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If you could be your dog for 1 day,where
would you go and what would you do?

If I could be my dog for one day, I would chase my friends
and play with kids. Jimmy, age 11, New York USA

If I could be my dog for one day, I would lay in the
backyard all day. And I would bark every minute I could!
Anonymous, age 11, North Carolina

If I could be my dog for one day, I would just lay out in the
sunshine all day! Anonymous, age 12, North Carolina, USA

If I could be Captain for one day, I would go outside. I would
bark at all the other dogs in my neighborhood. Anonymous, age 7, Texas USA

If I could be a dog for 1 day I would chase the mailman
and then I would go in a lake and swim and I would go chase some cars
and then I would howl at the moon to say goodnight! Samantha, age 9, Braidwood

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If I could be my dog, I'd run, jump, and play, and run away
to a secret place no one else knows. If I could be my dog, I'd be the greatest
dog of all! Totianna, Age 12, Puerto Rico

I would be able to run faster than how I was as a human.
I wouldn't have to make my bed or do any chores. I'd get fed and bathed.
Life would be fun being a dog...but I wouldn't want to be a dog forever -
what about the fleas? Aaahhh! Rye, Age 12, Florida USA

I would roll over half of the day and be petted the other half.

If I was my 2 month old puppy named Missy, I would bark
if I needed to go to the bathroom because she is not potty-trained yet.
I would not bite people playfully, I would just chew my toys. I think it
would be fun! Amber, age 10, Nebraska USA

I'd go out for walks and I would play with my toys.
Celeste, age 5, California USA

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I would stay home and feel very lucky I didn't have to go
to school! And I would have lots of fun laughing because my sister would
have to go to school. Ha Ha! Camille, age 9, California USA

My dog's name is Miss Pugsley. She is a Pug. If I could be her
for a day, I would roam around the house and jump on things. I would scare
all the cats away! Jacoby, age 7, Kentucky USA

I would go out to my pond and swim for hours! Afterwards I
would sunbath in the sun. I would have my owner give me a belly massage and
a towel dry. Of course, we can't forget a cookie. Jeanette, Age 12, Wyoming USA

If I was a dog for one day, I would run around and eat a lot of
dog food. I would also chase little kids and scare them away so they don't bother
other dogs. Elizabeth, age 14, California USA

We would chase a ball and when we could not find it, we would
sniff around for it, tussle, tug on a rag, chase our tail, jump all over the place,
jump on mama and dada and want to be picked up. We would go outside and
romp and play hard till we would be sacked out. And act like big dorks. Also
eat, drink and sleep. It would be lots of fun.
Candis and Jessi, ages 11 and 9, Washington USA

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If I could be my dog for one day, I would not chew and be really
good because if that happened, my mom would let me (my dog) in the house!
Kellie, age 12, Oregon USA

I would be my normal self and sleep in my own bed, but if
anyone tries to do anything unfair to me or any other nice animal, I would
bark at them. Anush, age 11, Middlesex, United Kingdom

If I could be my dog for one day, I'd sleep really late.
I'll keep howling and make everyone get mad at. Then I'll pretend that I'm sick.
Everyone would go up to me and I'd get all of the attention. Karen, age 13, Hawaii

If I could be my dog for one day, I would use the paper every
time I needed to go because my puppy, Maddux, is just learning to be
housebroken!! He is only 6 weeks old! Rebecca, age 13, North Carolina USA

If I could be my dog for one day, I will sleep, eat, play all
day long, and be happy because my mom could not tell me to do any chores
because I am a dog. Ha,Ha,Ha! Anonymous, age 15, New York USA

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I would go out and have puppies. Shaquala, age 11, Pennsylvania USA

I think if I were my dog, I would manage to steal a couple of pieces
of salami and eat them before anyone saw me. Then I would sleep all day
before I get a chance to go outside. Kiri, age 11, Massachusetts USA

I would sleep late in the morning on my mom's bed. Then I would
play in the yard all day and take naps under the tree. Then my mom would
brush me for one hour! Kristy, age 10, Oregon USA

When I get up in the morning, I would eat a big breakfast and go for a
walk in the neighborhood. I would get my friend, who is a Boxer, to go with me.
We would go down to the ball field and run all over and roll in the grass.
Michael, age 11, Saskatchewan Canada

I really like to swim! I would swim and play in the water all day long!
Cat, age 7, Florida USA

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