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I got my dog for my bithday this year. My grandma bought her for me from
her friend. You see, her friend breeds Sharpeis and has the best out there.
Rita Red was the runt and she could not be sold, because of her being a runt.
So that's how we got her for half price of $800! Well, my sister has a mixed breed,
Lassie and she has had pups before. Lassie is very smart, and I hope Rita Red
will be just like her. Jeffrey, Age 9, Georgia USA

My dog Lassie is a mixed breed. She has Collie in her - (that's where I got her
name), German Shepherd and also Cocker Spaniel. Lassie knows how to sit, stay, lay,
come, go lay down, and also knows how to shake. Lassie is a very special dog-
no dog on earth looks like her (except maybe her 6 children) and I hope she spends the rest
of her life by my side.

Lassie is a very special dog to me. She loves to learn new things and she likes to sleep
in the laundry room for some reason! Soon, we will be adopting a red Sharpei named Rita Red.
I am so excited!!! Well, back to Lassie. Her best friends are Friscky and Pepper -
(my friend's dogs). Well, gotta go! Melissa, Age 11, Georgia USA
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My Dog
My dog's name is Kipper and her breed is a Foxy crossed a Chihuahua. She is 7 years old
and very small. I love my dog so much and I think all dogs are cute.
Alexandra, Age 10 Brisbane, Australia

La verdad es que no se que es un book report lo que puedo hablar es de la
ascendencia de miperros. La hembra es hija de un pastor alemán cruzado con un
doberman, pero el pastor era hijo de un coker con un pastor o algo asi. El macho
es hijo de mi perra con un perro indefinido.

Mis perros son hermosos La hwembra "CUCA" tiene 8 años, ya se le han
caido los dientes(algunos) y me da pena pero estoy feliz porque nunca me deja
sola es muy sensual y tierna. Le gusta toda clase de comida y que le rasquen
la panzita. El hijo de cuca se llama "SPANKY" es un perro adorable pareceun
pero de raza aunque no lo es, le gusta bailar y se pone muy contento cuando me
vellegar realmente creo que me escucha cuando le cuento mis cosas algunos de mis
amigos dicen que el esta enamorado de mi :):) yo a veces lo creo. Es tan lindo.
Quiero mucho a mis perritos, y no se que haria sin ellos, son lo máximo.

Un perro no es solo eso un perro es un amigo, un compañero te escucha,
te sigue donde vas te mima cuando estas trite y se divierte contigo cuando estas
alegre. Un perro no es un simple animal no le falta nada tiene sentimientos como
todos no te engaña nunca y sabe guardar muy bien tus secretos. Por eso lo mejor
del mundo es el perro pero más aun los mios.
Ingrid, Guayaquil/Guayas/Ecuador

I don't know what I would do without my Valerie (my dad gave her to me on
Valentine's day). She is one of my best friends. She is always there to
kiss (lick) my tears away when I am sad. She is a wonderful dog. I have had
her since she was a puppy after my other Chihuahua was found eaten by wolves.
My Dad got her for me as a present. Chihuahuas are great little companions.
My grandmother has 3 of them. They are my favorite breed of dog. More people
should have them. Especially people who get lonely. Heather, Age 16, Texas USA

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My dog, Charlie, likes to hide pizza in the bushes. When he gets hungry, he will dive
into the bushes to find the pizza he has hidden. He also likes to steal my dad's dinner
right off his plate. Once in a while he will drink lots of water from the garden hose.
Carlie, Age 11, New Jersey USA

My dog is a Westie and his name is Sydney. He is very cute and I love him. My brother is
getting a dog, it is going to be a Yorkie. He is going to name it Chester. I think
this site is great!!!! Matt, Age 12, Michigan USA

My dogs Chaos, Boomer, Egor, and Dozer are the best! My fave is Chaos. He's a Jack
Russell Terrier. I like him the best because he's the smallest and the other ones which are
a Doberman (Boomer), Egor (German Shepherd),and Dozer (Boxer) always pick on him
and he is small enough to sleep with me! Andrea, Age 11, Ontario Canada

My dogs, Pembroke Welsh Corgis, are Glowbear and Nisse. They are very
smart and very fun! They have a huge website about 1 1/2 years old. Sophia, Age 9, Kingston, Washington USA

My dog's name is Tanner. He is a mutt, part Border Collie,
Golden Retriever, and Brittany Spaniel. He loves to play outside and chase
bunnies. He is also a little noisy. My Mom, Dad, and I love him very much!
Caitie, Age 10, Pennsylvania USA

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My dog is a black Mongrel (Indian breed...). It has white chest, and white front paws
with black spots on them. Her tail is black, but its tip is white. We call her Cookie.
I found her roaming about in our neighbourhood with no one to care for her.
In India, we have a large number of stray animals--cats and dogs. I have already adopted
three cats. Cookie is now six months old and gets along very well with the cats--
Bunny, Buff and Baby. Vidushi, Age 12, New Delhi, India

Lady (Pit mixed with Chow) is special to me. The thing I like about her
is when I am sad, she comes and licks my tears away. Alona, Age 11, Ohio USA

My dog is a 4 month old Shih Tzu, named Buddy. He is not one of those Shih Tzus
who are in shows. He has shorter hair and is white with a brown spot on his back.
He is 7 pounds and very friendly. Thank you very much, Ashley
Ashley, Age 11, Montreal, Quebec Canada

I have 4 dogs. I like them a lot! They are 2 Mutts, a Springer, and a Poodle. Their names are Abby , Molly , Persilla , and Chevy. Brittany, Age 12, Florida USA

I have an 8 week old Golden Retriever named Max. He can already beg, heel,
sit, and get my dad's newspaper. AND he plays for my basketball team, my football,
and my soccer! Jake, Age 13, Texas USA

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Wiper (Cocker Spaniel) is an adorable dog. He protects me when someone
wants to hurt me. He likes to run and catches flies, is very funny see it!
I love Wiper! Frida, Zacatecas, Mexico

Molly, my Dalmatian, I show in agility. Maverick, my Flat Coated Retriever,
is only 4 months old. I will be showing in conformation, junior showmanship,
agility, and obedience. Courtney, Age 14, Missouri USA

I love my dog, Biscuit (an Australian Shepherd), so much! My dog is
1 year old. I call my dog baby. Summer, Age 9, Austin,Texas USA

Sasha (Cairn Terrier) is fun to play with. The game that I really like to play
with Sasha is 'Get the baby'. Well it might sound weird, but it's fun! I love my little Sasha!
Courtney, Age 10, Connecticut USA

My dog's name is Rusty (Golden Retriever) and he's a sweetie...he was named
after his color. Whenever someone's outside or someone comes to the door, he barks a lot,
but he's so friendly he would never bite anyone! He loves dog biscuits, being petted,
chasing after little lights, playing and chewing on his ball, and being lazy.
Mitchell, South Dakota USA

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I have a dog named Cookie. She is a Golden Retriever. She has a lot of energy
and I love her a lot. I love to play with her and teach her to do agility.
Jaimee, Age 13, Manitoba, Canada

My dog, Tanner (a Cocker Spaniel mix), can do lots of tricks. He can sit, shake,
lay down, and rollover. I love him because he is cute, lovable, and friendly.
Melissa, Age 7, California USA

My dog ''Chica'' is a German Shepherd and she is 7 years old! She is so cute
even though she is getting pretty old and has grey hairs under her chin, but who cares?
I love her for what she is! Lauren, Age 10, Australia

Hi!! I have a male Lab & Collie mix named Cody. He is marked like a collie
just with short hair. He's got the cutest of cute hazel eyes, too! He and I are like
the best of friends. He goes like everywhere with me. He's the best you could
expect from a dog. I love him and he loves me. Hannah, Age 13, Hernando, Mississippi USA

Max, my Yorkshire Terrier, is the best dog in the world!!!!! He obeys, has fun,
and tries not to get in trouble. Max is like a little angel for me and my family.
Christie, Age 10, Arizona

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My dog, Waldo (an Italian Greyhound), is too cute. We adopted him through
a rescue group in NC. He is shy and hides a lot, so we named him Waldo and we are
teaching him to come to "Where's Waldo!" I work with him everyday to help him feel
more confident. We are both kinda quiet so we are perfect together.
Amy, Age 12, South Carolina USA

Hello, my name is Greg. My dog, Woody (an Aussie mix) is sooooooooo sweet.
He learned sit. He is really cute. He is my best buddy. He loves to play and walk
and he likes to do tricks, too. He learned sit and jump at my hand, too. I'm sure
you would love my dog. He is also very cute, too. I love him a lot. I walk him
everyday. And I'm sure you like your dog, too. Bye! Greg, Age 8, Oregon, USA

My dog, Max, is the cutest dog in the world. He is tan and white and his
brown eyes are sooo cute! He is two years old and HATES cats. I do voluntary
work at the RSPCA and when I saw him, I couldn't resist. I raced home and begged
Mum for a dog. Eventually she gave in and we bought him. He may get into
trouble, but I love him and I always will! Ellen, Age 12, Darwin/NT/Australia
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My dog is an English Springer Spaniel. His nickname is Spike. He loves
learning new tricks. Age 10, Tennessee USA

Hello, my name is Greg. My dog, Magic (a Border Collie mix), loves people
and he loves me. He is brown and white and his eyes are pretty, too. He has a
brown eye and a blue eye. It is his first time here, so he doesn't really know me.
He has a huge cage so he is really happy. I will walk him every day.
Greg, age 8, Oregon USA

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Biscuit (a Golden Retriever mix) is a 4 month old puppy. She is a super fast
learner because she learned to sit in one day! I am still teaching her tricks
and she is doing very well. Biscuit will only respond to me, but no one else.
She is my best buddy. I got her from an ad in the paper and really enjoy her a lot.
She has 4 other dogs to play with, and a huge pen about 1 or 2 miles, a huge
doghouse my dad built. So I know she enjoys it here a lot! Jenny, Age 10, Oregon USA

My dog Babe, a Maltese, has just started dog training and is doing well.
Daisy, a Silky Terrier, is 14 and going on 15. Babe likes to chase after balls,
but does not return it. Amy, Age 10, Newcastle, Australia

I train my dog CD (Krissy's crazy dog Cassidy), a Sheltie, in obedience and
agility. I go to dog shows. I have many ribbons and awards. He took reserve
champion at the 1997 Hardin Co. Fair. I love him a lot. He likes to play
hide and seek. He is the best. The best part is, my 4-H advisor gave him to me
for free because she knew I wanted a Sheltie so bad. Kristina, Age 14, Kenton, Ohio USA

My dog Mac, a Border Collie, is my best friend. He is sooo friendly and
loves to play soccer. When we put the sprinklers on, he bites the water and gets soaking
wet (weird). But I love him sooo much. We are very happy to have him as a part of
our family. Lauryn, Age 11, Washington USA

I have a black and white Border Collie. Her name is Pooch. We found her
about 2 years ago in our neighborhood. She is the best dog in the world. She
loves to play with her ball and once you start throwing it to her, she does not
want to stop playing. She is a really big baby and loves to jump on your lap
and lick your face. I really love my dog!! Lindsay, Age 8, Ohio USA

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Dakota is my puppy. She is a Husky Sheltie mix. She is the kind of dog people
use to pull sleds. She is half wolf. She has one blue eye and one brown eye.
She is my favorite dog. Barbara, Age 8, Illinois USA Read about the trick Barbara taught Dakota here.

My dog is named Buster. He is part Miniature Schnauzer and something else. We
got him at a kennel. When we first saw him, he was all shaggy and dirty. I fell in
love with him, but my parents were a different story. After a lot of hard work,
I talked my parents into getting him. The next day we went to pick him up.
He is so cute. Buster loves to kiss and be hugged. He always likes to be around
people and everybody seems to love him. Buster is the best dog in the world.
Liza, Age 13, Michigan USA

Kirby, a Chocolate Lab, is my best friend ever. She is very special to us.
We treat her like a human more than a dog. On my birthday, she even gets a
small piece of cake at the table, and every year we celebrate her birthday with
cake and ice-cream along with presents. We love her very much.

In the summer, she plays "Water Twister" with us, and builds snow forts with us
every winter. After school, we usually enjoy a long walk to the park, and a game
of Tug-of-War.

She is very strong and I usually end up on the ground after a game of Tug-Of-War.
We love to play dress up with old clothes and ribbon. I would rather be with her
than any of my friends. She is my most special friend.
Ning, Age 12, Denver, Colorado Ning taught his dog a trick. Read about it here!

Socks, a Cocker Spaniel, is three years old. She is black and white, and 14 inches
tall. Her parents were show dogs, and Socks has the requirements to be a show dog.
She has had 2 litters of puppies, and in both litters there were 6 puppies.
Both litters were identical. There were three males and three females.Socks loves
to play with her tennis ball and sock. Katherine, Age 10, Arizona USA

I have three beautiful Collies: Popcorn, Kansas and Geordie. They are very smart
and love to play with each other and me. My friends can't believe that we have
three dogs at our house.

All of my dogs have been to obedience, agility, and have their herding certificates.
My mom and I also go to dog shows with them and they all have their Canadian
Kennel Club Championships.

The best part of having three dogs, is that in the winter time they will curl up
with you and keep you warm while you watch TV. Steen, Age 9, Alberta Canada

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Bailey, Labrador Retriever, is special because she has her own way of doing
things. When we play fetch with her, she jumps up from where she is standing
and trys to catch the ball, but if she doesn't catch it, she slides across the floor
to get it and chew it to pieces. Jessica, Age 10, Virginia USA

My dog is a Newfoundland. She is a girl. Her name is Millie. She is
13 weeks old. She is cute. She is getting into a lot of trouble. Becca, Age 9, LaSalle

My dog is black and gray and is small with a little beard. She is so cute.
Hannah, Age 10, South Carolina USA

Pooky, a Bichon Frise, is the best dog. She is cute and loves everyone. She
barks at people she doesn't know, but she doesn't bite strangers. She loves to
play and is very energetic. I love her so much. Anna, Age 10, Pennsylvania USA

Born in Wisconsin, spend summer in Virginia, live in Ghana. I love your site!
I half wish I wasn't going to America so I could train my puppies. I'm in Ghana
right now. I have six dogs at the moment. Four dogs have died before and two were
given away. My dogs are:

1) Cleo - about 6yrs old, Purebred Dachsund, longhaired

2) Ebony - nearly 4 years old, half Lab - half alsation, black with white mark
on chest, looks like Lab

3) Brandy - nearly 3 years old, Maltese/Dach mix, looks like a pure Dachshund,
dark brown and black coloured

4) Shadow - nearly 2 years old, Maltidach (like Brandy) I named the breed, well sort of
looks like a white fluffy dachshund

5) Rocky - nearly 3 months old, local dog/bush dog, a sort of dark brown with a
little black, short hair

6) Skipper - nearly 3 months, local dog/bush dog, black with white chest and
stomach, 3 white feet and one brown one and a few other white or brown markings

First four are female, last 2 are male. Aba, age 11

Hi!! Let me tell you about my dog Lady, a Shetland Sheepdog. We got
our dog because we used to have 3 other dogs. 1 died and the other two never
obeyed. She's really fun to play with. She also likes playing catch with a soft
foam ball and loves to play with a frisbee. My dog also likes to eat ice cubes
in the summer. I love her a lot. Well, I guess that's all. Brittani, Age 11, Illinois USA



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