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Turn Around

Dog learning Turn Around

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Almost five month old Bonnie learns the trick, "Turn Around"

Movie duration: 50 seconds


Tricks are fun, and like games, keep a dog alert and energetic. They give a dog a chance to play and think. Tricks help a dog 'learn how to learn'. If a puppy can learn a trick, then he or she can learn obedience and good behavior.

The first trick I taught Bonnie was to turn around. It's easy and it's fun. I started by having Bonnie standing and facing me. I let her see a treat in my hand. While I stood still, I said, "Turn around." I lead Bonnie's nose around to the left (clockwise) with the treat so she walked in a circle. When she came around and back to me, I said, "Good girl!" and gave her the treat.

Is there a practical reason to teach 'Turn Around'? I'm taking a puppy class and the instructor told us that she knew of someone whose dog enjoyed jumping on house guests. She would tell the dog to turn around whenever someone came over. Because the dog was busy twirling, he wasn't jumping on the visitors.

After some practice, hold the treat in front of you so your dog can see it and say, "Turn around," but don't lead his nose. See if he is ready to turn around by himself and get the treat. Pretty soon, he will turn around faster than you can say 'Lassie!"

If you choose to use the words, "Turn Left", use them all the time. Don't use "Turn around" sometimes, and "Turn Left" other times. Be consistent.


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