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Red ribbonFogg
by Jenna, Age 12
Missouri USA

I love my dog,
His name is Fogg

He is a boy,
Socks are his favorite toy.

My dog is a chow,
He hates animals that go meow.

I know this poem is very small,
But this is the end, this is all!

My dog is a chow. He is cute. He is 8 months old. He is red. He can shake.





Red ribbonLovability
by Julia, Age 12
British Columbia, Canada

Lovability is not being
The prettiest pup of the bunch,
Or the one that wins the most ribbons.

Lovability is being
The right dog, with the right person,
at the right time.
And is when you can hear them crying,
When the world is asleep,
And you could be too,
But instead, getting up, to lick them,
And make them laugh.

is something not all
Cute puppies
And 1st place show dogs have.

Is something for
Pigeon chested,
Blotchy eyed mutts
From the pound,
As well as the adored Papillon.







Lovabilty is forever.
My poem is about how not all cute,
sweet tempered pure-bred
puppies turn out to be cute,
sweet-tempered dogs.



 Red ribbon LuLu Lousie!
by Rose, Age 9
Florida USA

She chews on your favorite shoes,
Then goes and takes a snooze.
After she sleeps,
She gets up and creeps.

She will chew on your toys,
But truly she is a joy.
Who is this wonderful doggie?
Why it's LuLu Lousie!

My dog is a Blonde hair brown-eyed dog. She is lovable and playful.


 Playful pup.


Red ribbon Harley
by Paige, Age 10
Tennessee USA

You may not understand
A firm command,
Though you are still a puppy,
You're not as dumb as a guppy!

Through wind and fire,
Even water, you are so dire,
I will be there,
With your favorite ice cream to share.

Through love and through hate,
You'll always be my best mate,
To cherish and love,
But never to shove.

The dog I'm talking about in this poem is my Lab mix, Harley. She's kind of hard to get to understand, but she's still sweet as ever.







 Red ribbonDogz
by Holly, Age 8
Chelmsford, England

Dogs are very very fun,
But some have enormous bums!
Some are very very nice,
But others poo much more than twice!

My dog used to have an enormous bum. She was extremely fat as well. Her puppies were very fat.






 Red ribbonI'm Getting a Dog!
by Autumn, Age 12
Georgia USA

I'm getting a dog,
Not a lame frog.

She's going to be a she,
And she's going to act like me.

I'm getting her for my birthday,
And I'm going to have her,
till she goes away.

I'm getting a dog,
And with me will she stay!








Red ribbon Thor the Wonder Dog of Deluz
 by Saphire, Age 9
California USA

Happy every time food is here,
When time to go to school near.

Never does a crumb stay put,
For his little nose sniffs it out.
If he doesn't get food he'll pout!
He has a nose the color of soot,

He barks at doorbells, strangers, and other dogs,
But the delicious stuff, he hogs!

Thor is a little miracle in progress!




Red ribbonThe Lost 
by Vanessa, Age 13
Massachusetts USA

A puppy bought,
because it's cute,
Given a nice bed.
When it whines
in the night
The humans come running near.
They hug and kiss
the little face
And he is brought into their beds.

The next day
he is forgotten.
No one pays attention
to the little whining ball
of fur sitting in the kitchen.

That night
the little puppy whines,
hoping for attention.
The humans groan and shut him up,
for they wish not for the burden.








The next day the puppy goes
out into the yard.
He's tied to a tree
and left some food,
and forgotten about
for the rest of his poor puppy life.


My poem is trying to send a message across not to buy a dog just because it's cute or little. They take a lot of work and can get very big and will be a great friend if given proper care, but make sure your ready for it.


Red ribbonBlue
by Jessica, Age 9
Ontario Canada

My dog's name is Blue
She likes to chew on my shoe
She likes the weather gusty
Her boyfriend's name was Dusty!



Golden Pup


 Red ribbonMaisy
by Christine, Age 9
Pennsylvania USA

I have a dog named Maisy,
and she loves daisies.

I babysit a dog named Yoda,
and he drinks soda.

A dog across the street
named Friskie has whiskey.





Red ribbonDumb Dog
By Nicole, Age 12
San Diego, CA USA

Dumb Dog, dumb Dog,
Why do you eat like such a hog?
I've asked you once, I've asked you twice,
I've begged on my knees and have been so nice.

You eat whatever's pleasing to your taste,
Not dare to let a thing go waste,
You eat my cookies, milk, and ice cream.
You make me so mad I just have to scream.

Not just that, you eat my potatoes and beans,
It's no wonder you've never been a bit lean,
You eat every single kind of meat,
All you leave is the spinach and beets.

And when I lock up all the food,
You start to chew on metal and wood,
Dumb Dog, Dumb Dog,
What am I gonna do with a big fat hog?






Red ribbonSadness
By Bonnie, age 9
Georgia USA

Little dog on the stairs,
Do you know someone cares?
Sitting there so sad and blue,
You poor dog without a clue.

My poem is about the sadness of animal cruelty.






Red ribbonForever
by Brittany, Age 12
Illinois USA

She's as black as night.
And her eyes are like the stars.

She runs like there is no end,
She loves to bark when
the cats are ignoring her.

Although she will not go near the goats.
I believe we will be together forever.

Jazzi is a black Lab and
is 5 months. She loves to run.







Red ribbonBeside Me 
by H.J., Age 11
New Zealand

If you were lonely,
there is best friend on your side.
It is a dog that loves you very much.

But if you don't like dogs,
there is always a good friend on your side.
If you lost a dog and was very sad,
Your dog is always on your side.





 Red ribbonMy Dog  
by Stephanie, Age 8
Florida USA

My dog is a Cock-a-poo,
She acts like a rock-a-poo.

When she sleeps she barks,
And when she is awake she sparks.

She is a real joy
Just don't let her get your favorite toy!

She eats everything in sight,
But she is very despite.

She is not fat,
She is as skinny as a gnat!






A cocker.


Red ribbonMorty 
by Jamie, Age 12
Texas USA

Outrageously cute

My dog's name is Morty. She is turning four on October 29, so everyone wish her a happy birthday!



 A lab.


Red ribbon My Dumb Dog
by Quaumeeka, Age 16
Kansas City, Kansas

I have a dog that barks all the time,
He can't do tricks and he always cry.

My dumb dog can't do anything right,
Everyday it's a fuss in fight.

I'm tired of my dog
That's all im tryin' to say.







  Red ribbonChica
by Julie, Age 12
California USA

Hola, amigos!
Como Y frog?
Muy Bein, Y tu?
Yep, that's my dog!

She is smart and silly
A sense of humor too,
She will never bite,
And she'll stick to ya like glue!

Even though she chases squirrels,
In the old park,
To only strangers,
Will she ever bark.

So adios,
And hasta luego too,
My dog Chica,
Says goodbye to you,

Of course you should know,
What the Spanish's about,
In English "Chica" means,
Little girl no doubt! :-)



dog and flower


Red ribbonMy Dog
 by Brittanie, Age 10

My dog is furry I can see,
In my heart I love her very much.

She comforts me in any way
A loyal dog could.
She greets me everyday I come home,
Ball and everything,
She's quite the clown.

I love my dog to this day,
Who wouldn't love a dog like her.






 pup with ball

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