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Katie, Age 13

When I had a dog, her name was Frieda. She was a very sweet mutt,
half Dachshund, half black Lab. When I was just a baby, she would bark
at anyone and protect me from strangers. She is now in Dog Heaven and
I want another dog to give a lot of love to. True story.


Bear, Colorado USA

I just got a new dog about 6 months ago and when I got her, my grandmother
wanted me to take her back from where I got her and I told her that she
would warm up to her and she did. Now my grandmother loves my dog.


Katie, Age 8

One day Millie (a poodle), my dog, caught a ball under the TV cabinet. Now she
won't come out!!!!!!!!!


Linden, Age 11
Freeport, Maine USA

When we went to get my dog, we took Sparkle, my other dog, with us.
There were lots of mules at this place and Sparkle got out of the car and
went into one of the pens where the mules where kept. The mule started chasing
Sparkle around! Poor Poor Poor Sparkle!


Kindell, Age 14
Katy, Texas USA

My dog, Sandy, is a yellow Labrador. She is so cute!!! One thing she loves
to do is go for a ride in my dad's car. One day I got her out of the backyard
and she ran into the front yard. My dad was in the garage with his car open
and my dad had his back turned and Sandy went and jumped into the front seat
and was waiting for my dad to take her for a ride, so he did around the block.
Now she goes on rides all the time even if they are short rides!!!

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Tyler, Age 9
Colorado USA

This is a true story. My mom had given me a Twizzler (licorice)
while I was practicing my guitar. She put it on the music stand. I was in the
middle of 'The Entertainer'. My dog sniffed and licked it. Then, he grabbed
the end of it in his mouth and pulled. Then he ate it. Boy, I got a laugh
out of that!


Casey, Age 13
New London, Connecticut, USA

This is a true story...okay...I have 3 pugs and they like to beat up each
other a lot. One is very old. She is 10, so she can't really fight back.
All her life she has been beat up. So one day Rosie and Bobo, the young ones,
started fighting. They like to bite each other a lot at the ear. Along came Sassy,
the old one. They started beating her up and she jumped on Rosie, bit her so
Rosie backed off and ran downstairs. She knew that was a bad sign! And Sassy
started barking at Bobo. Bobo jumped on the bed and hid in the covers! And that
is the story of Sassy finally standing up for herself.


Krystal, Age 13
Griswold, Connecticut USA

I have a dog named Roxie....well one day a really, really long time ago
my dad was taking Roxie and me to a lake along with my dad's friend and
his black Labrador named Chip. We had a raft out....not too far into the lake.
So I went into the water and walked to it while Chip was following me.
Just as I started climbing up onto the raft, Chip bit my butt!!!!!
(By the way this is a true story)


Jaimee, Age 13
Dauphin, Manitoba, Canada

This story is true. One day I took my Golden Retriever, Cookie, for a walk
with my neighbor who also has a Golden Retriever named Raidar who happens
to be Cookie's half brother. She saw a rabbit charge into the bush and she
charged after it. She wasn't wearing a choke collar, so the leash slipped
through my hands and Cookie was in the bush somewhere. I went off to find
her and I live in the country so the bush is really big. I saw her and grabbed
for her leash when she thought it was a game, so she ran off deeper into the
bush. My neighbor came to help find her, but after that it took us a whole hour
and a half to find Cookie. Since then I always walk her on a choke chain.

Another time I was walking with the same neighbor and we saw a skunk,
but Cookie and Raidar never saw it. THANK GOODNESS or I would probably
still stink like a skunk!

Kylie, Age 11

Once My family and I were coming home and my Beagle, Toby, went ecstatic.
He ran top speed straight through 2 planks of wood! He couldn't get out!
(He is a little fat.) It took him 5 minutes to get out. He's gone on a diet!

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Lauren, Age 10

One day me and my dog decided to pull a banana tree down! First we started
to strip off the skin and then pushed it down. When Mum came out, we hid
in the bushes so she couldn't find us !


Jason, Age 11
Englewood, Colorado USA

One time my dog, Peewee, ran out into the street right in front of a car
and he jumped on it while the car was still going! Luckily there was a
stop sign right ahead and when the car stopped, he jumped off and ran back
to us. "Sorry, Mr.!" Thanks for reminding us that being near a road without a leash can be very dangerous!


Greg, Age 8
Oregon USA

Hello, my name is Greg. Let me tell a story. A long, long time ago, it all
started when...I got a dog, an amazing dog. He could fly. He flew me to
school and back home. He taught those bullies a lesson. He could talk to me,
play with me, and he loved me a lot, too. You would love him, too. We flew
out the window when I got in trouble. He won first prize in the dog shows and
he would give you 3 wishes. Read more from Greg in All About Our Dogs!


Ellen, Age 12

A week ago when my mum and I took my dog Max for a walk, we found
a seesaw in the park. We let Max off the lead for a run and got
on the seesaw. We started to go up and down and when we were just
starting to get some speed, Max sprinted up and started biting my mum's
ankles and jumping up at her. It was so hilarious that I couldn't stop to
let her off because I was laughing so much! Eventually, Mum got off and
I was still laughing. My dog is such a clown! Be sure to read more about Max in All About Our Dogs!


Jenny, Age 10
Oregon USA

My dog, Biscuit, was in an ad so we called the owner and made an
appointment for that day. So we went and saw him and I fell in love with her.
Then 3 days later we got her! We put her in the huge pen. She got along with
the other dogs. I have taught her a couple of tricks and she is learning more!

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Leena, Age 16

This was NOT funny at first, but then I couldn't help laughing...
When I came inside from evening feeding the horses, I came to the kitchen
where the dogs were, Fani (Finnish Lapphund) came to me looking funny.
"Whatsa matter, sweetie?" I asked. Fani just wagged her tail a bit and looked
confused. I wondered where Siri (Samoyed) was, but thought she must be at
the porch where it's cooler. But no, Siri wasn't there. She was lying on the floor,
looking very guilty.

I knew the look, knew she'd done something naughty. Then I saw it.
On the other side of the room, the floor was all colored very colorful. And my
package of oil pastel crayons was there too, all chewed up. Siri had somehow
gotten it from my table and eaten a few crayons. She'd drawn a very nice and colorful drawing on the floor, too. First I thought that the pastels must be toxic,
or at least it wasn't a good idea to EAT them. I looked at the package, or at
what was left of it, and it didn't have anything about toxic on it. Of course,
artists do not usually eat a few crayons.. But the package DID say, "The Oil
Pastels offer endless creative possibilities for professional and leisure painters..."
Siri sure had found one of them!! LOL! And Fani is always our little tattletail...
She knows it when Siri's naughty and comes tell me!

(NOTE: this was some time ago and Siri did not get any toxic reaction..relieved sigh. Dogs can be very CREATIVE sometimes!!)

This is an example of Leena's terrific artwork!

Tina, age 12
Pontiac, Michigan USA

One day when our family went up north to visit my aunt, me, my big brother
and my little cousin and my dog got lost from taking a short cut through
the woods. We stopped to rest when a big bobcat came leaping at us
out of the bushes. My dog jumped in the way. The bobcat and my dog
wrestled until they rolled into the bushes. A few seconds later my dog came out
of the bushes with the bobcat by the neck. My brother told my dog to drop it.
It fell to the ground and got up and growled as it ran away.


April, Age 11
Ohau, Hawaii USA

One day I was walking down the street I saw a dog It was a stray.
I did not leave the dog though,because there was something odd. It kept
wining and running in a direction down to the stream. I followed the dog
and there was a cat. The cat was about a week old. I picked it up and brought
it home. The dog followed me every step of the way and when we got home,
I told my dad I was going to the vet.

When I got there, I asked the man if he could look at the cat and dog.
He said OK. The next morning I found out that the cat was blind and when it's
mother left, it could not follow and got lost. The dog was healthy, but
had not eaten in days. The dog kept finding helpless cats and kittens. This dog is special and I knew it all along. Two years later the dog died of heart cancer.


Tenley, Age 14
Delmont, Pennsylvania USA

When I was very young, we went shopping for our first computer.
In the car my brother and sister tormented my dad with little car games.
Finally we reached out destination and hopped out of the car and raced across
the parking lot with the sounds of "Don't run!" in our ears. We skipped down
the walkway to the computer store. But as fate would have it, a pet store was
in the way, and we just couldn't go past. Little peeps of "Can we go in?!"
sounded and my parents reluctantly agreed.

Inside was a place of paradise for us.I ran after these two golden Labs while
my sister looked at the cats with my brother. My mom went over to the dogs.
"Can I see that one?" she asked the lady timidly. "Of course!" and she pulled
out a little bundle of fluff and gave it to my mom. It snuggered down into
her arms and we all gathered around to see. It looked up at us with such
big brown eyes, we all fell in love at once. But no. "Come on! The computers are waiting!" came my dad's voice!

Looking into those soft eyes made the voice sound a hundred miles away.
But slowly and gently my mom gave the puppy back to the lady and we all
followed my dad. My sister was crying "Whywhywhy?!" and my dad kept
replying "We live next to a busy street. And you guys won't take care of a puppy. And Tenley is too young for a puppy." And she cried some more. I was too little
to understand what was happening. In the computer store my dad was looking
at a computer and said to my mom "Linda, what do you think of this-" he stopped
short. Tears were streaming down her eyes. "It had four little white paws..."
she said meekly. "Did we just buy a puppy?" my dad asked. "I think so."
Once we got home our neighbor came over with a rolled up piece of newspaper.
"What's this for?" my dad asked. "To program your new computer."

That is how we got our Tanner. With out those white paws we would still
only have fish. He is the sweetest dog to me and will always be here in my heart.
Thanks Tanner, for your love.

Ali, Age 8
Washington, Pennsylvania USA

My party was May 30 and everybody was in the dog kennel. We got out though.
Harly was so happy to see me that she jumped in my arms. Cooky is scratching
on the door because she wants in. When Harly had Sparkles, well she had two
puppies, but it was her first litter. Little Dukey passed away when I was four.

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Diane, age 12
Boise, Idaho USA

I got Lucy from the Idaho Humane Society in January, just a year
from when my mom's beloved dog passed away from mouth cancer. Lucy was
3 months young and fairly small. She was a Kelpie Australian Herding Dog.
I became attached to her very quickly and to my thoughts she became attached
to me quickly. She grew big real fast and she started getting to me.

When it would rain, she would roll in mud and dig and go under
our neighbor's fence. She rolled her body across our walls in the house
every time she came in!

She can be such a loyal dog when she becomes older (she's 8 months now).
I named her after Lucy Ball, my favorite star, and you can tell by the name
that she's trouble!! Lucy tore off our lounge chair upholstery. She has begun
on the couch now. But I will always love her in my heart!


Faye, Age 15
Voula, Athens Greece

It was the first night I brought it home. She was very small and cute.
Everybody thought she was afraid to stay alone at night so I took her
into my room. The big surprise was in the morning. I woke up and I realized
that the door was open. I was terrified what has happened. I went out of my room
and I saw her in the kitchen sleeping next to a doll.

She thought it was her mother. I took it into my arms and I started telling her
stories and songs in order to sleep. Afterwards I gave her milk and we went
to bed together to sleep for a bit. Faye also writes about her dog in All About Our Dogs. Check it out!


Hayley, Age 8
Canberra ACT Australia

My dog, Stamper, is a German Shepherd. I got her from the SPCA. She's
de-sexed (spayed). I love her. She's called Stamper because when she wants
something, she stamps her foot. she doesn't bite or scratch. I really love her!


Janice, Age 14
Littleton, Colorado USA

My dog, Peanuts, is such a nutball! He had been stuck outside one day.
He heard me come home and got so excited, he darted for the doggie door . . .
it was closed! He banged right into it, so I held him close and petted him
the rest of the day!

My wacky dog Peanuts really gave us a laugh another time. It snowed
A LOT, and we didn't want my dogs to go out when it was snowing bad.
When we finally let him out when it stopped, he got so excited (again) and
leaped off the deck into the 3 feet of snow! He's a little dog and couldn't
get out! He tried to doggie-paddle but was stuck! I had to go pick him up!
Poor baby!

This one's about both of my dogs. The squirrels in my back yard are
wacky too! They tease my dogs by going to the bottom of the tree,
waiting till they come to chase them, then run back up! They'll do this
for hours sometimes!

Sara, Age 13
Ventura, California USA

I have a Pomeranian named Gretta. She is 7 1/2 months old and
I love her a lot.Anyway one day when I was eating dinner, she stole
a piece of meat and wouldn't give it back. Then I told her, no nad to let go
but she still didn't. When I finally pulled it away from her and told her
NO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! She had this guilty look on his face and he was really sad.
Oh, poor Gretta!

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Kelly, Age 9
Lagrange,Ohio USA

One day my cousin, Carly, and I were playing with my dog until......
my big bother (a redhead) grab Cloe by her collar and kicked her.


Jemma, Age 10
Johannesburg,Gauteng, South Africa

My dog is treated like a human, acts, and sleeps like a human. As sunrise dawns,
you hear a yipping at the door and it's Pretzel half frozen and then
ask myself how can she not die? eating fiber glass, eating a pin & most of all
eating a whole block of chocolate, my little immortal dog. I think then I put her in my bed with warm food and a drink..NOTHING!!! would be able to replace her as she is my little baby.

Amanda, Age 11
Dearborn, Michigan USA

Dusty is very spoiled. We even celebrate Dusty's birthday.We make him
a cake and buy him presents. He can even rip up the wrapping paper
with his paws. Since Dusty is deaf, when we get home from a restaurant
or something and we are already in the house, Dusty is still looking for us
out the window. Then we sneak up behind him and tap him on the back,
he turns around real fast and gets all embarrassed because he was looking
for us and we were already home.


Hayley, Age 8


Dogs will be there for you because they love you. You might not have a dog,
but that doesn't mean you can't be a dog lover. Dogs deserve a nice home
and a caring owner, so be nice. Have a heart for dogs.

Pavithra, Age 12

I had a dog called Mickey and one morning, we found he was missing.
We asked a lot of people if they saw him and they said that they had seen a dog
following a girl to school.We went there and found that a dog had died
that morning but it wasn't ours. At last, that afternoon at 4:00 p.m.,
we found our dog playing with a shopkeeper at the supermarket
when we went there.

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Victoria, Age 12+

A Story About My Dog!

On Rover's 1st birthday, I invited a few of my friends over with their dogs.
The dogs had a race, and my Rover won!( he is not a greyhound)


Jenny, Age 11
Stetsonville, Wisconsin USA

Hi! My name is Jenny! I have a wonderful dog named Bobby! We call him
Bob for short. He is the best dog a person could ever own! When I want
to play with him, he is playful! When I want him quiet, he is quiet!

Sometimes when I give him a bath, he can sleep on my bed if I have an
old blanket on the bed. He is an English Springer Spaniel! And is muzzle
almost feels like velvet. And when I am sad, I hug him and I feel better!
And he puts out his paw and I hold it and it almost feels like he is grips my hand!
But sometimes he gets into my garbage at night and I have a mess to clean up in the morning!


Jessica, Age 9
Crawfordville, Florida USA

On my sister's and my 9th birthday, my family, friends,and I went to
Wakulla Springs. When we all got there, we went swimming while the
grown -ups set the picnic table up with cake and ice cream. Then we all
came back to the table.

My sister and I had to close our eyes while my aunt Debbie brought two bags
to the table. She then said,"Open your eyes girls." We opened our eyes and
saw a bag with a puppy in it. We were so excited to see the puppies. Then my mom said,"No more swimming," so we all played with them. In a hour or so we
went home and made a place for them to sleep. So that is how we got our puppies.

P.S. Angel, my puppy, is a Sheltie, but Sunflower my sister Cassie's
puppy is a Yorkie.


Michael, Age 18
Belleville,Kansas USA

My dog once had a piece of meat in a chair hidden beside my mom
and she growled every time we tried to pet her and show her teeth.
I then tried to grab the meat while she was held by my mom and she got away
from my mom and bit me.

Phillip, Age 5
Upper Sackville, Nova Scotia, Canada

When I was a little baby, my Sheltie,JP, protected me from my Daddy.
Daddy was going to pick me up, but JP thought he was going to hurt me
so she growled and showed her teeth at him. Mommy had to tell JP that
it was okay for Daddy to pick me up.

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Katherine, Age 12
Richmon, British Columbia Canada

My Sisters and I desperately wanted a dog, but we weren't allowed
to get one so my parents said we could get a bird (whoop-de-do) so my dad
took us all out to look at an exotic bird. When we got to the supposed
bird breeder, there was a mother dog and her pups there. I was so happy
I almost cried.

Sarah, Age 7
Blairsville, Pennsylvania USA

The Pup
By Sarah M.

Once upon a time there was a dog named Eric. Eric didn't have a home.
At 3:00 he had a home.

He liked his new home, but they changed his name to John. Eric would
not come when he was called. The people decided to take him back. Eric was
a little bit happy and a little bit sad. He was a little bit happy because
he still had his name Eric. He was a little bit sad because the people
took him back.

Later, another family came and bought Eric. They took him home and
they didn't change his name at all.

The End.


Elsa, Age 9
Johor Bahru, Johor, Malaysia

Hi!! I have 2 pugs called Tomato and Potty. They are both very cute.
I bought Tomato first. When I bought Potty, we were like, omigod 2 dogs?!
When they got to meet each other, they were fighting!!! We were laughing
and laughing!


Ashley, Age 12
Buucyrus, Ohio USA

Hi. I have a Bischon Frise named Macy. She's 18 pounds and very smart.
Anyway, we only let our dogs in the front room and kitchen. Then the other
entrances are blocked off by gates. And the front room and kitchen
doesn't have carpet, it has wood floors. So whenever Macy gets really excited,
she likes to run around in circles back and forth.

One day, Macy was sooooo excited and she was running all around.
Well, her nails were a bit too long and she didn't know how to stop. So here's
a big white dog running right into a wall!! She fell over and stayed there
for a few seconds, but when we yelled "Macy!" she got back up, stuck her
long tongue out, and crawled into her bed. She didn't want to play anymore.


Abigail, Age 7
Danbury, Connecticut USA

Once upon a time, there was a dog named Ben.
And when I was a baby, he would always give me the ball.


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