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Beagle Jack Russell Terrier Mix: Jack-A-Bee Breed Information

Have you ever met a Beagle Jack Russell mix? This small, yet mighty mix breed is an unforgettable, yet adorable pup. Learn more about the Jack Russell Beagle mix, their personality, care needs, and more.


Last Updated: August 24, 2023 | 10 min read

Beagle Jack Russell Terrier Mix

The high-energy hunter Jack Russell, mixed with the tracking skills of the Beagle, makes the Jackabee, also called the Jack-A-Bee and Beagle Jack. This adorable, mixed breed is a crazy but lovable digger. They are incredibly energetic and have short bursts of speed. Jackabees will launch themselves across your house and backyard.

The Beagle is often referred to as a hound dog. They have the expert ability to track scents for miles with their impressive nose. The Jack Russell has an intense hunting instinct and will rid your backyard of rodents if you let them.

The Jackabee shouldn’t be attempted by new dog owners, as the Jack Russell part of them makes for a very hard-to-train breed. The Jack Russell’s hunting instinct is so embedded in them that you won’t train them out of it. If you have other pets or small children, they need to be puppies even to have a chance of living with cats or other dogs.

Jackabees are small dogs that don’t require a lot of space and, despite their high energy, do not need a lot of exercise. Will this digger and hunter be the perfect companion? Let’s get to know this one-of-a-kind mixed breed.

    • weight iconWeight15-30 Pounds
    • height iconHeight10-15 Inches
    • lifespan iconLifespan10-15 Years
    • color iconColorsWhite, Blue Belton, Chite & Chestnut, Orange & White, Lemon & White, Red & White, Chocolate, Chestnut
  • Child Friendliness
  • Canine Friendliness
  • Training Difficulty
  • Grooming Upkeep
  • Breed Health
  • Exercise Needs
  • Puppy Costs

Jack-A-Bee Parent Breeds

A “designer dog” is any mix between two purebred parents. For any mixed canine to be classified as a designer breed, the parents would have to be bred purely for generations up until the point of being bred with another breed. A true purebred dog will have puppies with the same characteristics and temperament as their parents.

The Beagle and Jack Russell mix creates the most lively of dogs. Because of their smaller size, the Beagle and Jack Russell are often compared to purebred family companions. Neither breed is prone to many health issues, extending their lifespans compared to other dogs. It’s very likely that they’ll have the most extreme temperaments and will need a lot of attention.

The Jackabee will have so many variants that it’s challenging to determine what they’ll look or act like. They won’t be quiet dogs, that’s for sure, but their energy level will vary depending on who they take after.

Beagle Overview

The Beagle dates back to England and was primarily used as a hunting companion. These pups have been around since the mid-1400s, and the name was used to describe the breed, which has excellent hunting, sniffing, and tracking abilities. The overall breed’s look differed depending on the game types it was expected to track. Uniform appearance did not fully conform until about two centuries ago.

Beagles were imported to the United States and have even been companions to former presidents. Beagles have been used in showbiz, but there are few more popular Beagles in history outside of the cartoon character Snoopy. They are still used by hunters for tracking purposes to this day but are widely thought of as lapdogs in the United States.

Beagles are medium-sized (sometimes smaller) and are often used as a working breed that can sniff out narcotics and illegal items at airports by law enforcement personnel. They enjoy working, especially due to their high energy requirements when they are younger. Beagles get along excellently with kids as family pets and will often tolerate pulling on ears and tugging at tails during playtime.

Beagles are affectionate and loving yet extremely driven workers. This dog breed can be considered even-tempered and the “best of both worlds” when considering a medium-sized pup to add to your family. They love their jobs and being around children. Beagles often live longer than 12 years and range between 20 to 35 pounds. They are famous mixed pups, and other popular mixes include the Beagle & Labrador Retriever, the Beaski, and the Aussie/Beagle mix.

Jack Russell Overview

The Jack Russell originated as a hunter in England, but as a bay terrier (they don’t kill prey) in the 1800s. They have a broad genetic makeup and come in various sizes, coat lengths, and styles. Their leg length was considerable disagreement among Jack Russell enthusiasts, so more than one type exists. Shorter legs are simply Jack Russell Terriers, while longer-legged are called Parson Jack Russell Terriers.

Once brought to the US, they were quickly used in the film, with “Moose,” who played “Eddie” in the show “Frasier,” and “Soccer,” who played “Wishbone.” Short-legged types are more popular for companionship, while long-legged ones are used in races. They are new additions to the American Kennel Club, though it did come with multiple protests.

As mentioned, there isn’t one Jack Russell Terrier. They can have a double coat, a flat coat, or a hard coat. They are short, even with long legs, and have overall low grooming needs. Jack Russells are very energetic but have small exercise needs with a high tendency to bark and a high tendency to dig.

Small, energetic, and happy little diggers, Russells require a lot of attention and the need to hunt. You won’t be able to train the hunting instinct out of this breed, so only bring them into your home if you have other pets as puppies. They are considered long-lived at 13-15 years and only reach 14 inches tall.

Beagle Jack Russell Mix

Similar to most designer dogs, the origins of this breed are unknown. No one really knows who created the Beagle mix with a Jack Russell. We do know they are a unique and unforgettable mixed breed. The Jackabee was likely bred around the time most designer breeds came to be, the ’90s and early 2000s. When looking up the history of the breed, it was likely that this mix occurred to create a breed that was expert hunters and trackers. Since the Jack Russell has an intense hunting instinct, the combined sense of smell from the Beagle will make them unstoppable hunters.

The Jackabee is a relatively new breed and hasn’t been studied in length like their purebred parents, but this mix will definitely be different and vary depending on their parent. Not only that, but the Jack Russell has a complex DNA stream. A long-legged Jack Russell could produce a short-legged one with a completely different coat from their parents.

Both the Beagle and Jack Russell are hunters to their core. They have an excellent sense of smell and will be great dogs for tracking humans and animals. The Jack Russell can’t have their hunter instinct trained or bred out of them, so, no matter what, they will want to hunt.

They can be challenging to train, and this needs to be emphasized. Jack Russells will be hunters, no matter how hard you train them. Although this has been mentioned multiple times, this can’t be said enough. Other than this, they still can be challenging to train. Do not attempt this breed if you haven’t had a stubborn breed before.


The Beagle Jack Russell mix is a friendly but somewhat hyper dog. When trained and socialized properly they have a sweet personality. These dogs are better suited for older children, and they can get aggressive when they are frightened. They are affectionate and attached to their people but can get protective when they feel threatened.

Remember that any mixed breed can be unpredictable in temperament. However, this mix has two very opinionated parents, so expect a pup with a stubborn streak. The Beagle Jack Russell mix loves people they are close to but can be apprehensive of strangers and new people. They like cats and other dogs but do not tolerate smaller animals like rabbits, hamsters, and other rodents.

Appearance & Grooming

A Jackabee’s appearance will depend on the parents, but even knowing the parents won’t determine what they’ll look or feel like. The Jack Russell could have a smooth coat that’s sleek, short, and shiny or a rough coat that’s coarse, wiry, and longer. Or, they could have a broken coat, which is somewhere between both coats.

Coat colors from both the Jack Russell and Beagle are white, blue belton, white and chestnut, orange and white, lemon and white, tri-color, chocolate tri, white and chocolate or chestnut, and red and white.

The size of the Jackabee will vary, but they’ll fall between 15 and 30 pounds and could be as tall as 15 inches. Their ears will be floppy, and their snout could be small or medium-sized. The look of the Jackabee is different depending on whether or not the Jack Russell parent has short or long legs.

Jackabees come in three coat varieties, so their grooming needs will vary. They could be long-haired, short-haired, or medium-coated. If they are smoothed and short-coated, once per week is more than enough. If they are long, once per day.

Make sure to trim their nails frequently, as their large nails could easily scratch up the furniture. It’s also uncomfortable for large dogs to have their nails scrape across the ground. Brushing their teeth isn’t necessary but likely appreciated once your dog gets used to it.


The Jackabee is a hyperactive dog that needs to be trained to calm down in front of company. They can’t be trained out of their hunting instinct. They are also difficult to train in general. Start young, take them to lessons multiple times per week at first, and be consistent.

Positive reinforcement is the best method for any dog. Do not scold them when they do something wrong, as your pup will grow to resent you and make it harder to train. Giving them treats or toys for a job well done will train them quickly.

Obedience training should be done as soon as possible so they can tell the difference between what you consider right and wrong. Dogs look up to their alphas for guidance and are less likely to disobey if they see you as an authority.

Small dogs have a small bladder, so it may be difficult for them to hold their pee for long periods of time. When they’re puppies, it’s better to have pads throughout the home so they don’t have accidents. Make sure to take your Jackabee out often.

Exercise & Living Conditions

The Jackabee is a high-octane dog with a lot of energy, so it’s hard to believe that they don’t require much exercise. Still, you need to keep them on a leash, or they will run too fast for you to chase them. Be sure to be prepared for them wrenching the leach.

You’ll need to exercise them daily for a minimum of 40 minutes daily. It’s recommended to take them out for a walk twice daily. They are small and don’t require a lot of space, so even an apartment would be optimal for them.

Jackabees won’t do well staying outside for extended periods of time. They don’t have coats equipped for winter months either, despite them being outdoor workers. We always recommend not to leave them outside overnight, because they could get sick. Always get your pup a nice, warm place to stay – preferably in the bed beside you.


As with most designer breeds, the Jackabee is less likely to have health problems due to the mix of two purebreds ruling out some health problems as they get older. This doesn’t mean they’re immune, so make sure to watch their weight and feed them a healthy diet.

Jack Russells are at risk for eye diseases, like dislocated lenses, Legg-Perthes disease, luxating patellas, blood clotting, and portosystemic shunts. Most of Jack Russell’s medical issues stem from their blood, so get multiple blood tests throughout their life.

Beagles are at risk for hypothyroidism, eye conditions, obesity, glaucoma, corneal dystrophy, and factor VII deficiency. These issues also come in old age, so it’s best to take care of them while they’re young to prevent issues in the future.


Jackabees need a proper diet of mostly protein and fat with low carbs. A Jackabee mixed puppy should have a diet of 22% protein, while the adult should have 18%, according to the American Feed Control Officials. It’s also recommended to feed your Jackabess whole meats like fish, beef, and chicken.

Jackabees are also prone to obesity because of their small size, so feeding them smaller portions throughout the day, along with adequate exercise, will go a long way in improving your pet’s health.

As Family Pets

Jackabees are avid hunters and diggers, but are they the perfect pup for your family? There are several things you’ll need to consider before bringing the Jack-A-Bee into your home. They are not for everyone, but let’s look at what types of families they are perfect for.

  • The Jackabee is lively, energetic, and attention-seekers.
  • They love attention but don’t require much room.
  • Grooming requirements are low to high. It might need to be brushed once per day.
  • Jackabees shed a lot, so be prepared to vacuum frequently.
  • Exercise requirements are small at about 40 minutes per day.
  • Energetic and ready to please, you’ll need to play with them a lot.
  • A personality that’s mainly stubborn and excitable.
  • Health problems are minimal due to the mix, but watch for mobility issues.
  • Find a breeder that can show you the parent’s health issues.

After thinking about this breed’s needs, do you think the Jackabee is the perfect companion for you? There are multiple options to find one, from going directly to a breeder to checking out local Jack Russell or Beagle rescue centers. 

Breeders & Puppy Prices

Finding a breeder that specializes in Jack Russell and Beagles may be difficult. A good breeder won’t be difficult to find, but keep in mind that this mixed breed is rarer than average.

A well-bred Jackabee could cost you upwards of $600, which is an excellent price for a small dog. The cheaper pups will likely not have papers for their breeding dogs, while the higher-priced ones will.

Always research the breeders you want to buy from, as you don’t want to be sold a sick puppy (unless you have the funds to make them better). Jackabees are not likely to have health issues due to their resilience. If you aren’t interested in buying from a breeder, searching for a rescue in your area is another option. Contact your local Beagle and Jack Russell clubs for local breeders and rescues.

Jackabee Rescues

Jack Russells are surrendered often because of their high energy and oftentimes, poor handling. Some owners are not aware that they digger often and can’t have their hunter instinct trained out of them. Be prepared for their nature. They are still sweet dogs with a lot of love to give, but they are hyperactive. If you don’t have the time for them, they will develop personality issues.

This option is cheaper, with the only negative not knowing the parents of the dog. Still, these pets will need loving homes and will be unforgettable companions whether they’re purebred or not. For the chance to find a Jackabee as a rescue, you can check out the Jack Russell Terrier Rescue or the Beagle Rescue for more information.

Final Thoughts

Jackabees are super sweet companions who love to run, jump, and play. They are hyperactive hunters who have an intense need to dig and find prey. Make sure that you’re ready for their energetic nature because they need you to keep up with them. Jackabees are also one of those breeds that could appear as almost anything. There are multiple coat and color combinations that they could be. If you have the time and patience for them, they’ll be your friend for life.

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  1. Portia Matthews

    I have a Jackabee female and I named her Maxi Pearl. She’ll be fourteen years old this October. She’s the sweetest little girl and is well known in our community. Everything stated in the information is spot on and then some. Maxi Pearl enjoys family time, going for a ride, watching television ( cartoons such as Peppa the pig, Scooby Doo and etc) bedtime stories and playing peekaboo.
    She good at detecting when my blood pressure is up or if I’m in severe pain as well as emotional support for me and she enjoys snuggling. So if anyone is interested in obtaining one for a family member you won’t be disappointed.

  2. I have a small but very intelligent Jack Russel Patch which is 14 years old. He will investigate you if your new at our home, but he want like you going away, and will close the door on you! He and my Jackabee Phantom, love to sleep under the covers. Phantom is very loving, but he as a bit of the Jack R temper. Don’t let him go when you tie him outside, because he is so fast and full of energy, it is not easy getting him back. He was named Phantom because he is almost all white. He is only 4 years old, still have quite a few years with him. My Patch is getting up there in age though. He lost is best friend this year, a little Dachshaund named Oscar. I know that day will come, and that it’s gonna be painful, because I already lost an adorable little Shih tzu Poodle Terrier mixed named Angel. Also lost her mother prior to her, my beloved Misty. Well that’s enough from me😁 have a fantastic day!

  3. We attended a wedding in 2010 and came home with Freckles, a Jack Russell Beagle; she was a stray who found her way to our friends’ home in the mountains in the south. Her instincts were profound – our friends were then and still are a refuge for dogs in need. Upon meeting Freckles it was mutual love at first sight. After spending three days with our friends and Freckles attaching herself to us the decision was made. Because she had already been placed in the “system” and scheduled for her trip north we went through the necessary red tape so we could adopt her and bring her home. Our best guess is Freckles was still a baby given she grew 1/3 her size in a year. Her nickname became Nurse Freckles; she nurtured our 10 year old Chocolate lab who was diagnosed with congestive heart failure – Jake lived another year because of Freckles’ constant care. After Jake’s passing we rescued a 4 year Chocolate lab who didn’t know what toys were, was afraid of grass and didn’t know how to run. Freckles nurtured Annie who became a loving normal lab; at almost 10 Annie, too, was diagnosed with congestive heart failure. Freckles continued her nurturing of Annie who was given a comfortable last few weeks of her precious life. She even relieves her daddy’s occasional headaches by caressing trigger points. Now, at 14, Freckles has been diagnosed with congestive heart failure along with her life-long seizures, loss of hearing, some loss of vision and Lyme’s which has attacked her liver. She does not have a doggie companion who senses her fragility, but her puppy Goldendoodle brother keeps her active and playful until she says, Rusty, ENOUGH! It will be a very sad day when Freckles crosses the Rainbow Bridge, but there will be no regrets – she has had a very full and satisfying life; perhaps she can be with us for many months to come.💗💗

  4. Had my Anjoulie for almost 16 years .
    She was my Trucking companion .
    Got her as a 7 week old puppy and she toured the U.S.A. with me on the semi truck .
    She was a great companion and friend .
    She was almost 16 y.o. when I had to make the heartbreaking decision to put her down .
    Her health had been deteriorating for a few months and I just couldn’t let her suffer .
    I loved as if she was my own child .
    I miss her , and am grateful she blessed my life .
    Would love to have another JRT/Beagle mix .

  5. I got my beagle russell mix Aug 2005, she was at best guess about 3mo old.
    Day one shy and skittish, day 2 energy level off the charts. Had to keep furniture away from windows because she would bounce around the walls banking off furniture almost going through a plate glass window one time. Lady Lynn was an awesome light in my life. … miss her and her unforgiving loyalty,… for nearly 15 yrs

  6. I lost my almost 16-year-old Jack-A-Bee last February. I miss my best friend. I got her in Pennsylvania in 2005. She was on the semi truck with me until 2019. She did well on the truck and was my constant companion. It is hard to seek out another breed once you’ve had the pleasure and joy of a Jack-A-Bee. Anjoulie is missed, but fondly remembered.

    1. Apiffany Gaither Billings

      Anjoulie sounds like she was an amazing companion. Thank you for sharing your experience and we are sorry to hear about your loss.

  7. I too have an awesome Jack-A-Bee. We rescued her when she was about a year old. She is sooo affectionate! The only problem I have is that she really doesn’t play. I’ve tried to teach her to fetch and play tug but haven’t gotten anywhere with her. While my other dogs tend to snooze a lot during the day, I always fine her just laying there looking very bored. Does anyone have any ideas on how I can get her to play? I feel so bad for her.

    1. Apiffany Gaither Billings

      Some dogs do play less than others. We have one pup who rarely plays unless she plays out of the blue with her siblings. However, there are many ways dogs can play and sometimes it does not include toys. Some play can be petting, rubbing, chasing, learning tricks and training, going for runs or walks, or obstacle training. Maybe if you want to continue trying to use toys for play you can try food-dispensing toys such as the Kong and stuff it with frozen treats for fun and a treat.

  8. We live in Western new York and we have an awesome Jackabee mix that is approximately 15 years old. She’s on her last days and the kids are devastated. When we’re ready we will probably be looking for the same breed of dog as she has been the most amazing dog I’ve ever had.
    If anybody knows of breeders that are close to Western New York please let me know. It will probably be several months to a year before we get to the place were ready but I’d like to start being proactive to find a good fit for our home way in advance. Thank you for your help in advance. God bless!!

    1. My baby girl Lucy is also the best doggie my family has ever had the pleasure to love. She is 10 and I can’t imagine my life without her. Jack-A-Bee in my opinion and experience is the best breed of dog ever. She has been the light in our lives since day one 😀

    2. Hi Chuck – Lancaster County, PA is a bit far from Western NY but they have some Jack-A-Bee breeders in that area. We adopted one in March. She’s about to turn 9 months old. So far so good.

      Her breeder is Shae King. Phone: (717) 572-7084 Call/Text. Location: Quarryville, PA.

      Good luck!

  9. Our Jackabee is a great dog, she loves play, chase and loyal and fun loving, very good around other dogs and children. She loves a play fight and tug play with high win determination and stubborn, but loving. Very protective over her garden and sticks and toys, very much a heat seeker when not on the move. Loves being on the beach sand digging. Paul, Manchester, England.

  10. David Urbanoriez

    We rescued two 3 week puppies – male & female. They are now around 8 weeks old and are great. They have grown and get along with our other dogs and cats.

  11. Dennis Bartholomew

    Love these dogs just lost my last one, because my grandson left the gate to the front yard open Bubba got out and got hit by a speeding car that he chased after. My heart was broken but then again it was partly my fault for not checking on the gate. I have a half-acre in my back yard which was plenty of room for my dog to run I took him outside 7to 8 times a day to run. I’m looking to adopt or buy another puppy for a companion as soon as possible.

    1. Sorry to hear of your loss, Dennis. We love this mix, they are great! Good luck with your puppy search!

  12. Hi Kelly, my children fell in love with Jackabee in the above picture. We are looking for one since a long time ago, where do we could find one like this one?

    1. Hi Maria! I would recommend you look at local rescue organizations. They typically will carry mixed breed dogs, as long as the parent is one of the breeds that rescue may specialize in. You can stick to local groups on social media, or go national if you have your heart set on just one dog. Glad your kiddos love the picture. Stay diligent, and I’m confident you’ll find your pup!

  13. Emmy Packard-Levine

    We lost our beloved Rocko after 13 years and we are devastated. He was very intelligent, funny, and loving. Does anyone know of reliable breeders of Jackabees if we decide to raise another one?

    1. Hi Emmy! We don’t directly work with breeders here on our site, but I’m sure you can find one if you start looking on social media for local groups that may adopt out these dogs. There are many rescues that take in designer dogs, so I’d look there too if you are open to rescuing. Thanks for sharing about your Rocko, and good luck with your search!

  14. We just rescued a 1.5-year-old Jackabee! Wow, the poor girl came from the streets of VA with 8 pups. All the pups have been adopted, we have adopted the mama! She is so sweet! She is so scared of everything, now eats out of a dish, but won’t drink from one? I use a small lid. She walks in the middle of the road too. Any help or advice you can give Us!

    1. Hi Nicki, sometimes with timid dogs, you just have to give them time. One of our three pups is very timid, but she’s growing out of her shell the older she gets and the more she learns to trust. Continue to be repetitive with your walks, and I would try bowls of different sizes and shapes to see which one she takes to best. Good luck!

  15. We adore our Sparky! We adopted him from a rescue group when he was 6 mos old. My husband preferred the idea of a bigger dog, but the minute I saw Sparky, it was love at 1st sight. Guess who won out! He’s now 8 and still so active that he’s often mistaken for a puppy.

  16. Hi, I didn’t know Jack a bees were a designer breed until finding your site. We adopted our Moji (pronounced like emoji without the E) in April 2020 and she’s just wonderful, except the digging haha. Shes two now and she and our dachshund get along great.

    I’m thinking of adopting another puppy, very young like 8 weeks, and not sure how she would do with a puppy so small, any insights? She loves to play.

    1. Hi Dawn! I think it really depends on the dog. We have a giant breed that’s totally gentle with small pups. We couldn’t leave him alone though because it just takes one paw of him jumping and landing on a small dog during playtime, and it could have serious consequences. I think you should be fine with Moji as long as you supervise all playtime. Good luck!

  17. We have a four-year-old Jackabee named “Chewy” because that’s what she does! She is a runner, digger, and jumper with a BIG personality in a small/medium size dog. Chewy has more toys than our kids ever did! She’s intelligent and a quick learner who is food motivated. We absolutely love her! She is a bundle of energy, joy, and fun!

  18. We lost our beloved Tony (13 years old) a year ago. Our hearts were broken and now feel it’s time and We would love to adopt another. I have occasionally searched for Jackabees available but they seem to be difficult to come by. If you have any suggestions on where to find one I’d appreciate it.

    1. Hi Lisa! Very sorry for your loss. We don’t actively refer to breeders of purebreds or designer dogs, but I’d suggest checking with local rescue groups online first if you are open to a rescue dog. These mixes do pop up on occasion in breed-specific rescue centers. Good luck in your search and thanks for commenting!

  19. Hi, I have a question I am hoping you can help me with. We just got a 8-week old Jackabee and she is so cute. We have an 11-year-old cat who acts like a dog in many ways, walks on a leash, always with us, etc. They seem to be getting along OK, our cat is a little distanced.

    But I just read that Jack Russells have/can kill cats and I am extremely concerned we made a bad decision. Should we give her up to a great family now? We don’t want to become even more bonded than we already are & then have to give her up when she is older, not to mention she will be harder to adopt.

    Or is that trait not strong in Jackabees? I haven’t found much information on the topic, besides pure bread JRT. Thank you!!

    1. Hi Rachel – I would give it time. Yes, Jack Russells do have a higher prey drive than other breeds. Every Jack a Bee will be different, but generally speaking, if raised from a young age, both your pets should get along just fine. Just make sure to correct any growls or assertive behavior early on from your pup. Our two large breed dogs love our cat, but we introduced them early and made sure to immediately correct chasing behavior.

  20. Jackabees almost take on their owners personality. We had our beautiful Patty for over 13 years. She was a rescue out of Grainer County, TN. She was the love of my life. We have chickens and she was so protective of them. A great friend and companion and would always make me aware of anyone near our home.

    She literally never left my side. (I have back issues and she knew I needed her) You will never make a mistake with a Jackabee! They are faithful and fight for every breath of life until the very end. She had kidney issues and we had to send her to heaven July 20th, 2020. I miss her so. Hoping God will bring us another little Jackabee soon.

    1. Sounds like a wonderful pup – thanks for the comment Janet! I will be hoping you find a new best friend sometime soon!

  21. I have a Jackabee, named Louie I been having him sense 2 months and he’s now 4 months he’s been a very loyal loving companion but I would like to get more information about the type of do and advice on how to make sure he behaves well and everything else so I know how to take care of him!

    1. Hi Tim! Feel free to check out our training section. We have a full article on basic obedience training that should help out! Enjoy puppyhood – it goes fast!

  22. We adopted a young dog two months ago we believe may be a hybrid of JRT and Beagle. We don’t have knowledge of his lineage, but your article is convincing. Cooper is 1 1/2 years old, rough coat with droopy ears and Beagle coat coloring with the temperament of both breeds. He is affectionate and loyal. Hard to believe his original owners had wanted to put him down.

  23. We rescued a bonded brother/sister pair of Jackabees at age 10 months. They are certainly busy and have wonderful, quirky personalities! They have proven to be a wonderful addition to our family!

  24. The puppy picture above is my Jackabee Molly. She has grown into a fabulous dog. Very very smart. We do scent training and agility to keep her busy. This breed needs mental stimulation as well as physical!

  25. Best dogs I ever bred! They sell quickly & are in high demand. I live in the south, but most of my buyers come from the north, as, they’re not as widely bred in the north and are much more difficult to locate there.

      1. I just got mine as a seizure alert dog to train myself. She was a local non profit rescue, only 8lbs when she came into the facility… 😭. She’s being trained well. I put my help alert motem which is flat and she already picked up by the use of treats, when I say help she goes over and presses the button. Also she smells the pheromones My body gives off prior to a seizure by training her with nose swobs after and during a alert seizure,of course after is the grand mal. So she picked up on the smell right away. So grateful for her. Compassionate and a lifesaver.

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