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Best Dog Harnesses For Running: Ratings & Reviews

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Last Updated: October 31, 2020 | 14 min read

Best Dog Harnesses For Running

Both dogs and humans need to be active to stay healthy, and often exercising alone can be quite boring, so why not get your four-legged best friend involved with your running routine and kill two birds with one stone? Most dogs love to run, unless of course, you have an English Bulldog or a Saint Bernard on your hands, but just like us they need the right gear to get them moving.  Picking the best dog harness for running can be a bit of a chore, but this is where we come in!

Here at LoveYourDog, we’ve picked our favorite dog harnesses currently available on the market specifically designed for jogging, running, and other adventurous activities. Not only is this guide going to provide you with the very best dog harnesses around and why we love them so much, but it is also going to talk you through why using a harness during running rather than a collar is important.

We will also cover what things to look out for in a good running harness, and also a few options for hands free leashes that you can connect to your new running harness, as many owners prefer the ease and freedom it gives them. This guide also goes through frequently asked questions surrounding all things harnesses, running and dogs.

At a Glance: Our Favorite Running Harnesses

Top Pick: Ruffwear Front Range Harness
Budget Pick: Expawlorer Running Harness
Hands Free Leash:Tuff Mutt Hands Free

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Running With Harnesses vs. Collars

Running Harness vs Collar
There’s lots to think about when running with a harness versus a collar.

When running with your pooch, harnesses are a much better option to use compared to collars, even if your pup is perfectly trained on the leash. Because you are both traveling at a faster speed, if he were to stop for a toilet break or a sniff, or if you were to trip, there is going to be a lot of strain and pulling on that neck of his.

Not only is this pull going to injure his windpipe, but it will also injure you. If he is wearing a harness, of course there may still be a jolt, but the pull will be displaced across his shoulders and chest, which can take a lot more strain compared to his windpipe, and because of this there is much less energy redirected towards you too.

Many owners, and dog trainers for that matter, prefer to use the traditional collar and leash, and whilst there are benefits of this during day-to-day life, when it comes to running there is no debate, harnesses are the only way to go for the comfort and health of both you and your pooch!  If you have a non-running pup like a Dachshund , stick to a harness made for that breed.

Buyers Guide

Whether you are an avid runner, or you like the odd forest jog every now and then, there are a few things that you need to consider before buying just any old harness. And while the idea of an easy off-leash run sounds ideal, it rarely works out stress-free as there are other dogs, animals, runners, roads and fast cars to think about.

So, unless you are lucky enough to live in the middle of nowhere, then getting the right harness often makes exercising with your dog much less stressful, after all, exercising to relieve stress is one of the main factors why we exercise in the first place, so let’s not make it stressful too. So, buyers take note of the following factors that you need to consider.


As always kids, safety comes first! The harness that you select for him needs to be a high-quality running harness, not just any harness from the dollar store. It needs to be designed specifically for running, and it needs to be secure. The clips need to be sturdy and the material needs to be thick and sewn well, double stitching is always a great option.

It is also important to look for a harness that has light-reflective strips or stitching, so whether you are up at the crack of dawn or a late-night runner, your four-legged partner will be lit up for all to see. Not only will this help to keep him safe, but it will also allow other joggers or cyclists to see him too. So, everyone benefits here!  You’ll want to make sure you are looking for safety features in other complimentary accessories for your pup, like dog boots made for hiking or the snow.


Dogs come in many sizes, starting from extra small Chihuahuas all the way through to extra-large Danes, but, not all Chihuahuas are the same shape, nor are all Danes, and just like humans, every dog is unique. Being the mom of an English Bull Terrier mixed pooch, I know all too well that most things don’t fit my boy’s body shape properly, so, the trick here is to get a harness with adjustable straps, and the more adjustment features there are the easier it is to find the perfect fit for your pooch.  If you have a giant breed like a Dane, get a Dane sized harness.

You wouldn’t buy yourself running shoes that do not fit correctly, so make sure you buy your pooch a running harness that fits him well. If it’s too tight then he will struggle to breath, make him anxious, or it will cause an injury, and if it is too big, youll need a harness for smaller breeds.  Otherwise your pup will likely just escape, causing additional headaches.


It is super important to ensure that the harness you buy for your pooch is comfortable for him, otherwise, he will probably turn his nose up next time you try to dress him up for a run. Not only is comfort about the perfect fit as we mentioned above, but it is also about padding and straps that are strong, yet supple. Otherwise, they are going to dig into his skin and cause rubbing and pain. If he feels any sort of discomfort during his run, he might stop dead in his tracks, so if you want a carefree jog with no potential injuries to you, then invest in a comfortable harness.


If you’re a seasoned runner then it is important to find a suitable harness that is also going to last you more than a few runs. Therefore, it is important to research what harnesses are available, and select a high-quality brand. While higher quality harnesses are slightly more expensive than harnesses from China or from the dollar store, more often than not they last significantly longer because they are made with better craftsmanship, better materials, and much research and professional knowledge has gone into making them. This also means that they are a better value for your hard earned money as well.

Top Running Dog Harnesses

Dog Running With Owner While Harnessed
There are several harnesses that are great for pups that like to run.

So, here we have reached the section where we present to you the best dog harnesses for jogging or running. We have completed all of the time-consuming research just so that you don’t have to, and whatever your preference of size, breed, budget or color, there is something in this list for everyone, and every dog! Not only are each of these harnesses high-quality, but they have all been tried and tested by many avid runners across the world, and only the top-rated harnesses have made it onto our recommendation list. All you have to do is clip your leash to the harness, and away you go! For specific handsfree running leashes we have added a small selection to compliment your running experience.

In order to measure your pooch for his new harness, unless stated otherwise, all of the products use the girth of his chest as the main measurement. The girth of his chest is the area behind his front legs around his body, which generally is the widest part of his chest. If he falls between sizes then the majority of manufacturers suggest to get the larger sizing out of the two. But be sure to get your measuring tape out and measure his chest rather than take a guess, as all brand sizes very slightly.

Ruffwear Front Range Harness

RUFFWEAR - Front Range, Everyday No Pull Dog...
  • GREAT FOR PULLERS: The Front Range features two leash attachment...
  • A STRONG CONNECTION: The aluminium attachment rings are...
  • HASSLE-FREE HARNESS: The Front Range Harness is designed to slip...
  • DESIGNED FOR DOGS: The padded chest and belly panel offers...

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With two leash attachment points, with one being on the chest plate for greater control, and one at the back for a gentle or non-pulling dog, this harness is great for both pullers of all strengths, or it can be used for a training harness for a puppy, and when he is better trained you can simply swap it to the rear attachment so you don’t have to purchase another harness.

With aluminum rings that are supported with well stitched webbing, the connections are strong and long lasting. It is padded to make it as comfortable as possible, and it has four adjustment points to allow for a tailored shape.  It’s available in Extra Small, Small, Medium, Large and Extra Large.

We love that this harness has a built-in pocket, so you can fill it with poop bags or treats so that you don’t have to carry them whilst running, or you can place an instruction note or a list of numbers just in case your pooch ever runs off.

Noxgear Illuminated Harness

Noxgear LightHound - Multicolor LED...
  • ALL THE COLORS IN ONE VEST – Change between 8 super bright...
  • NO BATTERIES, NO SMELLS, NO WORRIES – A quickly recharging,...
  • GOES ON QUICK AND EASY – The newly re-designed harness with...

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This illuminating harness is battery free, so all you have to do is charge it up for 12 hours of illumination per charge. It is lightweight and breathable, and suited to all weathers, even the rain! It is easy to clean and can just be chucked into the washing machine. It is built with military grade Cordura Fabric and 3M reflective material so it is hard wearing.

It has a leash attachment on the back, which is perfect for dogs who don’t pull or who aren’t very strong. This harness offers the smallest and the largest size harness out of all of the products on this list, so if you have a particular small or particularly large pooch that you struggle to find a harness for, this might just be your best bet! It’s available in Small, Small, Medium, Large and Extra Large.

We love that this harness in illuminated with bright LED colors that can be seen from every direction, and with different settings such as ‘Disco Dog’ and ‘Independence Day’, it has been tested that he will be visible from over half a mile away!

Expawlorer Outdoor Harness

EXPAWLORER Best No-Pull Dog Harness...
  • Color:orange,size XL fit chest girth 32-42" Stylish ,Durable,...
  • Safety features include Nylon webbing with reflective material...
  • Comfortable lightweight Mesh lining with soft sponge padding in...
  • Two leash attachment points: aluminum V-ring on the dog's back...

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This harness is ergonomically designed so that it is easy to pull on and off. It has padding on both the stomach and chest areas, which makes it a comfortable choice for your pup. It is made with webbing material which is designed for visibility in low lighting. It has a sturdy handle placed on his back which means that you can take hold of him if necessary, as well as using it for a seatbelt harness in the car.

The manufacturers state, however, that this harness is most effective for small to medium sized dogs, so if you have a large sized pooch or bigger, then you would be better off choosing another harness on this list. It’s available in Extra Small, Small, Medium, Large and Extra Large.

We love that the front hoop on this no-pull pup harness is placed quite high, with many owners stating that this makes it much better as a no-pull option, which is great if your dog is a puller and you’re just starting out jogging with him.

EzyDog Trail Ready Harness

EzyDog Convert Trail-Ready Outdoor Adjustable...
  • PREMIUM FEATURES: Reflective strips on the front and back for...
  • AVAILABLE OPTIONS INCLUDE: Side Badges with your dog's name or...

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This award winning premium dog harness is made with adjustable straps and clips which make it the perfect option for those dogs who have a unique body shape, such as Greyhounds or Great Danes, as well as your standard-sized pooch. The wider range of sizes also means that it will fit your pup perfectly rather than have excess material hanging from the straps. It has a stainless-steel welded D ring used as a leash attachment, which is extra strong and secure.

It has reflective strips and stitching on the front and the back of the harness for all to see whatever direction he is facing, as well as the option to clip in LED lights. The fabric is contoured and breathable which means rubbing, or irritation, is kept to a minimum, even on first use, and there is a handle on the back for extra security. It’s available in Extra Extra Small, Extra Small, Small, Medium, Large and Extra Large and even Extra Extra Large.

We love that this harness is customizable, and you can add velcro patches with your pooches’ name or message, such as not friendly or service dog, for everyone to see.  Pouch bags can also be added for dogs who need to carry some supplies for particularly adventurous running weekends, which saves you from carrying extra weight or supplies whilst you are running.

Raining Pet Reflective Harness

Raining Pet No Pull Dog Harness Large Dogs...
  • Easy on Easy off :Two Simple Buckles System,Plenty Of Adjustments
  • No Pull No Choke: Pulling Pressure is distributed around the...
  • Two leash connection points: one on top, and one on the front of...
  • Custom Snug Fit: Four straps are all adjustable so you can really...

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This harness has a chest clip for those dogs who are learning not to pull, or are very strong and need that extra bit of help to be reigned in, or a back clip for those who are better trained on the leash. Reflective safety strips and stitches are utilized on the front and the back of the harness for your pooch’s safety whilst out running early morning or late evening.

There are 2 adjustable straps on the neck and two adjustable straps on the back, which means you can tailor it specifically to fit your dog’s body shape. It is padded which not only adds comfort, but prevents the straps digging into his skin whilst out running. It’s available in Medium, Large and Extra Large.

We love that there are 2 simple clips on either side of the harness for easy on and off action, which is great for those energetic dogs on the go, who struggle to contain their excitement before they head out for a run.

Ruffwear Webmaster Harness

RUFFWEAR, Web Master, Multi-Use Support Dog...
  • SUPER SECURE: Anatomically designed for canine companions with a...
  • LIFT AND ASSIST: Made for maneuvering, the padded, reinforced...
  • CUSTOMIZABLE FIT: 5 convenient points of adjustment for full...
  • BUILT TO LAST: Durable construction for a high-performance,...

If you click the link above and make a purchase, we earn a commission at no additional cost to you.

This is the second Ruffwear harness that we have included on this list and that is simply because they offer a variety of great dog harnesses. This is the premium and sturdier version of the first harness in this list, and it is specifically designed for more adventurous pups, so if you are a serious runner then this would make the better option as it is more durable, stronger, and more comfortable for your pooch with extra padding.

It has a reinforced handle on top for extra grip in emergency situations, or to help lift him over obstacles. With a wide range of sizes and 5 adjustable points, this harness would be the perfect fit for every dog around! It’s available in Extra Small, Small, Medium, Large and Extra Large.

We love that Ruffwear offer a guarantee on this harness against defects in material and craftsmanship, and you can be sure that products with a guarantee placed upon them are usually very high quality indeed, so this is a great choice for those who will utilize their running harness a lot.

Hands-Free Running Leashes

Hands Free Leash Options
There are many different benefits to using a hands free leash.

Some dog parents love to take their pooch out with them, but struggle running while having to hold the leash in one hand. So, if you prefer to run with your hands-free, we have selected two hands-free leashes that will compliment all of our recommended harnesses above. Again, these are made by well-known brands and they have all been tried and tested around the world, and they all have great reviews, so you know that these products work well.

For the leash product you need to consider the length of the leash, as some owners like a short leash for ease of control, and others like a longer leash if they are running in areas with fewer distractions or other runners around. You also need to ensure that the waistband is adjustable to fit around your waist, and if you struggle with back concerns it is suggested that you should consult your own doctor before using one of these products.

Tuff Mutt Hands Free Leash

Tuff Mutt Hands Free Dog Leash for Running,...
  • EASY GLIDE BELT CLIP: Unlike other hands free leashes which force...
  • ADEQUATE RUNNING ROOM: Your dog can comfortably run in front of...
  • BEST FOR MEDIUM and LARGE DOGS: A strong durable bungee is placed...
  • EASILY CONTROL YOUR DOG: It's no fun having to stop right in the...

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This hands-free dog leash is made for two medium to large dogs, perfect for your handsfree running activities with multiple pooches. The clip is designed to swivel, which means that your dog’s can change any direction without you having to adjust your position, or find yourself tangled up, so it makes a great option for curious pooches. It has padded handles for a stronger grip when required, and this bungee leash extends up to 4 ½ foot.

Pet Dreamland Hands Free Leash

Pet Dreamland Hands Free Leash for Running...
  • 🐕 Take Your Walks From Pain To Pleasure! This Dog Running...
  • 🐶 Improve Dog Habits Now! The three shock absorbing bungee...
  • ❤️ Designed By Humans, With Love For Pets. This running leash...
  • 👨‍👧 For Your Entire Family: With its adjustable waist...

If you click the link above and make a purchase, we earn a commission at no additional cost to you.

This product comes with a lifetime guarantee, so you know that it is made with the best and strongest materials, and you can be sure that you are getting a product that is great value for money. The belt clip slides along the waistband, which gives him extra scope to move around without you having to adjust yourself, and it stretches 4 to 5 foot ahead of you, so there is plenty of room for you both to run. It is reflective and has a quickly accessible handle for emergency needs and it is made of bungee cord to absorb your pooches pulls and tugs.

Frequently Asked Questions

When picking a Running harness for your dog, there’s usually some common questions we get here at Love Your Dog.  We’ve attempted to answer most of the common things our readers email us about below.  If there’s something here we missed, feel free to drop us a line in the comments!

Q: Is it ok for any dog breed to run with me?
A: Almost all dogs love to run, except for some of the less energetic dog breeds, but even some of these guys would love the odd run or two, as every dog is different! The only type of dog that we would recommend that you do not take jogging with you is a Brachycephalic dog, such as a Pug or a Shih Tzu, because due to their physiology and their flat faces, they suffer with respiratory issues and heat regulation problems, and so jogging or running is not suited to these guys. 

Q: What age can I start running with my dog?
A: Before we answer this, it is always best to consult with your Veterinarian as he will know your pooch best and can offer tailored advice. Many factors affect this decision, but the general rule is to wait until he is at least 6 months of age before he embarks on any high impact exercise such as running. Some breeds, particularly larger breeds, are more prone to joint issues compared to others, and therefore larger breeds should start running around 1 year of age.

Q: How can I train my dog to jog with me?
A: You need to learn how to walk before you can run, so leash training needs to be completed before you think about running with him. Once you have the basic leash manners down and he is comfortable walking next to you, simply begin to increase your speed. It is a good idea to practice in areas where there will be little distraction first, and once he has the hang of it then you can introduce him to your local running routes. At first he is going to want to stop and sniff everything, so remember to keep a bag of small treats with you to keep him interested, and when he leaves something on your command, reward him with treats and verbal praise.

Q: How do I know if the harness is too tight?
A: A harness needs to be tight enough so that your pooch cannot escape out of it, but not tight enough that is is going to cut off his blood circulation and cause rubbing wounds. As long as you can fit 2 fingers between his harness and his body, then this is the perfect fit. Your dog will also let you know soon enough if it is too tight, because he will refuse to run or you will soon find him licking and scratching the harness area as soon as you take it off.

Final Thoughts

Just remember that the better quality harness you chose, the more fun, or stress-free, your run will be. There is nothing worse than being ‘in the zone’ whilst exercising, then having to stop to readjust your shoelaces, or in this case, your dog harness. If he is comfortable, then he is going to enjoy it too, so make sure it is the right size, with padding, and plenty of adjustable features to get the right fit. So, stick to our recommendations above and know that you have chosen one of the best dog harnesses for running on the market, so there will be no interrupting that zone of yours!

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