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Dachshund with big heart in his mouth!

Why does my dog love me?



HeartsMy gorgeous miniature Yorkie/Skye Terrier called Minnie loves me
because I feed her, give her water, play with her, train her, spoil her
(whenever I get money I buy her something), and give her all of my
unconditional love. The day I got her I was on my roller skates walking
her and I fell and dropped her lead. She picked up her lead, came over
to me, dropped it at my feet, and licked my bleeding knee. I think this
shows that she loves me. If anything happened my little Minnie moocherz
I would die!!!!
Cliona, ge 12, Cork Ireland

Hearts My dog, Otto, loves me because as soon as I come home from school
I go round the back and play with him.
Alexandra, age 8, Queensland Australia

HeartsI feed him love him and care for him and teach him tricks
like sit and stay and high five.
Hayley, age 15, South Carolina USA

HeartsMy dog, Brenna, loves me because I give her fresh food,
water, and I train her. She also gets her vet visits when she needs
them. I walk her a lot (around two or three times a day), and I've
even entered her in some dog shows!
Rowan, age 14, British Columbia, Canada

Hearts"Love is not a noun that is needed to be described;
it is a verb, needed to be acted upon." Yes. it's true. In showing
our love to our dogs, we don't need to SAY that we love them, we need
to SHOW them that we love them. We should let them feel that they're
important to us no matter what happens, because they're not just our pet.
They're our FAMILY. So my dog loves me because she is my family
and best friend.
Shane, age 15, Legazpi City, Albay, Philippines

HeartsI give him lots of love because he is very special and lovable.
I brush him, I feed him, I pet him, I let him out and that's why he loves me!
Kylee, age 7, Michigan USA

HeartsMy mini Dachshund puppy, Elliott, loves me so much
because I give him everything he needs. I always spend lots of time
with him and I always give Elliott food and fresh water. Elliott always
sleeps in my bed at night so we are best friends. :)
Savannah, age 13

Hearts My three dogs love me because I play and cuddle them a lot.
If any of them died, my heart would fall out because I love them so much.
This message goes out to my dogs: I love you guys so much!

Jessica, age 13, Iowa USA

Hearts My dog does not love me because I give her treats or spoil her.
She loves me because I love her and because I care for her. She loves me
because I am me, and I am her BEST FRIEND. My dog, Spot, is truly an
amazing dog.
Jessie, age 13, Louisiana USA

Hearts My shih-Tzu/Maltese cross, Bella, loves me because I play
with her, I give her treats, I buy her toys, and I give her baths.

Brittany, age 12, Australia

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Hearts My dog, Maggie, a Boston Terrier, loves me because I hang out
with her a lot. We watch movies together (preferably ones with a dog in it).
I walk her around our park. I have taken her to PetSmart and I buy her toys
there too. I always play hide and seek with her, and I try to train her new
tricks all the time. I love my dog and I'm pretty sure she loves me!
Julia, age 12, Kansas USA

HeartsMy dog loves me because when I put her outside to go
play she gives me a handshake and wants me to go with her. When
I am sleeping, she doesn't wake me up to go outside until it is daylight
(at least a little bit). She also follows me around like she's attached to me.
I LOVE my dog and she loves me, too.
Jameye, age 16, North Carolina USA

Hearts She loves me because I love her back! :3 My doggie shows me love
by putting her arm around mine when I pet her. She loves me because
I give her lots of treats when she's good. My dog is really cute, so I'm
a sucker for handing treats out at random times :). If something were
to happen to her I would probably die! She's like a sister to me :)
and I'll always love her.
xoxoxo to True, my doggie. Maizie, age 13, Oklahoma USA

Hearts My four dogs love me because I play with them, I give them food,
I teach them tricks that I get from here, I buy them clothes, I'm the only
one in my family that takes care of them, and I love them back
Valdrian, age 13, Philippines

Hearts My dog loves me because I gave him my total attention
(I do that everyday) on my birthday which was March 16th
Courtney, age 14, California USA

Hearts My dog loves me because I'm her best friend and I love her.
Erin, age 14

Hearts My Boston Terrier, Glitter, loves me because I share my
blanket with her, I give her lots of treats, I give her lots of love
and care.
Danielle, age 14, North Carolina USA

Hearts My little Rosie loves me because I care for her. I feed her,
and play with her, and give her lots of hugs and love. I also walk
her everyday, slow enough so that she will not get tired. She is an
old dog, and I treat her like an EXTRA SPECIAL old dog. This is why
my dog loves me, and I love my dog.
Angela, age 13, California USA

Hearts My dog loved me because I pet him and sing him to sleep.
Anonymous, age 13, England

Hearts My dog loves me because I feed him everyday, play with him,
and take him for walks
. Brady, age 13, Nova Scotia

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Hearts My dog loves me because I walk her and feed her and
play with her. Also she loves me because I love her!! I <3 Mia!!!! =)

Mariah, age 13, New Jersey USA

Hearts My dogs, Lucky and Daisy, love me because I let them do
whatever they like. I play with them, take them on walks, and they
get their own beds and bedrooms, too, if they would sleep in there.
But they love me the most because I give them the love and help them
with all their needs when they need something. Plus I read and watch
movies with them, too. Their favorite movie are Lassie, White Fang,
or Animal Planet.
Danyel, age 14, Michigan USA

HeartsMy Dog, Rebel, loves me because I take care of him
and play and pet him.
Angela, age 16, Georgia USA

HeartsMy Rat Terrier/Poodle named Tootsie loves me
because I take care of her and give her lots of love.
She almost never gets bored and loves to sleep so I let her!
Erica, age 12, Wyoming USA

HeartsMy dogs loves me because Madem and Prissy
sleep with me and play and they love their food.
Kiana, age 14, Texas USA

HeartsMy dog loves me because I take very good care
of her. Her name is Sniffer. She is a Chihuahua with black
and white patches. She's my fifth dog so far. I've had her
since 2003. I always make sure that she is alright and
comfortable. She is the best dog I will ever have. Whenever
I am down she cheers me up by licking my face or hand.
I <3 her. Thank God this dog has been with me for a long
time till now.
Stephanie, age 13, California USA

Hearts My dog loves me because I let him sleep with me
and we play with him and teach him new tricks.
I love you, P.D. YAAAAAAY!
Jacob, age 8, New York USA

Hearts My dogs, Maddie and Cooper, love me because I take care
of them. I feed them every morning, take them for walks,
and pick up their droppings. I also teach them a lot of tricks
and make sure that they get plenty of exercise. When they
want to rest, I let them lay on my lap and sleep. I love my
dogs very much!
Nicole, age 12, Washington USA

Hearts My dog is a black Cocker Spaniel. She loves me
because for one, I take her everywhere with me,
no matter where I go. I think she's happy that she's
smart and knows many things. Lola also knows agility,
and loves to practice. I have also taught her simple,
but cool tricks. She knows tricks such as climbing things,
hold it (putting her paw up on anything and holding it)
and many others. I am the only person Lola really trusts.
She only listens to me. I bought her all of what she has
currently. I love Lola and she loves me.

Cheyenne, age 11, North Carolina USA

Hearts My dog loves me because I walk her, feed her and
give her lots of attention. She's a mixed breed, husky and
border collie. She is only 9 weeks old. I love you Karma.
Sam, age 13, Pennsylvania USA

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HeartsI think that my dog loves me because he's a loving dog.
He loves everybody that even glances at him! Has a certain
liking to men, but he loves everybody who lives in the house
and he recognizes our names, so if someone says,
"Here comes Emily!" He'll know who they're talking about.
My dog doesn't only give love, he receives a bunch. too.
We all say that he's a spoiled dog. He even knows the
cat's names. He likes to torment them. (It's really quite hilarious.)
Well, that's my dog!
Emily, Age 13, New Brunswick, Canada

Hearts We haven't taught her many tricks, but we taught her sit.
Also, she can jump. We are teaching her fetch. The dog is a
mixed breed. She is a beautiful dog. Her name is Maddie.
Thanks for your time in reading this.
Love, Maddie the dog Ruff Ruff
Marissa, age 10, Arizona USA

Hearts I have answered this question about my German Shepherd,
Cookie, last year. Now, I also have another dog, a Sheltie mix.
He loves me because I adopted him from the shelter, I play with him,
I give him and Cookie attention, and I feed him. He doesn't really
like being brushed, but he puts up with it.
Tiffany, age 14, Georgia

Hearts My dog loves me because I look after my dog
very well. His name is Nazz, he is a 6 year old staff.
I do his dinner for him, take him for walks, and cuddle him.
He is a brindle. I often wonder if he has any brothers or sisters.
Thank you for reading my story.
Steven, age 14, Kent Uk

Hearts My dog, Lady, loves me because I train and
take care of her, and I let her lick me and sit on my lap.
I also spend a lot of time with her and make sure she has
everything she needs. I make sure she has a happy life.

Mary, age 15, Minnesota USA

Hearts My dog, Missy, loves me because I take good care
of her like taking her out for a toilet or giving her food.
She just loves everyone.
Jade, age 7, England

HeartsMy dog loves me because in the mornings my mum
goes to work and it's just me and my dad, and I give him
loads of treats to stop him crying!!!
Abigail, age 10, Plymouth UK

HeartsMy dog loves me because I never let him get bored.
I always have an ear for his bark just in case he's been left out
the front door. I love to teach him tricks and give him a
good bath. He's my best friend and I'd never know what
I'd do without him! He follows me everywhere and sleeps
in my room to comfort me. Playing with him is so much fun!
I love you Bobby!!! xxx
Erin, age 11, Australia

HeartsMy puppy Nina loves me cause she is only 10 weeks
and I have already taught her to sit, wait, drop, roll over and shake:).
Also whenever I leave her, she cries and whines (it breaks my heart!)

Monika, age 12, Sydney Australia

HeartsThe reason why my dog loves me, is because I
gave him a home instead of the pound and treat him as
human being!
Kayla, age 12, South Carolina USA

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HeartsMy dog, Elway, loves me because I take him on
lots of walks. I always share my food with him. I wrestle
with him, and give him kisses! Kelly, age 11, Alabama USA

HeartsMy dog loves me because I love it. I feed it all the
time and my favourite part of taking care of puppy is
walking it. Christine, age 9, Ontario Canada

HeartsMy dog loves me because I give her hugs and biscuits
and she stands up on me and gives me kisses.
Anonymous, age 8, Kentucky USA

HeartsMy dog loves me because I love her.
Anonymous, age 7

HeartsI love him and I take care of him and I'm his pal.
Todd & Peter, ages 9, North Carolina USA

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HeartsJe lui laisse toujours une place prËs de moi. Ma chienne
m'aime car je l'a promËne souvent. Anonymous, age 11, QuÈbec, Canada

HeartsKip loves me because I always take care of her. Also she
loves me because I always visit her outside all the time. And she
always gets to take walks down our driveway on Monday to pick
up my friend, Audrey! We go to dance together on Monday!
Kip loves it so much! Chelsea, age 8, Wyoming USA

HeartsMy dog loves me because I am nice to him. I love
dogs they're great! Anonymous, age 8, Lousinana USA

HeartsMy dog loves me because I'm the only member in my
family that care about him. I take him for three walks a day.
I let him have scraps under the table. That's why I love my dog
and he loves me. Joycie, age 12, Texas

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