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How does your dog stay warm?

snowmanMy German Shepherd, Cookie, keeps warm by
staying inside. When she does goes outside, she
either walks around or curls up on the porch. She
also doesn't mind wearing my jacket or a shirt!

Tiffany, age 13, Georgia USA

snowmanHe lays in the sun all day long and
doesn't move!
Anonymous, age 8, Rhode Island USA

snowmanMy dog keeps warm by sitting on me.
Erica, age 10, Tennessee USA

snowmanMy dog, Kip, begs me to come inside
and finally I let her inside. She is good at climbing
stairs! It is warm inside!
Chelsea, age 8, Wyoming USA

snowmanMy dog keeps warm by curling up into a ball
and putting her paw over her nose. She sleeps in
her bed because it's right next to the heater.
Anonymous, age 11, New York USA

snowmanMy two dogs, Tillie and Moxie, curl up with
me and when I'm not around they curl up with
each other or my brother.
Katie , age 9, Minnesota USA


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snowmanMy dog, Cali, lays on my bed in the sun to
keep warm. My other dog, Petrie, does the same.
Brynn, age 12, Minnesota USA

snowmanMy two dogs, Lucy and Sunny, like to get
in my bed and under the covers to keep toasty.
Diane, age 14, Idaho USA

snowmanMy dog, Rusty, loves to get completely
under the blanket in his bed. Sometimes when
he is cold, you can see the blanket shake!

Gabriella, age 11, California USA

snowmanIt gets really cold here in Canada. My dog,
Sierra, likes to snuggle up next to our cat! They
are great buddies and help keep each other warm!
Mandy, age 12, Ontario Canada

snowmanMy Mom and Dad bought a special igloo
doghouse. We keep a blanket in there for him
and he stays nice and warm.
Anonymous, age 9

snowmanIn the winter my dog lies down with me on my
couch until my mom and dad catch her.

Anonymous, age 8, Pennsylvania USA

snowmanJordy, a Pug, likes to snuggle under his
"blankee" at night. Sometimes it gets really cold and
he crawls under my blankets and snuggles under my chin.
Right now, he's curled up in his afghan on the couch. :o)
Toni, age 15, Alaska USA

snowmanSammy and Shadow each have a crate Sammy
has a really thick blue blanket in his crate. And Shadow
has a red fleece blanket in his.
Anonymous, age 9

snowmanMy dog is a Samoyed, so he stays warm just by
staying outside!
Lisa, age 12, Illinois USA

snowmanMy dog Tiffany is a Maltese. She is only about
four pounds so she usually cuddles with me.
Anonymous, age 10, New York USA

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snowmanMy dog stays warm by cuddling up with
me on the sofa or my bed! She is a puppy Sheltie.
Her name is Sable.
Anonymous, age 13, Virginia USA
snowmanI have a dog named Storm. He is a male
German Shepherd. He stays warm by laying
with me in my bed. Sometimes he sleeps in his
doghouse. In his doghouse I have put about five
blankets in there.
Danielle, age 12, Texas USA

snowmanMy dog, Simba, stays warm by all his fur
(he's got a lot of it), so he must be warmer than ever.

Anonymous, age 9, North Carolina USA

snowmanMy dog's name is JJ. My dog has his own chair. He can sleep
in it, he cuddles up by me, and he has his own coat. This is
how my dog warms up!
Robyn, age 11, Florida USA
My dog, Mitsu, stays warm by carrying stuffed animals
and sleeping next to them. I love her so much.
Tanya, age 14
snowmanMy dog, Clifford, is a Beagle. In the morning he will run
from his bed up to my parent's bed and try to go under all the
covers. He finally gets under and snuggles himself in. We call it
"burrowing". During the afternoon everyone will be at school and
work so Cliff stays in his chair. Yes, that's right, my dog has his
own chair. In our living room he inherited one of our old green
chairs. We put blankets in it and he sleeps all day in his chair.
When it's time to go to bed,Clifford climbs into bed after his walk
and somebody must tuck him in with the blankets on his bed. If
you don't tuck him, then he goes to sleep with my mom and dad
and my dad doesn't really like that.
Rebecca, age 10, California USA
snowmanMy dog, Maron, stays inside the house, and if my Daddy
brings a little snowman in she doesn't like it.  She curls up in
front of the heater or cuddles up next to us.

Maya, age  6, Kanagawa, Japan

snowmanMy dog, Taffy, sleeps on my bed under some blankets in
the winter and in the summer she sleeps on my bed.

Ashley, age 11, Colorado USA

I don't have a dog, but my dog, Boofa, that we
used to have (he died) stayed warm by running around, and
jumping up and down. I miss him so much. I'm getting a new
puppy this year, anyway, so I'll have a dog again! I'll never
forget him.
Jasmine, age 14, Victoria, Australia
snowmanWhen I have just come back from taking Patch
(my dog) for a walk in the snow I get him a blanket and we
snuggle up near the radiator. Also in the mornings he comes
in and we do the same as it is cold here.
Laura, England
snowmanAt night, my dog Brie stays warm by sleeping
under my parents' covers at night! Brie also stays warm in a
funny way! She lays by our "Heat dish" at night! I don't know
why she likes it, because it can get really hot after a while!
Another way Brie keeps warm is whenever my Mom gets the
warm clothes out of the dryer, Brie plays and sleeps in them!
Briana, age 12,California USA

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snowman My dog is a Chihuahua and she stays warm by
sleeping with me in my bed. She snuggles up and when she
stops shaking, I know she is warm.
Haylee, age 4, Alabama USA
snowman My dogs, Bexar and Jake stay warm in different
ways. Jake has two layers of fur so no matter what he is warm,
but he prefers to curl up next to my mom or dad. Bexar (the
name is pronounced bear) loves to open my bedroom door and
go curl up next to me or with me and fall asleep. I love my dogs,
they're great.
Erica, age 17, Texas USA
snowmanAkix is half Husky, half Sheltie. She stays warm
when it is a really cold at night by doing her Arctic fox imitation.
She sleeps curled around an imaginary circle and tucks her nose
under her tail.
Robbie, age 15, California USA
snowmanMy dog is a Lhasa Apso who stays warm
with all the love we have to give to her. When she came
to us as a pup she was mean and we trained her with
firmness and love. She is a winter dog who loves the snow,
but she does get cold sometimes and when she does, we
put a sweater on her outside. I love my dog so much.

MacKayla, age 11, Connecticut USA

snowmanMy dog, Trucker, is a Pit Bull and Mastiff mix.
She has her own electric blanket. She is 12 years old.
She sleeps on my bed.
Alexandra, age 7, New York USA
snowmanHi! I have a Lhasa Apso.  He stays warm by
cuddling up with either me, Michelle, or my sister, Theresa
in our beds.  He also has thick hair on him to help keep warm.

Michelle, age 12, Indiaina USA

snowmanMy dog stays warm all the time because I don't
have a dog! Haha!!!
Rachel, age 14, New Jersey USA
snowmanMy dog is a Golden Retriever, and it stays warm
buy letting me hold it close to me. My dog always
snuggles close to me, too.
Anonymous, age 11, Virginia USA
snowmanMy dog, Cuddles, is a Lhasa Apso. She stays warm
by cuddling up on the carpet. She also cuddles up in my
bed with me at night.
Anonymous, age 9, Pennsylvania USA

snowmanMy dog's name is Samsoin and it's a
Golden Retriever. Samsoin stays warm by laying in
my lap close to me and by getting underneath
blankets, too
.Anonymous, age 10, Virginia USA

snowmanMy puppy, Ashley, stays warm with me,
Kristen and my sister, Jenny holding her. She is a
blonde Cocker Spaniel, and the only people that
she'll come to is me and my sister. I love her. She
walks to me when she's cold and she cuddles in my
lap or in my bed.
Anonymous, age 18, Virginia USA

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snowmanMy dog stays warm by eating. Anonymous, age 5, USA
snowmanMy dog keeps warm by cuddling up beside me
at night.
Anonymous, age 10, Florida USA

snowmanMy dog, Toby, stays warm because he never
sleeps outside. He sleeps with me! But when I put him
out in the morning while I go to school and my mom
and my dad goes to work, he goes in the garage because
I made a bed in there.
Natalie, age 12, Utah USA

snowmanMy puppy, Snickers, is a Cocker Spaniel and he
stays warm by letting me hold him on my lap and I
snuggle close to her and keep him warm.
Anonymous, age 10, Virginia USA

snowmanMy dog stays warm by laying next to the furnace
of kerosene heater.
Shana, age 11, Pennsylvania USA

snowmanMy dog's name is Molly. She stays warm because
she always gets in her house. She also has fur.
Anonymous, age 8
snowmanAll of my dogs stay inside when it is cold.When
they have to go to the bathroom they go out for
about 30 minutes. then they come back in.
Anonymous, age 11, Georgia USA

snowmanMy dog stays warm by laying by a heater
and laying under a cover in my living room and when
I am sleeping she gets under my covers and she
tickles me and it feels weird and she wakes me up
because she has this bell on her bell that is her collar
and that is how my dog stays warm.
Anonymous, age 6, Kentucky USA

snowmanMy dog stays inside all day and night until she
has to go to the bathroom. She is not outside but for
five minutes or if she goes outside to play with us.

Kaitlin, age 14, Ohio USA

snowmanI get up beside her and rub her. Anonymous, age 7
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snowmanMy dog, Cuddles, stays warm by curling up on her
blanket in her crate or she cuddles in my bed with me.
Marissa, age 10, Canada

snowmanSometimes we give him a blanket to sleep on.
Maddy, age 6, California USA

snowmanMy Springer Spaniel dog, Tara, keeps warm in a
dog house filled with hay. I also have a little door on
it so not so much wind comes in.
Bethany, age 10, Wisconsin

snowmanMy dog, Dolly (Golden Retriever), stays warm by
my Dad putting her in the garage and she curls up with
her blankey and sleeps close to the heater.
MaryFrances, age 10, Alabama USA

snowmanMy dog, Mossey, keeps warm by his fur because
he has a lot of hair.
Anonymous, age 8, New York USA

snowmanWe keep my dog inside a lot. We keep
my dog in every day. At night I put a blanket
on my dog. I have three blankets on.

Anonymous, age 10, Ohio USA
snowmanMy dog Val-des keeps warm by either
laying in the sun or curling up in between me
and one of my parents, or he just cuddles up
to me.
Teresa, age 13, Rutherforton
snowmanMy dog doesn't really stay warm in the
morning. When I walk her, her knees start to
give out...inside she cozies up close by the heater.
Larissa, age 11, Ontario, Canada
snowmanMy dog, Toby, gets warm by my heating pad
at home.
Anonymous, age 10, Virginia USA
snowmanMy dog, Chico, stays warm by cuddling up
under a blanket that I'm using since it's already
Anonymous, age 14, Pennsylvania USA

snowmanMy pup, Cocoa Puff, snuggles up in his
dirty bed and chews on the blanket my
grandma made him. At night he jumps up
on my bed and I cover him up. Once I'm
asleep, he runs downstairs and cuddles up
on the mat at the back door where we put
our shoes and puts his head down on my gym
shoes. My Dad says he smells us on our shoes
so he feels warm and happy because he thinks
we're with him.
Anonymous, age 10, Illinois USA

snowmanMy dog, Lady, is a Dachshund. She sleeps in
a big kennel with about two or three blankets.

Anonymous, age 10, Tennessee USA

snowmanMy dog, Snowy, keeps warm by cuddling
with me.
Anonymous, age 8, Florida USA

snowmanMy dog, Muffet, is a Maltese. I let her hair
grow long in the winter.
Anonymous, age 9, Florida USA

snowmanMy dog, Brandy, likes to take her baby
blanket and play with it. She also runs around
until she is very warm!
Amanda, age 9, California USA

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snowmanMy puppy curls up in the sun that
comes through the window and takes a little nap!
Anonymous, age 10, Indiana USA

snowmanMy dog keeps warm by staying in on cold days.
Laurie, age 12, Massachusetts USA

snowmanMy dog runs on my bed and curls up at the
foot of the bed.
John, New York USA

snowmanMy puppy stays warm by cuddlin' next to
the radiator under the kitchen table.

Arnold, age 13, New York USA

snowmanMy dog, Sassy, stays warm by cuddling
next to me, laying on her bed, and brings me
a blanket and tries to make me put it on her
because she is cold.
Anonymous, age 9, Oregon USA

snowmanMy two dogs are always together.
Mom says they are inseparable; they love
to be together. When it's cold they snuggle
in a little wrinkly sack that my dad gave them
for Christmas. When it's really cold and they
are in the sack, I like to rub them to warm
them up. My dogs slobber a lot so when they're
in the sack, the slobber doesn't bother me.
But when they get excited and jump out of the
sack, they slobber all over the place. Good thing
they don't slobber outside or they'd freeze.
Another good way to keep my two doggies warm
is to draw a hot bath and scrub them. They sure
do give in easily to a bath when it is cold outside
and warm in the bathtub.

Clay and my brothers Robbie, Dave, and Mitch, Age 7
snowmanMy dog has a dog lot outside and we have
these wooden boxes that he keeps warm in!
Anonymous, age 13, Virginia USA

snowmanTell you the truth my dog just stays under
the bed.
Anonymous, age 12, New York USA

snowmanMy dog, Cody, stays warm by running like
a nut. No, he mostly stays warm by cuddling up
on the couch under the bright lamp.

Stephen, Age 9, Pennsylvania USA

snowmanShe enjoys sunbathing and sleeping in
my bedroom.
Anonymous, age 11, Alabama USA

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snowmanMy dog, Timon, stays warm by sun bathing!
He sleeps in the sun all day long! It is nice and
warm here in Kenya!
Kavita, age 13, Nairobi, Kenya

snowmanMy dog, Chopper, stays warm by sleeping
in his bed curled up next to my bed.

Katlyn, age 10, Missouri USA

snowmanI put a coat on him and he likes it.
Nowell, age 8

snowmanHe cuddles with me wherever I am.
Anonymous, age 11, Connecticut USA

snowmanMy dog stays warm by cuddling next
to me or she goes under the covers and stays
Anonymous, age 14

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