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What activity is your dog best at?
- or-
What activity does he deserve an award for


Kip, my dog, is good at jumping, being silly, and most
of all being my friend!
Chelsea, age 9, Wyoming USA
My dog, Snooky, is 6 years old and has Hip Dysplasia so he
can't jump very well, but he can do lots and lots of other things.
I think my dog should be given the award for a perfect dog. When
we wake up, he won't let us leave the house until we rub his TUMMY!
Also he's very kind. I know that because we have 9 pets in total
(including my dog). Four out of nine are small- we have 2 gerbils,
1 rabbit and a guinea pig. All he does to them is sniff them and then
Annie, age 10, Ohio USA
My dog's best activity is kissing people to death.:)
Krista, age 13, North Carolina USA
My dogs, Titan and Zeus are best at jumping. They can jump
a six foot fence. They could also win 'cutest puppies ever'!

Stacy, age 13, Missouri USA
My dog Mike's two best activities are not listening and
snoring - he snores really loud.
Allison, age 13, Iowa USA

Ladies and Gentlemen! I would like to present
'The Best Bone Catcher' ever! Here she is......Lady! My dog is so
good at bone catching! Renee, age 9, Florida USA
My dog would get an award for 'Hungriest Dog in Wyoming'.
He can eat anytime, even when he has just eaten. We have to be
careful so he doesn't eat too much! I think he would eat all day
if we let him! Rudy, age 9, Wyoming USA
Ladies and gentleman, the award for 'Best Digger in the World'
goes to...... Samson, a 4 year old Fox Terrier! He can dig holes
anywhere, anytime! Leah, age 10, Oregon USA
Well I have three. But I have one dog that I love the most. Her name is
Duchess and she has gotta get the 'Most Kissfull Award'. I love her a lot. Bye!
Callie, age 9, Louisiana USA
I would definitely give my dog an award which is 'The Most Mischievous Dog'
and he is 'My Very Best Friend'. Stephanie, age 12, Malaysia

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If I could give my dog an award, it would be for the 'Silliest'. She scratches
her back on the couch, noses my dad, and bugs us until she gets a chew bone.
Stefanie, age 11, Ohio USA
I would give my Samoyed, Chamois, an award for being
'The Fluffiest Dog' and 'The Most Lovable Dog'!
Amanda, age 10, Massachusetts USA
I would give my dog award for 'Swimming' because she never
gets out of the water. Anonymous, age 11, Wisconsin USA
I would give my dog an award for being 'The Most Loving Dog.
I really love Boney! Fred, age 9, Virginia USA
My dog deserves an award for being 'A Great Pal' all my life.
From the moment my parents brought me through the front door she has
always loved me and looked out for me. I call that companionship!
Erin, age 13, Massachusetts USA

My dog can sit and play and fetch and most other dogs can do that, so I
would give my dog, Sweetie, an award for being a 'Girl's Best Friend' because she
is my best friend. Also, I would give my pup, Sunshine, an award for being the
'Sneakiest' dog I have ever seen. You turn your head for ten seconds and you come
back and she is gone! Jasmine, age 10, Alabama USA
If I were to give my dog an award, I would give it to him because he
is 'A Very Good, Lovable, Furry, Fuzzy Butterscotch, very Funny Little Cute Furball'.
And also because he is just plain cute, little and lovable! (He's also smart and talented!)
Avalon, age 8, Ontario Canada
If I could give my dog, Lassie, an award, it would be for the
'Most Mixed Breed Dog in the World'. Although her name is Lassie, she has Sheltie,
German Shepherd, Cocker Spaniel, Collie, and all these other breeds. I would also give
her an award for the 'Cutest Dog'. Melissa, age 12, Georgia USA

If I could give my dog an award, it would be the 'Cutest Dog Ever' because
he is very cute. Anonymous, age 10, Australia
If I could give my puppy an award, it would be 'Cutest Puppy in the World',
because Snowball is so cute! Jenny, age 12, Maryland USA

If I could give an award, it would be for the 'Most Spazzed-Out Dog'.
I would choose this award because my dog, Oreo, will run into walls in the morning
and afternoon. She will just run around either outside or inside. She runs around in circles.
And that's why I would give my dog that award. Maggie, age 11, Ohio USA
I would give awards to my dog, Penny Brite, for the 'Silliest Dog'
because she chases her tail and sometimes she acts crazy and runs around the room
and the 'Smartest Dog' because she listens and stays close to the family and can do
a lot of tricks like play dead, roll over, speak, dance, shake, and crawl like an army man!
I would also give my dog an award for the 'Prettiest Dog' because she is very pretty
and won 'Most Photogenic' at a dog and cat picture contest. I also would give my dog
the 'Best Friend' award because she is nice to me and she is my best friend
and I love Penny Brite, my Shetland Sheepdog! Ashley, age 12, North Dakota USA

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My Chihuahua would get the award all dog owners would give to their dogs -
'Being Unique' and 'Being a Best Friend'. Wenny, age 13, California USA

I would give my dog an award because he is a 'Very Good Dog' and he can
do '32 Different Tricks'! Lindsey, age 13, Minnesota
We would give our dogs, Max and Maddie, awards for 'Protecting' us,
their 'Funniness', their 'Loyalty' to us, and for 'Just Being Their Lovey Selves'.
Maddie turns in circles chasing her tail and when she catches it she won't let go and
it makes her do somersaults all over. Max, he is just a big ofus dog. They are such
beautiful dogs!! :-} {-: Candis & Jessi, ages 11 and 9, Washington USA

I think my dog should get an award for 'Just Bein' My Dog'. He's my dog!
Ain't that good enough? Kiri, age 11, Massachusetts USA
My dog's award would be for 'Loving Me and Being Herself'! Jaimee, age 13, Manitoba Canada

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I would give my dog Missy an award for: 'Learning to Stay' and for 'Being my Best Friend'.
Jennifer, age 9, New York USA
I would like to present the best dog of all dogs to .......Retriever.
Shaquala, age 11, Pennsylvania USA
I would give Luna an award because she always 'Obeys' and she
'Loves to Play with Me.' Brianna, age 10, Washington USA

If I could give my puppy, Missy an award, I think it would be
for: Being a Great Friend, being the 'Most Playful Puppy Around', and for
being the' Cutest Puppy! Amber, Age 10, Nebraska USA

Snowy deserves an award for being the 'Person I love the most
in the World'. Anush, age 11, Middlesex, United Kingdom


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