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A Time To Remember


red ribbonBubba
by Maria, Age 8
Cranesville, PA

Bubba was an old dog. She was a collie mix.
She was smart.We had to give her away.



red ribbonMy Dachshund
By Fallon, Age 11
Litchfield Park, Arizona USA

When I lost my dog, he was only 5 years old.
He was a mini smooth black and tan Dachshund.
The way he died was by drowning in a pool.



red ribbonEvan
by Chelsea, age 14
Austin, Texas USA

The poem is about my Irish Setter.
She was the best. Evan-she has left us for such a long time.
I still see her in my dreams. She lived to be 17 years old.
She had died of a heat stroke. She also had arthritis, so it was best for her.
But I still miss her. She died when I was 4 years old and I am now 14,
so that makes it 11 years and I still miss her so much.
I will never forget her.

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red ribbonGone
Crystal, Age 12
Sunrise, Florida USA

never coming back,

a train without a track,

got lost near a highway,

if I could have it my way,

she'd be here in my arms,

eatin' lucky charms,

but it's too bad, too late,

my heart is in a crate,

trying to get past,

the memories that last,

but now I know they're priceless,
still here.


red ribbonThis Dog Named Dale
by Therese, Age 11
Mandaue Cebu Looc Philippines

I had this dog named Dale,
She was my first dog.
She was my best friend.
She always had to find a way
to lick my face in the morning.
She always would wake me up
so that I could give her everyday brushing.

I had a dog named Dale.
When I saw her, I became pale.
She was my best friend
From start to end.
Then as I've said she was the best until she died,
But I will never let her face disappear in my mind.
I love her...I wish I'd see her again.

She was given to me by my aunt.
She was a spotted dog, short,
cute, cuddly, and she loved
to be brushed every morning.

Dale...she was my dog.
She would chew on my bro's pog,
She plays, she runs,
But she hated guns.
She loved to hide,
But then she died.

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red ribbonMy Princess
by Therese, Age 11
Mandaue Cebu Looc Philippines

I had a dog named Princess. She was the prettiest dog I've ever seen.
She was brought to me by my dad.
Princess and I always had been together, but this did not last.
It was summer and by then, we were going to Manila for a vacation
so I had to leave Princess here. So I was gone for 4 months.
I always called to check on Princess.
So it was June and it was time to go home,
but when I got home my dog was gone.
She died because she was bitten by a scorpion this is a true story.



red ribbonNicky
by Katie
Chicago, Illinois USA

Nicky was the best dog ever.
He always seemed to know when I was feeling sad,
and he would come over and help me feel better.
He was truly my best friend and I miss him so much.
I love you forever, Nicky.

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red ribbonSooner, the Best Dog in the World
by Sarah, Age 11
Nashua,New Hampshire,USA

Soonner was the best dog ever.
When you wanted to play, he was ready to play.
My brother and I played baseball so we would play in the front yard.
When we took a hit, he would run to get it for us. Soonner was 13
when he died, which is old for a dog. When my mom went to feed him,
she saw he had died in his favorite spot, under the bushes.
In honor of his memory,
we put his collar on the banister of the stairs.

When people ask about the collar, I say it was used
by the best dog in the world.
Soonner, I love you very much. I miss you.

Soonner my buddy,
Soonner my pal.
I'll love you forever more.
I'll love you in the morning, the evening,
and underneath the moon.

Your Buddy, Pal, and Best Friend,



red ribbonIn Memory of...
by Katie,Age 8

Millstone, the mix, who always protected me.



red ribbonLinden's Thoughts
by Linden, Age 11
Freeport, Maine USA

There have been many dogs that I have passed
that are starving and roam around. Many have died.
I hope that there are some people in this polluted and destroyed world
that would care about a lost dog.

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red ribbonThe Love Of One Dog
By Nicole, Age 12
Princeton, Minnesota USA

Hi, my name is Nicole.
Let me tell you an incredible adventure of Trusty.

It all started out when my dog Trusty and I went for a walk.
"Hi Katie, do you want to come with me and Trusty for a walk?"
"No, I can't. I have to go babysitting."
"Oh, well, remember to lock your dog up or he'll attack Trusty"
"Alright Nicole, see you later."

So Trusty and I went on with our walk. On our way back from our walk,
we came across Katie's house. Well, when I stopped to see if Katie's mom
was home, their dog Sam attacked me. He bit me 7 times
and made me bleed badly. When Trusty saw Sam biting me,
she attacked him and killed him.
But during the fight, Trusty had been bit worst than I was
and she ended up dying.
I went to the hospital and had just found out she died.

Now I have replaced Trusty with a new dog also named Trusty.
I'd like to remember this book in honor of my dog Trusty.



red ribbonLady
by Jaimee, age 13
Dauphin, Manitoba, Canada

I had a Golden Retriever named Lady,
She was very sweet and loving.
She died.

Now I have a new dog named Cookie,
who has a different personality,
but I love her the same.
I will never forget Lady.

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 red ribbonMy Panda
by Greg, Age 8
Oregon USA

I lost my favorite dog, Panda,
one night. We couldn't find
my dog, Panda, until somebody
called us and said, "I found
your dog on the road."

 red ribbonMandy and Wooley
by Danielle, Age 10
Denver, Colorado

My dogs were
Mandy and Wooley.
They were very funny
and nice and gentle dogs,
except for Wooley.
He growled a lot.

Now that's my poem
and I have nothing
more to say.


red ribbonMidnight
Hannah, Age 11
St. Petersburg, Florida USA

I had a dog named Midnight, he was so cute.We got him from a friend.

He loved eating ice cubes and would always sleep on on the carpet
on the side of my bed. My dad said to me one day that we would have to
give him away because he would shed too much.
I told him I would take care of him and he said ok.

I was small. I couldn't take good care of him
like my dad could. All I could do was feed him, and play with him.
My dad could play with him, feed him, and groom him, and take care of
the bathing and the walking. My mother wasn't very fond of him.

One day he was in the car and we were bringing him to the pet shop.
And when I went to visit him ,they said he was gone.

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red ribbonMilo
by Megan, Age 10
Plainfield, CT USA

I had a dog named Milo. He was a beagle.
He was white and brown.
He did not have one speck of black on him.
Milo had a big brown spot on his head.
It was a perfect circle.
Milo died about 4 years ago, but he is still in my heart.
He was the perfect pet.

I love you Milo.

Every one picked on him because the way he looked and how he barked.
It made me sad because everyone was on my bus.
He never bit me once. He was sweet.

I love you Milo.

He was afraid of the dark. Milo slept with me every night.
He was smart, but everyone thought he was dumb.

I love you Milo.

Milo died by a truck hitting him and it broke his back.
He followed my bro's friend because my bro let his friend borrow
the jacket so Milo thought that the person was my bro.
Milo will always be in my heart.

I love you Milo.


  red ribbon Jessica's Special Dogs
by Jessica, Age 9
Brampton, Ontario Canada

I had 2 dogs,
They were cute and sweet,
I always gave them a special treat.

They were very nice to me,
But this was the way things were to be.

We had to get rid of my favorite dogs,
And when we did I sat down to cry,
But I was lucky that they did not die.

My first dog was a Chihuahua. His name was Twinkie and I loved him so much.
He was a short-haired Chihuahua. I always carried him and played with him.
He used to sit on a pink soft chair that belonged to me and my sister Krystal.
My 2nd dog was a Rottweiler. His name was Thunder. I loved him a lot too,
just like Twinkie. Whenever my dad used to pretend that he was attacking me,
Thunder would always jump up at my dad and save me. We had him when he
was a puppy to a grown-up dog. I loved him. I played with him so much.
I played with him every day! I loved Twinkie and Thunder.

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Memories of Sugar
by Courtney, Age 10
Plainfield, Connecticut USA

I used to have a dog named Sugar. She was a White Schnauzer.
She slept with me every night. When I was down, she made me happy.
We would swing on the swings together and everything.
Oh yeah, she even went on tubes with me in the pool.
I love Sugar and she will always stay in my heart. I love you Sugar.

Sugar was a Schnauzer. She was all white.
Sugar had a good heart and would always play with me.
She made me fall asleep easy because she slept with me every night.

One day, she ran away. She was only one, but something went wrong.
I went to go find her but I could not find her.
I looked everywhere. She was not there.
Then My sister found her there. She got ran over.
I well always remember her in my heart.

I love you Sugar.

As Sugar left me, my heart sunk.
Baby photos of her are so sweet.
Courtney is my name. She loved me so.
Dog she was, but she was like a sister.
Even though she was a dog, she could do everything with me.
Friend, nice to have around.
Girl, she was on my side.
Heart sunk when she left, so she will be always
There in my Heart.

I love you, Sugar.


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by Melissa, Age 10
Derry, New Hampshire USA

My dog Maggie was a collie.
She lived in my room and slept with me at night.

Maggie was a special dog,
The kind that senses what you think,
When you're sad or when you're lonely,
she'll cheer you with a lick.

She was so sweet,
So good,
So tender,
That when she died,
I thought the tears would never stop flowing.

Maggie I love you,
And I'll never forget that a few breaths before you died,
You licked me on the cheek.


Becca Remembers
by Becca, Age 10

I lost my dog at 7 years old. Now I am 10.
We had to gave him away because my mom just had 2 babies.


Our Precious GiGi
by Tracey, Age 15
Goldsboro, North Carolina USA

Our precious GiGi was such a gift from God.
She would curl up by your side and just want to be close, not caring
what kind of clothes you wore or what kind of job you had or what kind
of house you lived in. She was there for me everyday of my life
listening to all of my stories whether happy or sad.

She would always come into my room to make sure I was home safely.
She loved to run on the beach and play with her toy "Tweetie".
She had the eyes and heart of an angel and we just hope that GiGi
knows that she was the light of our life and that we will miss her dearly.

GiGi thank you for being our guardian angel and for being that
unconditionally giving creature that will be loved eternally by us all.
We miss you so much that our hearts are hurting and our stomachs feel like
they are hollow. We are sorry that your health had to fade in those last
few years, but we hope you know that we tried all that we and the doctors
knew to do for you, but we knew it was your time to go to Heaven.

We hope that you are rolling in the green grass and still playing
with "Tweetie" in Heaven. We can't wait to see you again. Until we do,
we can promise you that you will be loved and cherished forever.




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