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What does your dog look like?

My dog is named Biscuit. She is a reddish-brownish huge puppy.
Also she is really intelligent. CLUE: Biscuit is not a St. Bernard!
Jenny, age 10, Oregon USA

She is a mutt and is as big as a groundhog, has fluffy black and white
and is a very loud barker plus very playful. Caitlin, age 8, Virginia USA

My dog is a tan color. My dog is short and has a straight and
sometimes curved tail. Kiri, age 11, Massachussettes USA

Kasey is a black dog with brown paws and a white stripe down
the chest. She has short silky black hair and curly hairs on her ears.
Jacqui, age 11, Florida USA

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My dog is short, spotted with big spots and he is very hairy. His ears
are down. His tail is curled. That's all! :) Therese, age 11, Mandaue Cebu Looc Philippines

My dog is white. His fur hangs down to the ground. He is a miniature dog.
Ali, age 10, Whatakane

My dog Harley has many colors on him (keep in mind that he is a
mixed breed). He has sort of a foundation color of white, then he has
two big, black/brown spots on his back.Then there is another heart-shaped spot
around the base of tail, and ends around the bottom of his behind. And all over
his back, sides, and legs there are little black and grey spots on him. His head
is all brown,except for one white stripe going right down the middle.He has
a long tail,that is always up in the air. His tail has spots, too. He has short wiry
fur,but it's still pretty smooth. His ears go to about the bottom of his head,
and are brown and silky. He has very long legs for his size, and an arch
before his hind legs, the way a greyhound does (he is not a greyhound).He has
really cute big, brown eyes. He is really cute!! Julie, age 12, California USA

Cisco is black, white, and gray. He's large with a medium
length coat. His ears are up and his tail curls across his back. He loves kids,
but not strangers or male dogs. But no matter what, I'll always love him.
He's an __________. Shay, age 17, Ohio USA

My dog is black. She is a medium size. Rebecca, age 14, New Zealand

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It is black and white. Emily, age 9, Illinois USA

My dog is very skinny has a long tail and a long skinny nose.
She is fawn in color and runs very fast! Meghan, age 6, Ontario Canada

My dog has a smushed in face and little black ears with a curly tail.

He is medium size, about 17" at the shoulder but he is bigger
than the breed standard. He weighs about 30 pounds. He has very long, silky,
straight fur and he's tri-color tan, black, and white. His ears are small and
the tips curl down his tail is long. Sarah, age 15, Alberta Canada

My dog, Scooter, has brown, black, and white on him.
He is so handsome! Hatti, age 12, California USA

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Sydney has medium-sized floppy ears.The hair on her ears is
curly. She has long, wavy, and silky hair too.The colour of her hair is
blenhiem (chestnut and white). She also has big brownish-black eyes.
She weighs 9kg.(19.8lbs). I don't need to trim her hair. She's also very cute
and pretty! This breed is the largest of all toy breeds. Can you guess what
breed my dog is? Evelyn, age 13, Singapore

Larry is my first dog and the most intelligent. He is dark brown,
has really short fur and a cute tail. Natasha, age 9, Moscow Russia

My dog is gray and white and very cute. He has pointed ears and
a very wiggly tail. His name is Jack. Natasha, age 9, Moscow Russia

My dog's name is Max. He has pointed ears and he is
reddish-brownish-black. He is veeeeeeeeeeeeeeery cute!
Natasha, age 9, Moscow Russia

He is brindle. Has short fur and floppy ears. He has a white triangle
on his chest and white paws. He has pretty blue eyes and a long tail.
Natasha, age 9, Moscow Russia

Dog bones

Something You Can Do!

Did you have fun reading the answers to the question? You can answer the question about your dog, too. Get some paper, sit down, and write your answer.

Write your answer to the question and share it with your parents.
Ask your friends or your teacher to answer the question.
Put your answer on the refrigerator or on the wall of your bedroom.
Call your grandparents on the phone and read it your answer to them.
Draw a picture that shows the answer to the question.

Here are a couple more activities for you!

1. Choose some of the descriptions from this page and draw a picture of the dog just the way you think he or she looks. Should be fun!

2. Choose a dog breed. Describe exactly what he looks like on a piece of paper. Then see if your friends and family can guess what kind of dog he is.

Congratulate yourself for spending some time thinking about your dog!

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