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Red ribbon Play 
by Mary, Age 9

My dog and I love to play.
We could play all day.
He can talk,
but of course he can walk.
We love to play, play, play.




Red ribbonMy One Year Old Boxer
by Jasmine, Age 14
Toledo, Ohio USA

He loves to play,
Loves to do tricks,

And never disobeys me
Because his owner taught him that.

I know for sure
That God must have spent
A little more time on him.

His name is Zeus
The name of a God.

Some people say he is a God,
But I say he is my
One year old Boxer.




I understand that one day,
He will leave my side,
But till then I will do
All I can to love
My one year old Boxer!
Boxer pup

 Red ribbonDogs
by Audrey, Age 12
Orlando Florida

Dogs, Dogs
They're everywhere,
Every dog needs love and care!

Take one home and soon you'll see,
How much fun they can really be!


 Red ribbon Sparky
by Stefanie, Age 11
Westlake, Ohio USA

My little dog's name is Sparky,
She's the
#1 dog for me.

She is such a silly thing,
She barks so loud,
she can almost sing.

Early in the morning she will wake,
Expecting us her food to make.

She loves her afternoon nap,
But, of course it's on my lap.

She barks at a squirrel
and a chipmunk,

And makes a mess with all her junk.

But I still love her so,
Except when she has to go!




Red ribbon My Wish
by Yiqin, Age 11

I always longed for a dog
which is cute,

It will always be better
if he wears a suit.

Somehow I couldn't get one,
But I'm sure one day
my wish will be done.




 Red ribbonDogs, Dogs!
Audrey, Age 12

Dogs, Dogs, they're everywhere!
Every dog needs love and care!
Take a dog into your home,
And watch, you'll see,
How fun they can be!




 Red ribbonMy Dog
by Katie, Age 10
Chicago ,Illinois USA

I have a dog.
That is a hog.
She likes to eat
Lots of meat.
But my dog is a hog.



Red ribbon The Letter D
by Krista, Age 11
Nevada USA

Dog starts with the letter 'd'.
Dad starts with the letter 'd'.
If there wasn't 'd',
There wouldn't be a word
known as dog or dad.


Red ribbonDog Love
Alexandra, Age 9
California USA

All dogs need is lovin',
Please don't put them in an oven.

You don't put them into stew
As humans you clean up their poo.

You don't put them in a pool,
People say they may drool.

All dogs need is lovin',
So please don't take them
To Seven-Eleven.





Red ribbonMy Main Man 
by Grace, Age 10
Perth,Western Australia

That little Max,
He is my man,
My little main man,
His little tongue goes
Lick, lick, lick!
He is my man,
My little main man.

Sometimes, when he gets silly,
he rolls around on the ground
and sneezes and shakes his head!




A girl and her dog.

  Red ribbonSong for the Dogs
(This is similar to "God Must
Have Spent a Little More Time
on You" By N'Sync)
by Diana, Age 9
Louisiana USA

You slobber's like a river,
not always clean,
Your act to the kitty is very mean,
When I look into your eyes,
I know that it's true,
God needs to spend a little
more time on you.

Dedicated to my sable Collie,
Luke. (But his nickname is
Luker and Lukie)






A sable collie

Red ribbonSnowball
by Shawn, Age 12
Pennsylvania USA

I have a dog.
But he can't be seen.
Nobody can see him because
My parents are so mean.

I take him for walks,
And feed him puppy food,
And he repays me
by cheering me up
in my bad moods.

He's big, fuzzy, and really tall,
And is as white
as a big cuddly snowball.

When I'm sick,
He nurses me to wellness,
But if my parents
found out,
I would have to sell him.

I'm glad he is invisible,
He doesn't make
my brother cough.
He's one of my best friends,
And Snowball knows.





My invisi-dog


If I ever lose him,
I think I would croak.
But since he is Invisi-dog,
The world will never know!

Only I can see him,
I thank God every day,
Because I love Snowball,
In every little way.

Red ribbon The First Born 
by Philip, Age 8
New York USA

If you find your dog's behind
On your clothes,
Close the door,
And watch the sound
of whimper pour.
After an hour or two,
Tell him you won't
Bring him to the petting zoo.
Then watch his face say
"I won't kick you"
Then let him just lick.




Red ribbon Cody
by Lindsey, Age 13
Minnesota USA

Cody is white and black,
He will not attack,
He loves to play all day,
You should see him!

Cody is a black and white
Cocker Spaniel that loves to play.





Red ribbonThe Pest on a Stormy Night
by Stephanie, Age 12
Texas USA

Rain pouring down,
I hear the rolling thunder in the night.

The thunder scared me,
I run,
Then my attention to that stupid stray dog in the road,

Crash..., Bang
No more barking, just thunder

My mascara streamed down my face,
The stray tried to protect me from the thunder by barking,
He looked scrawny and tall,
His eyes were two different colors,
blue and brown.

His fur was white, but gray when he was dirty.
The stray also had all kinds of scars,
and he was kind to only me.

But now I see what a terrific dog he was,
for I lost my dear friend,

The Pest known to only me.

Red ribbonKeesha
by Melissa, Age 11
Illinois USA

Keesha, Keesha
I love her dear.
But I fear,
That one day,
God will take her.

Keesha is a little black and white Shih Tzu.
She is so cute!




Red ribbonDogs
by Sara, Age 7

D is Dirt.
O is for Oval.
G is for Garden.

D, O, and G
stands for DOG.





Red ribbonDogs
  by Shivaun, Age 9
Oakville, Ontario Canada

If I had a dog, what would I do?
Would I feed it? Yup!
Would I scoop up after it? Nah!
Little kids will do that.
If I had a dog, I'd love it for sure!
How cute!

Red ribbon My Poodle
by Anonymous

I have a miniature Poodle,

She's so cute,

Her name is Sierra,

She is black,

I love her,
love her,
love her.

 Because she's so funny,



And so cuddly,

She's 5 1/2 months,

I'm so glad she's mine,

Girls and their poodle.

Red ribbonDogs
by Devon, Age 9

Dogs, dogs,
They're better than hogs!





Red ribbonA Stray 
by Heather, Age 12
Curtice, Ohio USA

One day I went walking in the park,
Then tripped and yelled "Hey!"
For under my feet I heard a bark,
I looked down and saw a stray.

The little guy could melt your heart,
He was as skinny as a twig,
I tried to put him in a cart,
But he was definitely too big.

I gave him some of my lunch,
He ate more than he ever had,
When I said goodbye,
I knew I'd miss him a bunch.

I felt bad as he started to walk away,
I knew my mom would never
let me keep him,
I had to let him stay,

I had no choice but to leave him,
Poor, pitiful stray





 Red ribbonSnowy
by Anush,Age 11
Middlesex, United Kingdom

My dog, Snowy, is really white,

He always barks
but never does bite.

He hates his collar
and he hates his lead,

But he likes to drink milk
and to eat bread.

His clean, white coat
is very, very soft.

Just like the hay,
you might find in a loft.

I never ever want him to die.
If he does, I will cry and cry.





A beautiful white dog!


  Red ribbonDogs
by Erika, Age 10
New Jersey USA

Dogs can play with you,
They can even lay with you.
They love when you pet them,
You will never regret them.

They run all around,
And sometimes fall on the ground.
They'll always be there,
Right by your side.

So you will never have to hide,
So love your dog to the end,
And he or she will always stay your friend.







Red ribbonIf I Could Have a Dog
by Shawn, Age 11
Pennsylvania USA

My parents are so mean,
I can't even have a frog.
But that would be nothing,
If I could have a dog.

I'd take it for walks,
And feed it twice a day,
And teach him to come to me,
When I say "Hey!"

Something cute and furry,
Not a cat, only a dog.
Boy, my life would be better,
If I could have a dog.






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