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How do you care for your dog?

little dog house Well, I have a number of dogs. Holly And Charlotte look like
Lad, the dog (Collie). Skye looks like Lassie, Aurora looks like,
well, herself. Carson And Teddy are just the odd collies of our group,
they don't seem to look like anyone. Alix, age 16, Washington USA

little dog houseI bathe my dogs, I also walk them, and I take them
on playdates.
Bertha, age 13, Illinois USA

little dog houseTo take special care of my dog, Maggie, I take her for a
long walk when I get home from school. Then when we get
back I feed her and give her water. After shes's done, I brush
her and check her for any fleas or ticks she may have picked up.
We really are BFF!
Meryl, age 14, Nova Scotia, Canada

little dog houseI take my dogs for an hour walk. Then I feed him.

I take my dogs for an hour walk. Then I feed him
and make sure their water bowls are full and brush their fur so
the fur does not get knotty.
Jane, age 15, Sydney Australia

I take Rando outside and put him on a lead and
feed him. I sometimes take Rando around the yard,
but I don't forget to talk to him. I love Rando and
I'm glad I have him.
Brenna, age 7, Alabama USA

I walk Cody every day, give him a bath once a week,
spend time with him, brush him everyday, and brush his
teeth weekly. I have already taught 1 year old Cody
7 tricks and 5 obedience training. Me and Cody will be
taking agility classes this fall and I plan to compete
later when he's good enough. i LOVE spending time
with my dog and I want to be a dog trainer and
caregiver when I get older.
Peyton, age 12, Missouri USA

I take my two dogs, a Pekingese and a Japanese Chin,
for two walks a day and make sure they are never alone
so they don't get lonely during the day. The always have
fresh water and have a vegetarian meal of Tofu and
cooked vegetables twice a day. They have their own beds
and are brushed well so that they never have matted coats.
We have them checked by the vet three times a year,
more if they are ill, and always provide veterinary care.
I think that my dogs, Molly and Posy, are cared for very well.

Tammy, age 14, Berkshire, England

I feed him, give him water, don't pull on her ears,
don't hit or things like that.
Jayden, age 8, Hillwack

Everyday, my dog and I take walks and I feed him regularly.
We always have a good time together!!
Tenten, age 13,California USA

I have two Labrador Retrievers named Tiamo and Sienna,
and they are a blast to care for! Twice a day they get
fresh water, (sometimes even more then that if it's hot,
you'd be surprised how hot it gets here in the
Centennial State!) once a day they get brushed,
(Sienna NEVER sits still...) and a walk around the park
(they're tired afterward 'cause it's a big part so they
only need one!) and a bit of training done.

Sienna's learning Turn Around while Tiamo's still figuring out
Shake) and my little brother gives them their dinner.
Tiamo is 9, but is still spry as a puppy, and Sienna,
who is only 3, has cancer, but she's still hyper
and strong!
Hannah, age 13, Colorado USA

Well, in our backyard I chase my dog all the time.
I feed her in the morning and night. Her name is Hally.
She is only 1 year old.
Joanne, Age 8, Missouri USA

I have 2 dogs, one named Taylor, who is a beagle, and
Coffee Pot, who is a chocolate lab mix. I do the normal feeding,
grooming, and attention thing like everyone else, but my dogs
and I have 'us' time. At 5:30 in the morning after I feed them
and walk them we sit on the couch (or at least I do) and we "talk."

I stroke their ears and heads and really get them relaxed.
My twin then gets up and carries on, she gets up at the same
time but she gets ready for school first, then while she strokes
them and soothes them, I get ready for school!
Sarah, age 15, Massachusetts, USA

I give him (Snowey) a bath every other day and make sure he
is very healthy. Every time we go to McDonald's we get him some.
I also make sure he has fresh food and water. I will do the best
I can to keep Snowey healthy.
Ashley, age 14, Indiana USA

Love your dog no matter what it does. Don't hurt your dog.

I treat my dog like she is a real family member and
give her a maltese haircut every two weeks. I LOVE HER
SO MUCH!!!!!!!!
Cach'e, age 13, Maryland USA

Every other day I give my dog a bath, being careful
not to get water in his ears. Then everyday I check
his ears for ticks and his stomach for fleas and his teeth
and eyes for anything wrong. I feed him what the
dog food company recommends or a little more if he's
been exercising a lot. This way he's not fat nor thin.

After he is done eating, I walk him down to a local
unleashed park and play fetch with him and let him
play with other dogs (here I train him and at home).
Whenever his doghouse is dirty or his blankets, I wash
them using soap he's not allergic to or could be bad
for him. Once a month I give him flea / tick medicine
and if something seems wrong, I call our family vet.

Trisha, age 14, Washington USA

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I take my dog for a 30 minute walk just about everyday.
In the morning I take her out to pee, then feed her a treat
with her medicine she has to take *bladder problem*.
After that we play around just a 'lil and she may walk around
just a 'lil. Then I have to put her in her crate since I have
to leave.

When I get home from school, I take her out to pee.
I get her 2 cups of her Iams puppy food with he medicine
and make sure she has clean fresh water,she actually
can tell the difference between fresh water and fossiled
water lol. Anyway, after that we go out back and chill...
we may listen to music.

After that I usually take her
for a walk and then we play for the rest of the day
and I try to teach her new things...when I have the time.
Terria, age 13, Maryland USA

I give my dog a bath once a week. Then I brush him.
PS He is really nice!!
Jake, age 13, Kansas USA

I take him out ten times a day and feed him and
love him give him lots of love, because that what
they need - simple stuff and a little bit of love.
That's all you need to do you if you have dog.
Bobbie, age 15, Colorado USA

Everyday I take care of my 10 year old female Yorkie,
Princess, by feeding her, grooming her, taking her for a
walk everyday, bathing her when needed, making sure she
has food and water everyday, playing with her, giving her
my attention, and most importantly, treating her with
respect and kindness.
Justice, age 13, Florida USA

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I walk my dog, Sweety. She is so playful. I also feed
and water my dog every day - but most of all I play with her.

Ashley. age 14, Ohio USA

I care for my dog. When I go shopping with my mum,
I hold him outside. I let him jump, run, and I even let him
have a biscuit.
Lauren, age 14

I take my dog for a walk one time a week and
I give him a bowl of water regularly. I feed him
Iams biscuits and that's about it.
Hannah, age 13, Wales

I always make sure my dog has fresh water
and food. Also that he can go to the toilette whenever
he wants. I have trained him since he was a puppy
so that now he can be safe and happy.

Becky, age 14, England

I feed him, comb him, take him out for walks,
take him to the vet, train him, and clean him.

Jenny, age 11, Virginia USA

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I take her out in the morning, feed her one cup
of food for breakfast, put her out in the pen unless
it's raining, give her dinner, let her go to the bathroom
whenever she needs to, and let her go to bed.
Sometimes when there's a thunderstorm, I hold her
so she won't get scared. My dog's name is Angel.

Mary, age 8, North Carolina USA

I take care of my Shar Pei, Joey, by taking him on
a two mile walk every day, feeding him one cup of dog food
in the morning and evening, taking him to the vet for a
yearly check-up, grooming him, competing in an agility trial
every month, and last but most importantly, loving him and
giving him attention. I know that if I want him to live long,
I have to take good care of him! I love my dog!

Jasmine, Age 13, USA

I will save up my allowance to buy my dog (Angel)
lots of toys and treats. Occasionally I will make dog biscuits
for her, take her on a walk 2 times a day, and this summer
we will take her swimming (first we will check with the
vet though).
Halleigh, age 13, Indiana USA

I do good things for my dog Lacey. She can not go
one day with out human food. I spoil my dog so much it's
not even funny! LOL! But she is loyal most of the time.
She will sleep on my bed, but usually hogs the whole bed! LOL!
Katianne, age 18, Missouri USA

Sometimes I brush, let her out and in, and wipe her paws
when they are muddy. Laura, age 10, Nebraska USA

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My brother, Josh, and I take care of our dogs, Apollo and Zeus,
together. Our dogs are only nine weeks old, and we have only had them for
four weeks. They are Australian Shepherds and they are extremely hard
to housetrain. Every morning me or Josh get up at 5:30 and take them outside.
One of us will take care of them all morning and the other one will take care
of them all afternoon. We switch every week, so that neither one of us has to
get up at 5:30 every morning.

When we bring them inside we feed them. Then, we have to take them outside again.
We have to take them outside ever hour for a half hour. They kept spilling their
water all aver the floor, so we have to keep their water outside.

We play with the dogs all day long and make sure they have fresh water when
they are outside. They sleep upstairs in my room every night. We have not got
our dogs collars or leashes yet, but when we do we are going to get name tags
for the collars, so that if the dogs get lost and somebody finds them, they will be
able to bring them home to us. Heather, age 13, Illinois USA

I give my dogs all the love I can give because they mean
so much to me. I feed them and care for them. They are the best part of my life.
Amy, age 12, North Tonawanda

I volunteer at an animal hospital for 1 1/2 years. A lot of times
I can bring them in and give them baths. They have this shampoo that whitens
your dog.Trust me it worked on mine. I am trying to train my dogs how to do
tricks so we can put on a circus to raise money for a no kill animal shelter.
I love animals so much I told my mom what I wanted to do when I get older.
She said she wanted to see my dream come true so she said that we could do it
right now, and we are getting the no kill animal shelter started.
Teresa, age 13, North Carolina USA

I have 2 dogs and it's a big responsibility, especially
because one has tons of Chow and Siberian Husky in him so he is huge!
I feed and water him, I play in the hose with him frequently so he stays clean
and when he starts to shed I brush him. I love him to bits and he is so easy
to train! Paige, age 10, Tennessee USA

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I take my dog out for walks and I play with him a lot!
I give him his popcorn and an occasional popsicle. He is so spoiled,
but I love my little Schnauzer,Gunny. Whitney, age 10, Florida USA

I feed, bathe, walk, and play with my Beagle, Penny.
Jenny, age 9, Texas USA

I spoil my dog, Spice, because she is personality plus.
Spice is a Dalmatian and she is very energetic. I have to make sure she
doesn't hurt herself sometimes. I wash her every weekend because she is
a dirty dog! I love Spice heaps! Siobhan, age 12, Western Australia

I walk and play with my dog, and also play with him,
groom him and love him. Phil, age 13, California USA

Everyday I take my dogs, Josie and Maggie, for a walk.
Next, I let them play with Montana, a Labrador who is their friend. After
that, I play with them for hours. Finally, I brush them and feed them.
April, age 11, Texas USA

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I give her treats...a lot of treats. They tell me that they
are supposed to be treats...not dinners! They keep her teeth clean! Carla, age 9, Texas USA

I treat him just like a human. Anush, age 11, United Kingdom

I take care of my Sheltie, Penny Brite, by feeding her and giving
her fresh water every day, brushing her, and walking and playing with her.
Ashley, age 12, North Dakota USA

I help my mommy brush my dog. I play with her in the yard, too.
Sometimes I give her a treat.Rebecca, age 5, Minnesota USA

I feed my dog everyday, I take him for a walk around the block,
and I brush him. When my parents put him in the bathtub, I help wash
him and then I help dry him, too. Oh, and I pet him every night while I'm
watching TV. Bryan, age 13, Oklahoma USA


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