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Chew Proof Dog Beds: Tough Beds For Pups That Chew

Kelly Wilson

Last Updated: October 30, 2020 | 12 min read

Best Indestructible Dog Bed

So you’re online buying a few things, and you decide to treat your four-legged best friend with a brand new comfy bed because you’re the best dog parent! It gets delivered and you proudly show him his new treat, but he then decides to say thank you by destroying it in 2 minutes flat! Know the feeling? Well, you’re not alone!

There are plenty of reasons that dogs will start chewing, especially if you are crate training.  Bored dogs are notorious for becoming chewers, and this is even more common with dogs that crate train for long periods of time.  Even if you buy them the perfect bed for inside their crate, there’s no guarantee they won’t start picking up bad habits if left alone for too long.

In this guide we are going to talk you through all the reasons that lead your pup down the path of bed destruction, what things to look out for in an indestructible dog bed, and our favorite picks. Stick with one of our recommendations on this list and just like may frustrated chewy canine owners across the world, you won’t be disappointed. So don’t give up on him, or a comfy bed, just yet!

Our Favorite Indestructible Dog Beds:

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Why is Your Pup Chewing The Bed?

There are many reasons why dogs excessively chew their beds, or other household items, and we promise it is not just to spite you.  Doggy beds can contain materials that you don’t want your pup to ingest, so picking a durable dog bed should be a top priority if your pup likes to chew.

Teething – At the age of four to six months your puppy will be going through the teething process, and during this time he will chew on things to relieve his tender gums and teeth. If you think this might be the reason your pup is chewing his bed then check out our favorite chew toys for teething puppies, as this might just be what he needs to redirect his chewing behaviors onto something more suitable.

Stress – When some dogs become stressed or anxious, they often turn to chewing amongst other destructive behaviors. Chewing comforts them, just as sucking a dummy comforts an infant. Stress symptoms in dogs tends to exhibit themselves between the age of 1 and 3, and if you have noticed a change in his behavior then you need to discover what it is that is causing him to feel stressed, and if you can find the source of his stress it may just stop him from chewing. Common stress sources can be separation anxiety, additional or loss of family members, grief, and noise to name a few.

Boredom – If your pooch is bored then there is going to be a lot of pent up energy inside that body of his, and that energy has to come out in some way! If you find that he destroys his bed when he seems restless, or simply to pass the time, then try taking him out for an extra walk a day or offer him some interactive games that double up as intensive exercise. This is often the most common reason why dogs destroy their beds, or other household belongings, but thankfully it is also the easiest to solve!

Practice – Dogs are animals, and their instincts will often tell them that they need to chew something, and because the resident cat is off limits, beds and shoes are often the next best thing! If you redirect their chewing attention to some of these chew toys for aggressive chewers then you’ll probably find he’ll stop attacking his bed! Sometimes, if dogs have been allowed to chew their bed for a long time without being corrected, their behavior turns into an obsessive chewing disorder, so be sure to stop his bed chewing habit as soon as you notice it.

Pain – Unfortunately, when dogs become ill or they are experiencing pain, they cannot tell us. So instead they will exhibit behaviors such as excessive such as self harm or chewing to occupy their mind, or simply because the pain is causing them to become slightly delirious. If your pooch does not fall into any of the above chewing categories, then it is time to take him to the Veterinarian to see if there is an underlying health issue that is causing him to excessively chew.

Buyers Guide

Indestructible Dog Bed Buying Guide
There are many things to consider when buying a dog bed your pup won’t chew through.

In addition to the above, before you buy just any indestructible dog bed, it is important to understand what it is that makes it indestructible, so be sure to look out for the following components.


Durable material is the key to an indestructible dog bed, and it needs to be strong enough that his teeth aren’t going to pierce the material, because once a hole appears your pooch will become obsessed with ripping it open. Material such as Kevlar, Ballistic Nylon or Canvas are some of the few indestructible materials used in high quality dog beds, and whilst they don’t sound comfortable, they are designed to be. Double or webbed stitching is also a key factor to look out for in a bed, as this stitching will usually hold well together.


If your pooch finds his bed uncomfortable or hard to lay on, then he is not going to lie on it, or simply destroy it so you buy him a different one, so comfort needs to be a big factor to consider here. Whilst the strong and durable material might not sound as comfortable as a fleece or plush bed, the under layer is often just as comfortable as any other bed. So lots of internal padding or cushioning, or flexible material, is going to make his bed just as comfortable as any other.

Chewing Opportunities

Most indestructible dog beds have few, or no, zips, ties or gaps that your pooch will see as a chewing opportunity. Instead, if there is one single surface he might start to view his bed as a place to rest rather than a game to rip open. Think of his bed like a wrapped present, if it is well taped and and all the edges are covered, then it will be difficult to get into, but if there are gaps or material which you can grab, you’ll open it within seconds.

Water Resistant

A water resistant bed is going to help keep it as clean as possible, and as most dog owners know, if something smells awful, your pooch is going to be interested in it. If his bed can be cleaned regularly and easily then it is going to stop him from smelling those irresistible horrible smells, and he might be less likely to dig and tear in an attempt to discover the source of the smell or make himself smell of it. Additionally, the cleaner his bed is the better your house is going to smell, so it’s a bonus for everybody involved!

Our Favorite Indestructible Dog Beds

Tough Dog Bed
These indestructible dog beds will ensure your pup doesn’t rip them to shreds for fun.

The best indestructible dog beds that have made it onto our top list are all of high quality material and craftsmanship, and they are manufactured by well-known or well established brands. This means that you can trust that our recommendations are the best beds around for canine chewers, be that moderate or excessive. So, in no particular order, here are our favorite indestructible dog beds.

K9 Ballistics Chew Proof Elevated Bed

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This elevated dog bed is described as not just chew resistant, but also indestructible against the most aggressive of chewers. The frame is made from aluminum metal, which is not an attractive chewing material for your dog, and it conceals the edge of the fabric which prevents your dog from chewing it to pieces.

The material is made from ripstop ballistic nylon fabric, which is stronger than Kevlar material, and it works against even the most aggressive and strong dogs, and their chewing, scratching, digging and ripping behaviors. K9 Ballistics hold a lot of confidence in their uniquely designed material, and they offer a 180-day chew proof guarantee.

It arrives preassembled, but no tools are required to simply screw in the four legs, so it is really simple to put together. It is also designed to fit the majority of standard crates too, so if your pooch is crate trained or you are thinking about training him due to his separation anxiety, then you can just slip the elevated bed in there for added comfort. The material resists water and grime, and it is really easy to clean with a damp cloth.

We love that this bed is elevated, which often is enough to stop most dogs feeling the need to chew it.

Dogbed4less Extreme Pillow

Dogbed4less Jumbo Orthopedic Extreme Comfort...
  • JUMBO 55"X47" PILLOW - Handmade in USA top quality shredded...
  • 2 LAYERS OF COVER - The bed comes with breathable waterproof...
  • DURABLE DENIM COVER - External denim cover is 100% cotton made...
  • ORTHOPEDIC SUPPORT - 10" thick overstuffed insert will support...

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The bed filling, which is shredded memory foam, is cased with an internal cover which keeps the foam pieces secure and in shape. The shredded pieces help to keep it breathable and comfortable. The outer cover is made from durable 1680 nylon fabric which resists the majority of chewers, as well as scratching, water and grime, and whilst this is not certified as chew proof, the material is of industrial strength and is reviewed to withstand chewy pooches.

It is stitched with double stitching to prevent your dog from finding his way into the inner layers. The outer layer is machine washable, and easy to wipe too, which is great to keep those nasty smells at bay.

This Orthopedic bed is full of shredded memory foam to achieve comfort and support for your pooch, by raising him off the ground to avoid pressure on his achy joints, which makes it a great option for seniors or those pooches with arthritis or hip dysplasia. It is suited to support dogs up to 80 pounds in weight, and it also comes with 5 different colors choices too.

We love that this bed is simplistic in its design, and with no sticky out bits your pooch is going to have a tough time getting hold of anything to tear, especially as it’s made from industrial strength 1680 nylon fabric.

K9 Ballistics Bolster Bed

K9 Ballistics Tough Orthopedic Large Bolster...
  • VIRTUALLY INDESTRUCTIBLE DOG BED: For diggers, scratchers & dogs...
  • DURABLE RIPSTOP BALLISTIC COVER: Chew resistant, waterproof,...
  • ORTHOPEDIC DOG BED: We use CertiPUR-US foam which we cut...
  • SMALL TO LARGE DOG BED SIZES: We make dog beds for every size...

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This bed is also made with shredded memory foam for ultimate breathability and comfort. The outer covering is made from durable ripstop ballistic material, which K9 have guaranteed with a 120-day money back guarantee if your pup chews through it. The cover is easy to clean with a damp cloth and it is machine washable, and it is waterproof to protect against any accidents, or other bodily liquids.

There are no outer zippers or seams that your dog can get hold of, and because of the taught material it is difficult to dig or rip into. It also has internal sewn-in chambers to ensure that clumps of foam do not form, and therefore it keeps its shape much longer than most others beds.

It is shaped with an outer bolster, or pillow, around the edge, which dogs seem to love. Not only can he rest his head to watch his family throughout the day, but he can also use it as a pillow when he is sleeping. It also comes in 12 colors and patterns, so you are bound to find a color that suits your home.

We love that this bed is super comfy with shredded memory foam, but it is also made with durable ballistic material for excessive chewers.

Kuranda Elevated Dog Bed

Kuranda Almond PVC Chewproof Dog Bed - Medium...
  • HIGH STRENGTH PVC frame supports up to 100 lbs. For heavier dogs,...
  • Elevated/Raised orthopedic design to keep your dog dry, cool, and...
  • Easy to Clean, guaranteed to stand up to repeated cleaning.
  • Cordura is abrasion resistant, is as durable as canvas, and it...

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This elevated dog bed is made with an aluminum frame, which supports dogs up to 250 pounds in weight. It is UV resistant, which means that the frame does not discolor in the sun or with repeated cleaning. The material is heavy-duty solid vinyl fabric, which is an industrial strength material, and it slides into the frame so that your pooch cannot chew the edges.

The raised bed and frames help to avoid the destructive behaviors of chewers, as well as keeping him dry and cool from the ground. It is also designed to be orthopedic and it is suited for both indoor and outdoor use. The fabric is easily cleaned with a damp cloth, and it provides enough traction for your dog to get on and off easily without sliding.

This elevated bed does not come assembled, but it is easy to put together. The vinyl fabric comes in a choice of 5 different colors, and the frame is aluminium colored. It comes with a 1-year warranty against any dog damage which renders it unusable, which is great for those heavy chewers who get through dog beds easily. 

We love that this elevated bed can hold dogs who weigh up to a whopping 250 pounds, which makes it the strongest dog bed on this list by far.

PetFusion Ultimate Dog Bed

PetFusion Ultimate Dog Bed, Orthopedic Memory...
  • SMART DESIGN: (i) Large dog bed base & bolsters provide optimal...
  • PEACE OF MIND: (i) The Certi-PUR-US Memory foam used in our...

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The outer layer of this dog bed is made from a blend of strong polyester, cotton and twill fabric, it is well made and very durable, so it is suited to light to moderate chewers. It is also suited to senior dogs with joint pains thanks to the solid 4-inch memory foam base. It also has surrounding bolsters which are generously filled to provide ultimate comfort and support for his head. It is suited for dogs that weigh 100 pounds or less.

The zipper compartments are covered with material to ensure that your pooch cannot get a hold of them easily. There is a waterproof inner lining which prevents liquid getting into the memory foam, so it is safe from doggy accidents, and the cover is removable which makes it easy to slide into the washing machine for easy washing. It also comes in 2 colors.

We love that whilst this is not certified as chew proof, it is by far the comfiest bed on this list, and the material is tear resistant for those dogs who like to dig their way into their favored spot.

Blueberry Heavy Duty Bed

Blueberry Pet Baby Pink & Beige Dog Bed Value...
  • The set contains 2 products: one whole dog bed and an extra bed...
  • Material: Made of cotton, linen and polyester blended fabric for...
  • Washing: The cover is fully removable and washable. The durable...
  • Package: This sophisticated bolstered dog bed will be delivered...

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This heavy-duty bed is specifically made for smaller pooches, and it is made from a blend of linen, cotton and polyester which is strong enough to withstand the excessive chewing of any small pup. It is also filled with 100% recyclable eco-friendly microfiber, so it is super comfortable.

This bed has YKK zips which are durable and strong too, with many owners commenting that this is not a problem for their smaller pooch in terms of chewing opportunities. It is designed in the shape of a sofa surrounded by bolstered head rests, which is a big hit with all dogs. The cover is fully removable and washable, and it comes in 8 different bright colors and patterns.

We love that this bed is perfect for smaller pooches who are heavy chewers, but do not require industrial strength material.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Are the elevated steel-framed beds comfortable?

A: Yes, the metal framed elevated beds mentioned in this list are very comfortable, and they are designed to be. Whilst they may not offer the plush warmth of fleecy or padded beds, they are the most indestructible beds on this list, so if your pooch is a highly destructive chewer then these beds are the most suited to him. They are also considered to be orthopedic beds which are suited to dogs with painful joints, and with the high amount of excellent reviews, you can be sure that they are a real winner amongst dogs.

Q: How do I stop my dog from chewing his bed?

A: If you see him chewing his bed then you either need to firmly tell him no so that he stops chewing, or if he doesn’t listen to you then you need to clap loudly to shock him enough to stop chewing. This is a training method that works with most pooches and owners. If after a while he doesn’t stop, or you cannot work out why he is chewing, then you need to take him to the Veterinarian so that you can rule out any underlying medical conditions that may be causing his excessive chewing behavior.

Q: What is anti- chew spray, and is it safe to use?

A: Anti-chew spray is exactly that, a formula that you spray onto his bed that will taste so bad that he will not want to chew it again. As long as you purchase an anti-chew spray from a reputable brand which states that it is safe and non-toxic, then yes, it is safe to use just as long as your pooch is not allergic to any of the ingredients. Be sure to look for a natural non-chew spray, and one that does not contain any additives or harsh chemicals. It is also important to ensure that it is suitable to spray onto a variety of surfaces, particularly the one that you want him to stop chewing, otherwise you risk damaging the bed or the object itself.

Final Thoughts

Thankfully, most dogs grow out of their chewing phrase, however, there are also some dogs that do not grow out of it. Equally, you might have the best-behaved puppy, who all of a sudden begins to chew his bed out of the blue.  This is especially true for active dogs that need plenty of toys like labs.  Whatever your situation you need to firstly identify the cause of his chewing or digging, and then you can look at a bed that suits him best.

If he is a super excessive chewer or digger then you should consider the elevated beds first, as these are the most indestructible beds on this list. However, all of the beds on this list really are the best around, and if you stick to one of our recommendations you won’t go far wrong!

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