be launched with tool or thrown.
  • Floats in the water.
  • Extra thick rubber core.
  • Bright color increases visibility.
  • Bounces extremely high up.
  • Budget-friendly.

This call has a natural rubber construction that offers a high bounce and buoyancy in water. The ball has two high visibility colors of orange and blue which makes it hard to lose if it goes into the woods.

Something great about this ball is that it comes in five different sizes ranging from small to XXL. This means it truly meets the needs of power chewers of all sizes. What makes this ball so strong is that it has a solid rubber core. It also has sturdy exterior walls for rough play. The ball will grab your pup’s attention, and they’ll be able to chase it down and see it in the distance because of the bright colors.

We love that this ball has multiple size options, has a bright orange color and is also buoyant for water play. The rubber it’s made from is durable and will last a long time, even with the more powerful chewing breeds.

Kong Extreme Dog Toy

Kong Extreme XXL Toy
  • Extremely tough & durable.
  • Designed for aggressive chewers.
  • Can be stuffed with treats.
  • Unpredictable bounce during play sessions.
  • Used by veterinarians and trainers.
  • Reduces boredom & separation anxiety.
  • Made in the United States.

This KONG toy is a solid choice for power chewers. It’s made with durable construction and has a reputable company of origin. The toy comes in a few different sizes ranging from small to large. This makes it easy for you to find the perfect sized toy for your pup.

KONGs are made from a durable rubber which allows for maximum bounce during playtime. This makes it fun for your pup to jump and grab it in mid-air. It also has a hole drilled through the middle, so this allows you to stuff treats inside. This is convenient when and allows your pup play on their own when you are away or need time to yourself. This toy also works well for chasing and individual play.

We love KONG as a company, and pretty much any of their products will stand up to abuse. It also allows you to put something inside the toy, giving your dog something to play with for hours on end. This ball also bounces pretty easily, giving your pup something to run after.

back guarantee.

Goughnuts Tug Dog Toy

Goughnuts Dog Tug Toy
  • Made for tug of war.
  • Perfect for large breeds.
  • Great for dogs with a strong bite grip.
  • Figure eight design.
  • Protects your hands during play sessions.
  • Made with natural rubber.
  • Made in the United States.

If you are looking for a tug of war toy, this is an excellent option for fierce power chewers. The toy is made using an indestructible rubber, and it has two loops that allow you to hold onto one section and your pup to latch onto the other part.

This toy comes with a complete guarantee that if your dog destroys it, they will replace it or give you your money back. We love the design of this one, but we do understand that constant chewing could cause it to chip and break over time.

This is something you might want to keep hidden somewhere where you can get it when you are ready for a tug of war battle. You don’t want to leave it laying around the house where your pup could chew away at it all day.

We love that this is one of the few toys we can say is made to stand up to the abuse that tug of war will bring to it, and the rubber has enough give to not damage teeth. This toy isn’t recommended for constant chewing however, so make sure to monitor when in use.

West Paw Zogoflex Zisc

Zogoflex Durable Frisbee Toy
  • BPA Free Dog Toy.
  • Long-distance frisbee.
  • Great for fetch or tug of war.
  • Pliable and easy on a dog’s mouth.
  • Can be cleaned in the dishwasher.
  • Recyclable.
  • Made in the United States.

This is a durable frisbee which is excellent for outdoor group play between your pup and their family. The frisbee allows for high flying fun and comes in two different sizes depending on the size and breed of your dog.

This product comes with a 100% damage guarantee which means that the company has a full money back guarantee if your dog chews this up and makes it unusable. They are also certified safe containing no BPA, and it’s FDA compliant.

Although they do guarantee that they’ll replace it if it gets damaged, the disc is made using soft plastic material and not a hard one like traditional frisbees. It does not hold up quite as well as some of the other recommendations.

We love that Westpaw makes some great pup toys, and the frisbee is no different. It’s great for outdoor play, comes in two different sizes and the bright colors make it easy to find. It’s also backed by their 100% money

Frisco XL Dog Rope

Durable Rope Toy For Dogs
  • Cotton Poly Blend.
  • Perfect for daily interaction.
  • Great for tug of war.
  • Can also use for games of fetch.
  • Durable toy can withstand abuse.
  • Great for heavy chewers.
  • Budget-friendly.

The name says it all on this one; this dog chew rope is intended for large, aggressive chewers who have a hard time making any toy last long. Something we like about ropes is not only are they durable, but they serve multiple purposes when it comes to playing with your pup. A rope can get used for tug play, chewing, and even throwing if you find the right rope.

Most aggressive chewers enjoy a good rope toy. No rope toy should be used unsupervised. If pieces of the rope are consumed they can cause abdominal obstructions. But when supervised, ropes are some of the most cost-effective indestructible dog toys you can purchase for dogs that love to play tug of war. This makes rope toys a very good option for dogs that love to chew. While they aren’t indestructible, they offer a longer lifespan than many other toys.

We love that this rope is ideal for a power chewer (as long as they are supervised). You’ll want to keep an eye out for strings that may come apart, but overall this XL sized rope can stand up to some abuse.

TUFFY Ultimate Ring

Tuffy Durable Dog Toy
  • Can be used as both frisbee.
  • Also usable as a tug toy.
  • Durable and long lasting.
  • Great for fly ball training.
  • Made of non-toxic fibers.
  • Contains squeakers for active dogs.
  • Floats and is machine washable.

They call this the “World’s Toughest Soft Dog Toy” so we had to check this one out. We recommend not giving soft plush toys to aggressive chewers, but this one is somewhat of an exception.

The toy floats in water and is intended for interactive play between you and your pup and not for solo chewing. You would want to bring this toy out when you want to play and hide it when you are not around. The strength in this soft boomerang toy comes from its seven layers of material and seven rows of stitching.

Something we found really interesting about this toy is that the company sews squeakers into the stitching that will only start to expose themselves if your pup has chewed through the layers of fabric. That means, when you hear the squeaking you know it’s time to take the toy away. It’s an interesting safety measure we have never seen before.

We love that Tuffy offers a 100% money back guarantee, on top of the fact that it’s built with up to 4 layers of fabric. This helps it stand up to abuse for even some of the more powerful chewers. This toy isn’t recommended for solo play, but will still stand up to some major chewing.

Chew King Fetch Balls

Chew King Durable Dog Toy
  • Includes 3 separate balls.
  • Easy to throw.
  • Balls glow at night.
  • Great for fetching and chewing.
  • Unpredictable bounce rate.
  • Dishwasher safe.
  • Compatible with other ball launchers.

By this point you know our stance on dog toys and that we believe that rubber balls are the most durable and long-lasting indestructible dog toys. These balls contain no chemical smells, and the rubber retains its shape even after weeks of play. The ball includes an air vent in case your dog gets their tongue stuck in the hole; it will not suction.

These come in two different sizes so you can make sure you get the right size for your breed. We think that balls are the ideal toy for power chewers because they are so durable and fun for interactive play, which is great for active breeds like Labrador. These are some other great toys for active breeds like the Lab.

With these, you can also stuff treats inside the hole and let your pup go at it when they are on their own. These balls are the perfect combination of a solo and interactive chew toy.

We love that these balls are durable and long lasting, plus the colors make them easy to identify. It also gives you the option of using the fetch ball flyer to add another layer of fun to playtime with your pup.

Nylabone Dura Chew

Nylabone Durachew
  • Comes in multiple flavors.
  • Cleans teeth during chew sessions.
  • Long-lasting for aggressive chew habits.
  • Veterinarian recommended.
  • Budget-friendly.
  • Can withstand extreme abuse.
  • Made in the United States.

This X shaped chew toy from Nylabone is an excellent option for aggressive chewers. It’s great for dogs who are looking for something they can play with on their own, and also with you. The toy features four different textures on each end of the toy. It also helps clean their teeth while they have fun.

The toy works best with dogs up to 50 pounds, and it has a beef flavor that dogs love. It comes in two different sizes so you can cater to the needs of your unique breed. If you have an active breed like the husky, this toy is a great option and so are these.

These types of toys are ideal for dogs who have issues with destructive chewing. If you find that your pup likes to chew on furniture or your belongings, they might benefit from a toy like this one.

We love Nylabone is a classic, and something that most pet owners have used at one point or another. The different textures will keep your pup entertained, and these are ideal for solo play as well as interactive play. Even though Nylabones are tough, we still recommend keeping an eye on your pup to ensure no little pieces break off and end up a choking hazard.

Nylabone Wishbone

Nylabone WIshbone Toy
  • Available in multiple sizes.
  • Satisfies gum pressure while chewing.
  • Nylon bristles help with dental health.
  • Fun wishbone shape.
  • Original flavor is enticing for dogs.
  • Recommended by vets.
  • Made in the United States.

This is another long-lasting chew toy from Nylabone that challenges the jaws of aggressive chewers. This one has a sturdy nylon bone shape with raised bristles that help clean your pup’s teeth while they enjoy.

Something great about Nylabone is the number of unique products they have. Even if this specific bone shape and size does not work for your dog, they have a ton of different shapes and sizes with charts that tell you which works best for each type of pup.

We love the Nylabone Wishbone gives your dog another option with a different layout than a traditional Nylabone. The primary benefit here is that your dog can grab a hold of it easier. It also helps clean your dog’s teeth. It’s not recommended for dogs over 50 pounds, and we do recommend you supervise playtimes.

USA Bones and Antlers

USA Bones & Chews Antlers
  • All-natural dog chew.
  • Marrow in center is softer.
  • Bone marrow encourages chewing.
  • Massages gums and exercises jaws.
  • Acts as a treat as well as a toy.
  • No chemicals, bleaches or dyes.
  • Made in the United States.

Here we have a unique choice. USA elk antlers are ideal for medium dogs who are power chewers. The elk antlers contain calcium, phosphorus, and zinc. This makes them excellent bone marrow treats for your dogs as well as fun chew toys for them.

Something that separates this toy from the rest is the fact that they are completely natural. They don’t contain any dyes or chemicals from manufacturing. This is the closest thing to an actual bone that you can get, and it also helps with your pup’s dental hygiene.

We love the company offers a 100% money back guarantee. There is no exact methodology behind how long it should hold up being that it can actually get consumed. We like that this is an all-natural healthy option, that can also help clean teeth. We do encourage as always that you monitor chew time. This will ensure that no particles break off and negatively impact your pup’s health.

Nylabone Big Chew

Nylabone Big Chew
  • Made for extreme chewers.
  • Great for stress and anxiety relief.
  • Helps with canine dental health.
  • Multiple flavors.
  • Well known Nylabone Brand.
  • Great alternative for destructive chewers.
  • Made in the United States.

If the other two Nylabones didn’t do the trick for your pup why not try this big one? This long-lasting chew toy comes in a few different flavors and uses tough nylon to hold up to even the strongest of power chewers.

The bone has raised bristles that help with dental hygiene. These practically indestructible dog toys also get manufactured in the USA. The only problem we see with this product is that the edges can get quite sharp if your dog chews away at it too much.

We love the Nylabone Big Chew because it’s bit! It holds up to larger sized pups with powerful jaws, making it ideal for aggressive chewers. It’s also great for solo and interactive play. As always, we recommend monitoring chew time to ensure that your pup doesn’t consume a Nylabone, or cut their mouth if the bone starts to take a dangerous angle with how it forms over time.

Hartz Chew n’ Clean Chew Toy

Hartz Chew and Clean
  • Minimizes tartar build-up.
  • Bacon-flavored treat.
  • Massages gums.
  • Satisfies chewing urges.
  • Edible center.
  • Long-lasting nylon shell.
  • Comes in a variety of different colors.

These types of chew toys are always a great choice for dogs who may have bad habits of biting and chewing. Especially when it’s things that don’t belong to them. If your pup likes to chew your furniture or shoes, they might benefit from a bacon-flavored chew toy like this one.

They have a few different sizes as well as a couple of different styles and flavors. The bones have a durable nylon and polyurethane design with a multi-textured surface that is supposed to prevent breakage.

While this might be durable, it is not as strong as some of the previous products because it has a two-textured area. Toys like this typically break at the weld between the two sections. This toy is great for solo and interactive play, while the textures can help with dental hygiene.

We love it’s a cheaper option, allowing you to stock up if your pup reacts well to it.

West Paw Zogoflex

Zogoflex Chewable Dog Toy
  • BPA free chewable dog toy.
  • Perfect for treats to be placed inside.
  • FDA compliant.
  • Irregular bounce patterns for fetch games.
  • Floats in water.
  • Easy to sanitize at home.
  • Made in the United States.

These durable toys get made in the USA, and are one of the best indestructible dog toys you can buy. They contain a non-toxic soft rubber material that holds up well against aggressive chewers. The toy comes in three different sizes with four different colors to appeal to you and your picky pup.

Something that immediately stands out about this chew toy, is the material. The toy’s construction allows it to float in water. It also has a bouncy texture that makes it fun for interactive and solo play. This toy is FDA compliant and contains no hazardous chemicals or materials. It shouldn’t harm your dog if they accidentally consume a piece of it.

That said, this bone is more intended for interactive play. It will wear down if your dog sits there and chews on it all day. It’s better kept hidden until you are ready to play. We love that this toy is great for puppies that are growing through the teething process.

We love this toy is ideal for interactive play, and is safe for teething puppies. It comes in multiple sizes, making it a great option for small, medium, large and giant sized dogs. While this toy isn’t solely intended for solo play, stuffing it with some peanut butter will give your dog something tasty to keep him or her busy!

Frequently Asked Questions

Durable tug toys vs. dog balls: what’s better?

On one side, tug toys are resilient. And most power chewers love a good challenge. Many breeds like Pitbulls, Terriers, and Rottweilers love to tug. Tug-o-war can make a great competitive activity.

On the other side, many rubber balls are indestructible and pretty much hold up to anything. That is until you lose them in the woods somewhere. The verdict here is, tug toys are better for competition and solo play, but balls are better for durability and outdoor play.

What qualifies as an indestructible dog toy?

Realistically, there is no such thing as an indestructible dog toy. But usually, a company will claim that your chewer will not ruin their toy within a given amount of time, or they offer a 100% guarantee. One could only classify a toy as “indestructible” if the company offers a replacement or money-back guarantee.

What are the best materials for dog toy durability?

Saying that one toy is the best compared to another is really subjective to each pup. Rubber ranks towards the top because it is durable and resistant to moisture and grime without being so hard that it is likely to break a tooth. A lot of the best rubber balls have bright colors. This also makes them easy to find when you are out playing in the yard.

How can I make my dog toys last longer?

Good question! We always believe in using a toy for its intended purpose. If the manufacturer says that you shouldn’t leave a certain toy lying around because it’s not intended for constant chewing, then you should follow that instruction.

The best way to make a toy last is to keep it somewhere where your pup cannot get to it all day long. It can also be helpful to bring the toy inside when it’s not playtime to protect it from environmental elements.

Are indestructible dog toys worth the price?

When it comes to toys, you get what you pay for. If you buy a cheap dog toy from the dollar store, you are likely wasting time and money. You are also likely putting your pup at risk because they might chew through it and consume some of the pieces that could cause harm. If you are on a tight budget, do your research because many of the toys above won’t break the bank. Also, since they should last a very long time, you won’t need to invest in as many new toys down the road.

Can dog durable dog toys get washed?

Absolutely, we recommend you wash your dog’s toys regularly. You should at least sanitize them regularly to get all the grime off them. If you’re trying to wash a rope or plush toy, you can usually throw them into the washing machine and let them air dry. When washing a rubber ball, we recommend putting it in the dishwasher. This is of course, as long as it doesn’t have any electronic component to it.

What about durable dog toys for puppies?

Any of the toys we reviewed above would work for a puppy as long as you keep the size and intention in mind. Your puppy might not be able to handle the large size of some of the bones. However, many of these toys are great for teething puppies. Offering a chew toy with a treat in it is also a great reward while training your new pup.

Can I make homemade dog toys?

When you are thinking of dog toys on a budget your first thought might be to make your own out of shirts or socks. But this can prove quite hazardous to your pup. The possible downsides far outweigh the few dollars you might save by making a toy yourself. We do not recommend making your own toys, especially for a power chewer.

Can dog toys be toxic?

Some dog toys are toxic and contain high levels of dangerous chemicals that could quickly result in an emergency room visit if they consume a large enough portion of the toy. That said, most toys will tell you if they are BPA-free, but you want to pay attention to where they get manufactured. Many cheap toys are made in China and commonly contain the types of chemicals that we want to keep away from our pups.

Final Thoughts

By now you should know way more than you ever thought you could know about dog toys for power chewers. We’ve covered a lot of information, so let’s recap quickly.

When you are shopping for aggressive chewer dog toys you want to make sure you pay attention to the following:

Toy Material: Only consider toys made with strong and durable material. Rubber and nylon are the best choices for longevity, but Nylon can be harder on the teeth.

Toy Type: There is no right or wrong type but keep your pup in mind and how they like to play. Some toys are better for solo play, and others are better for interactive. Think about that before you buy.

Toy Safety: Are the materials used in the manufacturing of the dog toy safe? Is the plastic BPA-free? Is the toy designed in a way that limits the chances of it coming apart in big pieces and becoming a choking hazard?

Toy Size: Similar to safety, you want to make sure you get a toy that is the right size for your breed. If the toy is too small, it can quickly become a choking hazard. If it’s too large, it could be cumbersome for their jaw and cause pain and discomfort rather than fun.

Combining all these factors we have decided that the KONG is the best choice for most power chewers. This toy is strong, durable, and affordable. If you are looking for a great all-around toy that can offer hours of fun for you and your pup, this is definitely the way to go.

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