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Beagle Dog Names: 250+ Names For Color, Size, Trends, And More

There are plenty of great name options for your new Beagle, but you may want to take time to find the one that perfectly suits your pup. Let's explore the inspirational areas of color, size, personality, hunting, trends, and more to find the name that best matches your dog's character!

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Last Updated: August 31, 2022 | 7 min read

Man walking his cute Beagle dog in autumn park

When you think of a Beagle, chances are you think of a hunting dog since that is the original intention of the breed. This friendly breed is excellent at assisting with a hunt, but they also make perfect family dogs. They love kids and other dogs. However, they have an inquisitive nature, which can often lead them to trouble.

If you have a Beagle, you know you need to keep them contained with a good fence or strong tie-out because their nose leads them to wander off. These pups are also very loyal, so you can expect a true friend. They are so well-loved that the breed is the most popular hound dog in the U.S.

Taking time to choose a name ensures you end up with one that works for everyone. To help, we’ve put together some lists of names that are ideal for Beagles, representing both genders and some gender-neutral options as well.

Popular Breed Dog Names

Beagle Cuddling With Owner
Beagles are loving and ideal companions.

Beagles have a sturdy body and solid construction. They are pure hunting dogs with a nose that often gets them into trouble. They are incredibly adorable pups with a howling bark. They make the perfect family pet. Yet, they are also very energetic and curious. If you don’t keep them well contained, you’ll be chasing them all over the neighborhood. They are, after all, a hound, so they follow their nose.

This breed’s troublemaking nature is often a key personality characteristic, but it is also part of the lovable charm. You may call your pup naughty, but it is only investigating and learning about the world around it. The AKC explains the heritage of the Beagle breed is unknown. The best guesses are that it originated in England as hunting dogs. They came to the U.S. after the Civil War.

Beagle names are often full of spunk like the dogs themselves. Names also usually play up the other aspects of their personality, such as friendliness, loyalty, goofiness, and hunting prowess. The first AKC registered Beagle had the name Blunder. Your choice in a name for your new companion may come from these same places. Here are some examples to consider.


Charlie Buster Leo
Cooper Rockey Jackson
Buddy Hunter Archie
Max Winston Jake
Milo Toby Lucky
Copper Murphy Teddy
Cooper Harley Bruno
Tucker Bandit Sam
Jack Bentley Gunnar
Snoopy Oliver Otis
Oliver Jax Oscar
Beau Gus George
Duke Boomer Finn
Scout Baxter Benji


Belle Zoe Ruby
Lucy Stella Blue
Daisy Rosie Gracie
Bailey Ellie Remi
Sadie Lola Lady
Penny Riley Willow
Molly Piper Millie
Lily Roxy Lulu
Luna Dixie Sophie
Maggie Lexie Abbie
Annie Chloe Marley
Coco Olive Mia
Winnie Oakley Maddie
Sally Honey Callie

Coat Color-Based Dog Names

Dog Kissing Another on a Dirt Path
The first mention of this breed was around 400 B.C., making this breed very, very old.

Beagles always have a mixture of coloring. They can be spotted or ticked. Spotted coats are usually a white base with splotches of coloring on top. Spots may be of various sizes, but they are generally rather large. Ticked coats are more flecks of coloring. Instead of distinguishable spots, it is like someone has flicked a paintbrush over the coat, leaving behind specks of color. Ticking occurs only on white coats, so the dog looks mainly white.

There are only a few colors in Beagle coats. They include:

  • Black
  • Tan
  • Red
  • White
  • Bluetick
  • Brown
  • Lemon

Using coloring as a basis to name a dog is relatively common. Color-related names often stray into food territory as well. You may find some of these names make you hungry, which may suit a dog with a large appetite. Color names can also relate to various items known for their coloring. They also can be foreign words for color or something related to color. In general, though, using color for inspiration can allow you to come up with some great names that suit your dog nicely.


Biscuit Bowie Cotton
Peanut Lloyd Casper
Oreo Roux Yukon
Waffles Sterling Powder
Bacon Adam Blaze
Patches Red Panther
Spot Rusty Midnight
Reese Dunne Gothic
Hershey Slate Boo
Wolf Pewter Carbon
Bruno Thunder Ghost
Colby Shady Ashes
Denver Tanner Dusty
Merle Slate Flannel


Amber Sage Cera
Tawny Blanche Fiona
Fawn Ivory Ebony
Brownie Iris Bianca
Buttercup Olive Ashley
Coco Sienna Goldie
Cinnamon Scarlet Blanca
Cookie Saffron Roja
Stormy Sapa Arona
Cherry Misty Winter
Gem Onyx Shadow
Wildfire Raven Widow
Calico Buckeye Snowball
Nutmeg Clove Pearl

Breed Size-Based Dog Names

Beagle Looking Out of a Window
Old fashioned names suit this breed well.

Beagles are a typical average-sized breed. They are not huge, but they are also not small. This averageness is very characteristic of the breed. You can break this breed into two size groups: 13 inches and taller and those less than 13 inches. However, there is not much size difference since they generally hover around an average of 13-inches.

As for weight, they can weigh up to 30 pounds. You do not usually find an overweight Beagle because they like to stay active, but like all dogs, they can get hefty if you aren’t careful. If you want to use size as an inspiration, then think average. General and common names often fit this breed nicely.

This breed can sometimes be a little lazy. They love lying around. They are also a very old breed in the U.S., which means classic names work well.

Beagles are also hunting dogs. This can open up many naming doors. Because the medium size of the breed doesn’t lend itself well to the same size-based names as large or small breeds, you may want to look to the hunting world for inspiration.

Naming based on size is tricky since nothing stands out about this breed’s size. We suggest using the tips above and considering traditional or old-fashioned names or going with a hunting-related name, including nature and other similar concepts.

Here are some options for you to consider to help get your mind moving on coming up with a perfect Beagle name.


Winchester Snoopy Astro
Weatherby Bacon Briar
Remington Banjo Boomer
Ruger Burrito Bandit
Hunter Chucky Shiloh
Hound Elmo Lou
Gunner Homer Odie
Colt Shorty Joe
Chase Taco Bob
Catch Diesel Snatcher
Buck Yoda Howler
Browning Apollo Scooter
Blaser Gideon Trigger
Barretta Jagger Rambo


Blinker Brook Happy
Booboo Falcon Ice
Cheerio Thorny Hannah
Noodles Bunny Precious
Gidget Sophie Princess
Paisley Sue Reba
Pink Jane Sassy
Zahara Ivy Sugar
Fergie Beauty Aspen
Vixen Astrid Blaze
Scout Betty BB
Sioux Carolina Cabela
Meadow Chatty Dakota
Decoy Gracie Deringer

Dog Name Trends And Tips

Beagle Looking Up at Camera
Beagles are incredible friends, so many like to give them names that reflect that.

Lively, curious, and mischievous is how many describe Beagles and can be a good starting point for names. Yet, common names seem to be more suited towards the buddy nature of the dog. The most popular names include Buddy, Cooper, Daisy, Lucy, Sadie, Charlie, and Bailey. You don’t have to go with the default, though. If you want to come up with your own name, then consider the following tips.

Choose Something You Like

When choosing your pup’s name, you want to make sure you like it a lot. It is like naming a child. The name can give others an impression of the dog, impacting the relationship they have with it. Names also just need to fit right. You want to ensure it is something you feel comfortable using and that rolls easily off your tongue. While the chances are you eventually come up with a range of nicknames you call your pup, it is crucial the formal name suits the dog. You also want to feel good about how it shapes your friend’s identity.

Keep It Simple

It is also a good idea to keep it simple. You may think a long name is funny or wild, but it can be a pain to condition your dog to it. The Spruce Pets suggest the best choice is to use a name with one or two syllables. This is easy for your dog to understand and for you to say. Imagine trying to yell a complex name repeatedly when trying to get them to come inside.

You also want to avoid a confusing name. It shouldn’t sound like a command or be easily confused with other common words. For example, if you name your dog Misfit and call him Fit for short, that could lead to confusion with the command sit. It is also advisable to avoid names that sound like family names. If you have a child named Sue, then it could be confusing to the dog to name him Blue. They sound similar, and dogs cannot distinguish the difference.

Avoid Embarrassing Names

Do not, no matter how amusing you find it, name your dog something you would not want to hear called out at the vet’s office. This includes curse words or silly terms. It also includes anything people might find offensive, including slurs. Keep to names that won’t embarrass you in public.

Think Outside of the Box

You don’t have to choose a name that follows trends or is a common dog name. The beauty of naming an animal is you can pretty much use any word you want. Choose from traditional names or go outside the lines. You can use nouns, verbs, adjectives, or adverbs.

Consider something unique or weird if it suits your pup. After all, not every dog fits neatly in a box, so their names don’t have to either. Does your dog gobble up his food every time he eats? Call him Gobbles. Is your little princess the prissiest thing you’ve ever seen? Call her Prissy. It is usually perfect to choose a name that matches a dog’s personality, even if it doesn’t make sense for the breed. For example, if you have a Beagle who likes to pretend that he’s a big, burly dog, call him Boxer.

Thinking outside of the box can be a great way to come up with a unique name that is the perfect match for your dog, so don’t be afraid to get a little creative. Do be cautious about getting too creative. Remember the tips above. You want to give your dog a name you are comfortable with and that fits your dog. Usually, you feel drawn to a name once you meet the animal. You usually won’t go wrong if you follow your gut instinct and choose what feels right.

These tips and advice are just that. They come from experience and the failures of other owners throughout time. While you certainly can name your dog whatever you want, it is probably best to listen to this advice.

Final Thoughts

Naming your dog can be a big undertaking. You don’t want to choose the wrong moniker or saddle your pup with a name he can’t lives up to. It can be disappointing to realize later that the name doesn’t suit your pup. For this reason, you should take care when choosing it. You don’t have to have one ready the minute you meet him or her.

Consider the different options we’ve provided, along with the tips. With so many names out there, you should be able to find one that matches your dog. Remember to give it some time and get to know your new pet before making a final decision. No matter what name you choose, you are sure to fall in love with your new Beagle, which only makes choosing a name that much easier.

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