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Best Dog Litter Boxes: Ratings, Reviews & Top Picks

Trying to find the best dog litter box for your canine companion? There are many factors you'll need to consider when purchasing a doggie litter box. In this review, we analyze our favorites by comparing litter box type, cost, quality, and more!

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Last Updated: April 8, 2021 | 10 min read

Best Dog Litter Box

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Litter boxes aren’t just for cats. With the increasing popularity of dog litter boxes, we’ve decided to explore the new canine litterbox trend that’s becoming so popular! While it is important to recognize that these boxes do not replace the need for a regular dog walk every day. However, they do help to minimize the amount of times your pooch will need an accompanied pee break. So, under the right circumstances, they could be your new best friend!

Many dog owners think that it’s only small dogs that can be trained to use a litter box.  But you can actually train a medium to large sized dog to use a litter box or indoor dog tray as well! It may be less pleasant to clean larger amounts of pet waste. But it can definitely be done. Using a doggy litter box is often a popular training method when combined with the right crate during crate training.

In this guide, we walk through how litterboxes can make your, and your pooch’s, a lot easier. You’ll learn about the types of litter boxes available and, our top picks. Maybe your pooch is already a seasoned pro and he needs an upgrade. Or if the time has come to welcome a new puppy into your life, then this guide has everything that you need to know. Let’s jump in!

At a Glance: Our Favorite Dog Litter Boxes

Iris Doggy Pee Pad Holder
Our Rating

Best Pad Holder Combo

Iris Dog Pad Holder

Wee Wee Patch For Dogs
Our Rating

Best Synthetic Grass

Wee Wee Patch

Blyss Klean Paws Pee Crate Holder
Our Rating

Pad & Litter Free Combo

Blyss Pets Klean Paws

Buyers Guide

Indoor Dog Litter Box
There are multiple features you’ll want to consider when picking a litter box for your pup.

Before we compare the different types of doggy litter boxes, you’ll want to be educated on what important factors to look out for in a high-quality doggy litter box. It can be tempting to opt for a cheaper alternative. But, unless you want to ruin your carpet, or deal with a daily mess, stick to higher quality products.


It is important to choose the right-sized litter box for your pooch. If he’s a big boy whose poops are bigger than the box itself, then it isn’t going to be any good. Equally, if you have a small dog and the litter box is too large he isn’t going to fully understand where he can and can’t pee.


It is important that the product you purchase is leakproof. Otherwise, you might just as well not buy a product at all. Not only will this keep your house clean, but it will also protect your carpets and floors.


It is important that the product you use has an anti-slip base. If your pooch doesn’t feel sturdy when he needs to do his business he is unlikely to want to go ahead with the poop. It’s also less likely that he will try it again if he does slip first time round.


Before you commit to a litter box it is important that you understand the ongoing cost of maintaining it. Some litter boxes simply need you to replace the absorbent material. Whereas some need to be replaced in their entirety every month.

Indoor vs. Outdoor

Some litter boxes are suited to both indoor and outdoor use. Some models are just intended for indoors. If you don’t have a garden or access to an open space, then you will obviously need to purchase an indoor litter box.

Types of Litter Boxes

Types of Dog Litter Boxes
There are several different Types of Dog Litter Boxes.

Some dogs will not take to their new litter box quickly, or even at all. Unlike cats, it is not the most natural of things for them to do. This is particularly true if he is not a puppy, as peeing or pooping in the house will go against everything that he has ever learned, so it is important to have patience with this process. There are several types of litter boxes to choose from. Which one you choose will be dependent on yours, and your pooches, circumstance.

Pee Pad Holders

While not a box as such, this is the traditional dog toilet training product. These are mostly used to train puppies or newly rescued dogs who are getting used to their new home. These products are only a temporary method. These pads great for smaller pups, not good for larger breeds.

Conventional Litter Boxes

These are very similar to the traditional cat litter boxes. Most of the dog-specific boxes having higher walls to make your pooch more comfortable and to contain the mess. Boxes such as these need to be filled with certain materials to soak up the mess.

Plastic Grates

Similar to a conventional litter box, this version is also a box but with a plastic grate level that sits on top. It allows the solids to sit on the grate so that they can be easily discarded. It also allows the liquid to drain into the bottom of the box to be soaked up by the absorbent material. More hygenic and easier to clean, these are a go to for many dog owners.

Synthetic Grass

This litter box tries to recreate the place that dogs like to do their business. Just without real grass. It is a sheet of synthetic, or fake, grass that is either placed directly onto the floor. It may also be placed into a holder just like pee pads. They can be cleaned, and are effective.

Real Grass

Many dogs instinctively prefer to do their doggy business on real grass. With this type of litter box, a square of real grass is placed into a box. You then simply lay this out for him to do his business as though he was outside. This is often a more expensive option. It’s also a great option for those trying to train their puppy to pee on the grass outside. It’s also great for pickier pooches who can’t bring themselves to pee in a litter box.

Best Litter Boxes For Dogs

Litter Boxes For Dogs
Depending on your needs, there are several dog litter box options for your pup.

So, now you know all the different types of litter boxes. You’ve also learned the important factors to look out for you can make a better decision based on your, and your pooch’s, needs. In the next section, we look at our favorite litter boxes for your dog. You’ll learn about each one, how it’s used, and why we like it.

All the following dog litter boxes have their positives. Dependent on your need for a litter box, some have their downsides. But whatever your circumstance is, there is something on this list for every owner and their pooch. All of our picks have been tried and tested by other dog owners. Let’s jump in and take a look at our favorites!

Glad For Pets Disposable Pads

Glad Pee Pads
  • Carbon-activated pee pads.
  • Instantly absorbs dog urine.
  • Contains aggressive urine odors.
  • Controls yellow spots.
  • Leak-proof protection.
  • Glad product brand strength.
  • Five layers of neutralization & protection.

These disposable training pads are made with 5 strong layers that prevent leakage. This means you can be sure that your pooch will not ruin your plush carpet or laminate flooring. There are 2 separate polymer layers to ensure extra absorption. It’s also equipped with a cushion layer so that the liquid doesn’t spread off the sides. The bottom layer is made from PE liner which is leak proof and the carbon layer neutralizes the odor.

The layers absorb the liquid and instantly turn it into a gel. This helps with easy cleanup. It also means that it can be used several times throughout the day without your pooch stepping through the wetness. It holds up to 3 cups of liquid and it has a pheromone attractant so that your pup knows exactly where to go. They come in regular and jumbo size and can be bought in packs of 14 up to 150, dependent on your needs.

We love that these disposable pads are great for those parents on the go. They are also great for those pups who will only use the pads temporarily. They are high-quality training pads that are superior to others on the market. These pads make the training process easier, faster, and much more pleasant.

Iris Training Pad Holder

Iris Pet Pad Holder
  • Budget-friendly.
  • Provides protection for flooring.
  • Rubber feet keeps tray in place.
  • Great for new puppies.
  • Low profile is great for small dogs.
  • Double latch locks to keep pads in place.
  • Easy to clean.

This plastic non-spill tray simply locks the pee pad down. It prevents your pooch from tearing it, and it adds an extra layer of protection to protect your floors from pee or poop stains. Many owners reviewed that they felt much more comfortable with this product compared to pee pads alone. The tray has two easy snap locks, and it has rubber grips to prevent your pooch from slipping.

There are 3 pad holder sizes, and it also comes in three different colors for greater options. The manufacturer recommends that you use the Iris Neat’n Dry Premium Pet Pads too, and of course, each size mirrors the size of the pad holder so you don’t need to worry about cutting or folding other pads to shape, however other pee pads could also be used. It is made with smooth plastic that allows for easy cleaning too.

We love that this training pad holder stops those mischievous pooches from treating pads as toys. It is also designed so that it can be folded in half. This means you can place one half on the floor and the other against the wall. It’s great for pooches who pee against the wall rather than directly onto the floor.

Puppy Go Here Dog Litter Pan

Puppy Go Here Box
  • Budget-friendly.
  • Nine different color combinations.
  • Two different sizes.
  • Great for inside dog crates.
  • Use with pads or absorbent material.
  • Made with recycled plastic.
  • Made in the United States.

This is similar to the traditional cat litter box, but it has higher walls to stop splashback. It also has a ‘door’ so that your pooch can walk in and out with ease. This is especially useful for those older dogs or those recovering from an injury. You can place a training pee pad inside like the ones suggested above, or you can also use paper pellets such as So Phresh Odor Control Paper Pellets. These pellets control odor and are made from 95% recycled paper.

The box is also available in several different colors. There are also 5 different sizes and designs to choose from, so you are bound to find something suited to your pooch. The manufacturers also include a free training guide to help you train your dog into using the litter tray. It is designed with you in mind too, in that it has a grip handle around the edge which makes it very easy to clean with a pet-safe detergent.

We love that this is a traditional doggy litter box option that has high walls to stop splashback. Being a smooth plastic box it is easy to clean and will last a very long time. Many owners commented that they liked how simple, yet effective, this box is.

Wee Wee Patch Synthetic Grass

Wee Wee Patch Potty Indoors
  • Made to simulate real grass.
  • Effective training tool for housebreaking.
  • Built-in dog attractant scent.
  • Base traps in liquid.
  • Easy to empty spout.
  • Realistic grasslike feel.
  • Easy to clean.

This grass surface pad has three layers. The first layer is synthetic grass which looks and feels real, which makes it appealing to most dogs. It then has a raised grid layer in between the collection tray and the grass, which helps to keep the grass dry. When it needs to be washed simply take the grass mat out, rinse the plastic base layer with pet-safe detergent and warm water.

You can also spray-clean the grass layer with pet-safe artificial grass detergent to prolong the use of the top layer and to eliminate the odor. It is suited to both indoor and outdoor use, and it comes in two different sizes. The mat will need to be replaced a few times a year, but there are plenty of replacement mats available. The grass surface pad is much sturdier than the boxed grass options. This means your pup may be more likely to use it than the others

We love that this litter box is designed with synthetic grass. Basically, it looks and feels real, which will help with training your pup to pee on the grass outside. It’s one of the easier options to leverage when teaching old dogs new tricks compared to non-grass options.

Blyss Pets Indoor Dog Grate Tray

Blyss Klean Paws
  • Budget-friendly.
  • Designed to keep paws dry.
  • Recommended for smaller dogs.
  • Saves money on pee pads.
  • Protects floors.
  • Non-slip feet.
  • Catches both pee and feces.

This design allows your pooch to climb on top of the box and do his business. His pee will run into the collection tray and poop will stay on top of the grate. Because the pee runs into the collection tray, it will keep his paws dry and prevent any leakage and damage to your floors. If the time comes that you want to train your puppy to pee outside in the garden or nearby field, you can simply detach the grid and move it outside, making training surprisingly quick!

This system is easy to clean, and the grate can be easily removed from the collection tray with a few easy clicks. The plastic is smooth and tough, but gentle on your dog’s paw pads. It also has rubber pads to prevent slipping, and it can be easily filled with paper pellets or pee pads. This tray comes in a bright green color, however, it is only suited to smaller breeds.

We love that this litter box is a grated option that allows the pee to drop to the bottom of the box. This means your pup won’t have to get his feet wet, and it is easy to discard number 2s.

DoggieLawn Real Grass Potty

Doggie Lawn
  • Made with real grass.
  • Perfect for puppy housetraining.
  • Multiple sizes for different dogs.
  • Made with biodegradable materials.
  • Grass is locally sourced.
  • Environmentally friendly.
  • Doesn’t need daily replacement.

This is the real grass option, so whether you’ve tried everything else and they didn’t work, or you just want to give your pooch the next best thing to doing his doggy business outside, then this is the product for you. This rectangle slab of grass is conveniently placed into a cardboard tray, which prevents leaks and the grass helps to neutralize odor.

There are two sizes available, and it is advertised as being 25% larger than other similar products, which is great for your pooch. It doesn’t need to be replaced or cleaned daily like the other options on this list, so just leave it in the corner and simply replace it every few weeks. The entire product is recyclable and biodegradable which is another bonus for eco conscious parents.

We love that this option provides your pooch with real life grass, because for some pooches, nothing else will do. While it might be one of the most expensive options on this list, not only do pooches prefer the real thing, owners also commented that it made potty training a breeze.

Litter Box Training Uses

  • Indoor House Training

    If you have just welcomed a new puppy into your life, or a rescue pup who has yet to learn his new home etiquette, then a dog litter box is one of the most efficient ways to teach him the toilet ropes.  They can also be effective for rescue pups learning their way in a new home.

  • Injury & Surgical Recovery

    If your dog has suffered a broken toe or a broken back, or anything in between, then his Veterinarian would have prescribed him a lot of rest and possibly confined to a lift harness.  Having to walk outside several times a day is not conducive to his medical advice.

  • Owners with Mobility Issues

    If you are yourself recovering from an injury, or you have a permanent disability, then a litter box will certainly assist you in the need to take your dog out for a toilet break several times a day.

  • Dogs With Bladder Issues

    Some dog breeds are notorious for not being able to hold their bladder for too long, so a litter box is a great option for those owners who cannot take them out every 30 minutes. Older dogs specifically are oftentimes prone to having bladder issues as they age.

  • Locations With Extreme Weather

    Whether it is freezing cold, blisteringly hot or when there is a hurricane on the way, a litter box ensures that you have a place that he can quietly pee and poop without placing him in danger. This is an effective way to train your pup, even if only for occasional use.

Final Thoughts

These litter boxes do not replace the need for walks, because like us humans, dogs need to go outside, get some fresh air, stretch their legs, and exercise. However, litter box training can be very handy for both you and your pooch, whatever the reason.

Our top litter boxes listed above are the best around, and owners across the world have tried, tested, and highly reviewed them, so there is undoubtedly something here for everyone. Just be patient and remember positive reward-based training. So, why should cats have all the fun? Invest in your new litter box from our list above and both you and your pooch will learn exactly why cats and their owners love them so much!

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