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A Time to Remember


To My Beloved Pet Toby
by Nick, Age 16
California USA

I know you are with me in my heart and mind and dreams but I will always know that you are standing right beside me and watching over me. I miss you, Toby and I love you. Be good up there in the big blue skies.

by Rebecca, Age 13
England, Northamptonshire

I had a dog once called Hector. He was the best dog in the world! My Mum and Dad had him before I was born. I was out walking with him one day when it happened. He was 15. Hector jumped over but fell. My mum and I took him to the vets. They said that he had slipped a disc in his back and gave us some medication. It was so sad. We had to have him put down. It was so sad because I had known him all my life! I miss him so. Now he's in a better place with no pain and that's what I say to myself every time I begin to cry over him.

by Luis, Age 13

I had a dog named Cat (:p), a while ago. I had just gotten her a few months before. One day, I was outside playing with my other dogs, and she was in her dog house. I called out for her to wake up, but she didn't raise her head. She had died in her sleep. We never found out why it happened either. That's what kills me inside the most.


by Tanya, Age 13

To my dog Buffy:
She was such a sweet dog, she played with me all the time. But one day, one of my dad's workers took Buffy with him without me knowing. He came back and told me Buffy had died. I cried for days and days. I was so sad when she died.

by Christine, Age 14
California USA

Mikey, I think, was the one who taught me. He was a purebred White Jindo, which is a Korean Dog. I got him when I was 10 and I was really very surprised because my dad always said that: dogs were troublesome, you won't take care of it right, I'll have to do all the work. Sometimes, it wasn't my fault. I wasn't even at home but I think that my dad really enjoyed taking care of Mikey. He died two years later. I shall never forget him. We had such good memories, too.

I remember that I used to train him with peanut butter. Of course it's fatty, but hey, a half spoon once in 2 days, isn't all that bad. I miss him still... my heart still aches for him. My other puppy, Dukey, who is a mutt: Golden Retriever, Labrador Retriever, and a Jindo, missed him very much. It was as if they were big brothers and Dukey's big brother and my best friend had just left us. Dukey takes care of that little spot in my heart, but... I still miss him. I shall never forget him... never... nor Dukey, too.


My Dog Pal
by Christa, Age 8
Texas USA

My dog Pal was my friend. Until I accidentally left him outside. ╩When we came home, we saw that he was not in his bed. ╩We searched and searched and my dad finally found him on the road next to our house. ╩We buried him in our backyard at 1:00 a.m. My mom and my sister cried, but I just sat there sad. I will really miss Pal and everytime I look in the backyard where we buried him, I almost start to cry. ╩I almost cry when we look at pictures of him too. I really love my dog, Pal


by Meisha, Age 15

I loved Beakey and Chase. They were grand old pals. One day when we went to SDCity. The next day, my cat was gone. I called her, this was sometime in October and Chase died of parvo virus. I'll miss you and love ya forever.

by Megan, Age 14
Utah USA

When I was 2 I got my dog she barked a lot. She loves me the most and would kiss me in the morning . She would come into my room and wake me for school. When I was 5, we had to move. We gave her to my grandma. They said she had cancer and I was sad. When I went to see her 3 years later, she jumped on top of me and gave me a kiss. That's when I realized I would miss her. The next day I heard she was dead and I really was happy that I had received a kiss. I will remember her for the kisses she gave. Oh, Barly, I love you and I wish I could give you a kiss.


by Christa, Age 8
Texas USA

My dog, Pal, was my friend. Until I accidentally left him outside. ╩When we came home, we saw that he was not in his bed. ╩We searched and searched and my dad finally found him on the road next to our house. ╩We buried him in our backyard at 1:00 a.m. My mom and my sister cried, but I just sat there, sad. I will really miss Pal and every time I look in the backyard where we buried him, I almost start to cry. ╩I almost cry when we look at pictures of him too. I really love my dog, Pal.

by Chloe, Age 11
Massachusetts USA

My dog, Spirit, was my very best friend. In the winter we would always go on top of a snow bank and run down just as if he knew we were playing tag. He was my first dog in the whole world and he wasn't going to die that soon. He was only 6 years old. That is 42 in dog years. We had 2 dogs, but now one, and he died of cancer. He was second the BEST DOG IN THE WHOLE WORLD. I miss him so much I wish he was here. I cried so so so much. I say, "Bye now," to my dog.


by Shanon, Age 16
New Jersey USA

My dog, Spike, was a Mutt. We called him Spike because he had Spikes on his back. I got him for my 7th birthday. He died a year later.

by Mara, Age 13

I used to have a Dachshund. She was cute, small, and brown in color. She was very loyal to me and I loved him so much and my mom did, too. She cried when Daffy died until now I still have her picture in my bedroom and I love her so much.


by April, Age 15
California USA

I remember when me and my dog used to play! It seemed like he would never leave me . My dog's name was Rossco. He was a Rott. It all happened so fast. He was only two years old. I still cant believe it ! Well, RIP ROSSCO !!!!!:)


by Alice, Age 13
New York USA

The day we saw you, you were so sweet.
You up the bed and pass our feet.
A day with you is worth a million dollars.
You never had any collars.
When you were given away my heart fell apart.
I hope you don't die. Or maybe you are.
I MISS YOU!!! :(


My Best Friend
by Emma, Age 13
New Brunswick, Canada

My best friend in the whole wide world was as loyal as they come. He never told my secrets and would never interrupt. He loved me and was always there no matter what went wrong. And when I was sad or lonely, I always turned to him. My best friend in the whole wide world was my dog, Jasper.

by Samantha, Age 10
Illinois USA

I had a dog named Mack. He was my first dog. He died when he was 15. I cried all night.


by Daniella, Age 13
Florida USA

I had a wonderful dog named Lassie. It was a German Shepherd. It was a beautiful sweet dog. But one day, Lassie ran away. I cried all night. I would do anything just to make his life happy. Lassie came back. I was so happy. We hugged so much that I fell over. That day I felt special because I had some one special! But he died! I was sad.

by Maile, Age 14
Maryland USA

It seems as if it were yesterday when I was a year old and my mom came walking through the door with a beautiful tricolor collie! She was named Nina was the best dog I ever had! She was perfect, everything about her! I grew up with her each and every day of my life. Never could I dream a day would go by and she wouldn't be there to greet me when I got home from school or to play our own made up games outside! She knew secrets that nobody else does, for I knew she would keep them safe.

We shared our dreams and even our bed. She had a place in her heart for everybody. Nina would love you even though she had never met you. She really helped me get through some troubled times. Especially when I was diagnosed with my disease at the age of 6. Every day was harder and harder, but Nina was there to cheer me up. I know there was a special spot saved for her in heaven, she earned it! I love her dearly and won't forget her for a minute! Nina you are truly missed by everyone. I! love you!


by Carleigh, Age 12

Jasmine was a great dog. She'd always bark at the postman on his motor bike or when my friend, Darla, used to come over. She always hated Darla. We don't really know why. Then one day, she stopped barking at the postman and at Darla. My family got all worried. There was something up. So we took her to the vet. They said she was sick and we had to put her down. We'll always remember her. Darla rest in peace.

by Ive, Age 14
Connecticut USA

Cinder was my pretty Toy Poodle puppy who we lost when she was only 1. I miss her so much. She always loved to go near the road but every time she did I would catch her in time. I guess this day I wasn't watching her. Little Cinder died that night. I cried myself to sleep. It's been a year now and I still cry and I have a new doggie, Titi, but she'll never replace Cinder. Cinder if you're reading this, I love you and will always miss you.


by Anthony, Age 18
Illinois USA

My Afghan Hound, Rahgee, I miss you a lot. He passed away to the other world. Wait for me. I know he will be there waiting for me with God. God is keeping him safe for me. I will meet you soon, Rahgee. PS Please don't get mad at me - I have another Afghan named Rahgee Two.

by Erin, Age 9
New Jersey USA

Before I was born my parents got a dog - a yellow Labrador Retriever. They called him Mac. I did not pay a lot of attention to Mac. On February 1, 2001 Mac died of a bad sickness. His brother, Saber, is so sad but we will remember Mac is always with us. Everywhere I go your spirit will never fade. We don't know how Mac died, but we do know that he's always with us...You're always in our heart...We Love You Mac.


by Jami, Age 13
New York USA

It was the day before Easter when we realized Brandy wouldn't last long. He was 15, 3 years older than a Cocker Spaniel was supposed to live. We knew the vet couldn't do anything, and decided to not put him down, we felt he needed to be with us when he died. The day after Easter, though, he was still sick and suffering. It was a hard decision to let him go, but we had to. I'll always remember him, even if he isn't with me anymore.

Erica, Age 12
Florida USA

February 2000 was the day I got Dutchess. She was only 10 weeks old. And then, a year later, on March 21, 2001, me and my family had to give her away and it was really sad. I cried and cried I will love her forever. I love you Dutchie...


Jazz, Age 14

Boofa was my family's dog. I didn't like him much, because he bit me once. I realized the other day that he bit me because I was swinging too high on my swing. Well, I miss him, and I never even got to say good-bye, as he had to be put down because he was very old, and he went blind all of a sudden. I miss him now, and I didn't realize I was his favorite one in the family until his last day.

Nicole, Age 13

Hi, my name is Nicole. On February 15, the day after Valentine's Day, my dog Tippy got put down. It was then I realized I was no longer going to see her every morning or take her for walks throughout the park. But it really hurts when a dog that is your best friend gets put down. But all I have to say to her is I love you and Tippy wherever you are, stay there because I'll find you someday.


Emily, Age 16
Scotland, United Kingdom

We used to have a beautiful (if a little fat) King Charles Spaniel named Toby. A few months ago we found out that he had a enlarged heart and he got really sick. He died a few days before we went on holiday and we were all really upset. A wee while later, when we came back from holiday, we adopted a gorgeous puppy named Dodger. He won't fill the space that Toby left but he helps to make us laugh... We love you Toby.

From Jenn
by Jenn, Age 9
Connecticut USA

I didn't lose a dog, but I lost my 1 year old cat. He has a gray spot on his forehead but the rest of his body is all white. He's been lost since August. I know this is along time but I need a miracle in my life and this is my chance because I loved that cat and didn't want anything to happen to him. Hope somebody finds him. Thanks, Jenn


Daisy Mae
by Laurie, Age 17
Louisiana USA

I once had this dog named "Daisy Mae". She died last year. I miss her so much. I used to do lots of fun things with her. I blame myself for her death. I still wish till this day that I could turn back the hands in time and get her back. I would give up everything just to have her back.

"In Loving Memory of Daisy Mae."
"1984-1999" We miss you a lot and love you.

by Susan, Age 12
Michigan USA

Daisy, my dog, Daisy, was only eight years old when she died. I hope she is happy where she is now. She was my absolute best friend. July 22, 1999, is the date she died, and every year on that same day I am going to have something like a memorial party, only there won't be happy people singing and dancing. I am going to watch Happy Gilmore first, while eating a Famous Egg Sandwich, then I will play the song, Invincible by Five. Every time I hear that song, it reminds me of my poor mutt, Daisy.


by Lorna, Age 13
Alberta, Canada

My dog was named Judd. He was loyal, kind, brave, and strong. One day he got cancer and we tried everything we could to make him live. Now we have his ashes in our living room. He was very good. I remember one time when we used to play fetch and run in the river. I miss him so much! But he will always remain in my family's hearts and especially mine!

by Anonymous, Age 10
Washington USA

We have had many dogs. One now, but we had a puppy called Chester, he was the love of my life. I don't want to talk about when he left us, but I always will love him in my heart.


by Heather, Age 13
California USA

I lost my dog last year! It was Christmas time. Her name was Bailey and she was a small dog, an American Eskimo, and she was white and fluffy. She was being babysat by my aunt and then she got out through a hole in the fence. I will never forget that darling face. She was the cutest dog on the block! :(

My Dog
by Kathryn, Age 9
Oregon USA

My dog was a very good dog I miss her a lot. I remember when we went to the park. It was fun. We would play forever.


Shanny And Me
by Keri, Age 9
Texas USA

Shanny was a good dog. She was always sweet. That moment had to come where she had to go. We will miss you, Shanny, wherever we go. You were good. Our love will always be together. You are with me in my heart and not right beside me. Our friendship, love, and happiness will always be there.

Shanny and me forever in peace. Why did you die, Shanny, why, why, why? For the love we had will always be with me. You are up in heaven watching over me , but you are in my heart forever - peace!!

Shanny and me!
Shanny and me in both of our hearts,
for you and me!
Shanny and me!
For it is Shanny and me!

by Sarah, age 3
Michigan USA

I named my puppy Peek-A-Boo and she ran away and I was sad. My sissy helped me write this.


by Hannah, age 10
New Mexico USA

Bubba was 14 years old when he went away from my life. It was almost my birthday. It was December 8, 2000. We had taken him to the vet and he said we had to put him down. Luckily, he died that morning, and we didn't have to put him down. His brother, Willy was right beside him.

I have his face in a picture frame in my room now. I really miss him! I still cry when I think about him. He was with my parents before I was even born! I'm glad he died. He was in a lot of pain. I sometimes look at his picture and ask him to help me get through this pain. And he does! He lets me know that he is still in my heart, no matter what.

I miss you, Bubba!

by Lindsay, Age 12
New Jersey USA

I had a dog that was a girl dog named Mackenzie. She was a Pembroke Welsh Corgi. She was about 4 or 3 years old and died from cancer. I'll always miss my dog. But I have a boy dog, the same type, but he's not as good as the girl dog.


by Molly, Age 10
New York USA

It was a few days before my birthday. I had really wanted a dog. Me and my dad looked everywhere, but then I saw him, the perfect dog. We got him and named him Duke after a college. He started getting sick. The vet kept him for a few days. Me and my parents knew he was not going to survive. They got me a cat for my birthday because duke's disease meant that if any other dog came to our house that the dog would get the disease. I was very upset because I only had Duke for 24 hours, then he died, and he was only 9 weeks old. This story is in memory of the greatest dog named Duke.

by Tj, Age 15

That day was the worst day of the year. He took my heart away. I just was playing with my dog. I threw the ball over the fence by accident. He ran to get it because that is what I told him to do. And then all I heard was a bark and a growl and that was it. So long, old friend.


by Siobhan, Age 13
Perth, Western Australia

Once I had a dog, his name was Max. He was no ordinary dog, he was more, he was like us. He would sit at the table and eat meals with us talk (in a doggy way). He was always happy, too. Whenever I felt a bit down about things he would come and put his head in my lap. He was the best dog I could ever dream of.

Max, my darling boy. I know you can hear me. I am sending you a memory of all the things we have done together, like going to the park, dog shows, and shops. I miss you, darling. I love you too much. You're the only thing I think of now.
Rest well baby.

by Amanda, Age 12
Michigan USA

Lady was my best friend. One weekend she became gravely ill and she wouldn't take her pill. We went to bed like usual. I stared into her big brown eyes. We fell asleep, but only one of us awoke.

To Lady,
Someday we will meet again!!!


by Larysa, Age 13
Michigan USA

Cuddles was very smart,
And she also had my heart.
Even though she was skinny and big,
No one ever called her a really fat pig.

Cuddles loved to play,
And when I'd come over I'd say Hey.
Cuddles was super nice,
And she loved to play with Stanley
'Catch the fake mice'.

She loved the water on a hot day
with lots of ice,
And would go outside for fresh air
more than twice.

Cuddles used to bark at people or things
that walked by,
And for every person or thing
she would say Hi.

She used to play against the fence
with a dog next door,
And would love to see him a whole lot more.
Cuddles loved to protect people she knew,
Although she did growl but was not cruel.

I feel sorry that she had to go,
But I will always love her so.
It was the best for her to be put to sleep,
So Cuddles won't have to feel the pain
and for her to weep.
Although I didn't get to say Good- Bye.
I will always remember her by her smile and style.

The Beaches
by Jeffey

Barky and I would walk on the beach, together alone. Then a wave came up and Barky didn't come home. I miss him.
I love you Barky.


A Death Too Sad
by Heidi, Age 15

I sometimes wonder throughout my life,
why does losing a dog cut like a knife?
Is it there face at the end of the day,
gazing into yours eyes with their own special way.
Or maybe their tails wagging without end
wiping sadness from our lives all the problems they mend.

Is it their head against your thigh,
nuzzling you deeply when your ready to cry.
Maybe it's how they never break your heart,
and are faithful always, until their lives must part.
They leave us without hat, sadness, or fear,
one last deep breath is all you shall hear.

That breath will carry all of their love
to stay with you always from the sky above.
So my friends you'll be sad when your friends must leave
and nothings more natural to morn and to grieve.
But think of their love, no more sadness a smile,
that they could be with us a little while.

Sara and Lucia
by Mandy, Age 15
Louisiana USA

Sara and Luci were often goofy,
But now no one knows how they are,
Because of some man had to take them far,
He burnt our house and took them away,
And till this day, We have no idea where they are.
In memory of Sara and Luci


My Special Dog
by Evelyn, Age 15
New York USA

My dog is very special. I had her since I was not even one years old and I was placed into care because of my behaviors at home and up to recently I was able to go home and see my family and moo~moo where is my dog? And in October she passed away. I will never forget all the memories we had shared because there will not be another dog that is ever going to replace the 15 years that we had shared together and I won't ever replace them with another dog.

by Rachel, Age 13
Delaware USA

I had a dog named Lucy, but she died in a blink of an eye. I have a message for all who have a sweet loving dog. They will die way too soon. Their life is so short. I have 2 adorable dogs, and after experiencing Lucy's death, I'm scared to death of losing Petie and Zack. Prepare to cry, for it will hurt more than anything.

Tamara, Age 13
California USA

You were once so bright and young,
Frisking around the garden,
But years go by we all grow up,
You grow old, but I'm still young,
Why can't you live forever?
Why can't I be with you now,
You'll always be with me Sophie,
From now to Forever, Still now your gone,
You've passed away,
I'll miss you Sophie,
The way you'd run to me, the way you'd whine
and the way you'd be so obedient to me,
You'll be in my heart forever.

Vivian's Thoughts
by Vivian, Age 13

Like many stories on here, my dog was in the family before I was. And it is first hard to believe that something that you had yesterday isn't there anymore. I look to my heart in search of comfort, but my pain is hard to ease. I miss my dog, and I know she misses me too. We decided to put her to sleep, but it is so hard to figure out if you are doing the right thing but in the outcome you are. It's hard to say Good-bye sometimes, and it's easier to say with a smile, but that isn't enough sometimes.


by Joe, age 13
California USA

He was big, he was white and had the prettiest eyes ever, they were blue. And one day he ran off. I wonder if he is in dog heaven or just out there all alone. His name was Buddy .


by Samantha, Age 10
New York USA

Ranger is about 7 years old,
he is very sweet as I well know.
He is not old but he might die,
just like my other dog who had a tumor in her eye.
He might have a brain tumor and I hope not.
If that is true I will want him to know
he is always in my heart.

by Shi Hu, Age 15

My Dog, Daisy, passed away on 1st Dec. She's been run over by a car. My dog is a Jack Russell Terrier-very intelligent and always lick me and jump onto me. I really love her a lot...I will miss her. I had her since 1993. She's the best dog ever in the whole world. Whenever I'm sad, I will sit with her. She always makes me smile and make me happy. She's the best thing that had happened to me. I Love You, Dai. forever..All Dogs Go to Heaven..(I hope so)


My Dog
by April, Age 13
Michigan USA

I got my dog when he was 6 weeks old and every year on his birthday I would make him a cake made of his favorite kind of dog food. Then all of a sudden he disappeared. He was 2 and a half and his next birthday is on May 18. So I will still make his cake, but instead of him blowing out his own candles, I will have to. He disappeared about 3 months ago and I still have not gotten over it. I still cry myself to sleep every night.

by John, Age 13

My dog was cool. Now it brings a chill to my spine when I think of the day he died.


by Allyson, Age 14
British Columbia, Canada

About 3 years ago we had an adorable German Shepherd named Trouper. He did over 16 tricks and had one brown eye and the other blue. He was very dear to us because once he had saved my 1 year old brother from drowning at the lake. Trouper liked to go and hunt deer with my father. I cry even now, as we all mourn his death.

by Sarah, Age 15

I had the most beautiful dog in the world. His name was Toby, and I know God wanted us to have him. He died when he was 12 due to cancer. He was a Kelpie mix from the RSPCA and in his old age we had especially grown close. I cry every night for him and I hope he is in heaven, or somewhere else nice. I miss him so much, I don't think any other dog could replace him as he was part of our family for 12 years.

Jack, Age 13
Alabama USA

I only had him for 2 days and he broke the gate and ran away! We are still looking for him, but I doubt that he will turn up. He was a Golden Retriever and a very pretty dog! I miss him so much and I pray everyday that he will turn up. My dad keeps telling me that I should have faith, but it's still hard! Red, wherever you are, I love you and I hope you turn up!!


Deirdre, Age 14

 My dog ran away a while ago. Her name is Bo. She is only a pup. Her birthday is in a few days. I feel so bad. I get sadder as the days grow. I would feel better if I knew where she was, but I don't. Every night I have a dream about my little cute Border Collie. This all makes me cry. I think almost every second that she will come home. The chances are very slim. I hope somebody has her. I will always love her and she will always be mine.

by Linda, Age 16

This summer my beloved Tibetan Mastiff girl, Shiba, passed away. I though the world was going under! She was only four years old! Shiba was my first dog and she made me get interested and active in the breed. We also taught each other how to become a winner in the show ring and at the time of Shiba's death she had become Swedish and Norwegian Champion, Norwegian Winner 1998, Swedish Winner 1999 and collected many BOB's.

When Shiba wasn't a winner in the ring, she loved being loved and getting attention. She always loved getting a cuddle. Believe me or not, but Shiba was the best dog that ever has lived and she will ALWAYS be in my mind. Thank you, Shiba, for the marvelous four years we had together!


by Shayla, Age 13
Oklahoma USA

This is to my dog, Totem. The best dog in the whole world. I loved you very much and still love. I am looking forward to seeing you again some time. So I I'll see you around the bin.

PS I still cry. I love you!

My Sweet Angel
by H
eidi, Age 15

One day, just before Christmas, my cousins came to stay, so I didn't get to see my most loved and treasured Cavalier Pixie very much. The one afternoon I went outside to see her and she was having a fit. I called for my dad who is a vet (Dr. Harry) and he gave her some medicine which stopped the convulsion, but sent her into a deep sleep. I sat beside her kennel and watched her sleeping, he breaths came hard and long, I sat waiting for the second when her heart would stop. Just as I left to go and eat something Mum came and told me she was on her last, I raced down as quick as I could, but she had died.

I cried with more pain than I could imagine. I felt alone and helpless, even though of humans, Pixie was my best friend, and we did everything together, shared picnics at the creek and took walks together. She also was on my dad's book and she loved him a lot. Dad told me she died from a brain tumor, and I felt angry towards that. I buried her with a special cross, and I still wish there was some way I could bring her back just so I could see her warm face and the way she looked at me, those soft brown eyes, so I could stroke her soft fur and hold her close to my face, just to feel the strength that I felt again when she was with me and I was hugging her.

So many tears, none can bring her back, but they aren't wasted. I have become peace about her death, but a dogs love means so much and to cry as much has I have surely marks this. I will love you forever 'windkiss pixie angel' I hope your place in heaven is happy and you are dancing on the clouds and licking God's cheek just as you did mine. I will see you up there one day sweetheart, that is my true wish and I'm sure you will be happy with your friends, Rosey and Ebony to play with you, too. Take care of them my sweetest little angel. Bye. Heidi.


by Julia, Age 18
Utah USA

Pasha, I will always love you. You brought so much to my life and you taught me so many wonderful lessons about myself and about dogs. You were my first love and even after all this time, I still miss you every day. I wish I hadn't gone down that road that night, it was the worst mistake of my life, can you ever forgive me? Can I ever forgive myself? I am so sorry. I did everything I could think of to do for you, but in the end it wasn't enough. I will always love you and be grateful for the time that you were with me. Good-bye Pash.

by Jessie, Age 11
New Jersey USA

Beauty, no other dog can replace your smartness, your twinkling eyes, your cute games of hide and seek. They can't replace your listening ears and smiling face. I wish you were here. Every night I would sneak outside and sleep and cuddle with you under the pink covers even though I always got sent back. You listened to my problems and whined sympathetically when I cried. It's been 4 years but I still love you. And I hope you will always know that. You were a beautiful dog even as a pup. That's how you got your name.

by Sarah, Age 13
Michigan USA

My dog, Sheena, was 11 when she died. One night my family was watching TV, and Sheena was sitting across the room from us, just relaxing. All of a sudden she became ill. We took her to the vet immediately, but there was nothing they could do for her. The vet put her to sleep so she wouldn't have to suffer. That was 6 years ago. I've gotten over her death, but I still miss her.


by Sarah, Age 13
Oklahoma USA

I one had a dog. His name was Tattoo. The person who had him before me named him that because he was a little Beagle who was all tan, but he wasn't long and he had a little black spot on the back of his leg. She gave him to me when he was only 6 weeks old. I loved him and thought that I would have him forever and the moment I saw him I fell in love with him!

When I took him home, my dad didn't really like him. He didn't like dogs. I can't believe that he let me keep him. He slept with me and I knew that he loved me. It's been 2 months since he died, and I still cry!

by Nicole, Age 14

When I was born, I met you! And you became my best friend. I never thought you would leave me...but on February 15th,2000 you died! You were 13 years old! I sat up in my room crying every day and night wishing you would come back. But a few months passed and I noticed you would never be coming back. I hated saying good-bye, but you'll always remain in my life as my best friend and companion!

I love you Tippy and always will! Rest in peace.


by Jess, Age 13
California USA

My baby dog, Smokey, died October 30, 2000. He was only 9, but he was a big dog, so they tend to not live as long. He had a stomach problem all of a sudden and we took him to the vet, but he didn't make it. Every time I left him (for bed, or school, or a trip) I'd tell him "I love you forever." And if I was going to be gone awhile, I'd tell him "I love you forever, I'll like you for always, as long as I'm living, my baby you'll be." So baby, I'll see you someday, and I love you forever.

by Brock, Age 12
Wisconsin USA

My dog's name was Sydney. He was the most gentle and kind dog in the whole world. Everybody in the neighborhood thought he was the best, too. He pulled us on the sled in the winter and played fetch till he couldn't any more. I will miss him so much.


by Kristina
New York USA

I loved my dog because he brought his loving personality to life and shared that precious gift with us. He was kind, gentle and a real cuddler. His sudden death on November 1st, 2000 has left me feeling sad, but his memories are very dear to my heart. I'm sorry I never got to say good-bye to you...but I will never forget you. MacBeth will be much missed and he surely was loved by everyone. All dogs go to Heaven..I promise.

My Dog
by Ash, Age 5

My dog was run over this year. She was only 6 months old and I loved her very very much. I cried for a long time when Mummy and Daddy told me. I still miss her and I still like to remember all the fun things we did together.


by April, Age 13
Virginia USA

I have lost my dog named Nova. We had to put her to sleep on September 23, 2000. I loved that dog because it was in the family before I was and it was very cuddly.

My Friend
by Carly, Age 14
Maryland USA

I knew my dog was going to die soon. Before I left for school, I said good-bye and she looked sad, so I kissed her good-bye. That was the last time I saw her.

My best friend, my partner, my puppy, my dog.
She lived to age thirteen.


My Dog, Buddy
by Liz, Age 15
New Hampshire USA

My dog, Buddy, was the best dog in the world. He was always there to make a rainy day shiny. He always was ready to protect us against anything or anyone. He was 12 1/2 years old, and he was the best friend I've ever had.

My family told stories about when he was little, and how great of a dog he was. Thanks Buddy.

by Rachel, Age 14
Washington USA

My dog, Shadow, was my favorite dog in the world! In 1999 he died. The reason was because he had a sickness. I was crying and crying till all day. I felt so terrible then, I realized I'll never ever forget her sweet smile when she all ways licked me. I'll always love Shadow - always, and always.


by Laura, Age 17
Arkansas USA

My dog's name was Prissy. She was part Collie and she looked like Lassie with short hair. I got her when I was only two. She hated for me to leave when I started school. She would chase the bus till she couldn't keep up anymore. I remember one time when she followed the bus all the way to school.

When I was twelve, she died in my mom's arms. She was and still is the most special dog in the world to me. Now she is my guardian angel, and she watches over me and my new dog, Lily. Lily is sweet, but she could never be Prissy. I'll love you always, girl. Love, Laura

by Fernando, Age 9
California USA

Iko, if you were still here, I would never cry almost every night. I really want to see you very very soon. It was the pig. One day you were eating food and the pig was fighting with you. It was an accedent though. My Dad and I always treated you every night. He also brought you hamburgers from Burger King, you always ate those. Then, one night, my Dad said you had died. I burst into tears right away. I wil never forget you, Iko!


by Doogie, Age 9
Georgia USA

I have a lot of dogs at my house. I love every single one! Let me tell you a story about my best friend. Not to long ago my dog, Sox, had puppies the day before Christmas Eve. We were gone, but when we came back we saw Sox with six helpless puppies, so we put them in the closet and Sox took good care of them.

When the puppies got big enough and could walk and eat, my big sister let some people she worked with come over to take some puppies. When they left we had three puppies left: Honey, Millie, and Curley-Sue was my favorite. We played until one day my friend came over I told her Curley-Sue is not here so we looked everywhere. When we were ready to give up Jerrica fell and saw him. He was dead. My best friend was gone. I watched my dad put him on the truck and drive away. I realized I had not lost my best friend. I've just come closer to her. She was a part of me, and that is something that no one can take away!

by Cassandra, Age 14
Victoria Australia

He was big, he was black. We all loved him lots. His name was Toby. He was very smart. Sometimes we thought he was reincarnated from a human, for he acted like a gentleman - he sat up right in the front seat, he got there before anyone else, showing off how clever he was. He always went to our friend's house looking for us, so they always had to bring him home. Now he's gone, we miss him lots and lots. Ijust wanted to say, we love you Toby!.


by Stephanie, Age 13
Florida USA

Is my dog okay? Is she dead? If she is, this is for you:
Rosie Rosie are you okay? I hope my little do is. Is there a dog heven? if not where are you ::Snif:: The End =(

by Rachel, Age 15
Delaware USA

This is not about my dog, but about my friend's dog named Oscar. He was a very cute dog. I'm sure he was a very sweet Basset Hound. But the schedule of their work days didn't do that much good for the dog, and the dog was mostly alone. So soon, the gave him away. I'm sure they were all sad or at least kind of sad, but I'm sure they missed him.



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