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Bulldog puppy in front of big red heart

Happy Valentine's Day!

February 14, 2018

Love Your Dog!

 'How To Love Your Dog' celebrates Valentine's Day every year by giving a little extra love and attention to our canine friends.


Hearts Do something extra nice for your dog:
  • take your dog out for a walk;
  • play ball with your dog in the yard;
  • give your dog a good brushing;
  • give your dog an extra dog treat;
  • pet your dog longer than usual;
  • let your dog into the house more today;
  • snuggle with your dog when you're watching TV;
Two dogs out for a walk in the snow.


Student reading to Cody

Or you can read a story to your dog. Did you know that lots of public libraries now have dogs that you can read to? It's true! Call your local library and ask if they have a 'Read to a Dog' program.

Or read a story to your dog at home. Know any good dog books?

Parents: Check out this link for more information: Library Dogs.Com


Hearts Please Remember! HeartsBe extra careful that there is no Valentine's Day candy where your dog can reach it. Candy is not healthy for your dog. Chocolate can be very dangerous for your dog!
Yorkie wearing a heart


Trouper with elderly person

Red Heart

On Valentine's Day every year, Trouper visits elderly people to help cheer them up. His visit puts a special valentine smile on their faces. This is Mae hugging Trouper on Valentine's Day.

 HeartsIs there something nice you and your dog
could do for someone else this Valentine's Day?


ValentinesHave a doggie Valentine's Day party with your friends!


Valentines Before the party:

1. Write your guest list.

Make sure you have invited friends whose dogs get along with each other.
Only invite dogs with good manners. Aggressive, jealous, or mean dogs
should stay home.

2. Make some cute invitations and pass them out to your friends.
Be creative - draw and color your dog, write a poem, or make up a
Valentine's Day story.

On the day of the party:

Valentines Inside:
1. Keep all food and candy up high on counters or tables.
2. Put any purses up high, not on the floor.
3. Keep all housecleaning items out of reach or locked in a cupboard.

Valentines Outside:
1. If the party is in the yard, make sure the gate is closed and
there are no holes in fence. 2. Also have shovels or bags ready to
pick up messes when they happen. 3. Remove any delicate flower pots
and check to make sure there are no toxic (poisonous) plants that could be
eaten by any of the dogs. 4. Have enough balls and dog toys available
for every dog at the party. You might even give one to each of your
guests for a party favor.

Valentines During the party:
If any presents are opened, throw away all wrapping paper, ribbons,
and bows right away where dogs can't reach them and eat them.
They can be very dangerous if swallowed by your pets.

Valentines Fun doggie games:
Play some games like relay races, hide and seek, and hide the treats.
Or put the leashes on and take a hike around the block. Make up some
games of your own.

Take pictures if you have a camera so you have a souvenir of all the fun!
Then post them on the How to Love Your Dog Photo Gallery!

Have a super party!


Heart bar
A Valentine's Day Poem for You!
Dachshund with big heart in his mouth!

HeartsI Like The Way . . .

I like the way you wag your tail...

I like the funny things you do...

I like the friendship that we share...

I like my life with you .

I like the way you wag your tail...

I like the world you help me see...

And whether your muzzle's gold or gray...

There will always be a you with me!!


 Heart bar

We know you love your dog, but why does your dog love you? Here is what some kids wrote: Dachshund with red rose in mouth.

three heartsMy dog loves me because I saved her from dying in a pound,
and I take care of her. Melissa, age 11, New Jersey USA

three heartsMy dog loves me because I play with her all the time
and snuggle with her. I am a good sleeping partner,
making sure she has enough room. And I don't disturb her.

three heartsMy dog loves me because I gave him a surprise
birthday party this year for his first birthday.

three heartsMy dog loves me because I rock it to sleep and I had him
since a puppy. Justin, age 10, Oregon USA

three heartsMy dog loves me because I always play with him and because
I talk to him when I'm alone. Chelsea, Indiana USA

three heartsMy doggy loves me because I feed her peanuts in bed every morning.
Carol, age 10, New Jersey USA

three heartsMy dog loves me because he is a best friend that I can have
at any time of the day. Me and him just cuddle together whenever we can.
Kabir, age 6, Singapore


Check out more answers to the Question of the Month,
Why Does My Dog Love Me?



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