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Best Dog Crates For Giant XXL Breeds (Mastiffs, Danes & More)

Last Updated: April 27, 2020 | 10 min read

Best Dog Crates For GIant XXL Breeds

Deciding on a dog crate requires careful planning, but shopping for a big breed like a Mastiff or Dane adds another layer of complexity. Besides needing something your dog will want to be in, the crate must also stand up to demands of these giant breeds, especially if your dog is aggressive or anxious. This is also usually a more financially impacting decision, and isn’t as simple or as cheap as buying your giant a big dog toy.

There’s also the fear that if you grab a really large crate, that you’ll need to make space for it in your home! You don’t want the crate to take over your house, being the focal point of your living room instead of your furniture.  Making sure the crate can either work in your home or be hidden from plain view is also something to consider.

Fear not–finding the perfect crate for your giant breed is not mission impossible. To help you pick the best one, we’ve compiled a list of extra large dog crates that’ll get the job done, as well as some practical advice below.

At a Glance: Our Favorite Crates For Giant Breeds

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Buyer’s Guide & Considerations

A crate’s job is to provide comfort and safety, and it can also be used for transporting your pet. It’s necessary for traveling by vehicle and required for air travel. Given its importance, make sure to do your homework when deciding on a crate. Here are a few things to consider before committing.

Your Dog’s Size

Proper sizing is critical to ensuring your dog is happy and healthy in their crate. The crate should be big enough that they can stand up and turn around freely and maybe even play. However, while you don’t want to force your dog into a cramped space, the crate shouldn’t be too big that you lose the security factor, which is one of the reasons you crate.

When we say security factor, we’re referring to the fact that dogs enjoy the small space of the crate, which satisfies their need to inhabit a den. If the crate is too big, they won’t feel protected. Likewise, the more space they have to move around, the more trouble they might get into, especially if they’re prone to escape.


All crates come with at least one door, but some come with two. Having a two-door crate can be an advantage because it allows you more options when it comes to crate placement, particularly if you will be moving the crate from time to time.

Some other accessibility questions to ask yourself include whether or not you can easily access the inside for things like cleaning, feeding, and putting in or removing bedding. Does your dog need you to be around to open the crate, or will she be able to get in by herself?

Your Dog’s Age

Your dog’s age isn’t important if you’re buying a crate for an adult dog, but young dogs are a different story. Puppies will change in size, so you should be aware of what their adult size will be. If your dog will grow significantly, find a crate that has a divider panel that you can remove as they get older.

The Climate Where You Live

Will you use your dog’s crate primarily outside? If this is the case, be aware of the climate conditions in your area and buy a crate with materials that will withstand those particular conditions. Whether or not your area experiences extreme weather, it’s smart to look for materials that hold up to the elements–you’ll want to find options that are anti-rust, anti-fading, etc.

Plane Travel

For those pet owners who know that plane travel will form part of their dog’s life, a sturdy crate plays a key role in keeping her safe in the air. Air travel adds another layer of complexity to this purchase because along with making sure the crate is suitable for your home, you have to ensure that it adheres to the airline’s regulations.


Will you need to take your crate on the road with you? If so, consider the portability of the models you like. Some crates fold down, allowing for easy to storage and transport, while others only come as single pieces. If you’ll be taking this item lots of places, it’s best to avoid those single-piece crates.

Types of Crates

Now it’s time for the fun stuff–what types of crates are there? We can break up crate categories into five main groups, each with their pros and cons.

Wire Crates: Wire crates are a popular choice among pet owners. Many allow you to section them, which is nice if you want to buy just one crate. It’s also an excellent choice for dogs with thick coats, they’re easy to clean, and they generally easily fold if you need to travel or store the crate.  If you’ve got an escape artist on your hands, this crate type is generally the easiest to break out of.

Plastic Crates: Plastic crates are suitable for containing Houdini dogs, as they are more difficult to escape. They’re a comfortable choice for the dog you always find curled up in small spaces and are easy to use for airline travel. But plastic crates aren’t without their disadvantages, some of them being that, since there’s less air circulation, they run hot. They’re also challenging to clean if your pet has an accident and don’t allow your furry friend to see what’s happening around him.

Soft-sided Crates: Soft-sided crates work better with smaller dogs. For the owner looking for a heavy duty option, steer clear of soft-sided crates. We will say that if you also have a little dog, this type is portable, stores well, and is suitable for travel–though it doesn’t hold up well when it comes to destructive dogs and accidents.

Heavy Duty Crates: Almost all of the crates on our list fall into the heavy-duty category to keep destructive dogs from destroying and to hold escape artists in their place. These crates aren’t usually beautiful, but their functionality is what makes them great. They also tend to be more expensive, but paying more for a crate is better than having to replace damaged furniture.

Alternative Crates:  Alternative crates are a non-traditional option that some pet owners find works well for them. This type can be anything that deviates from standard crates, and usually involves a finish (like wood) that helps the crate blend into your house more effectively. Some crates can even substitute furniture like end tables, saving space and doing double duty. We don’t recommend this type of crate for “destroyer” dogs who may chew the wood and destroy it.

Our Favorite Crates For Giant Breeds

Let’s dive right in with our top choices in a range of budgets and varieties.  Keep in mind that these crates will serve purposes for a variety of your needs. They should be suitable for any dog that’s over 100 pounds and qualifies for the “XXL” dog designation.  Great Danes and Mastiffs are both considered giant breeds, or “XXL” when it comes to their size.

MidWest Homes XXL Dog Crate

Midwest SL54DD 'Ginormus' Double Door Dog...
  • Giant double door metal dog crate measures 54 Lenght x 37 Width x...
  • Mesh : 1.5 x 5 inch; Durable metal dog crate Design w/ 3 heavy...
  • Protective E Coat finish prevents rust for long lasting use & dog...
  • Age Range Description: All Life Stages

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Finding an economical crate for your giant dog can be challenging, but this one certainly fits the bill. The MidWest Homes Life Stages Dog Crate is a wire crate made of heavy-duty metal that comes in six sizes to accommodate all types of dogs, with the 48-inch option perfect for large dogs.

It features two-door entry and a convenient divider panel that allows you to use the crate from the time your dog is a puppy until he reaches full size. It also includes a removable leak-proof pan should your dog have an accident, a handy carrying handle, and it folds flat for storage.

We love that this crate can come up to XXL in size and is perfect for bigger dogs.  The divider feature allows room for larger puppies through adulthood. The one downside to this crate is that the lock only slides into place. Since it doesn’t latch, this crate might not be well-suited to dogs who are adept at escaping from their crates. It’s also not the most heavily durable crate on our list.

Petmate Sky Kennel

Petmate Sky Kennel Pet Carrier - 48 Inch
  • Extra Security: 4 way vault door provides extra security for the...
  • Durable, Heavy Duty Construction: Durable plastic shell, non...
  • 361 Degree Ventilation: Ventilation openings surrounding the...
  • Travel Necessities Included: Portable dog kennel includes 2 Live...

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Another plastic crate, the Petmate Sky Kennel is one of the heavy hitters on our list. Designed specifically for travel, it includes everything your dog will need when the two of you hit the road: food and water dishes, “Live Animal” stickers, and ID stickers. Plus, this sturdy crate meets almost all major airline requirements, as well as IATA requirements.

So what features does it have? It comes in various sizes that will accommodate any dog, and despite being made of durable plastic, the metal wires on the sides and perforated plastic on the back provide ample ventilation so your pet won’t overheat.

It’s held together by a series of wingnuts, and pet owners love that they can remove the top of the crate and store it in the bottom half to create more room when traveling or storing with other items. Probably the best thing about this crate is the latching system, which will thwart even the most determined escape artists. Most crates utilize pins that lock into the top and bottom of the unit, but this lock inserts into all four sides of the crate for maximum security.

We love the four-way latching system because it’s extremely secure and virtually escape-proof.  It’s easy to assemble and disassemble.  It also keeps dogs comfortable and safe during travel, which is important if you plan to bring your pup on trips.  It’s also cost-effective, which is great for budget-minded households.

49″ Stackable Heavy Duty Crate

Homey Pet-49 Extra Large Heavy Duty Metal Dog...
  • Size: L 49" x W 37" x H44", Interior height: 37", Bar spacing:...
  • Feeding door renders convenience for feeding. Pull out tray...
  • Lockable heavy duty casters provide more convenience to move the...
  • Plastic floor grid with small holes provide more comfortable...

If you click the link above and make a purchase, we earn a commission at no additional cost to you.

If the time has come to pull out the big guns, look no further than the Homey Pet Heavy Duty Dog Crate. Designed not only to hold large dogs but also to prevent them from escaping, you won’t have to worry about your dog pulling any disappearing acts ever again.

This crate is the perfect practical choice for pet owners looking to keep things simple. Indeed, it doesn’t have a lot of extra frills, but it’s one of the toughest options on our list. Its three-door design allows you access to your dog from the top and sides, plus a small side door lets you feed your dog without letting him out.

The steel bars are constructed to keep your dog where you want him: inside his well-ventilated crate. Its profile is not the lightest you’ll find, but the manufacturers made up for this fact by adding casters to the four feet for easy movement.

We love the rustproof construction, making it great for indoor and outdoor use.  It’s built to last, meaning you’ll get many years of use out of it.  It’s also easy to setup and breakdown.  Overall, the Homey Pet is excellent for sizable dogs that need a secure den to relax.

Frequently Asked Questions

We often get many different questions around dog crates, especially when it comes to extremely large breeds like the Dane or Mastiff.  Below is a roundup of frequently asked questions that we field regularly here on the site.  If you feel we’ve missed anything, please feel free to drop us a line in the comments section!

Q: What varieties of giant breed dog crates are there?

A: There are three main crate varieties: Portable, Airline-Approved, and Wire.

Q: Is a crate necessary?

A: Many dog owners ask this question, and it’s one that doesn’t have a cut and dry answer. Crate training your dog isn’t necessary the way that things like feeding them and giving them water are, but the crate can be very helpful for several reasons. Dogs don’t go where they sleep, so putting them in the crate is a way to start the process. And since dogs are den animals, the crate mimics their natural habitat and makes them feel secure, while keeping them from destroying the house while you’re away or busy. We recommend checking out the Humane Society’s guide to crate training to learn how to introduce your dog to it successfully.

Q: Which dogs qualify as Giant?

A: This crate guide is for giant dog breeds, but there are no hard and fast guidelines about what those dimensions have to be to “qualify.” Breeds that would be classified as giant include the Great Dane, Mastiff, Saint Bernard, and the Great Pyrenees.

Q: What crate dimensions should I look for a giant size dog?

A: Getting the crate dimensions right is critical in creating the right environment for your dog. To know what size crate to look for, you’ll need to measure your dog both sitting and standing. When he’s sitting, measure the distance from the ground to the top of the dog’s head. To get the proper crate height, add two to four inches. Similarly, with your dog standing, measure him from the tip of his nose to the base of the tail (not the tip). Adding two to four inches will give you the proper crate length.

Q: What crate accessories can I use?

A: Accessories are a fantastic way to entice your dog to retire to his crate. There are three items we recommend adding. The first is a crate pad, which will make his home cozier. The second is a crate cover, which will enhance the den effect, especially at night (though be careful to make sure the cover allows for proper ventilation). Lastly, every crate must have food and water dispensers.

Final Thoughts

Overall, your options are pretty limited if you have a giant breed dog.  The Midwest XXL crate for Giant Breeds is our pick for the best crate for giant breeds, given the cost, size and shipping availability. If you travel with your dog, the PetMate SkyKennel is the best pick, given it’s really your only option other than a crate that’s been directly installed in your car.

Don’t let the lack of proper crates out there for giant breeds deter you from bringing a gentle giant into your home.  The Homey Pets 49 inch crate is great for dogs up to 150lbs, so there’s that option if you need a crate that’s more on the heavy-duty side.  If you just need a budget-friendly overall pick, then the Midwest XXL is probably your best choice.

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