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red ribbonA Dog To Make Me Smile

by Burcu, Age 9
Istanbul Turkey

 There was a dog I admired,

Who wagged its tail
and looked so smart,

The shiny fur
and the distinct smile,

These things make me really fly.


red ribbonA True Friend
Lauren, Age 12
Charlotte, North Carolina USA

A dog is your friend,
he'll be there to the end.

Though he may small,
He loves you before all.

So I'll end this with
A final word or two,

Love your dog very much,
He'll do the same for you.





A girl and her pup. 


  red ribbonNidhi's Poem
by Nidhi, Age 6
Chennai, Tamilnadu India

My dog is so soft,
My dog is so cute,
It has such a cuddly fur,
That I like to hug her.

It takes care of me,
When I go for long walks.
I love my dog
As much as this world.


golden retriever pup

 red ribbonMy Dog
by Greg, Age 8
Oregon USA

You are so sweet,
You love your feet,
That is why I love you.




 red ribbonDogs
by Ellen, Age 12

Dogs are cute,
Dogs are sweet,
They are lovely,
From their head to their feet.

They love to run,
And play all day,
But sometimes they can run away.

They may be good,
They may be bad,
But dogs are loyal,
When you're sad.





S-Simply Adorable!


 red ribbonMy Best Friend
by Kirsten, Age 11

He's my best friend,
He sleeps on my bed,
So he knows I'll be safe.
.When I'm sad he makes me laugh.
Ha! Ha! Ha!

If there's a breakin',
they can't see him
because he's big and black.
He'll BARK so I am safe,
then lick my face.

He's my best friend,
my collie TOLLY.





Cute collie!


  red ribbonOde To My Dog
by Caitie, Age 10
Elizabeth, Pennsylvania USA

Although Tanner is not royal,
he is very loyal.

When I am sad,
he makes me feel really glad.

He is like a brother,
I like him like no other!



A girl and her best friend. 


red ribbonSara's Poem
by Sara, age 8

There was a dog, he was bad.
That dog, he bugged dad.

We sold the dog.
He saw a frog.

He chased him on a log.
Then the dog said,"The End."



Dog digging hole.


red ribbon  Silly Shotzie
by Leighanna, age 8
Columbia, South Carolina, USA

Shotzie thought God said

to get on the train

instead of the line for brains.

So Shotzie went to the line for the trains.

Now Shotzie cannot think

so therefore Shotzie is afraid of rain

and everything

except people.







red ribbonKelly's Poem
by Kelly, Age 9

 My dog is cute.
I'll rather have a dog then a newt
cuz a newt is not cute!






 red ribbon I Love Dogs
by Christine, Age 12
Mission Viejo, California USA

I love dogs, oh yes I do,
I love to pet them,
And run with them too.

They keep me company everyday,
They go out with me to skip and play.
Dogs are said to be a man's best friend,
They always have a heart to lend!




Golden Retriever 

red ribbonMy Dog Pete
by Nova, Age 9
Edmonton, Alberta Canada

I have a dog named Pete.
He has a nose and four feet.
I LOVE him dear,
I'm glad he is here,
I have a dog named Pete.




 dog with ball

  Red ribbonMy Dog Cinnamon
by Veronica, 5th grade
Chula Vista, California USA

My dog Cinnamon
is as sweet as sugar.
She's as brown as ginger,
her nose as black as coal.
She's as gentle as can be,
I never want to let her go,
I want her to always be with me.



 Girl with dog


 Red ribbonDodger
by Amanda, 5th grade
Chula Vista, California USA

My dog's name is Dodger,
He is weird little one.
Sweet little eyes,
But he has a big heart.

I love him so much,
He is the best kind of dog.
So if you see a Cocker Spaniel
in a pet store,

Hey check them out,
They are really cool!

Walking Cocker Spaniel

red ribbon Oreo
by Kristin, Age 10
North Carolina USA

I love my dog from head to toe,
Oh, did I mention his name is Oreo?

I love to look at his little face,
Black and white hair,
And just in case, he runs away,
He will remember his family,
And come back home to us
happy and gay.

But I am glad it has not happened yet
but maybe some day, I doubt it.
I love my dog from head to toe,
Oh how I love my Oreo!





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