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Here is this month's question:

What does your dog dream about?


My dog, Cosmo, sometimes has nightmares, I'm not
sure what they are about but he whimpers and howls
- poor him! Then he starts snoring.

Suzie, age 13, New Zealand

My dog dreams about bones. Kara, age 13, Wales

My dog, Jemma (a black Labrador Retriever), dreams
about chasing away other dogs and cats that come in the
yard trying to get the chickens. I bet she dreams about
bones and food a lot, too, and family cookouts (when
everyone comes over and brings their dogs and they all play!)
Randi, age 14, Maine USA

One of my dogs, Bandit(German Shepherd), dreams
about eating bones! I know this because when he sleeps,
he opens his mouth like he's eating one! He also dreams
about burying them because he moves his front paws in a
digging motion! You should see him! It's so funny!
Nicole, age 13, Connecticut USA

I think my dog, Teddy, dreams about getting to roll in
the mud. He rolls around and if you watch him while he is
sleeping, it is very, very, very, very, very funny.
Sarah, age 9, Oklahoma USA

My Dalmatian, Dice, whimpers and moves his legs in
his sleep. I think he dreams about chasing cats or going
to play at the park.
Allie, age 13, California USA

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I think my dog dreams about chasing bad people away.
She wants to be a police dog. That is because my dog is very
protective of me and my family!
Sarah, age 14, Ohio USA

When my dog sleeps (which is practically all day long),
he rolls around and barks. The thing is, he sleeps on my bed
at night and when he starts to do that he wakes me up,
then he pushes me off the bed!
Ashley, age 14, California USA

I think dogs dream about my friend, Pauline. Pauline
really likes dogs a lot and that's why they probably dream
about her. Pauline says she really likes white dogs a lot
but she doesn't like black ones.
Henry, age 14, Queensland, Australia

I think dogs dream about going to the park. My dog
loves this one special tree in the park we go to. You should
see him have so much fun in the park. It's amazing!
Yiken, age 14, Victoria, Canada

My dog, Kissy, is a Sheltie. She dreams about rounding
up our baby lambs when they get out of their pen.
Airyn, age 7, Arizona USA

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My dog dreams about chasing squirrels. You
should see him! He starts making running movements,
and he groans and barks!
Wallis, Age 14, New Hampshire USA

My dog, Kesha is a Golden. She moves her legs in her
sleep and rolls over on her back. She must be dreaming
something good!
Krysta, Age 13, Wisconsin USA

My dog, Sadie, always dreams about stealing socks
from the basket and pretending they are her babies.
Victoria, Age 8, Illinois USA

I have dog a named Molly and I think she dreams
about going hunting for birds and catching them.
Amy, age 9, Minnesota USA

I don't know, but my dog snores and "talks" in
her sleep.
JubeJube, age 13, The Canadian Boonies

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I think they dream about playing with my brother,
because my brother really likes my dog.
Greg, age 14, Victoria Australia

I think they have dreams about getting scratched
on the tummy and running through piles of bones.
Journee, age 8, Nevada United States

I have a five month old mutt and he has dreams
about being a hero.
Moonwolf, Arizona USA

My old dog used to dream about laying in the sun
and relaxing.
Emily, age 10, Texas USA

I have a three month old Golden Retriever Puppy
and he dreams about chasing something and drinking
milk from his mom.
Caitie, age 13, Ontario Canada

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My dog sometimes twitches in her sleep. I think
she dreams about chasing rabbits (she's a Labrador
Heather, age 15, Rhode Island USA

They dream about going in the forests and chasing
things and bones,
and being free or having all the
attention all the time!
Amanda, age 11, California USA

My dogs dream of getting their butts scratched,
and running free,
eating, and taking people for walks.
Jessica, age 9, Illinois USA

They dream about getting an owner or they dream
about their owner if they have one.
Kimmy, age 8, Illinois USA

I think dogs dream about running free in a park or
playing frisbee
with their owner. Brittany, age 9, Ontario Canada

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I think dogs dream about chasing an animal.
Sometimes my dogwill bark in his sleep, or he will growl.
He will do all kinds of things in his sleep.
Suzie, age 11, Alabama USA

I think when they're pups, they dream about being
nursed by their mother.
Caitlin, age 12 , Ontario Canada

Dogs dream about stealing toys from my room and
chasing cats and everything nice. But my dog, Gracie,
had a nightmare and I woke her up and said it's OK, it's OK.
She loves me.
Anna, age 10, Illinois USA

I think dogs dream about chasing cats, eating bones,
and being rubbed on their tummies. When my dog Dusty
dreams, he twitches and woofs in his sleep.
Amanda, age 11, Michigan USA

My do, Tilly, dreams about having puppies - that why she
looks after my other dog, Pretzel.

Jemma, age 10, Johannesburg, Gauteng, South Africa

I believe dogs dream about what they do all day. I
have a puppy and sometime when I watch him, he seems
to be doing the things he did when he was awake. Also
he suckles when he sleeps, so he must be dreaming
about his mother and feeding time. I have seen him
move his paws as if he were running, and occasionally
he will yap or bark at something, and he does the same
when he plays with our female, Lola.
Joanne, South Africa

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My dog dreams about flying and catching cats.
Jemma, age 10, Johannesburg, Gauteng, South Africa

I think my dog dreams about eating, chasing the cat
and the rabbit, going in the car and for walks.
Tiffany, age 15, New Zealand

My dog dreams about getting our food and he
also dreams about chasing birds in the backyard.
Erin, age 8, Australia

I think my dog dreams about sitting on a stash
of treats and liver and cheese on a beach with
lotssssssss of water and chew toys.
Stephanie, age 9, Massachusettes, USA

I think they dream about running free in the
country while chasing rabbits with other dogs.
Sarah, age 15, Iowa USA

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My dogs Huey, Fred and Roxy dream about running
around with me. They love me!
Paulie, age 5, Florida USA

I think my dog dreams about being walked and to
run in the park and to sit in the warm sun all day and
to chew on bones and to chase the cat.
Mindy, age 13, USA

I think my dog dreams about barking at my brother
...... ( he does that alot!!).
Gwyn, age 12, Florida USA

I think my dog "Holly" dreams about chasing rabbits
or eating our food.
Amanda, age 11, Ontario Canada

My dog, Lizzy, dreams about running around
with her toys and barking at lots of little animals.
Stacy, age 12, USA

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Dogs dream about the juicy bones they can chew,
the cats that they can chase (and actually catch), and
the looong, loooooong walks that their owners can take
them on.
Radhika, age 9, Delhi India

Dogs probably dream about hunting, fishing, running,
and playing with their friends. My dog, Scrappy, probably
dreams about that kind of stuff.

William, age 12, Pennsylvania USA

All my dog does is run in his sleep, so maybe he
has dreams about being a racehorse.
Holly, age 18, Nevada USA

I have a Retired Racing Greyhound. I think he
has bad dreams about his racing career. But, if he
has good dreams, he dreams about what a good life
he has now! :-)
Kari, age 16, New Jersey USA

I think my dog dreams about being a film star
and she gets all the attention because of it.

Louise, age 9, York England

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Dogs dream about playing ball with me and
getting a good doggie treat.

Chelsie, age 9, Wisconsin USA

Dogs dream about playing with their masters
and enjoying themselves.They dream about doing
everything their masters do.

Pavithra, age 12, Hyderabad, India

I think dogs dream about caring owners, playing
around with other dogs, and eating their favorite foods.
Haley, age 8, Australia

My dog dreams about getting petted and playing
Amanda, age 5, New Mexico USA

Dogs dream about going for walks and playing
with their friends.
Dogs also dream about rescuing
people and being on TV.
Ashley, age 11, North Dakota USA

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I think my dog dreams about... Lying in the sun
and eating a bone.
Nick S., age 10, Georgia USA

I think my dog dreams about jumping over the
fence and chasing
our neighbour's cat. Luke, age 9, Hertfordshire, England

Dogs probably dream about eating dog food
all day, chasing balls, and burning up all the leashes in the world.

James, age 12, Ontario Canada

Dogs dream about chasing a ball in the backyard
all the time.
Justin, age 10, Ontario Canada


Dog bones

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Dog bones

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