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 Red ribbon


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 Red ribbon

Red ribbon The Alsatian  
by Moya, Age 13

With snarling teeth,
And quivering fangs,
Ears pricked up,
and a tail that hangs.

Bristled and bushed,
Ready to fight,
And a mouth wide open,
Waiting to bite

His long sleek fur
Is standing up,
But his body is small,
For he's still a pup.




 He hears a noise,
And stops to wait.
It's a pair of footsteps
Approaching the gate

Standing still,
Waiting for disaster,
He lies down and sighs,
It's only his master.

Red ribbonBest of Friends
 by Tiffany, Age 12
Brantford, Ontario Canada

I have this dog you see
He's same as you and me
All day everyday,
He plays with his friend
His friend Locker that is.

But now he is gone,
And it's just the one again
But he still goes over to look,
Time and time again.

He still has the Labs,
But I guess they're not the same
He doesn't play with them
All day everyday,
They're not his best friends.

Not the same as his friend Locker,
who was his best doggie friend.






A Lab and his girl

Red ribbonCookie's Poem
by Haley, Age 9
California USA

She is so sweet,
She is so kind,
She learns her manners,
She learns to mind.

I care for her,
In many ways,
Feed, Walk, Play, Teach,
Fills my days!

Our "Cookie" makes
our life so fun,
She takes a lot of work
But gives cuddles when it's done!







Red ribbonSammy
by Mitchell, Age 10
Texas USA

I have a dog named Sammy,
He likes to sleep all day,
But I want him to play.
I love my dog named Sammy,
He makes me very glad,
So I'll never be sad.

Sammy is a two year old Husky
with a large fluffy tail
and a smiley face.






Red ribbon Don't You Love Your Little Mutt?
by Chelsea, Age 11
Arkansas USA

A dog is a pal, a loyal friend,
Who will be there until the end.
He'll love you and lick your face,
To assure you everything's ok.

A dog is a pal whom you can teach tricks,
Who will get in the weeds and get lots of ticks.
He'll love you forever no matter what,
Don't you love your little mutt?

A dog is the one who greets you after school,
Who gets your clothes wet from his drool.
Love! He can't get enough,
Don't you love your little mutt?

A dog is the one you'll always find,
To give you so much peace of mind
A dog is always rough and tough,
Don't you love your little mutt?







A cute little dog.

 Red ribbonFybo, My Dog
by Agnes Wong, Age 13

Ball with teeth and nose.
Fybo, my dog, has a talent,
He is a hound, you see.
He likes to nose for things hidden.

Fybo, my dog plays frisbee
with me in the garden,
ever so often
we would take a break,
he would pass time,
having the garden raked

Treasure will pop out of the ground,
a rubber duckey
or my long lost G.I Joe.
Sometimes it's my dad's slippers,
sometimes nothing at all.

Funny things were found
again today,
a round ball
with teeth and nose,
It had what looked like eyes
except the squishy stuff inside.

I wanted to show my Daddy my find,
but he had gone to work.
So I took it to my neighbour,
who might reward me for my labour.

 She opened the door
and I lifted my lost
for her to see.

She turned white,
and screamed with fright.
The next thing I learned,
the police came,
my dad in handcuffs led away.

I had many queries in my mind,
with only Fybo by my side.
A kind officer
then explained to me,
in a husky, solemn tone.

He said, "Son, you've solved
a mystery...
The hall with teeth and nose,
was actually
your grandpa's bones.

My dog is petty, active,
energetic, playful.
Always steal my things...

Red ribbonPlayful 
by Veronica, Age 12
California USA




Fun and playful!

Red ribbonLonely Heart At School
by Randi, Age 14
Maine, USA

I sit and wait,
Don't want to be late.
I listen for the bell,
Trying not to yell.

Suddenly it rings,
Bring! Bring! Bring!
I run to the bus,
In a really big rush.

Finally my stop is here,
I don't feel no more fear.
Tomorrow it will begin again,
But for now I'm with my DOG!





 Border Collie

 Red ribbonFriends
Laura, Age 10

Looking for a bone,
Having a loud barking tone,
A dog is your friend,
A dog is your pal.





Red ribbonCompanions 
by Delena, Age 11
Trinidad West Indies

My greatest companions are my dogs,
Ashley and Bono,
Susie and Timmy,
Rover and Bejour,
Are all close to me.

My companions are my dogs,
They are very friendly,
Fur and Pups are beautiful you see.

My dogs I love very much,
They all have a beautiful touch.
Dogs are great companions you see
Especially to me!





 Great Dane Puppy

Red ribbonFurry Rock
by Ryan,
Age 13
Edmonton, Alberta Canada

My dog sleeps in the house all day,
Doesn't come when I call,
Never comes outside to play,
He doesn't want to play with his ball.

If i try to get him up, he starts to whine.
But if I leave him alone he sleeps,
I guess it's just fine.
He never makes a peep.



Sleeping Dog

 Red ribbonWhat is Love?
by Just John, Age 12
New York USA

When you come home
from school,

And your teacher was cruel.
Your Mom will always say,
" Son, how'd it go today?"

You don't tell her
what you really want to!
And being your mom,

she doesn't have a clue!

You go to your room
on the edge of the bed,
Feeling bad for yourself,
wishing you were dead!

When all of a sudden
in a leap and a bound,
Comes a fuzzy, furry animal,
to wipe away that frown.

You can yell at him,
and push him away,
In three seconds he's back

on your lap to stay!

He seems to know you are sad,
And that you feel real bad!
He doesn't ask, he just cares
And licks your face,

pushing away your hair.



 He brings his toy
and throws it at you,
He knows you had

an awful day at school.

Does he make demands
and push your chores?
No! He laps your face,

It's you he adores!

You can push him away
and tell him to stop,
But he loves you so much

he'll never stop!

That's unconditional love
from your own pet!
And I thank God up above

for my best friend yet!
Dustin I love you!!!!!!


Red ribbonMonty  
by Katelyn, Age 9
New York USA

Monty you're the one,
Who brightens up my day.

Monty you're the one,
Who doesn't have to pay.

Your name is so nice,
I can say it twice.

If you ever ran away
I would cry all day.





Red ribbonDogs 
by Britta, Age 11
Ohio USA

DOG, what does it mean?
Someone to love,
someone to clean.

A happy soul who wants to play.
A little puppy to make your day.

Food and water, love and care.
Some fun and adventure
for you to share.

A stray, alone,
is a dog in need of a home.
Your dog, my dog,
aren't they the same?
Even though mine is bigger
and harder to train?





I think a dog is like
any person you'll meet.
They can can be nice,
evil, cute, poor,
but most are sweet!


Red ribbonBrothers
by Phil, Age 14
California USA

Oh my god,
I love my dog,

We play together,
And we are like brothers,

My dog is cool,
And he is not a fool.




Red ribbonFriends
by Caitlin, Age 10
Illinois USA

As I watch my dog,
she chases a rabbit.
I call her, and she comes.
She gets a drink,
cause she's thirsty.
She runs inside and
falls asleep on the couch.
I sigh as we fall asleep together.



Two friends!

Red ribbonI Want a Dog!
by Meghan, Age 10

I want a Pomeranian
Or a Pom-A-Poo
A Poodle would be just as good.

A Mastiff is to big for me
I want a tea cup dog.
I want a ball of fluff to be my very own.

I told my Mum it's just a fraction of a dog.
But by this she was not fooled.
But I will buy a dog one day,
And I will have a farm of Pomeranians.

And if you want a dog, I will give you 20
So all I say is be determined
and you will get a dog.

Good luck and I hope
everyone will get a dog someday!




Red ribbonNo More Fears
 by Jacolen, Age 17
Saskatchewan, Canada

At night I feel safe
knowing he's on the case.

When I am down, he smiles
And turns my frown around.

When I need a hug, he's where I turn,
And when he needs me, I'll be there.

I have a Border Collie Shepherd cross named Copper. We live in a bad neighbourhood And having him makes me feel safe at night. He is one of the best dogs a girl could own :)



border collie

Red ribbon Precious
by Jolene, Age 11
Calgary, Albertain Canada

Understands You

My dog is a miniature Dachshund. His name is Bear. It means he is as tough as a bear and as helpless as a cub. He looks like the color of a grizzly bear.




Red ribbonChaleanna
by Brittany, age 9
Pennsylvania USA

Chaleanna is a Collie,
She really is a dolly,
Chaleanna is a beauty,
She's never not a cutie.

She is so funny,
When she chases the darn bunny,
She sleeps on the bed,
but not on my head,
that's my cat of course.

She always plays with us,
Boy is she a fuss,
But as soon as mom gets home,
Up she goes!

We adopted her at seven,
We will keep her
Till she goes to heaven!
The end!






Red ribbonBandit
Carly, Age 9
Maryland USA

Bandit is a good dog,
But she is not a frog.
She lives in my house,
But is quiet as a mouse.

She plays a lot,
Not like a tator tot!
She likes to bark,
Especially in the dark.
She is my dog and I love her a lot,
So I'm very glad she doesn't live in a pot.

She doesn't like baths
But she does like naps.
Well I guess this is the end of my poem,
Because Bandit wants to go home.







Border Collie

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