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Here is this month's question:

How smart is your dog?


My Sheltie, Tory, knows all my friends so if they
were all lined up and I said go get Sammy she would
run straight to Sammy. I know because I tried this with
ten of my friends.
Lindsay, age 13, Ontario Canada

My dog, Pepa, loves to watch soccer on the TV.
She likes to be the goalkeeper when we roll her ball
to her. After the 'match', she enjoys a meal of spaghetti
bolognaise but only licks the sauce off the plate!
Stacey, age 15, United Kingdom

He scares other dogs away who are chasing cats. Cris

Well I have a German Shepherd dog and when my
glass sliding door is not locked she manages to open it
and then makes her way to my cat's bowl to eat his food.
Nada, age 13, Sydney, Australia

My Poodle, Luke's, smartest thing is walking around
on his hind legs on command.
Gina, age 9, Ohio

My dog, Francise, can bowl wonderfully and once shot
a perfect 300. I know the owner of a bowling alley so he let
me bring in my dog. I set my ball down to write down my
last score when Francise nudged the ball down the alley
with his nose and to my amazement he got a strike! I've
been training him how to bowl ever since and he is now
better than me.
David, age 13, USA

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My dog is a hound dog. Her name is Katie. She is
four months old. When she is hungry, she chews on the
metal bar in her runner. That lets us know when to feed her.

Jeana, age 12, Indiana USA

I have a Golden Retriever named Golden. He is very
smart. He can open the door by turning the doorknob with
his teeth and he can also turn the lock on my bedroom door
the same way too! He knows how to sit, lay down, fetch,
stand up, turn around, roll over, shake hands, and come.
But I think the most amazing trick that he does is that he
knows how to get his own food! When it's dinner time and
I don't give him his food, he goes near the refrigerator and
gets the dog food bag, grabs the bag with his teeth, and pours
it into his bowl! (but usually he pours in too much and the food
spills all over the place). I love him very much.

Anonymous, age 9, California USA

I have a six year old Pointer/Lab mix named
Cupcake, and she always barks to tell us when it's
dinner time, every night at 6 pm on the dot. She
also talks back and lets us know when we haven't
done something right...I guess she's the owner!
Jessica, age 17, Virginia

One time my dog's flea collar fell off in the
soy bean field and he came back with it in his mouth.

Anonymous, age 10, Illinois

My dog is part toy Fox Terrier and when she
wants a treat, she opens the cupboard.

Robin, age 12, Newfoundland

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My dog is called Ginger. She is a Border Terrier and she is very pretty and has a little black beard on her chin. She is so clever. She can find her toys when I hide them and she always sits before she crosses the road. She puts herself to bed when I tell her 'bedtime'. I love her very much - she is my best friend. Amy, age 9, Perth Australia

The smartest thing my dog does is scratch at her dish for food or water and she opens the pantry door when she wants a treat. Robin, age 12, Port aux Basques, Newfoundland

Spot, our Australian Shepherd, likes avocados. When he finds one that has fallen off the tree in our back yard, he brings it in to my mom so she'll put it into the "magic" bag that makes it ripe. He gets rewarded with a sliver of the avocado. Anonymous, age 14, California USA (Note: Avocado pits can be poisonous for your dog)

I live on a farm and when my dog wants to come up in the hay, she climbs the ladder we have. The ladder isn't straight up and down, but it is sloped some. She can climb down, too. She also knows how to sit, shake, chase cows, play ball, and lie down. She knows how to sing. This dog has three puppies now. She is a Blue Heeler. James, age 15, Pennsylvania USA

My dog is so smart, he can learn a whole bunch of tricks, and master them all in the same day! If that isn't smart, I don't know what is! Mary, age 15, Chesterland

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My dog understands me and gives me high fives! Betty, age 11, Massachusetts

When I bring the food out I tell my dog, "Where do I put your food?" And he goes over to his dish and points to it. I taught him the trick all by myself. =) Anonymous, age 12, Massachusetts, USA

Even though my dog's passed away, he was a smart one. He could shake hands, roll over, fetch, and bark when commanded. Fern, age 12, New Zealand

I have a dog named Brie. She is a poodle. The smartest thing Brie does is when I roll the ball to her between her paws, she will roll it back to me by pushing it with her nose. We do this every morning for about ten minutes before I have to go to school. I love Brie so much! Briana, age 10, California USA

My baby girl does tons of cool things. She is 3 months old and already knows how to fetch, shake, speak, sit, stay, come, kiss, play soccer. She is a Lab mix. Her name is Star. Brittany, age 13, Missouri USA

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My dog is a Tibetan Spaniel, she means the world to me. I have had her for 4 month's she is 1 year and 4 month's.The smartest thing she has ever done would be when I say "kissy" and put out my hand she licks it. Laura, age 11, Tennessee USA

My dog's name is Timon. When I say "beg" , he gets up on his hind feet and walks towards me. When I say "hug hug", he puts his head on my shoulder, but I have to kneel down because he is a small dog. Kavita, age 13, Nairobi, Kenya

I have a two year old Nova Scotia Duck Tolling Retriever named Luke. Luke is a very smart dog, and he can do a number of interesting tricks. My favorite would have to be the way he barks on command. Jade, age 14, Nova Scotia, Canada

The smartest thing my dog Willy does is he goes and finds his stuffed mouse when I tell him to. Joey, age 9, Ontario Canada

My dog's name is Copper. He is a yellow Lab! The most smartest thing he does is play soccer and basketball! Pretty smart uh! Rebekah, age 10, Maryland USA

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My dog's name is Scrappy. She is about four inches tall. When I put her in her cage and lock it and when we leave, she unlocks the cage, goes to the front door, and opens it, runs out and jumps in the car. Then I have to get out and lock the door and we take her with us. Isn't she smart! Sara, age 10, Ohio USA

My Runway caught a ball high in the air. He can jump very high. FeLicia, age 11, Alabama

I have two dogs. They are Rocky and Nicole. Whenever I call Nicole's name, she turns her head lower either to the right or left and wags her tail.and Rocky also wags his tail, but he is much smarter. He will guard my granny everyday just to make sure that she is all right. Amanda, age 13, Malaysia

My dog is a mix of a German Shepherd/Collie.We love him very much. He's one year and four months old. The smartest thing my dog has done is whenever he is hot, he ends up in my room near the air conditioner. After we tell him to go to his room, he quietly goes back to the room and sleeps there. My dog also lives for my dad and loves to protect his mommy, our mommy. Whenever we tell him to go to Daddy, he knows exactly who it is!! (By the way his name is Rebelde - it's Spanish for Rebel). Anonymous, age 15

All three of my dogs can do tricks. The Lab can crawl, and the Collie mix can dance by herself, and Tri-pod is a three-legged Lab mix, he can catch. They can all really catch but since he has only three legs, I don't want him to stand on his hind legs. Newt, Bye-pass, and Tri-pod, their names are in order. Teresa, age 13, North Carolina USA

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She looks at you in a way that tells you exactly what she wants! Molly, age 11

My dog's name is Boo. She is really smart. She sits down right when she gets in the house. But my other dog is even smarter. His name is Oscar. They are brother and sister. Oscar doesn't even come in the house. He won't even come in. Shawna, age 9

Whenever she gets into the living room where she's not allowed to go, she hides under the table, and when we move the chairs out to go under and get her, she jumps out. When I go out, she jumps back in. Anonymous, age 11, USA

Hi. The smartest thing my dog does is dance with me. She puts her paws on my shoulders and steps back and forth with me! She is my Keisha. Dana, age 9, California USA

Tugger is the sweetest, most lovable dog in the world. He can trick my brother into chasing him. Anonymous, age 9, North Carolina USA

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My Beauty is a Shetland Sheepdog. She guards the toilet so that my baby sister won't crawl into there and Mummy says she is a good dog. She takes care of my sister Melody by following her in the house. If Melody gets into trouble, Beauty gets very upset and barks loudly.Then Mummy comes and see what has happen. Natasha Lim, age 9, Singapore

My dogs name is Runway.The smartest thing he ever did was he jumped over a 5 foot gate. FeLicia, age 11, Alabama

My dog stands up in only two legs! Mariana, age 6

Hi, The smartest thing my dog does is dance with me. She puts her paws on my shoulders and steps back and forth with me! She is my Keisha. Dana, age 9

My dog's name is Sidney. Every time I come home she knows that she's going to get puppy biscuits and she knows where they are, too! Jessica, age 14, Kirkwood

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When I go to bed, Cuddles will whine by the bedside until I pick him up to put on my bed. I love my Baby Boy. God Bless Cuddles. Ryne, age 6, Texas

Hello there! My name is Eli and I have a very smart collie called Jar, 2 years old. One of the funniest things he has ever done was once when we were coming back from shopping,he picked something from the ground. "Oh,you bad dog"I said"You know picking up something from the ground is forbidden!" And then he came to me looking at me as he knew he did something wrong and gave me the thing he was holding in his mouth.You know what? It was my money that had fallen from my pocket! I was amused! Aren't you? Elena, age 15, Bulgaria

I trained my dog, Toby all by myself in the past few months. Things that I have taught her so far have been, sit-stay, stand-stay, rub her ears, shake, heel, come walk off leash, say grace, sit pretty, play dead, roll over, crawl, count to 3, kiss, and agility. She is a 4 year-old black Pomeranian. She is the sweetest thing that you'll ever see! Holli, age 13, Nova Scotia Canada

When I put my 2 year old Kelpie outside, while I go to school, and close the door tightly, she opens it with her paws. Diane, age 14, Idaho

The smartest thing my dog does is sits and barks at the cats me and my sister have.We have a sliding glass door and she will jump into the screen,but it is so cute. But I love her even though she's not the smartest dog in the world. By the way she is a white Poodle and she is 4 years old, but I wouldn't take her for anything in the world because she's my baby. I love her so much! Brooke, age 11, North Carolina USA

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My dog is really really smart. He plays basketball with me like the dog in Air Bud. He also does many tricks including a Vegas trick called the shell game. I put a treat under one of three cups and mix them around. The he shows me where the treat is and he tips over the cup with his nose. Anonymous, age 12, USA

I have a Jack Russel Terrier named Gertie and she loves going for walks so when me and my big sister get ready to take her for a walk, she barks and jumps up and down. So every time you spell 'walk', she tilts her head and puts her ears up and runs over there for dinner. My mom yells "Girls, come with us". Then when my mom or dad come home, she can tell by the sound of the car if its them or someone else! She's so smart! Peanut, age 6, New Jersey USA

He rrrrrroooooooooollllllls oooooovvvvveeeeeeerrrrrrrr. Anonymous

The smartest thing my dog does is he listens to all of his commands such as sit, stay, lay down, heel. He also knows how to bring his toys to you when you say the name of it. He walks himself - at least he thinks he does because when you take him for a walk, he puts his leash in his mouth. My dog's name is Charlie. Terrie, age 13, North Carolina USA

Whenever someone opens the fridge, my 10 year old Labrador Retriever, Alex, sits and acts really obedient. Caitlin, age 11, Michigan USA

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My dog, Jack, is very smart. When my mom or dad is close to our house, he gets very excited! Jessica, age 10, Illinois USA

The smartest thing my six month old American Eskimo can do is crawl across the kitchen floor. He really does crawl! Anonymous, age 14, Georgia USA

He follows me wherever I go! That shows me he loves me! Jennifer, age 10

My dog, Rosie, puts the leash in her mouth and acts like she is walking me, but I am walking her. P.S. My dog is a Collie, too. She looks so much like Cody. Melissa, age 9

My dog Rosie can roll down the electric windows in our truck when she gets hot. Isaiah, age 8, Oregon USA

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My German Shepherd dog's smartest thing she has done is she digs a hole and then my mom comes and brings her food. Then my dog Princess' left over food ends up in the hole and she covers it up cause other cats come eat it or ants attack it, so she puts it in her hole till she gets hungry later! Roxanna, age 10, Texas

The smartest thing my dog does is she listens to me when I tell her to heel, sit, stay, come, lay down, crawl, stand on two legs, and shake. She is very obedient. Kellie, age 12, Oregon USA

Actually,most people say my adorable dog is plain dumb.But, really once you think about it, even the dumbest dog has great intelligence! Well,my dog is quite unique. If we're playing tug a war or something, then I'm hurt, he'll stop automatically and check to see if I'm alright. In my spare time I play piano. My dog,Alfie, sits next to me and sings; not too beautifully but he does sing! Honestly! I'm surprised how smart my dog really is! Jessica, age 10, Canada

I can't say what the smartest thing my dog does is. She passed two classes in obedience school in 2 terms. She is the cutest dog alive. Everything she does is perfect. She is perfect. I love her more than anyone else. Anthea, age 12, Melbourne Australia

Every time he goes in his cage, and I say, "Stay", he listens to me. A.J., age 5, Delaware USA

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Hi! I just got my dog,Tara. She is very cute. She knows that when we are going out and we say, "Tara inside" she jumps in and sits on my lap and I have to do like if I were a seat belt. She also gets her pillow and goes to sleep. We have a mini garden and sometimes when she gets like a crazy, she starts running in circles and jumps like the cartoons on the bed.

She knows when I have been with other dogs. She hears our car from a long distance. She knows who is bad and who is good (she feels it). She obeys our commands, she knows by the sound of our car who is my mom and my dad, and she jumps on my chair and goes to sleep in it.

When she is hot and there is a breeze, she can hear dogs barking, birds chirping, and the birds wings flapping. She is so awesome! She also sits, sleeps, gets up, walks and stops when I tell her. She is a Dogo Argentino. Their species is only white so she gets very messy! She likes to get in her pool and when a piece of food or a toy falls into the water bowl or her pool, she goes and gets it.

She also knows when she is bad. She puts her paw up to her nose and lays down. But the funniest thing she does is....taratatata! She tries to bite the water! When you look at her trying to bite the , she looks very funny. Wherever the water goes she follows it! Aidita, Age 9, Guaynabo Puerto Rico

Whenever we're eating, Kirby sits there and stares at us, at least when we're not looking at him. Whenever we look down at him, he rolls his eyes and looks away as if he were just sitting there looking off into space. If he could whistle to add effect, I assure you, he would. Susan, age 15, Texas USA

My dog is 2 years old. She sits, shakes, begs, and plays football and more. She is very smart. I love her. Anonymous, age 13, Vermont USA

Once I had a dog named Candi. She was a white poodle. She loved to gnaw on bones. One day I decided to take her bone from her. She started to play with me and I got down on the floor and laid on my back. I held my arms on each side of me. On one side I held Candi's bone. She jumped across me. I switched the bone to the other side of me and she jumped over me. I kept switching so much that she ran upstairs and got another bone from under my bed. Suzanne, age 11, North Carolina USA

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My dog is a 3 year old German Shepherd. I think that he is so smart because he knows hand signals. The ones he knows so far are: down, sit, stay, and come. We are still working on others. My mom started this because my younger twin siblings had trouble talking. Andrew, age 9, New York USA

I have 6 dogs. My collie rolls over, begs, shakes, plays dead, and hugs! My fiests do the same but they also tree squirrels! Emily, age 11, Mississippi USA

Even though my thirteen-year old Chihuahua, Fu Lai, does not know how to impress people with flips and handshakes, he's very smart and good at one particular trick: How to work his way into everyone's heart. This is why I love him so much, besides the fact that he will also never cross a street unless a trustee says so. Wenny, age 12, California USA

The smartest thing my dog does is when we go out to take a walk, he will always try to get away from me so he hits our car to make the alarm go on and it always lets him go. Marine, age 12, Philippines

My dog alway lays his head on a pillow when he sleeps. Skyler, age 9, Texas USA

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If you lay down on the floor, he will eat his bone on your back. Anna, age 6, Delaware USA

I have an American Eskimo,named Sampson. When someone scolds him, he will put his paw over his nose. It looks really cute. Sara, age 13, North Dakota USA

When I put a treat on her nose, she will flip it up in the air and catch it in her mouth. Katherine, Age 8, Delaware USA

My dog is SO smart! She can shake both hands and give high-5's. She will sometimes kiss our cats when we tell her to. She knows all of her toys by name and will go get them when we tell her which one to get. Leslie, Age 10, Texas USA

My dog, Mugzy, is a Boxer. When you pat your chest and say, "Gimme a hug!", he hugs you! Katy, age 9, Massachusetts USA

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My dog, Maggie, is really smart. She knows a lot of English words like: Ride, Fetch, Walk, Go Out, Hurry Up, and her favorite: Cheese!!!
Maggie is a black Labrador, and she is the coolest! Maggie barks at squirrels in the yard. She doesn't bark at the little birds, but she sure does bark at the large ones!!! Sarah, age 11, Ohio USA

The smartest things my dog, Nikki, knows how to do are shake hands, give high fives, roll over, dance, and sing when music is on. Leslie, age 10, Texas USA

My dog's name is Leo. And this is the smartest thing he does. He shakes your hand and gives you a high five! Audrey, age 9, Indiana USA

I have 2 dogs, a Golden Retriever and a Labrador. The smartest thing the Golden knows how to do is shake hands. He also gives high-5's. I'm still teaching the Lab how to shake. He's a slow learner! Allison, age 11, California USA

Probably that as soon as my dad comes out into the family room, he lays down and starts looking innocent (which he certainly is NOT!). Nick, age 11, California USA

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My dog, Charbon (it's French for coal), waits for our whole family to sit down before she eats her dinner. That is why we have to take her on as many vacations with us as possible, because she doesn't eat very much when we aren't there. : ) Liza, age 14, Ohio USA

Our dog can do a high five. He can even get out his cage. Neil & Mona, ages 8 and 7 Georgia USA

My dog, Lilly crawls like an army dog when I put her in a down stay. She did this at a fair and I got a blue ribbon because the judge thought it was so cute. Ashley, age 12, Washington USA

When my dog, Dodger, gets in trouble he usually has to get in his cage. But now he knows to get in his cage before I put him in his cage. Loryn, age 11, Tennessee

My dog knows the words walk, toy, ball, car, ride, run, outside, supper time, bone, treat, good, bad, and no. She is the smartest dog in the whole world! Anonymous, age 10

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Hi. I'm Bo and my dog's name is Bert. He's a Cocker Spaniel. The smartest thing my dog does would probably be that he shakes my hand when I tell him. He sits when I tell him, too. Bo, age 13, Texas USA

He can hear someone coming to the door a long time before they reach the door and starts barking! Vicky, age 12, Hong Kong

Jersey does so many things, but the smartest things she does is play ball....all day and night. Throw it once and she is your friend for life. Also when you show her a fake gun she attacks it and barks like crazy. Brittany, age 9, North Carolina USA

I have a Shetland Sheepdog named Penny Brite. She can do a really cool trick. I taught her how to crawl like an army dog! It looks really cute and makes everybody laugh! Ashley, age 12, North Dakota USA

Hope, my chocolate Labrador Retriever, knows how to open her food container up. She will nudge the lid off, then start eating. Amanda, age 12, USA

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We have a kennel outside for her and we have to lock the cage door because she can open it when she gets excited. She can also lay down, come to me on command, and if I am walking her and she gets loose, she doesn't run off right away. First she turns around and picks up the leash so I can't catch her. Jaime, age 12, North Carolina USA

My dog Daisy, when we take her for a walk, she lays down when she sees her house because she knows we are putting her up ! Ashley, Age 12, Europe

You know how people teach dogs to stay next to them with no leash? When you show him food, be ready for your new best pal to follow. Amanda, age 10, Texas USA

The smartest thing my dog Shadow does is lean into the turns when he's in the car. He has learned that when he leans, he wouldn't slide all over the seat. Shadow also knows to sit still while we buckle him into the car (we put on his harness and slip the buckle through it). Lauren, age 12, North Carolina USA

My dog, Jack, who is a mix of Jack Russell Terrier, black Lab, and Akita, knows a lot of words. He knows what 'walk' means, so we called it 'you-know-what' if we didn't want to take him then. He also knows what 'can of food' means and he knows it is good. He knows the names of his toys. He knows what a dog is. And of course, he knows his name. Susan, age 11, Indiana USA

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My dog is five weeks old and all she does is want to play all day. Kelly, age 5, Indiana USA

My dog, Tipper, makes 'purring' noises like our cats when you pet her and if you don't pet her she taps you with her front paw. All four of my dogs listen for my brothers and I to put on our coats in the entryway because that means we are coming out to see them. Tess, age 5, Pennsylvania

My dog Sinbad can shake his paw pretty good, but he can roll over very good. Katie, age 7, Kansas City

My puppy, Sooty, will close the drawer that we get her leash out from and then sit patiently at the front door until we open it. She then goes see next door's dogs and jumps in the car for her walk! She is a black mini-poodle and is the best dog in the world! Lisa, Age 12, Australia USA

The smartest thing my dog does is when I am in danger, my dog will defend me. Kellie, age 12, Oregon USA

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When my dog, Lassie, wants a toy she will stare at it and wave her paw at it. She will stay there until she is given the toy. My other dog, Rita, sits by the heater to stay warm in the office.Melissa, age 12, Georgia USA

My Chihuahua, Brandy, does the smartest thing because she will stare at the door to let us know when someone is there with out making one sound!! Also when she wants something, she will sit on her hind legs and beg for it and if you don't give it to her, she starts barking at you. When you leave the door half open, she will stand on her hind legs and push it open so she can come inside. She does a whole lot of things but if I mention them it will take up the whole page. I think she is too smart for the average dog!!!! Tameshia, Age 15, New York USA

He learned how to climb the stairs his first try in his whole entire life and now we can't stop him from climbing the stairs! It's one of his favorite things to do! Anna, age 10, Minnesota USA

My dog's name is Chex and when she's hungry, she'll bark one time. If there's someone at the door, she'll bark twice. When I tell her to say please, she'll bark. Karen, age 12, Hawaii

Sadie is a blonde Cocker Spaniel. When she needs out, she whimpers. When she wants in, she knocks on the door. Angie, age 10, Illinois USA

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My dog, Maggie, is almost 3 months old and she will give kisses. Melissa, age 11, Illinois USA

When my dog, Sparky, needs to go to the bathroom, he walks to the door and sits down and stares at everybody. Elizabeth, age 9, Ohio USA

My dog, Lewis, is a Cairn Terrier. I think the smartest thing he does is barking when people come to the door. At night, we will know when a robber comes. Kiri, age 11, Massachusetts USA

When you need to take him for a walk to get his leash on, you just have toshake the box of biscuits and he will come running over. Catherine, age 9, New Jersey USA

The smartest thing Eddie does is when he plays dead. Brandon, age 12, Texas USA

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The smartest thing my dog does is bark when she wants to come in.Danielle, age 7

My dog hits his head on me if I don't feed it. Someone in Missouri USA

My 4 year old Black Lab Shadow does the smartest thing. When I feed him in the morning, I ask him what kind of food he wants. When I ask him if he wants chicken formula, he nods his head "no". When I ask him if he wants lamb formula, he nods he head "yes!". Alena, age 10, Pennsylvania USA

He holds different things in his mouth like newspapers, glasses, etc. Then he brings them over to us and hands them to us. He also knows how to heel off leash and tons of other things. If you have a dog and you truly love him and you want to have a closer bond with him, I strongly suggest that you join a dog 4-H club. It's fun, interesting, and you learn how to train, show, and care for your dog. I am in a dog club right now and I absolutely love it. We call ourselves the Dawg Gone Dogs. Katie, age 13, Washington USA

If my dog, Coco,wants a drink or wants a treat or wants food or has to go to the bathroom, he will get your attention and walk towards where it is. Jocelyn, age 12, Ontario Canada

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When you point your finger at our dog Sugar and say bang, she rolls over on her back and lays very still like she's dead. Cat, age 14, Nevada USA

My dog can open a door. Joey, age 9, New Jersey USA

When my pup, Pirate, wants to go outside (toilet) and I want to go to bed, he will lay across my pillow so I can't get in. If I try to push him over, he gently grabs my wrist and drags me to the back door. Belinda, age 14, Vic Australia

If my dog is in a room with someone and the door is closed and he wants to get out, then he uses his nose, pushes up on the handle, and pushes the door at the same time and leaves! Tracy, Age 9, California USA

Gypsy is a long-haired Dachshund and Cocker Spaniel mix. The smartest thing she does is when she is tired, she pulls the pillow into a comfortable position and jumps around and throws stuff to get our attention and barks, telling us to go to bed. In the morning, she knows when I need to get up for school, so she licks my face and jumps on me. Anna Lisa, Age 12, Colorado USA

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He has figured out how to open any door in the house and unlatch any seat belt! Heather, Age 9, Arkansas USA

The smartest thing my dog, Fred, does is the way he tells us he wants to use the bathroom. This is what he does... he runs to the door, runs back to me, and barks. Then he scratches my door so that I can let him in (he is a small Rat Terrier). Maddie, age 10, South Carolina USA

When you ask my little Poodle, Angel, " you have hay fever?", she'll sneeze! Mickey, Age 12, Connecticut USA

My Dachshund, Rusty, pushes his nose against a bell and rings it when he needs to go to the bathroom outside. Barbara, age 11, Virginia USA

My dog can open the screen door by pushing her nose against it and then sliding it over. She learned it all by herself! Jose, age 12, New Mexico USA


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How Smart is Your Dog?: 30 Fun Science Activities with Your Pet, by D. Caroline Coile; Sterling; (May 28, 2003)
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How To Love Your Dog...A Kid's Guide to Dog Care
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