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Red ribbonMy Dog
by Hayley, Age 9

I have got a dog,
Who likes my frog.
He does not bite,
He tries to write.
I love my dog,
My dog loves me and the fog.





Red ribbonDogs
by Susan, Age 9
Pennsylvania USA

Dogs, Dogs,
We love dogs,
Dogs are funny,
And they are cute.

My dog loves
to jump and play,
They love bones
and doggie treats,
I love dogs.




 Red ribbonBaby
by Zach, Age 13
Columbus, Nebraska USA

Baby is my dog,
She jumps like a frog.
She likes to eat food
Other than her own,
Sometimes we let her
Talk on the phone.

When you whistle she will come,
Normally in a sprint or a run.
Her favorite toys are
The stuffed ones of course,
When she rips them up
you have to throw them away.

First she is sad and whimpers a bit,
But she will be done throwing her fit.
She really likes to go for a ride,
But her favorite time is
When we go for a walk

All and all she is a really good dog,
She's smart, fast, fun,
and funny to watch.

 Red ribbonMolly
by Kelly, Age 9

Molly, Molly, I love you,
Molly, Molly, this is true,

Molly Molly when God calls
down for you,
I will be sadly blue.




Red ribbonZorro My Pal
by Gen, Age 13
Illinois USA

I have a pal,
The best in the world!
He lays on his chair,
All snuggled and curled.

Who am I talking about?
You still don't know?
I'm talking about my pal,

"The masked man?" You say.
"Curled on a chair?
How can he fit
With the costume he wears?"

No, no, my friend!
Don't you see on the chair?
If you look closely
You'll see some pet hair.




"The legendary hero?
He can't shed!
With that mask and hat,
Covering his head."

No, not again!
That man is not the one!
Not the one who chases
A ball to have fun.

You see, my friends,
As strange as it may be,
My best pal is Zorro,
My pet Beagle puppy!
Beagle pup

Red ribbonBrie
by Briana, Age 10
California USA

I have a Poodle named Brie,
She means everything to me!
When I come home,
She'll race to meet me at the door,
She plays, she licks, and
much, much more!!



A Poodle!

Red ribbonBuddy
by Cole, Age 13
Columbus, Nebraska USA

I have a dog named Buddy,
He is very funny.
He runs, jumps, swims, and plays,
and he gets very muddy.

He is my best friend,
I can say that's true,
But when the day comes
When he has to go,
I will be very, very blue.




Red ribbonLilly
by Danielle, Age 9
Boynton, Pennsylvania USA

Lily, Lily, Oh my Lily,
She howls and growls,
But she is just acting silly.
Then everybody laughs and says,
"That's our Lily"!



Red ribbonSissy
by Samantha, Age 11
Hawaii USA

Sissy, Sissy, Sissy girl,
You always know how to twirl.

You are very nice to me,
You are very special you see

You always stand up for me,
You always bark - let her be.

You really like to
bark, bark, bark,
Especially when it's
dark, dark, dark.

All I wanted to say was:
I love you!




Red ribbonBuffy
by Abby, Age 13
Florida USA

Buffy is my dog,
She's a very big hog.
She eats all day,
Barks all night,
She chews on things,
And puts up a fight.

A stubborn dog, she is,
She doesn't listen when I say "no",
But she and I both know,
I will always love her so.






Red ribbonGracey
by Adnama, Age 9
Massachusetts, USA

Gracey, Gracey, Gracey Girl,
You once got loose,
As loose as a goose.

Mom went out to look for you,
Me and Emma were very frightened,
We didn't know what to do!

Mom looked all around,
And when mom came back,
Out from nowhere,
Me and Emma weren't making a sound,

She popped out,
Then that silence
Became LOUD! LOUD!

With cheers and happiness,
with whoopies, too,
Grace girl,I LOVE YOU!

This is based on a true story.
You can read the whole long story
here on Dog Stories by Kids.
It's called The Runaway Dog!

Red ribbonThe Dog
by Chrissi, Age 11
Sacramento, California USA

Once there was a dog,
Who sat like a log,
Wherever she might go,
She would just sit and moan.

Then her owner said,
Well maybe she needs a bed,
But that was not it.
Maybe she needs some water,
Or maybe someone
to brush her fur.

But the dog still sat,
In the corner without a pat,
Everyone would worry,
Why she was never in a hurry.


 Then one day,
A little girl made
A discovery!

The dog was lonely,
That was the key,
She needed a friend!

And that was the end
of the dog,
Who sat like a log,
Because now,
She is loud,
Because she has a friend
to play with,
and that is the END!


Red ribbonSecurity
by Susan, Age 15
Houston,Texas USA

Terror and fear can come
in all shapes, forms, and images.

But looking into
the soft eyes of a dog,
and feeling your heart
melt out of your chest,
you can't help but feel
safe in their presence.






Red ribbonMy Dog's Life
by Lucca, Age 10
Maple Valley, Washington USA

My dog's life is very sweet,

When she eats it is very neat,

She will come when I say "Here",

She is my little dear.




Red ribbonScooter
by Nikki, Age 9
Sevierville,Tennessee USA

My new dog named Scooter,
Who is such a rooter,
Woke me up from bed,
By crawling on my head.

It was 5:00 at the time,
When he woke me up
From a dream that rhymed.

I said, "What are you doing?",
he replied by looking.
I told him, "Go back to sleep.",
because I had school.
He replied by looking cruel.




 red ribbonMugzy
by Katy, Age 9
Massachusetts USA

I have a dog with a collar.
He is worth a million dollars.

I love him,
He's sweet,

And he's really neat.
I love my doggie dear!







red ribbonPortia
Caila, Age 9
Culloden, West Virginia USA

Portia is my dog's name,
I know it's pretty weird,

And also unique,
And very sweet,

Because she brings me
Lots of good cheer.




 red ribbonKristy
by Katherine, Age 8
Delaware USA

There once was a dog named Kristy.

She never bit twice,

She never licked twice,

And that was a dog named Kristy.






red ribbonI'm a Basenji
by Andrea, Age 12
Illinois USA

I have short hair,
One minute I'm here,
The next I'm over there.

Wrinkles on my forehead,
Give me innocent looks.
I'm known as the Congo Dog,
In many canine books.

Eating is my hobby,
I love to chew on bones,
On rubber balls and furniture,
And on cords of telephones.

I'm an Egyptian dog,
One of an old breed.
For an 8000 year old sighthound,
I'm the cutest you'll ever see.

 My tail is tightly curled.
My colors often soar.
Red, black, tri,
And brindle makes four.

It's true I am barkless,
I can really sing,
Some call it a yodel,
Most say barooing.

Running is my instinct,
Chasing rabbits is fun.
I love to play with chew toys,
And lying in the sun.

I'm a Basenji,
Being bad is what I do.
I'm a Basenji,
Maybe the right dog for you!

red ribbonTasha
by Katy, Age 9
New York USA

Tasha is a Golden Retriever,
You won't even believe her,
Who swims as good as a beaver.

She's our best friend,
And would be yours too,
She's always there,
to cheer you up when you are blue,

She gives you kisses,
With her slobbery tongue,
When it comes to Tasha,
Too bad there is only one!







red ribbonJack Jack Jack
by Mallary, Age 8
Idaho USA

Jack Jack Jack.
My dog is Jack.
He is black.

He has a little white,
But he doesn't bite.
I love him a lot.

I taught him some tricks,
And he licks.
Jack Jack Jack.




  red ribbon Dogs Are My Life
by Katherine, Age 8
Delaware USA

Dogs are my life,
They're fuzzy and cute!

They run, they jump,
They lick you ,too!






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