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Best Dog Crates For Australian Shepherds: Kennel Types, Sizes & More

Trying to find the best dog crate for your Australian Shepherd? We analyze our favorite crates, including cost, quality, durability & more!

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Last Updated: August 11, 2023 | 10 min read

Australian Shepherd Waiting For Dog Crate

Have you decided that you need a dog crate for your Australian Shepherd? Shopping for the right kennel can be tricky, so we’ve done a review of the best dog crates for Australian Shepherds. The Aussie is a medium-sized breed, so it’s crucial to pick the right size and type of crate. They need plenty of room to be comfortable, so they don’t get anxious when put inside. If your Aussie is especially anxious, you’ll likely want to look at crates better suited for this mental state.

Australian Shepherds are a working breed, so they have a high energy level. They’ll always be on the go, and there might be times when a crate comes in handy to give them a place to relax and calm down. Kennels can also be used for potty training your puppy. They make for easy cleanup. And crates can also provide your Aussie with a safe place to rest, whether by choice or during unsupervised times.

There are some criteria your chosen kennel needs to meet to satisfy the needs of a high energy dog like the Aussie. In this article, we’re going to review our favorite dog crates for Australian Shepherds. We’ll break down each kennel so you can be sure what you’re getting for your money. We chose each model for its cost, durability, and features. And off we go!

At a Glance: Top Crates For Australian Shepherds

Frisco Fold and Carry Dog Crate With Pup
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Frisco Double Door Crate

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Precision Pet Products Dog Crate
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Premium Pick

Precision Pets Dog Crate

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Petmate Navigator
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Traveling Pick

Petmate Navigator

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Australian Shepherd Buyer’s Guide

Types of Australian Shepherd Crates
Your crate needs will determine the type of crate you’ll want for your Aussie.

There are some things you’ll need to consider before you buy a kennel for your Australian Shepherd. This breed of dog is a medium to large breed, so they’ll need plenty of room. Purchasing a larger kennel and using a divider to resize it as your pet grows is a great way to save money.

Aussies are also energetic, so they need a cage that’s sturdy in case they get excited while confined. And if you’re using the kennel for potty training, you’ll want one that’s easy to clean, such as a removable bottom, as found in wire kennels. When you need a crate for traveling, a plastic kennel is better over a wire one.

Crate Types

When shopping for a dog crate for your Australian Shepherd, you’ll soon learn that there are many different types of crates available. Some kennels would be a better option than others for an active, medium-sized dog like the Aussie. For example, wire kennels work great for any size dog because they’re more durable. But if you need a crate that you can use for transportation, you’ll need a plastic crate. Let’s look at each type of crate.

Wire: Wire kennels give your pet the ability to see everything going on around him while keeping him safely contained inside. Your pet won’t be able to chew through a wire crate, which is why they make great options for Australian Shepherds. And they’re easy to clean.

Soft: This type of crate is lightweight and is excellent for transporting your Aussie when they accompany you on a trip. They’re also easy to clean and assemble or fold away. These crates are usually a metal frame covered with soft fabric. Aussies might be too much of a dog to use a soft crate for long.

Plastic: Plastic crates are a traditional favorite for pet parents who travel with their Aussie. These types of crates are lightweight and often made to pass airline restrictions. However, not all plastic kennels can stand up to heavy chewers and active dogs.

Wooden: Wooden crates are only intended for indoor use and usually blend in with your home decor. There are a few downsides to using wood; for instance, they are harder to clean and can take up a lot of room. Plus, wood doesn’t hold up well against rough play or chewing.

Steel: If your Aussie has become a master escape artist that has discovered how to break out of any type of cage you’ve put him in, you may resort to steel crates, which are more durable and will stand up against even the roughest pooches.

Other Features

Crate Safety Features
There are safety features and other factors to consider before buying your Aussie a crate.

Below, we’ve listed some of the other top considerations to keep in mind when shopping for the best dog crates for Australian Shepherds.

Safety: Safety is a crucial component of which crate you choose. Wire kennels provide a great way to keep your pet protected when you’re not around to watch him by keeping him safe and contained. Whereas using a plastic crate offers a safe way to transport your dog during trips or family outings. Heavy-duty kennels made out of steel or aluminum provide extra protection if you have an Aussie that’s known for being destructive.

Durability: Wire crates are the best solution for energetic dogs like Australian Shepherds, as they’re harder to tear up and will last for a long time. Many pet parents choose to purchase a larger wire cage for their puppy, so there’s plenty of room for your pooch to grow. For nondestructive Aussies, you could choose to use a plastic kennel, which usually lasts a long time with proper care. Heavy-duty crates will last the longest, but these are often more pricey.

Size: When it comes to the size of your Australian Shepherd’s crate, you’ll need to consider not just his current size but also the size he’ll be if he’s still growing. Adult Aussies can grow up to 18-23 inches tall, depending on male or female. And weigh anywhere from 35 to 70 pounds. Your Aussie needs enough room in his cage that he can stand up, sit, turn around, and lay down. Also, make sure you check the weight requirements. Aim for at least two to four extra inches for height, length, and width.

Uses: How you plan to use the crate will help you determine which type you need. Plastic crates are the easiest for traveling in a car as they provide extra protection, whereas wire kennels are excellent for potty training because it’s easier to see when you need to clean the crate.  They are also easier to clean up. Heavy-duty crates are for dogs with a tendency to escape or destroy things.

Budget: If you’re trying to stay within a reasonable budget, you shouldn’t buy a new crate every time your pup grows. Wire kennels are a smart solution because most of them come with divider panels that let you customize the interior size of the enclosure to meet your puppy’s growing needs. They’re also cheaper than other crate types. Plastic crates range in price, with some being quite budget-friendly and others rather pricey. Heavy-duty metal crates are always more expensive. Owning a dog can get pricey. You’ll likely want to outfit your crate with a dog bed, and will need money for other expenses.

Top Crates For Australian Shepherds

Australian Shepherd on Bridge
There are several crates which are ideal for Australian Shepherds.

When it comes to housing your Australian Shepherd, you’ll want to find a crate that your dog enjoys. It’s easier to get your pup to get into his crate on command if he’s comfortable inside. We’ve explained that you need to be sure your Aussie has plenty of room in his box to move. And you’ll also want to make sure it’s safe and durable. We’re ready to show you all the great features our favorite dog crates have to offer, so let’s go.

Frisco Fold & Carry Dog Crate

Frisco Fold and Carry Dog Crate

Frisco Fold and Carry Dog Crate With Dog
  • Folds for easy storage.
  • Easy to set up, no tools needed.
  • Removable tray for easy cleaning.
  • Durable.
  • Double door access.
  • Wired frame for ventilation.
  • Slide latch locks for security.
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The Frisco Fold and Carry dog crate is a robust and durable wire kennel guaranteed to keep your pet safe and comfortable. Double door access means it’s easier for your pet to enter and exit the enclosure. And the slide latches keep the doors securely locked so even the most clever Aussie can’t escape.

The plastic sliding base comes out for easy cleaning. When not in use, this crate is easy to fold and stores away flat, so it doesn’t take up a ton of room. Setting up doesn’t require any tools or assembly. It just folds out and can be done with one person. And carrying it around is no problem thanks to the adjustable handles. It even comes with a divider to set the living space to meet your puppy’s growing size.

Frisco is an excellent brand and makes some other great dog products. They are also one of our favorite brands for crate training other medium-sized breeds.

We love that this wire crate has double doors for easy entry and a removable tray for simple cleaning. This kennel has everything we’d expect to find in the perfect kennel.

MidWest LifeStages Collapsible Wire Crate

Midwest LifeStages Single Door Crate

Midwest LifeStages Dog Crate For Aussies
  • Rubber feet to protect floors.
  • Folds flat and has two handles for portability.
  • A removable, replaceable floor pan.
  • Bolt latch for security.
  • No assembly or tools required.
  • Divider panel lets you adjust size.
  • Water-resistant.
View at

For a budget-friendly dog crate, we suggest the MidWest Life Stages wire crate, available in multiple sizes. This dog kennel folds flat for secure storage, and you can set it up without any tools or assembly. The slide-out plastic pan makes cleanup a breeze if your Aussie has an accident. And the entire kennel is water-resistant so you can hose all of it off for a thorough cleaning. We don’t recommend leaving it outdoors and exposed to the weather.

Plastic handles let you carry or move your kennel anywhere you need without the hassle. The slide bolt latch on the door ensures your Aussie can’t break free. And rubber feet on the bottom keep this cage from sliding or scratching your floor if your puppy decides to get excited when he sees his parents. A divider comes included so you can customize the size of the crate to your dog’s growing needs. It’s a great solution from a young puppy to a full-grown adult.

We love the simplicity of use and the low cost that doesn’t require you to sacrifice quality. We recommend the MidWest for Australian Shepherds, but it’s also an excellent crate for any breed.

Precision Pet Products Great Crate

Precision Pets Dog Crate

Precision Pet Dog Crate
  • Thicker wire for added durability.
  • Rounded edges.
  • Removable, leak-proof plastic tray.
  • No assembly required to set up.
  • Folds flat.
  • Plastic handle for easy transporting.
  • Two doors for easier entry and exit.
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Precision Pet Products Great Crate with double doors, is made with a thicker, heavier gauge wire than our other two recommendations. And it has rounded edges for extra safety for yourself and your Aussie. You won’t be able to find a wire dog crate that’s safer or more sanitary. The easy to remove plastic tray keeps cleaning simple, and it’s leak-proof, so there’s no mess. Hose off the entire kennel when it needs to be cleaned or wipe it with a damp rag.

The entire crate folds down flat for storage and is easy to transport using the plastic handle. Setup doesn’t require any assembly or tools required. Just unfold and lock into place. With the smaller cages in sizes 1000 and 2000, the second door is on top of the cage. With the larger sizes of 3000-6000, it’s on the side. Double doors make it easier to get your pet into and out of the crate, and it’s easier to clean up.

We love the Precision Pet Great Crate if you’re looking for a safe double door crate to house your Aussie. While it is on the higher end of the price scale, quality, safety, and durability make it a worthy purchase.

Frisco Heavy Duty Steel Dog Crate

Frisco Heavy Duty Steel Crate

Frisco Heavy Duty Dog Crate Large
  • 22-gauge steel ½ diameter rails.
  • Double locks located out of pet’s reach.
  • Sits on wheels for easier moving.
  • Removable steel pan for easy cleaning.
  • Durable and resistant to damage.
  • Powder-coating has a stylish appearance.
  • Designed for escape artists.
View at

Another product we love by Frisco is the Ultimate Heavy Duty Steel Metal dog crate, made with 22-gauge steel with ½ steel tubing slats. If you have an escape artist who seems always to find his way out of his plastic or wire crate, it might be time to upgrade to this powder-coated steel kennel, with wheels for easy moving, and foot brakes to keep it in place. This product isn’t meant for outdoor use or recommended for travel. It’s more of a setup and leave it type of crate.

Dual door locks positioned out of your dog’s reach, keep your pet securely locked inside. And the grated floor keeps your pet’s floor clean by letting any mess fall through to the tray underneath. Cleaning is as simple as removing the metal tray and hosing it off. The powder-coated steel is resistant to rust, dents, scratches, and chewing. Plus, it’s stylish with a hammer-tone finish.

We love the durability and safety of the Frisco Ultimate Heavy Duty Steel Dog Crate. That’s why it is our go-to for dogs who can no longer use a plastic or wire crate.

Petmate Navigator Plastic Dog Kennel

Petmate Navigator Portable Dog Crate

Petmate Navigator Traveling Crate
  • Fully ventilated.
  • An antimicrobial base for odor-protection.
  • Quick-assembly.
  • Designed for traveling.
  • Passes most airline specifications.
  • A steel door opens both ways.
  • Offers protection on all sides.
View at

If you need a dog crate for traveling, our favorite pick is the Petmate Navigator Plastic Dog Kennel. Hard plastic walls protect your pet, and the steel grate door keeps your pet securely inside while offering airflow and line of sight. There’s also 360° ventilation around the entire top and bottom of the cage in the shape of small circles. Your pet can keep a watchful eye on everything going on through the holes, but they’re not big enough to get body parts stuck.

The base of this crate is antimicrobial Microban technology, which makes it resistant to odor-causing bacteria. It only takes a few steps to assemble this crate due to the Slide ‘N’ Snap assembly. You also have to attach the rear security clips and the door before use. The dual turn-dial latches on the door keep the door closed, so you don’t have to worry about your pooch escaping.

We love that this hard plastic case keeps your pet safe while providing plenty of fresh air and light during travel or while being left home alone. And it’s budget-friendly too!

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What size do I need?
A: Your Aussie’s measurements will determine his cage size. Consider buying a larger cage that includes a divider so you can adjust the living area as your pooch grows. For this, wire cages are often the best choice. The most common size crate for Aussies is 42″, which gives your Shepherd plenty of room once he’s full grown.

Q: How do I measure my dog for a crate?
A: Measuring your dog is the best way to know what size crate you’ll need to buy or how big you’ll need to adjust his living area with the metal divider. To get accurate measurements, make sure your Aussie is in the standing position. For the height, measure from your pet’s paws up to the top of their head. For length, go from the base of the tail to the tip of the nose.

Q: What is the best type of crate?
A: The type of crate you choose will depend on your needs. When traveling, it’s best to use a plastic crate, as these have better safety features and can pass most travel restrictions aboard airplanes and trains. But for potty training, many parents prefer wire crates, which are the most cost-friendly. Usually soft crates aren’t suited for large energetic dogs like Australian Shepherds, and heavy-duty metal crates are often not needed.

Q: Why would I need to crate my Australian Shepherd?
A: Many pet parents decide to put their Australian Shepherds in crates to aid in potty training and other forms of obedience training. Crating also prevents your dog from getting destructive and keeps them out of trouble when they’re not under supervision. They provide a safe place to sleep that is just theirs. Crates will keep your pet safe during travel and are necessary for airplanes and trains.

Final Thoughts

Australian Shepherds are great family dogs that can keep up with the busiest family. We recommend you crate your husky for training to force them to take a break. This also gives them a quiet place to decompress after a busy day. Part of providing the proper care for your Aussie will be to give him a comfortable den to call his own.

All of our picks will work for the needs of a large breed, high energetic breed like the Australian Shepherd. Before picking a kennel, make sure you know the right size. Any of our options would make a great choice to meet all of your Aussie’s crate needs.

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