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 Red ribbon


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 Red ribbon

 Red ribbonTreats  
by Kirstie, Age 8
Texas USA

Treats beat the heat,
Beats the heat is what they eat,
Here in my lap all nice and gray,
Here asleep in May.
A doggie brown, black, and white,
must always fight the night.

One night at 12:00,
I had a coat hanging on my door knob
and my dog thought it was somebody
and she started to bark. Ha Ha!






  Red ribbonMy Dog Pete
by Caitlin, Age 10

Pete is his name,
Companionship's his game.
If you think he's cute,
You're not to be blamed,
When you're down and you're blue,
Pete comes to the rescue.
My Dog Pete.

Pete is a 4-year-old Yorkshire Terrier, and is the cutest thing on the face of the earth. I wanted to name him Toto, off of The Wizard of Oz, but now I know that dog was a Cairn Terrier, not a Yorkie. My mom was the one who named him "Pete the Dog".






Red ribbonDogs 
by Katie, Age 10
Ontario, Canada

Dogs are lovable,
Dogs are caring,
Dogs are cute,
Dogs are small,
Dogs are big,
Dogs are playful,
Dogs are furry,
Dogs are nice,
Dogs are friendly,
Dogs are smart.

Play with your dog(s).
Walk your dog(s).
Care for your dog(s).
Bathe your dog(s).
Brush your dog(s).
Love your dog(s).
Feed your dog(s).




 If you have a dog
please love it.
It is mean to leave
him or her
alone on the street.



Love Your Dogs!


  Red ribbonRusty and Trombone 
by Clay, Age 7 
and brothers Robbie, Mitch, Dave

My two dogs live in a sack,
One is brown, one is black.
The first we call Rusty,
He's friends with the bone.
The second is Crusty,
We call him Trombone.
With thick curly hair,
Boy they sure need a scrub,
It gets dirty down there,
So slide 'em in the tub!



My brothers helped with this poem. They like Rusty and Trombone a lot also. They always joke that together they are a rusty trombone. Sometimes we say, let's play the rusty trombone.

Two dogs.


 Red ribbonMan's Best Friend 
by Kallie, Age 13
Utah USA

A dog is a man's best friend,
Always there to lend him a hand.
He doesn't ask much in return.
Only a pat on the back,
We can give them that.

I have three very lovable dogs. There pretty small. But it never stops them from trying to protect me. There really playful and sweet.




 Red ribbonCopper 
by May88m, Age 12
Perak, Malaysia

I have a dog named Copper,
Who's cheeky when she licks,
Copper is the type of dog,
Who eats near my family's bikes.

I have a dog named Copper,
Who's as naughty as can be,
I will never sell or give away Copper,
And Copper will never leave me.

My only wish is that,
I wish Copper would never die,
But then that is impossible,
But in my mind Copper will NEVER die!




Red ribbonLily 
by Danielle, Age 10
Pennsylvania USA

Little Border Collie,
You will love her.




border collie


 Red ribbonDogs are Cool
by Alana, Age 7
Oklahoma USA

Dogs are cool.
They like to drool.
Some dogs are bad.
Some are sad.



sad dog


Red ribbonMy New Dog
By Fej, Age 14
Washington USA

Hey, ya know,

I got my first dog the other day,
I wanted him for agility,
and just to play.
I finally convinced my mom,

after a couple years,
And I love playin' around

with his floppy ears.
He's a beagle so he's small,
He has trouble getting his mouth
around a tennis ball.








Red ribbonI Love Dogs 
by Berlyn, Age 9
California USA

One day my dog found a bone
and started barking
in a rather harsh tone.
I found out that it was rotten,
so I named her Cotten
to rhyme with rotten.

My Collie is very gentle. One time my baby cousin pulled his hair and he didn't even get mad.







 Red ribbonDogs
by Devon, Age 8
California USA

Dogs don't live in bogs,
or with a mog.
Care for your pet
once you met,
Please love your dog,
they don't live in bogs!






 Red ribbonYour Dog
by Sheila, age 11
DeSoto,Texas USA

You would want a dog,
rather than a hog.
Your new dog needs care,
not junk food.
In the world people
don't care about dogs.
So I say take good care of your dog.

My dog is so cute y'all would want an auction on him. My dog is the best dog in the world.



 German Shepherd

Red ribbonSnoopy
by Sherry, age 12
Selangor, Malaysia

I have a cute little dog,

He's called Snoopy the bad tot,
When he's lost in a thick fog,
He's sure to be barking a lot!

Snoopy has a bad habit,
Of leaving his food in a waste,
He told my dumb rabbits,
To go to his dish and have a taste!






  Red ribbonMy Dream
by Marc, Age 11
Texas USA

I'm a boy under a tree,
The wind I feel on my face,
As gentle as can be.

I dream of a friend
that can be with just me,
He'll have brown eyes and fluffy ears.

He will run down hills with me,
What a friend he will be.

I'm writing about my dog, Lucky. I don't have him yet, but I am going to get him at Christmas and he is going to be a Golden Retriever.



Golden Retrievers love swimming!

Red ribbonAbby and Ray
by Megan, Age 10
Tennessee USA

I have two brand new dogs
named Abby and Ray.

They play and play all day.
They're too cute.

I love them very much.
They have lots of toys and such.

I just want to brag on these two special pets,
Because I love them very much!

They are Yorkshire puppies who are only ten weeks old. The youngest one is Abby and the oldest one is the hyper one, Ray.



puppy dog

  Red ribbonKokoa
by Grace, Age 8
Arkansas USA

Kokoa is my dog,
and she has spots on her,
The dog next door has dots,
and they both eat lots and lots
of Spotty Dots dog food,
with Spotty Dot's picture on it.




Dalmatian pup



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