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Kellie, Age 12
Oregon USA

My Dalmatian, Missy, is 3 years old. One night I was walking her in my
neighborhood and a Rottweiler was loose running around and tried to attack
me. Missy fought it and I got a branch and threw it at it. He ran away, but
Missy was bitten on her side, not bad, but I think she tried to save me. She also
did the same thing with a Springer. That dog never tried to mess with her again.


Santina, Age 12
Arizona USA

My dog is like Homeward Bound. He is a show dog and he has been stolen
two times, but every time he makes it home. One time he was in the car while
these people stole Cd from our car and they let him out and took him, but he
found his way back. Then the other time we were staying in a R.V. park while
on vacation and these people stole him from our campsite. They even got
him a leash but he found his way home. They were practically choking him
with the leash they bought him. We never caught the people, but I'm just happy
we have my dog back.


Teri, Age 8
Arizona USA

My name is Teri. I have a dog named Chocolate. I once went on vacation and
Chocolate was eating her lunch when my mom told me to walk my dog. When I
was walking her, she slid out of her leash and ran! She's not one of those super
heroes, she's the runners kind. She ran to this tent and barked. There was a man
taking the cash from the woman's purse.The woman came out of her tent and
screamed! My dog leaped for the robber and bit him as hard as she could. He
did a yelp and dropped the money and ran off. The woman thanked us and gave
us $50.00 (although that's not a lot of money) and the police found the robber
and sent him to jail. He owed us $4,000,000.00 and 500,000,000.00 to the woman.
I guess my dog is kind of the hero kind!


Carly, Age 11
California USA

One day I was waiting in the waiting room at the vet with my dog. My mom
had gone to the car to get her purse. Then this Mastiff dog comes in.
It was very cute, probably 6 months old. Well he was so cute I asked the
owner of the dog if I could pet it. He said that the dog was as gentle as could be.
But before I could lay a finger on it, it jumped up into my lap and bit me four
times in the cheek! My mom had just come in when the dog took his first chomp.
There where two bad things about this: 12 stitches and being the only one in the
school with a solo in the school play! My face was so swollen that I was
embarrassed to leave the house!!! My face was swollen for 10 days. But what
grossed me out was that the dog was there to get treated for...CANCER!!!
But I got a letter from the man telling me his dog was saved by the little blood
he got from my cheek, which felt like a lot of blood to me! I see the dog almost
every week now and he is the friendliest thing.

Mary, Age 9
New York USA

My dog is a Jack Russel Terrier. His name is Murfy. Murfy is always trying
to kiss me on the lips! I have to cover my mouth with my hand all the time.
He is sssssssoooooo cute! Once when my sister, a friend, and I were taking our
two dogs (and puppy) for a walk, Murfy almost got loose, twice! I cauht him
each time before he got away. It was a miracle! THE END

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Samantha, Age 11
California USA

My dog, Summer, was laying on the couch waiting for us to leave. We were
going to be gone for a while. Winter was on the floor like usual, just sleeping
away. After we left, Summer was eating the trash again. There was a pizza in
there from last night. Winter got up and started helping her. Later when we got
home, everything was fine except the trash was gone and we heard barking
from my room. I went in to check and you now what I found? Ten puppies
on my bed with their eyes closed and barking like crazy. So we moved them
to the floor with a lot of blankets. We went to bed. I heard a scream and it came
from Christina's room. Sure enough, there was my sister with spaghetti sauce
on her hand which she thought was blood and my mom was laughing hysterically.
I went back to sleep. I heard the same thing, but this time from my mom's room.
It happened to mom, too. They found out the truth and went to bed. The pizza
fairy (my dogs) had come. The next morning I woke up and my hair was red.
The pizza sauce died my hair red. I was so mad. I still had to go to school. But
the thing was today was crazy hair day and I won. I'll never forget it. THE END

Abby, Age 11
Michigan USA

Hi, my name is Molly. I am a Chocolate Lab. I have a big family - my three
people, mommies and my two people daddies. And two meany cats named
Aungus and Gillis, those are Scottish names. But I like to chase those
meany cats. Let me tell you a little about myself. I am turning 1 this month.
I love to go on the lake we live on because it is very fun swimming, but my
family does not like it when I try to chase the ducks. I also love to give my
youngest mommy licking wars because she laughs so hard. I have lots of friends
Shelby,Toby, Lily,and Snickers. They all are labs, too. I am very hyper. I mean
EXTRA HYPER! Well, I gotta go. It is time to beg at the table for scraps.


Sophie, Age 13
Texas USA

I have this dog named Star that is so adorable and has a star on her stomach.
She is sweet and real cute. She once got away and we went out and searched
for a whole day. When we got back, she was in our kitchen sleeping!
She had gone through her special door.


Jocelyn, Age 11
Ontario Canada

One day I was taking my dog Coco for a walk when he saw another dog. He broke free and started running. Coco stopped chasing him and started running and peeing on mailboxes instead. I called him really loud and he heard and ran back to me. I quickly hooked his leash back on him and went home. I was glad Coco was safe at home.


Steven, Age 7
Melborne, Australia

Hi, my name is Steven. And I have a dog that's named Cosmo. One day I
was walking with my dog and we saw this man. He said, "What are you
doing?" We said "Well, what are you doing?" He walked with us to the
shops and forced us to buy ten things. And then while I was in the shop to
but the ten items that he had said for me to, the horrid old man stole
my dog Cosmo. And he ran off and dumped him somewhere in Killer.
After I had came up with ten items out of the shop, the man was gone.
I threw the items on the floor and went and told the police. Two days later
the police had found my dog Cosmo in Keilor somewhere. He had brought
the dog back to me and the stupid old man was fined $50,000 dollars for
assault. And he was jailed for 20 years. The End.

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Jason, Age 11
Melbourne, Australia

Hi,my name is Jason. And my dog's name is Cosmo. But Cosmo tends to bite
a lot when he is playful. Anyway one day when I was taking him for a walk
I went further than I should have down the road because I was curious.
Anyway this car came zooming right in front of us and then he hit the brakes.
Then he slowly stepped out of the car and grabbed both me and my dog and
shoved us in his car. Then he drove us down the street near where our house
was. Then Cosmo my dog bit him really hard on the arm.Then the man had
opened the window and chucked us out. We have gone woooooooooooo! BANG!
Smack on my next door neighbor's house grass. Luckily no one was hurt.
My dog had definitely saved my life. The End. P.S. This is not a true story.
Written by Jason.


Bethany, Age 8

This is a true story. Last Christmas I got a box of delicious Godiva chocolates.
I was eating them in my den where my dog, Fluffy, was. I went down to play
with her when she jumped up on the table where I had laid the chocolates
and ate one. I had no time to grab it away from her. Instead of getting sick
from the chocolate like we thought, she got hyper, started running around,
peeing all over the place. Then my mom realized that she had eaten the chocolate.
After a few hours it wore off and we made sure that she never ate chocolate
again! (Thanks for reminding us that Chocolate can be very dangerous to dogs!)


Kelly, Age 10
Michigan USA

Hi, my name is Kelly.When I was 6, my dog, Sam and I were walking in
the woods when I fell in a patch of quicksand. I was sinking in it when Sam
ran through the bush for help. I thought he was betraying me! Two minutes
later he came back with 2 forest rangers. I was sunk up to my shoulders.
The forest rangers pulled me out.The forest rangers told me about my dog's
bravery. He saved my life!


Chelsea, Age 10
Michigan USA

Hi! I'm Trixie the Alaskan Malamute. I'm going to tell you about one of
my most amazing adventures. It was a cold, snowy day in Alaska. It was also
my master Jenny's birthday. That was the day she got me along with a dog sled
and a musher's hat her mom had sewn her.

Two years later when I was fully grown, Jenny for the first time decided
to take me dogsledding. She hooked me up and yelled
"Mush".I took off
in a flash. We were going past a lake when Jenny fell right where the lake was.
Her body went through the ice like a bolt of lightning. My body was trembling
while I thought what to do. I jumped into the ice cold lake. I only had my eyes
opened a little bit, for they were freezing from the water. I saw a hot pink
coat, then I knew that was Jenny. She grabbed on to my collar,and I swam
with all my might.

Jenny got onto the land and I followed. When I went up on land, my leg
was bleeding. I was limping terribly. Jenny saw what happened to my
leg, but she was hurt even more. She sat in the sleigh and cried. I knew
what I had to do. I got hooked up to the sleigh and went as fast as I could with
my leg. I reached home. The next thing I know I was in a building with
millions of people winning a medal for bravery.

Megan, Age 11
Ontario Canada

Our dog Sam always begs and stuff like that. So once I went to peek into the
dining room and Sam was begging to an empty table!



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