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What does your dog do at the vet's office?

My dog is very scared to go to the vet. He doesn't want to go in. I have to carry him. He barks at every dog and even bigger ones than him. Ada, age 17, Connecticut USA

My dog's name is Lilly. And when I take her to the vet office, she gets extremely nervous around the other big dogs. She'll act all hot and tough when they are outside, but when they come in she is scared stiff. Another funny thing she likes to do is when in the office and the doctor is checking her out, she will try and climb all over you as if you were a cat's post or something. But what makes it all good for her in the end is when she gets a treat for doing so well. And that's my dog Lilly. Gen, age 17, California USA

My dog gets a lot of care at the vet. One time I let go of her leash, she ran everywhere! My dog's name is Libby. She likes going to the vet. The vet takes good care of my dog. Laci 8 Missouri

I have two dogs and they both whine when they are taken to the vet's. Once Merlin even tried to bite the vet. Over all, Sheba is pretty calm thought. Stacy, age 14, Missouri USA

My dogs, Seirra and Barthok, go to the vet really calm and then when they get there they are really hyper and literally bounce off of the walls. Laura, age 11, Ohio USA

My Dolly jumps up on the counter and waits for someone to give her a treat! She looks like she is paying the bills! Mary Frances, age 10, Alabama USA

My dog, Bonnie, gets very scared at the vet's. She is scared of anyone besides her family. Once she was even scared of a stuffed lion at the vet's! Nicole, age 13, Washington USA

My dog Willis doesn't like the vet at all! He starts to cry when we take him! Kathryn, age 11, Michigan USA

My dog, Stella, usually gets a little nervous. She barks at some of the other dogs that come into the building. But that's only in the lobby. When she gets into the office, she starts to calm down because she knows that she is safe with the vet. Madeline, age 8, Oregon USA

My dog, Lacey, gets scared an really quiet! Tasha, age 10, Indiana USA

My dog is so crazy! She is only four years old and she is very smart. She hates the vet. I will tell her when we're going and she will hide under the bed! When we get their she goes nuts! But we calm her down by buying her a bone. Erin, age 10, N.S. Canada

My dog, Tahoe, shivers when he goes to the vet. He also gets excited when he sees other dogs! I love my dog. Ellen, age 11, Alabama USA

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My dog, Sugar Belle is s-o- cute at the vet's office.She loves every one there! You'd think she was a jumping bean, she gets so exited. Sugar Belle love the treats she is given, but her favorite part is the vet! Mary, age 9, North Carolina USA

My dog, Gator, is very energetic at the vet's. Once he jumped right up onto the check-in counter and licked the secretary's face! Kailey, age 12, Maryland USA

They don't mind but they would rather stay home and play outside with me! Allissa, age 10, Delaware USA

My dog shakes and I don't know why but she loves to ride in the car. Kayla, age 7, Texas USA

She just sits there patiently. Evan, age 7, Georgia USA

My dog gets so scared that he pees on the floor. It's very embarrassing. Natalie, age 10, Maryland USA

He's fine, but once he gets on the table sometimes he tries to get off, or he starts panting. Kellie, Age 12, Massachusetts USA

When my dog goes to the vet she is very calm. At first, she was scared out of her skin, but once she gets to know the vet she isn't scared (especially because he gives her treats). Benji, age 11, North America

My dogs get scared and put their tail between their legs and jump off the table. Allison, age 11, Illinois USA

She gets excited and starts licking me. Ashley, age 7

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My dog is kind and gentle to the vet. She will do anything to get a treat from the vet. Neysha, age 10, New Jersey USA

My dog, Sheena (a husky), likes the car ride but when we get there she puts her tail underneath her behind and puts her paws out and she shakes and whimpers and tries to get away! Megan, age 11, Michigan USA

She gets very scared. Grace, age 7

My dog, Chewy, goes right back to where she is supposed to. She loves it there. It's like a home away from home to her because she has been there so much! Tandy, age 11, Kansas USA

My Golden Retriever, Tex, always pulls really hard on his leash, and wags his tail so hard! After he comes back, the people always say was a good and pretty dog he is. Laura, age 12

Tennie likes the vet's office because the vet is really nice. Kate, age 13, Australia

My Puppy doesn't even know he's there because all he's thinking about is the fun he is going to have when we go home in the car! He loves going into the car and licking the windows,until they are spotless! Zorianny, age 12, Massachusetts USA

My dogs get scared and secretly let some of their presents drip. Then they both start trembling. L.J., age 12, Texas USA

He gets really scared and he tries to hide. He also starts to shake. But if another dog comes in he tries to "eat" it. Wallis, age 14, USA

My dog, Tillie, usually gets all exited if we tell her she's going for a car ride, but when she sees where we are taking her and she gets all nervous. Then we need to drag her into the office. My dog Moxie, on the other hand, absolutely hates the car and the vet as well. She hides under the chair at the office and sometimes (not very often) vomits on either the car floor or in the office. Katie, age 10, Minnesota USA

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She sometimes freaks out, but she usually never does anything when she's at the vet! Mindy, age 11, Kentucky USA

No, my dog hates going to the vet! Maija, age 12, Michigan USA

I have two mixed terriers. Their names are Sandy and Pepper. They are very strong and playful. Their favorite things to do are fetch the ball, eat snacks, run, play, and when I do flips on the pole while I hang they like me to throw the ball. Pepper's color of hair is light brown, dark brown, black and white. Sandy`s color of hair is black and brown. My dogs like to go to the vet`s because they like to get their shots so they can keep beautiful and healthy. Bridgette, age 11, California USA

My dog is all ways scared.But she likes to be around other dogs also! My dog's name is Amber, but I call her Angel. Amber is a Rat Terrier and loves to run! Kasey, age 8, Texas USA

My dog, Spot (Mutt), hates to go to the vet. The only thing he likes to do is eat human food, play around, and lay on my bed. He is really sneaky. On March 15, 2000 our backyard gate was open. While my mom let him out to play in the backyard he snuck out. As soon as I got home from school my mom told me he got loose. Then my brother, sister, and my dad started calling him. After five minutes I stepped in and started calling him. Spot came right to me, he even jumped in the car and wouldn't come out. Finally Spot followed me in the house.=) Dominique, age 9, New Jersey USA

Sassy gets very scared and lays down flat on the doctor's table. She stays that way until we go home even though the doctor is very kind to her and says she's beautiful. Sara, age 12, Illinois USA

They act sad when we leave, but they have fun walking and like the treats. Anonymous, age 9

My dogs whimper. Allie, age 9

My dog has never been to the vet before because the breeder we got her from said she doesn't need to go to the vet until she is six months old and she is only four months old now. Marissa, age 10, Nova Scotia, Canada

My dog, Nala, goes nuts. She hates the vet. She barks at everyone. Mared, age 8, California

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My dogs do not mind going to the vet at all, but sometimes they wish they were at home. Jessica, age 9

My dog, Roxy, is really scared when we go to the vet's. She starts to cry when she finds out where she is. Cassie, age 8, Alberta Canada

My dog licks the vet and doesn't mind going. I think the ride in the car makes up for it! Amy, age 13, New York USA

My dog loves getting in the car and he loves the vet so much he will lick the vet's face. Leila, age 8, West Columbia

When my dog goes to the vet she freaks out! Tess, age 13

Snooky, my dog, just whines until it's over. He also says hello to every dog that is waiting to get a check up. Anniem, age 9, Ohio USA

She does what we tell her to do. Sarah, age 8

My dog checks everything out, barks at all the other dogs,and whines a lot. She eats, sleeps, and waits for someone to come take her home. Lauren, age 10, Indiana USA

He plays with the other dogs and does not even know because he is a puppy, but as soon as he gets in the doctor's office he gets scared! Nicole, age 10, New Jersey

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My dog, Sophie (Boxer), gets all excited when she sees we are going in the car. When we get in the waiting room, she barks at the other dogs. Megan, age 10, California USA

My dog, Buddy, (Golden Retriever) likes the vet because we could walk there and we loves walks. Also he likes eating treats. He is not scared, too. Katherine, age 9, New Jersey USA

She heads right for the toys and she is scared sometimes when we go to the vet. Krystal, age 11, Indiana USA

My dog does not like going to the vet. When we take him there, we have to drag him in the car. After he is in the car he walks back and forward till we get there and then we have to drag him in the office. When it is his turn, he acts like a big sissy! But I think that once he gets done he feels ten times more relaxed. My dog is a boy. His name is Buster. He weighs 80 pounds. He is a mixed Golden Retriever and a German Shepherd. He loves kids! Amanda, age 11, Ohio USA

My dog, Jack (Jackson), loves the vet. He loves the dogs there. He doesn't mind shots. He won't even move when he gets a shot. It's like he enjoys it. He and the vet are good friends. Kaitlin, age 11, Texas USA

My dog doesn't mind going to the vet...even though she wishes they wouldn't bother he very busy schedule of lying around the house and getting fatter. The two reasons that she kind of likes the vet is that she loves the ride there, and likes seeing other dogs. Ashley, age 11, North Carolina USA

When we first got her, she got very scared. But now she wags her tail went she sees the vet (but not much). I sometimes don't even get to go! Chelsea, age 9, Wyoming USA

I have two dogs. One of them acts scared and the other one jumps around. Melanie, age 13, North Carolina USA

My do, Mucky (black Lab), is excited to go in the car, but when he gets in he starts shaking. Then when we get there he sits down and is usually very good. Alyssa, age 9, Massachusetts USA

She freaks out and starts to kind of scream and wriggle around - it's sometimes really hard to hold on to her! Brenda, age 12, New York USA

He loves looking out the window in the car, but when we stop he gets really excited. Then when we are in the waiting room, he shakes but when the vet comes out he gets very happy. Shayla, age 11, Oklahoma USA

He likes to come to me when he sees the vet. Jenna, age 10, Iowa USA

Sometimes he gets really excited, but other times we have to drag him in. Kelly, age 9, Illinois USA

She gets really quiet and scared. Tasha, age 10, Indiana USA

My dog is very excited when we get in the car. But when she sees the vet's office, we cannot get her out of the car. We struggle to get her out. Jennifer, age 9, Saskatchewan Canada

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My puppy, Buddy, gets very scared and jumps in my lap. Tasha, age 13, USA

My dog's name is Ace (yellow Lab). He loves riding in the van. He likes the vet. So we got him a baseball-shaped bone. Kylie, age 9, Washington USA

My dog, Riley (Golden Retriever), gets very excited because he sees other dogs. He always wants to go play with them. He likes the vet because he gets treats and the vet likes him because he's so cute! Jennifer, age 12, Illinois USA

My dogs get all wild and jump around like a couple of frogs. Mallory, age 12, Ohio USA

My puppy barks at the vet! Jessica, age 10

When my dog, Zowie, goes to the vet, he gets scared and barks at everyone. Haley, age 8, Ontario Canada

My dog, Tara, who is a Springer Spaniel goes to get a check-up. Sometimes she is scared and sometimes she thinks it's just some other place. I love my dog, Tara. Bethany, age 10, Wisconsin USA

My dog starts making all kinds of noise and jumping up and down. Sam, age 11, Virginia USA

My dog, Rascal (over grown Sheltie but not quite a Collie), gets really excited when we go in the car. When we get there, he actually is pretty happy because he only goes to get his nails clipped. Except I'm not so sure anymore because he got hit by a car and we never needed to go again after that. (Don't worry, he's okay!) Becky, age 11, Illinois USA

My dog, Marty (Maltese), goes all scared and cries as we travel to the vet. When we get there, Marty peed on one of the chair legs! Kym, age 15, Baxter, Victoria

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My dog bit his hand and they have to put a muzzle on him. Katie, age 7, USA

My puppy sits in my lap and goes raww-aww-humph and it's like he's talking! He's really smart! Beth, age 11, Virginia USA

When we get in to the car, Bently (Beagle), my dog is very excited until we get to the vet. As soon as we get there, he knows what's going on and he panics and he's so funny when he does. Then we try to calm him down. Kayla, age 10, Saskatchewan Canada

When we go to the vets, my dog Max (Basset) puts all his weight down to the floor! It is so funny because me, Mum, and the vet can't shift him. Chelsea, age 12, Bridlington

My dog is actually very excited! She loves the doctor. Victoria

My dog gets a check-up and the needles that keep him healthy. Jeannine, age 12, Alberta Canada

They get really shy and get scared every time they see a veterinarian. Lauren, age 10, New Jersey USA

When my dog (Border Collie) goes to the vet, she gets very nervous. She likes getting in the car, but when she gets to the office, her back legs shake and she tries to jump in my lap. Actually she does! And she's 55 pounds, so it's pretty funny! Shana, age 13, Washington USA

My dog, Pete (Lhasa Apso), gets so excited, he barks and barks the whole time until we go into the room. Then he really likes our doctor, so he stops barking. Sam, age 8, New Mexico USA

When we go to the vet, my dog Silky likes to visit the other dogs. She goes up to all of them and makes friends. Sometimes we take her out for a treat after we're done to tell her she did a good job. Tomas, age 10

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