Best Harnesses for Corgis: Ratings, Reviews & Top Picks

Comparing all your options to find the right harness for your Corgi? These pups need careful consideration when picking a harness due to their elongated bodies. Check out our favorites as we compare cost, quality, fit, sizes, and more!

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Last Updated: December 14, 2022 | 11 min read

Best Corgi Harness

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Corgis are one of our favorite family companions, whether that be a Pembroke Corgi or a Cardigan Corgi, because not only are they super affectionate, cheeky and playful, but they also have the around. Corgis are very energetic and they love a few walkies every day, and some of them are still employed as herding dogs on farms and ranches across the world, so it is important that we find them a comfortable and safe harness to wear.

Corgis are also surprisingly strong, and despite their little legs, they can really pack a punch when it comes to pulling on the lead if they are not leash trained, so it is also important to look for safety features and durability.So, whether you are about to invite a Corgi into your life, or your resident Corgi needs a new harness, you have come to the right place!

Below we have compiled intensive research about exactly what to look for in a high-quality harness for your Corgi, and we will walk you through everything you need to know. We have also put together a list of the best harnesses available on the market and why they are perfect for your Corgi, so if you stick with one of our recommendations, you can be sure it’ll be a great fit for your pup.

At a Glance: Our Favorite Corgi Harnesses

Chais Choice Top Pick
Our Rating

Top Pick

Chai’s Choice Harness

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Frisco Small Breed Dog Harness
Our Rating

Value Pick

Frisco Dog Harness

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Kurgo Dog Harness
Our Rating

High End

Kurgo Dog Harness

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Corgi Harness Buyer’s Guide

Corgi Standing at Sunset
There are several factors to consider when purchasing a harness for your Corgi.

So you’re stuck as to what to look for in a Corgi harness, or maybe your older model was not quite up to the job?  Here in this section, we will talk you through exactly what to look for and why. Remember that while you don’t always have to spend the highest prices for the best harnesses, generally, the cheaper the harness is the lower the quality is, so if you want it to last longer than the average harness, you should cheaply made products.

Harness Types

There are a few different types of harnesses to consider here, and the type you choose will be dependent on your Corgi and his needs. It is important to decide which type of harness you want first, and once you have decided you can then look for the other important components.

Front Clip Harness: A harness where the leash attachment clip sits at the front, almost always placed on his chest, is typically used for dogs in training, or those who are strong pullers. It offers the owner much more control, and offers the ability to steer him away from something he is pulling towards.

Back Clip Harness: A harness where the clip sits at the back is more suited to those Corgis who are either leash trained or those that pull less. It gives the owner less control, but it also puts less strain on your pooch, and makes for a calmer walk. It is designed to displace the pressure and energy across his chest, and this is why harnesses need a good amount of padding, which we will discuss later on.

Vest Harness: Many owners prefer a vest harness for their loved ones, as it often offers more comfort and padding surface. However, because your Corgi has a unique body shape, which is very different from that of a standard canine, vest harnesses tend not to offer the perfect snug for your Corgi.

There are also harness that offer a combination of the above, so be sure to choose which type suits you and your Corgi’s needs.


Corgis are not particularly well-proportioned canines, but their distinctively short and long bodies are one of the reasons why we love them so much, however, it is also one of the reasons why a well-fitted Corgi harness is hard to come by. For this reason, it is important to find a harness that is adjustable, so that it can be snugly fitted to his unique body shape. If you want the harness to fit well then it needs to have multiple adjustable areas as this will offer a custom-like fit.

The adjustable areas or clips also need to be well made, because if they are cheap or flimsy then it is not going to be long before he breaks out of it. High-quality harnesses tend to use metal, or military-grade material clips, and this offers all Corgi owners peace of mind.


A good harness also needs to be comfortable, otherwise, it is going to make his favorite pastime tricky and unpleasant for both him and you. A comfortable harness offers plenty of padding, so that when he pulls or lunges, the straps aren’t going to dig into his skin.

It also needs to be made with strong, but soft, material, otherwise the edges will also rub and cause discomfort. High-quality harnesses are built with your pooch in mind, so you can be sure that your Corgi will not even notice that he has a harness on if you choose a high-quality harness that is well padded.


A high quality harness also has several safety features built into it to ensure that your pooch is as safe as can possibly be. If your Corgi is a fan of the early morning or nighttime walkies, then reflective strips or stitching are a great feature to ensure that he can be seen in the dark by pedestrians, cyclists or vehicles.

A grip handle is also a great safety feature to have, for it allows you to take better control of him during emergency situations, or so that other people can secure him if he so happens to break free of his leash.

It is also great if you are quite adventurous, as you can use the handle to swiftly lift him over fences and barriers, which is extra useful for Corgis and their shorter legs. It also allows you to secure him to the seatbelt harness when you are travelling with him in a vehicle.


A high-quality harness offers durability and longevity, and whilst they might be slightly more expensive than other harnesses available on the market, they are built to last much longer thanks to the high quality materials and better craftsmanship.

Some manufacturers even offer a lifetime warranty for their harnesses, so you can be sure that they are the best of the best, so if you and your Corgi get through harnesses like candy at Christmas, then it is a great idea to look for a warranty such as this.

Top Harnesses For Corgis

Corgi in Harness on Playground
Because of their awkward size, Corgis need a harness that will fit them.

With so many different harnesses available on the market it is often difficult to know where to start. Having researched what makes the perfect Corgi harness, we are able to recommend you the best harnesses around that would suit your Corgi down to the ground.

All of our recommendations are not only high in quality, but they are also rated highly online by owners across the world, so you can be sure that they are tried and tested and suited to a spunky little guy just like the Corgi.So, in no particular order, here are our favorite Corgi harnesses.

Chai's Choice Dog Harness

Chais Choice Harness Red
  • 3M reflective material construction.
  • Dual attachment points.
  • Fully adjustable to fit your Corgi.
  • Padded chest and belly straps.
  • No-pull features.
  • Built-in handle at top of the harness.
  • Nine different color options.
View at Chewy.com

The Chai’s Choice harness is one of the highest rated harnesses that we have seen and it’s also one of our favorites for most smaller breeds.  Because it’s tried and tested across the world by many doggy owners, you know that it is a harness worthy of this list. Most of the time, Corgis are best suited to a small harness, however, be sure to measure your Corgi’s own neck and chest measurements first.

It has 4 adjustable straps, two are placed around the neck and 2 around the chest, which not only means that you can find the perfect fit, but you can also ensure that there are no gaps for him to slip out of if he is a bit of a Houdini. It also boasts 2 fast releasing buckles which means that you can easily slip him in and out of the harness.

This harness includes a front and a rear leash attachment clip, which means that it is great for pullers and non-pullers alike, and it also means that it is great as a training harness, and once he is fully leash trained you can switch him to the rear clip without the need to purchase another harness.

The harness is made with Nylon, which is a durable and strong material, and it is also padded throughout with soft cushioning to protect his skin and prevent rubbing. It is also made with breathable mesh material which helps to keep him cool and prevents heat rashes.

It also has a handle across his shoulder blades, which is great for when you need extra control, or to lift him over barriers. This harness also comes in a variety of 9 different colors.

We love that this harness is made with 3M reflective material, and has both reflective strips and stitching. It is one of the most reflective harnesses on this list, so it is a great option for those Corgi’s who are partial to a walk in the darkness or poor visibility.

Frisco Padded No Pull Harness

Frisco Padded Harness
  • Budget-friendly for tight budgets.
  • Adjustable Shoulder Straps.
  • No-pull features.
  • Padded belly for Corgi comfort.
  • Front and back D-Ring attachments.
  • Four adjustable straps for a perfect fit.
  • Four different color combinations.
View at Chewy.com

This harness is suited for both pullers and non-pullers, with a front and rear metal D ring, and with reinforced webbing around the rings it means that it can withhold even the strongest of pullers. This harness has 3 adjustable straps which is great for a customizable fit, and it also has a red lockable buckle around his neck.

The harness is made with a mesh material which allows his skin to breath, and it is also soft to ensure that there is no rubbing or snagging of his skin. It has a soft padded rear handle across his shoulder blades, which is great for you to hold onto him if he is trying to lunge at something, or to secure him to the seatbelt for safety during transit.

It also has reflective strips across the harness, which means that he can be seen in the dark from any angle, and it also comes in 4 different colors and prints, which makes it a great choice for the fashion-conscious Corgi.

We love that this harness has adjustable slides that make finding the perfect fit for your pup very easy. It’s a comfortable option that won’t break your budget.

Blueberry Reflective Dog Harness

Blueberry Harness
  • Reflective material construction.
  • 4 different adjustable straps.
  • Durable metal D-ring leash attachment.
  • Lightweight mesh for Corgi comfort.
  • Dual top and bottom vests for control.
  • Two quick-release buckles.
  • Four stylish designs.
View at Chewy.com

This harness has 4 adjustable straps which makes it perfect to achieve that tailored fit often difficult to find for your Corgi. It is designed to slip on and off easily which is great for those pooches who are extra excitable when trying to put the harness on. It is also designed for pullers and non-pullers, with a metal D ring on the rear to attach your leash too. It also boasts an easy on and off system by allowing your Corgi to step into and out of the harness quickly.

It is made with lightweight nylon material, that is padded and made with soft anti-chafing material, and it is also designed with reflective strips to ensure that your Corgi is kept visible both early in the morning and at night. This harness is also designed with an extra grip handle for those emergency situations, and it comes in five different colors.

We love that this model is designed with tough and durable buckles, which makes it a great option for those Corgis who are tough pullers, or owners who are conscious that he might break free.

Frisco Small Breed Soft Vest

Frisco Small Breed Vest
  • Budget-friendly for tighter budgets.
  • Made with breathable mesh.
  • Padded all around.
  • Dual D-ring attachment.
  • Four reflective bands for night walks.
  • Fast release buckles.
  • Step-in-design with adjustable fasteners.


View at Chewy.com

This vest has one attachment point, dual D shaped metal rings at the rear, so you can be sure that this harness can be used during both leash training and then when he is slightly better behaved on the leash.

This harness is made from strong nylon material, that has soft padded cushioning on the chest and underbelly area, which works well to distribute the tension across his entire body when pulling or lunging. It is also made with mesh lining which makes this harness both breathable and lightweight. It also has reflective strips and stitching so that your Corgi can be seen from both the front and the rear during darker winter nights.

There are 4 different color choices here, and it has a padded grip handle placed across his shoulder blades for easier control when needed.

We love that this harness has a lot of padding around his shoulders, chest and underbelly, which makes this a great option for those Corgi’s who aren’t a fan of the feeling of a harness around their body.

Gooby Comfort Harness

Gooby Dog Harness
  • Even weight distribution design.
  • Dual D-ring attachment in the rear.
  • Made with lightweight mesh.
  • Hugging (not restraining) feel when pulled.
  • Four adjustment points.
  • Breathable lightweight mesh.
  • Four different sizes, six colors.
View at Chewy.com

This harness is designed to be escape free by reducing the amount of space available at the back of his neck, and this claim is supported by the majority of the online reviews. This unique, and patented escape free design prevents your pup from backing out of the harness, as well as also reducing the chance of choking. It is designed to tighten when your pooch pulls, but in a safe way that does not restrict his breathing.  Because of the way it’s structured, it’s also a good pick for other genetically long dog breeds like the doxie.

It has 4 adjustable straps along the chest and neck, which allows you to find the perfect fit for your Corgi. All of the attachments are made with POM plastic, which is the same plastic used to make seat belt buckles, so you know it will work against the strongest of Corgis. There are also adjustable rubber tabs along the straps, which means you can fit the harness perfectly against his body even when off-leash.

>We love that this premium harness is made specifically with small breeds in mind, which ensures that it will fit his smaller body perfectly, which is why it is said to be escape proof.

Kurgo Tru Fit Smart Harness

Kurgo Dog Harness Black
  • Design based on rock climbing harnesses.
  • Includes carabiner seatbelt attachment.
  • Doubles as a car restraint.
  • Crash-tested design.
  • Works with most vehicles.
  • Five adjustment points.
  • Adjustability guarantees a great Corgi fit.
View at Chewy.com

Kurgo has offered this premium harness with a lifetime guarantee against defects. You can rest easily knowing that this harness is of premium quality and made with the best craftsmanship. It is also designed with 5 adjustment points, so you know that it is going to fit your Corgi perfectly. It has a front and back leash attachment point for those who are learning not to pull, as well as those who enjoy a calmer walk, and it is designed to come on and off easily with quick buckles.

It has padding around the chest plate which makes it comfortable for all pooches, and it is made with durable ripstop fabric. It has a discreet handle placed vertically along the shoulder blades. This harness is available in 4 different colors.

We love that this harness comes with a seat belt attachment strap, which is great for those Corgi’s who love to break free as you open the car door to let them out. This harness is also available in a slightly different design, that is made with crash-proof buckles for owners who are safety conscious.

Puppia Soft Vest Harness

Puppia Soft Vest
  • Budget-friendly price point.
  • Vest harness for a secure fit.
  • Mesh padding for breathability.
  • Dual rear D-ring attachment.
  • Padded vest for comfort.
  • Quick-release clasp makes for easy on/off.
  • It comes in eight different colors.
View at Chewy.com

This harness often makes it onto our list of the best harnesses simply because it’s very well suited for smaller breeds like the Corgi. It wraps itself around the chest and body and really secures your Corgi in, so much so that it is suited to those pooches who have unfortunately had limbs amputated, and if it is good enough for doggy tripods then it’s gotta be good enough for your little Corgi. The vest is well padded which makes it extra comfy for your Corgi too.

It has a single secure leash attachment point, again, which can be very good for Corgi pullers and experienced Corgi walkers alike. It is built with light material, but it is strong enough to be considered a long-lasting and durable harness. This particular harness will not break your budget either, which makes it a great pick if you adopted a Corgi but are on an extremely tight budget.

This harness is also available in 8 different colors.

We love that this harness attaches at the back with a dual D ring, and the vest itself isn’t bulky, which makes it one of the best harnesses on this list in terms of finding that perfectly tailored fit for your Corgi.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • How do I measure my Corgi for a harness?

    The majority of these harnesses require you to measure your Corgi around the widest part of his chest, and sometimes his neck, however, you need to fully read each product’s instructions before purchasing, as harnesses only work correctly if they fit correctly.

    Once you have your chosen harness, use the adjustable straps to fit it correctly around his body, and make sure it is snug to his skin, not to his fluffy coat, otherwise, he will likely escape. As long as you can fit 2 fingers in between his skin and the harness it is not too tight.

  • Is it safe to lift my Corgi with the harness handle?

    If you buy a harness that is of high quality, like all of the harnesses we have recommended, then it is safe to lift you Corgi by the harness handle. However, because the Corgi has a longer back and spine than the average pooch, you need to support the lower part of his back while you are lifting him, otherwise it could lead to injury.

    This is particularly important for Corgi’s and other longer dogs as they are prone to Intervertebral Disk Disease (IVDD), which is the degeneration of the spinal discs, and it can be triggered by falls or jumping from a height, so be sure to support his spine and keep him straight when lifting him.

  • Can I use the above harnesses for my working Corgis?

    Yes, the above harnesses are for a variety of activities, including general day to day wear, as well as adventurous hiking and Corgis who work on a farm to herd. All of the above harnesses are very durable, and you will get a lot of wear out of them.

    If your Corgi works full time, and you think he will work the harness a lot harder than the average Corgi, then you might want to consider the Kurgo Harness or the Ruffwear Harness, as both of these premium harnesses come with a lifetime guarantee.

  • Are there special considerations due to their long bodies?

    In short, yes, you do. Because of their unique body shape, we recommend that you stick to harnesses that wrap around the front of the dog, and not the whole body. This will make it easier for your pup to walk, and it will be less restrictive as well.

Final Thoughts

Corgi’s are one of our favorite four-legged friends and they shower us with a lot of love and fun, so we owe it to them to buy them one of the best harnesses around. Our above recommendations are suited to all Corgis, whether that be a puppy, a senior, energetic, lazy, working or even an amputee.

Be sure to understand what your Corgi needs, as well as you as his owner, and select a high-quality harness that is going to be both comfortable and durable. Make sure that you measure him correctly, and do not assume that he needs a particular size, otherwise you risk that it will not fit him correctly or fulfill its purpose of keeping him safe.

Overall, if you stick to one of our recommended harnesses, you can be sure that you are purchasing one of the best around.

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