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Here is this month's question:

What is your dog's favorite toy?

Can I open it now?
Dachshund with head on Christmas gift.


Red ball Madison, age 8, Pennsylvania USA
My dog's name is Sammy. He is a Golden Retriever and

his favorite toy is a stuffed duck. He likes to make it quack.

My dog is a seven month old beagle and his favorite
toy is his tug rope. He chews on it all day and tries to
hide it from us! Ha!
Alyssa, age 13, Connecticut USA

Red ball My dog, Maggie's, favorite toy is a bone the size of her
and she is a 3 year old German shepherd.
Samantha, age 13, Massachusetts USA

Red ball My dog is a 7 month year old Beagle and his favorite
toy is his tug rope. He chews on it all day and tries to
hide it from us! Ha!
Alyssa, age 13, Connecticut, USA

Red ball My three dogs wrestle over a hippo squeaky toy. It's soft
and squeaks when they chew it, so they think it's alive.
My dog, Lexi, is a husky/wolf, seven months, my velvet Lab
mix is one month, and my mischief hound mix is one month.
Allison, age 13, Tennessee USA

Red ball It's her pink ball I know this because she digs through
all of her toys to get to that one.She loves this toy very much.
Anonymous, age 13, Alabama USA

Red ball A loofa dog, he likes the squeaky, plushness.
He wouldn't stop playing with it, in 5 days he tore it
apart. But he is getting another one for Xmas!!
Briana, age 17, Michigan

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Red ball My dog is a Chocolate Lab mix. Her favorite toy is
probably her stuffed alligator. It was her first toy
when we adopted her. She usually chews on stuffed
animals and sometimes tears them apart, but she never
did that to the stuffed alligator.
Sabrina, age 11, New Jersey USA

Red ball I have two dogs. Cookie, my GSD, doesn't really like
toys now that she is 9 years old. The one she plays with
the most is the Frisbee because I taught her how to catch it.
My other dog, Gray Dawntreader (AKA Treader), loves most
of his toys. I think his favorite are tennis balls. Among the
tennis balls, he doesn't have any particular favorite;
he loves them all!
Tiffany, age 14, Georgia USA

Red ball My dog, Sugar's, favorite toy is a blue ball with
yellow bones on it.
Cissy, age 14, Kentucky USA

Red ball It is the green bone squeaker & a white baseball,
because she plays with it every day. If you grab it she
will attack you. And pull & pull till she could have it. She
goes crazy about her toy. My mom dad and brother laugh
their heads off. So do I. And if you squeak it she will run to
you and play till she is tired. My friends think I'm funny
with my dog. Sharyon, age 15, Japan

Red ball My Babie Pup's favorite toy is this white ball. He loves
to play with it all the time because he chases it all the
time and he has fun!! I love seeing him happy! I know
because he always chases it and does not get bored with it.
Merry Christmas, LUCKY ! Love U!!!! Erika, age 15, Wisconsin USA

Red ball My dog's favorite toy is the tug-o-war bone!
Anonymous, New YorK USA

My dog is a black Lab/Blue Heeler mix, and her
favorite toy is her cushioned frisbee.
Casey, age 13, Texas USA

My dog is a Shih Tzu she is almost two months old.
Her favorite toys are a stuffed newspaper and

a tug-o-war rope. Marissa, age 10, Nova Scotia, Canada

My dog is a black Lab and his favorite toy is a
purple bouncing ball.
Anonymous, age 9, Johnstown

By far, his gigantic bone which he carries in his
mouth all day long is my dog's favorite toy.

Anonymous, age 12, The Silver State

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My dog's favorite toy is her stuffed steak.
Anonymous, age 15, Nova Scotia

My dog's favorite toy is her tennis ball.
Abbi, age 10, Illinois USA

My dog's name is Grady, and he is a beagle.
His favorite toy is a green ball that we put his treats in.
Steve, age 11, California USA

My dog's favorite toy is anything. She is a
Golden Retriever. She likes to chew on socks,
stuffed animals, clothes, my arm.
Jon, age 13, Illinois USA

I have a mutt his name is Blazer. He has found a love
for balls. Any kind of balls - baseballs, basketball,
tennis balls, and even soccer balls.
Anonymous, age 11, North Carolina USA


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Question Marks

Something You Can Do! Did you have fun reading the answers to the question? You can answer the question about your dog, too. Get some paper, sit down, and write your answer. Write your answer to the question and share it with your parents.
Ask your friends or your teacher to answer the question.
Put your answer on the refrigerator or on the wall of your bedroom.
Call your grandparents on the phone and read it your answer to them.
Draw a picture that shows the answer to the question.

Here's one more activity for you!

Draw a picture of your dog playing with his favorite toy.
Happy Holidays!

Congratulate yourself for spending some time
thinking about your dog!


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