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Welcome to How to Love Your Dog!
So You Want a Puppy?

Read this page first!
Then share it with your parents.

Do you want a puppy more than anything else? Do you promise to take care of it, train it, and love it forever?

That's great! Are you ready for a suggestion that will help you be a responsible, caring person? Okay. Here's what you do:

Don't ask for a puppy for Christmas.

Bulldog puppy with dog toys.


An Important Note about Homeless Dogs

Before we talk about puppies, please consider giving a home to a dog who doesn't have one. There are so many dogs of all sizes who are homeless and waiting in shelters and rescues for someone to take them home. Please visit our Rescue page or our Where to Get a Dog page for more information.


Calendar, January

If you want to start out the right way with your new pup, then wait until after Christmas. That's the best time.

Or you can get your pup before the holidays arrive, say in October or early November. Can you do that?

Below are five really good reasons why it's best to wait just a little while for your new dog.


1. During the Christmas holidays everyone is very busy. Lots of people come over. A new puppy might be frightened by all of the new people, the noise, and even the smells. Just think about yourself. Are there places that scared you, the first time you went there?

Shy black Labrador Retriever.


Collie puppy in crate.

 2. You will probably visit relatives and friends more than usual during the holidays. Your new dog would be lonely when you are gone. Where will you put him? What will he do while you're gone?

Remember your home is a strange, new place for a young dog. This may be the first time he is away from his brothers and sisters.


3. When a puppy is very young, he learns every time something happens to him. That's why it's important that your dog experience good things in his new home. Stress and loneliness can lead to behavior problems that won't be very easy to fix. Dachshund puppy

A Collie puppy.

4. Your new puppy will need lots of extra care and attention no matter when you bring him home. Be sure you and your family have the time and energy to spend time with him for feeding, grooming, petting, walking, and training.


Litter of Dalmatian puppies.

5. Your family should share the experience of choosing a new dog. Make sure everyone in your family feels comfortable with and likes the dog as much as everyone else. Don't surprise a family member with a puppy. It's best to choose the dog you want with your whole family.



Christmas holly.Okay.
So you are willing to wait a little while for your new puppy. Here's a gift your parents can give you while you wait for your new dog. This would be good for your parents to read:

Instead of giving you a dog for Christmas, why not give you the dog supplies now that you will need later?

  • dog dishes
  • a leash
  • chew toys
  • a brush
  • books about dogs
  • gift certificates to pet supply stores

Dog supplies including leash, dish, bowl, collar, brush,  ball, and dog bed.



 Girl playing with stuffed animals and dogs while waiting for her dog, coming after Christmas.
And here's what you can do
while waiting for your new pet:

check mark Read books about dogs.
check mark Find websites on the Internet about dogs and read them.
check mark Volunteer at a shelter or humane society.
check mark Watch great movies about dogs.
Check mark You can walk your neighbor's dog.
Check mark Get a stuffed animal.

Check mark You can write a cool story about dogs.
Check mark Draw pictures of the kind of dog you want.



Trouper and Kelly want to thank you for being responsible and waiting just a little while for that new best friend. You'll be doing a good thing!
Two collie dogs wearing Christmas Santa hats.


Animated puppy wearing Christmas Santa hat.

Before buying your puppy, please be very sure that a dog is the correct pet for your family.
Dogs are a lot of fun and responsibility, too!

Click on the Red ball; click here to see if you want all of that responsibility.



What is responsibility?



Want a great holiday dog book?
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Holiday Gift Shop!





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