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Chihuahua Dog Names: 250+ Names By Size, Geography, Trends, And More

If you are a new Chihuahua owner, one of the first things you want to do is find the perfect name. We've got 250+ unique name ideas for these cute and spunky little toy dogs that will make your pup stand out from the pack.


Last Updated: January 6, 2023 | 4 min read

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If you’re preparing to bring home a pet Chihuahua, you’re making a wonderful addition to your family. But what should you name them? The name you give your dog is important. It has an impact on how you and others relate to the dog. You’ll also be saying that name many times over the coming years, so it should be something you love.

A lot more goes into choosing a name for your dog than many people realize. It’s not only difficult to choose the perfect name, but it can prove stressful as well. That’s why we’ve put together this list of inspirational ideas and five handy tips for naming your brand new family member.

Let’s take a look at more than 250 fun names for your adorable new Chihuahua. You’re sure to find the perfect fit.

Most Popular Names

Here are the ten most popular male and female names for Chihuahuas. Of course, there are benefits and downsides to choosing a popular name for your dog. Many of these are also human names, especially for females.


Size And Appearance Names

Cute chihuahua with a lion mane studio shot isolated on a white background
One of the most characteristic things about this breed is its small size.

Many people give them names that reflect their small size. Some other distinctive physical characteristics of this breed include pointed ears, round bellies, and large eyes. Peanut is a popular size-related name for Chihuahuas, males especially. Here are some, most of which work for males and females alike. Giving a tiny dog a “big” name can also be fun, reflecting their massive personalities.

Tater TotJaws

Personality Names

All of the large size names above can also refer to your Chihuahua’s personality. As previously stated, Chihuahuas tend to be loud and outgoing with prominent personalities that contrast with their small stature. Here are names that reflect this.


Pop Culture And Trendy Names

Actress Reese Witherspoon and Bruiser the Chihuahua
Actress Reese Witherspoon as Elle Woods with Bruiser the Chihuahua in Legally Blonde.

We’ve already given a few pop culture names, such as Loki, Cruella, Jaws, and Bruiser. But there are tons more ways to weave your favorite celebrity, show, or music into naming your Chihuahua. Here are just a few.

Movie & TV Shows Celebrity & Music
Chandler (Friends)Chance (The Rapper)
Hulk (Marvel)Prince
Mr. Miyagi (Karate Kid)Iggy
Brady (Brady Bunch)Hendrix
Maximus (Gladiator)Cardi
Beethoven (Beethoven)Melody
Gollum (Lord of the Rings)Forte
Hades (Hercules)Serena
Belle (Beauty and the Beast)Dre
Lilo (Lilo and Stitch)Elivs
Dr. Evil (Austin Powers)Ringo
Arwen (Lord of the Rings)Bowie
Katniss (The Hunger Games)Cher
Hermione (Harry Potter)Blondie
Sansa (Game of Thrones)Lucy
Luke (Star Wars)Jagger
Frodo (Lord of the Rings)Abba
Gatsby (Great Gatsby) Gaga
Carrie (Carrie)Oprah
Pennywise (It)Hank
Neo (The Matrix)Willie
Bambi (Bambi)Marilyn
Olaf (Frozen)Ariana Grande
Leia (Star Wars)Bieber
Dory (Finding Nemo)Billie
Simba (The Lion King)Beyonce
Spock (Star Trek)J-Lo
Furiosa (Mad Max)Drake
Yoda (Star Wars)Olivia Rodrigo
Toto (The Wizard of Oz)Demi Lavato
Dug (Up)Dolly
Fang (Harry Potter)Lorde
Alf (Alf)Taylor
Brian (Family Guy)Rihanna
Lassie (Lassie)Ludacris
Reptar (Rugrats)Bono
Eleven (Stranger Things)The Boss
Dash (The Incredibles)Lizzo
Woody (Toy Story)Britney
Bonnie (Toy Story 3)Sia

Spanish And Mexican Names

3 little chihuahuas wearing sombrero hats
Chihuahuas are a national symbol of Mexico.

The breed dates all the way back before Columbus first made contact with the Americas. Therefore, several Mexican and Spanish names also work for your little dog.

Places In MexicoSpanish & Mexican RefreshmentsSpanish Terms Of EndearmentFemale Spanish NamesSpanish Male Names
TijuanaFajitaBebecito (Baby)BonitaAlejandro
JaliscoAguaCorazon (Heart)JuanaBenito
JuarezEnchiladaChica (Kid)RosaCruz
RooChimichangaChiquita (Little)GabrielaDiego
LeonChalupaGorda (Chubby)VeronicaPablo
TampicoTequilaPrincesa (Princess)GloriaPedro
DurangoTamaleMija (Child)FiestaToro
HidalgoChiliCanijo (Sly)NinaRoberto
OaxacaFrescaCito (Cute)PerlaJavier
MonterreyGorditaAmorcito (Sweetie)SierraFernando

More Names

If you haven’t found anything yet that strikes your fancy or seems to fit your new furry friend, don’t fear. There are hundreds more names from which to choose. In this section, we’ve compiled some of our favorite and less traditional dog names that we think would work great on a Chihuahua. Let’s take one last look.


Gender-Neutral Names


Chihuahua Naming Trends And Tips

White Chihuahua Among Juicy Citrus Fruit
Orange you glad his name isn’t orange?

Most of the trends related to Chihuahuas are relevant to their size, whether naming the small dog something small like “Peanut” or naming the dog something large like “Hulk” to emphasize their stature ironically. The other side of Chihuahuas is their connection with Spanish roots. If you want your pup to help represent your own cultural heritage, it might be good to name it something that helps signify those roots.


You’re going to start calling your puppy or dog something as soon as you bring them home. Be cautious because that name might stick. Naming and teaching your dog to identify with their name is also an essential part of training, which is why it’s crucial to choose a name as quickly as possible.

A good rule of thumb is to choose a name within 48 hours of bringing your dog home. We know that doesn’t give you as much time to get to know their personalities, but the other benefits are more critical. Try reading through this list a few times and choosing 10-20 names that stand out to you. Make your own list, and then when you meet your dog, see if any of them fit better than others. Aim to eliminate about half of the names on the first day and decide on day two.

Think About Shouting The Name

Whether you’re at a dog park, on a walk, or if your dog accidentally escapes out your front door, you’re going to have to yell their name from time to time. While it might be a funny or cute idea to give your dog a ridiculous name, keep in mind how you might feel having to yell it in front of other people or explain it to your vet. There’s nothing wrong with quirky, but try to avoid anything embarrassing or inappropriate or anything with negative connotations for yourself and others.

Ask Those In The Know

If you want to base the name on the dog’s personality, try to connect with whoever has been caring for the dog, whether a foster parent, rescue shelter, or breeder. They may have at least some broad insights for you. In addition, talk to people you know who work with animals, especially dogs. Vets, groomers, and dog walkers encounter tons of dogs in their lines of work. Undoubtedly, they have some gems they have heard or thought of themselves.

Keep It Simple

You want to keep your dog’s name simple, both for your sake and theirs. If it is difficult for them to understand, it will be hard to learn and make training more challenging. Dogs don’t hear nuances in our language, so don’t choose something that sounds like many other words. Otherwise, when they hear those other words, they’ll be confused into thinking you’re talking to them. Especially avoid any names that sound like commands you plan to use.

Generally speaking, one or two-syllable names are best. If you want something longer, that’s fine. In most cases, just plan to use a shortened version (for example, shorten Jalisco to Lisco or Bebecito to Bebe).

Find Meaning Or Positive Associations

Just as you don’t want to give your dog a name with negative connotations, try to choose something meaningful or evocative for you. This could be anything: your favorite food, a character from your favorite TV show, a childhood memory, or a place you love. It’s even better if it’s something meaningful for your whole family.

Final Thoughts

There is a surprising amount of pressure on what you will name your brand new Chihuahua. Luckily, you have more than 250 options on our list alone.

Remember that no matter the name, that little animal is sure to become a treasured member of your family. They will bring you endless smiles, laughter, and love. Choosing their name is just the first step in enjoying your new furry friend.

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