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Bulldog with birthday hat on!

If your dog had a birthday and you granted him or her 3 wishes, what would those be?


Updated 10/20/08

Birthday Cake New Her three wishes would be to sleep all day,
eat whenever she wants to, and play ball and chase.

Taylor, age 9, Mississippi USA

Birthday Cake NewMy German Shepherd's wishes would be:
1. To be able to eat all she wants
2. To be with me
3. To get never-ending attention
My Sheltie mix's wishes would be:
1. To be with me
2. To get all the toys he wants
3. To have a whole dog-park sized area to himself where
he could run like a maniac.
Tiffany, age 15, Georgia USA

Birthday Cake New My dog's three wishes are massages for an hour,
a new toy, and a dog bag to sit in while shopping.

Anonymous, age 10, Australia

Birthday Cake New Sugar would want a spa every 5 hours,
a super-large mansion, and a 10 acre backyard with
a pool to swim in.
Emily, age 13, North Carolina USA

Birthday Cake New My dogs wishes would be to a nice treat, steak,
and a big backyard.
Amber, age 16, Florida

Birthday Cake New My dog, Mabel's, three wishes would be:
1. to be able to open the refrigerator,
2. to be petted all day long, 24/7,
3. and to have a toy that would never get torn or broken!

Meg, age 10, Virginia USA

Birthday Cake New My dogs three wishes would be:
1) To be able to sit at the dinner table and eat all of our food.
2) To be able to roam freely throughout the fields.
3) To be able to sleep, eat, drink and run for the rest of his life.
(This wish is already granted :-])
Darragh, age 14, Munster, Ireland

Birthday Cake New My dog would want human food, human food, human food.
Jules, age 13, New Jersey USA

My dog, Lexi, her wishes are: own woods to roam,
have puppy party, and go to a doggy cruise.
Kaitlyn, age 8, Michigan USA

Birthday Cake NewRosita would want to be a queen, eat bacon for food,
and have belly-rubs all day!
Angelica, age 14, California USA

Birthday Cake My dog, Rusty, would want a dog, human food,
and lots of toys!!
Adrian, age 13, Oregon USA

Birthday Cake Rosita would want to be a Queen, eat bacon for food,
and have belly-rubs all day!
Angelica, age 14, California USA

Birthday Cake Lincoln's three wishes would be: new tennis balls,
a big juicy steak, and the ocean.
Elliot, age 13, Virginia USA

Birthday Cake Gus would wish for: a brand new
tennis ball, a bag of dog treats, and a trip to Petco.
Shasta, age 9, USA

Birthday Cake Hunter would wish for a new squeaky toy, a whole bag of
never-ending treats, and to be allowed to eat chicken bones.
Charlotte, age 10, Colorado USA

Birthday CakeMy dog, Max's three wishes would be, to eat ham
all the time, to have more chew toys , and to sleep in my bed.
Jose, age 13, California USA

Birthday Cake My dog would probably wish for us to play and pay attention
to him all day, eat veg ham whenever he wants, and most of all,
visit his brother!! =]
Jennifer, age 14, Massachusetts USA

Birthday Cake My dog, Rosie, would choose to be Queen of the house,
have people food to eat, and play all day!
Angela, age 13, California USA

Birthday Cake My dog, Lexington, would wish for the cat Tommy
to like him, to never eat dog food, and to run all day.

Rachel, age 12, New Jersey USA

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Birthday Cake [My dog would wish for] a rabbit to play with, a horse
to ride and another dog as a buddy.
Hannah, age 13, Texas USA

Birthday CakeIf my dog had three wishes he would probably wish
for a new toy, a new bone, and a trip to the boardwalk to go
to the beach.
Allison, age 10, Maryland USA

Birthday CakeMy puppy, Mia, would wish that she could sleep on
my bed with me, chase my bunny Caramel, and to not have to
eat her all natural dog food.
Mariah, age 12, New Jersey USA

Birthday CakeIf my dog had a birthday, he would wish for a
squirrel to chase, a bowl of chicken and fresh vegetables,
and a banana.
Hannah, age 13, Colorado USA

Birthday Cake My dog would choose to sleep all day, eat when she
wakes up, and chew on her bone all day long.
Meghan, age 8, New York USA


writing on a piece of paperSomething You Can Do!

Did you have fun reading the answers to the question? You can answer the question about your dog, too. Get some paper, sit down, and write your answer.

Write your answer to the question and share it with your parents.
Ask your friends or your teacher to answer the question.
Put your answer on the refrigerator or on the wall of your bedroom.
Call your grandparents on the phone and read it your answer to them.
Draw a picture that shows the answer to the question.

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