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Paula, Age 8

Mika's a mix of a German Shepherd and a black Labrador. She's playful, too.
My friends sometime come over just to pet her. She loves music and she always
howls when she hears music. I love her and I don't want her to die. I've gone
through one dog dying. I don't want another one to go to heaven. I'm happy
that she's still alive and breathing. Goodbye!

Jaclyn, Age 12
North Carolina USA

My dog, Tigger, is very sneaky. When my brother, sister, and I try to go
to sleep, she tiptoes past our mother. My mom says "Nnnnnoooooo!" She
walks to her bed, then tries to sneak into our rooms.


Josie, Age 9
Arizona USA

My dog's name is Ginger. I don't know why she is so fat. Probably because
she ate her other owner's chickens. Oh, does anybody here know Ginger from
Gilligan's Island? Cause you know what color her hair was. That is the color
my dog's fur is. And that is how Ginger got her name.


Jocelyn, Age 12
Ontario, Canada

I like my dog, Coco (chocolate Labrador Retriever), because he always
loves to play and he rarely gets tired. He knows how to swim with me and he
makes me laugh because he does dumb things like how to tease people
with his toys. He makes the most lovable and funny faces.



My dog is very playful. He is two. He would be very happy if you came
to my house. My dog is a English Boxer. His ears are cropped. He is allergic.


Belinda, Age 13
Victoria, Australia

My pup, Pirate, is special to me because he is gentle and playful at the same
time. Pirate enjoys dog club, walking, and doing tricks (giving 5 and 10,
commando-crawling, rolling over).


Tracy, Age 9
California USA

My dog is a German Shepherd. His name is Lucky. He is very friendly. His
birthday is in January. He is 5. If someone he has never met comes out to the
backyard, Lucky will jump on them and lick them.

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Melanie, age 8
Missouri USA

I got my (Collie) puppy, Gracie, on the anniversary of my Grandma's death.
My puppy got bigger, but she's still a puppy.


Jill, Age 8
South Carolina

I have 2 dogs. Their names are Dede and Simba. Dede is 6 years old and Simba
is 3 years old. Dede is Simba's mother. Simba is fatter than Dede. I play with
Simba because Simba can roll over on his belly. He likes when somebody rubs
his belly. Simba can roll over on his belly because he was born on his belly.
When Dede walks in the snow, she hops on 3 legs!



Heather, age 9
Alaska USA

I love dogs so much! I have a Husky/Chessie (Chesapeake Bay Retriever) mix
and his name is Sam. He is a good dog and he loves me very much and I love
him even more. He listens to me when I cry and tries to make me feel better.
I love the things you have here. Thank you.



Tippy, age 13
Wisconsin USA

Having two dogs in the house is the best it can be. A mutt and the collie in
my house are the best of friends. They have opened their world to me. For
them to be so kind I am doing the best to be kind to them. I send my love to
Merlin and Katie from me the Tippy who loves you.


Todd, Age 9
California USA

I got Brewster 11 years ago. I was not born. I like to chase my dog to play
with him. He is special to me, Todd. I've had him for a long time. I love him
for 1 reason. He is old. The end.

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Jennifer, Age 9
California USA

Hi, Jennifer here to tell you about Duff, my dog (Collie). Duff means top
of the forest floor like leaves, pine needles, and other stuff that falls from
trees and gets stuck in his fur. He is one of the sweetest dogs I know. He is
very obedient and loves to be petted. He does a great Chubaka the Wookie
(like from star wars) impression, too! He is so sad when we leave on a trip,
but comes galloping back home to our house when we get back. He is a roamer
and walks around our neighborhood like he was king. We leave him at home
when we leave and hire some of my fellow kid neighbors to feed him. He is a
strong dog, born on Valentine's Day, and the vet says he's a healthy dog
because of his surroundings. He will be 42 Valentine's Day of February 1999.

Kassie, Age 10

Hi. My dog's name is BooBoo! She is a very frisky dog (black Labrador
Retriever). She loves to jump on you and get you muddy! She can be sweet
sometimes like when you sit down and you're not doing anything, she comes
up to you and licks your face. It's kind of disgusting! She loves to chase her ball (tennis ball). She is an inside dog, but we keep her outside and that's why she
cries at night! And that's my dog BooBoo!

Amanda, Age 11
New Jersey USA

Comet (Labrador Retriever) is only 6 months. She's a very active puppy!
She loves to run and play tag with me!


Joe and Raye, Ages 11 and 10
Maryland USA

Hi. We are going to tell you about Dak. He is a very friendly dog, although
one time I was holding him by the collar in the house and somebody came
to our house. All he could do was hear them walking up to the house. When
they came around the corner in his range of sight, he started barking and
growling. That was the first time he had ever done that. We were very happy
he did that. We love him very much!



JoJo and Mimi, Ages 10 and 9
Maryland USA

Hi. We're going to tell you about our dog, Henson. He's called that for short.
Some people call him the Million Dollar Dog because so much money was spent
on him. One time his old owner's son was playing with him and he got a
great idea! Since they had been subscribers to Disney Adventures magazines
since 1992, they pulled out the big box of magazines and dumped it on Henson.
Then they took a picture of him with all the magazines. They sent it in to
Disney and they actually printed it! So now our dog is famous! At least that's
what our mom says. His cage is so big that my sister, my brother and myself
can all fit in it at one time. He hardly fits in the cage himself! We love our
dog very much!

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Ashley, Age 11
Georgia USA

Hi. My name is Prissy. I am very hyper. When I am excited, I spin around
in circles and when I am asleep, I SNORE. I even bark at books. I am so weird.
I am a Boston Terrier. I am white on my front paws and my stomach. But for
the rest of my body, I am black. I can run up to 60 miles per hour. I was born
in Valdosta, Georgia. I am very skinny and I only weigh about 10 pounds, but
it seems that I weigh more. I am six years old in dog years but in human years
I am fifty-seven. Bye.


Alyssa, Age 12
Virginia USA

Baby, my 2 month puppy, ornery, but cute, is all black, but tan on all 4 legs
and face. Baby is a black Labrador/German Shepherd. We also have a Golden
Retriever, Goldie. I love my puppies so much because they love me, they're
so cute, and you can do so much with them.

P.S Take care of your pets. And all you pet lovers, a word from my pups,
"ruffff, rufff, rufffff, ruff, ruff, ruff, ruff, ruff" (thank you very much for
taking care of my friends!)


Chris, Age 11
California USA

My dog, Baschee (Labrador Retriever), is VERY playful and loves to go
for walks! Baschee is also very sweet. He lets my baby nephew pet him.

Sara, Age 10
New York USA

Hi! My name is Sara and my dog's name is Fluffy (Maltese). He is so cute,
cuddly, and playful. I got him when he was 3 months old. Now he's 1 and
8 months! If he sees paper on the floor, he'll tear it up. That's because he spent
3 months with torn up paper under him. When I give him a bath, he looks
like a Chihuahua. He doesn't like his dog food much. I'm afraid that he'll die
from hunger. I just try not to think of it. I hope I still have him until I'm 20.
I love Fluffy and I'll never forget that. Oh no! It's Fluffy's walk time.
Remember, if you want a dog, look for the right dog that you think you'll
want. Chow!


Katie, Age 12

Hi, my name is Katie and I have a dog named "Buzz-Lightyear". He likes to
take our next door neighbor's football and play with all the boys. Every
morning he goes down the driveway to get the paper for my parents. His breed
is a Boston Terrier. I gave him a surprise birthday party this year for his first
birthday. He snores so bad it is unreal! His best friend is Coco. He lives right
behind me. Around 8:00 pm he starts to run around the living room like a nut.
We cheer him on by clapping our hands and saying "Go Buzz Go, Go Buzz",
over and over. For Christmas he got everything that he wanted. Well that is
the story of my dog "Buzz".

Ashley, Age 10

I have a Samoyed. His name is Crackers. He is white. He can do many tricks
like sitting, shaking, and just plain behaving. When I leave for school, he gets
lonely. He is fond of wagging his tail. His fave food is skippy with beef. He
does not like broccoli.

Wendy, Age 10
Minnesota, USA

I have a dog named Barney. He's very fat, but I love him. He's very fat,
because we feed him ice cream every night. Barney has a small bed. He
doesn't sleep in it ALL the time, just when he's tired and wants to be
comfortable. Barney is also scared of thunder and lightning. When he's scared,
he hides under the kitchen table or follows my mom everywhere. Barney
loves Mom and Dad. Sometimes he sleeps with Dad and always follows Mom.
If Barney is frightened, he goes around the house looking for her. Barney
is always brave when Mom is near. Barney is a year older than me. He's
eleven in people years and in dog years, he's seventy-seven. Barney's birthday
is June 7th, 1987. Barney's my best friend. Barney is the best dog in the
whole entire world. No dog is better than him. At least, that's what I think.


Jordan, Age 10
Maryland USA

Dakota is a four year old Golden Retriever. He is very playful. He's not
allowed in the house, but he is allowed in the garage. I go out there and
play with him when I get home from school. We bought him from Ridgewood
Kennels, but we picked him up at the Mall. He's not the only dog I have.
but I'll write a different story about my other dog. Bye! P.S. He is so cute!

My other dog, Henson (German Shepherd/Labrador), is 2 years old and we
just got him from another family about a month ago. He is very playful,
yet protective. The other people rescued him from the Humane Society.
He is big and yellow-white. Well, gotta go. Bye!


Maggie, Age 9
Ohio USA

My dog's name is Buffett. Buffett was adopted when he was born. The people
told us that Buffett was a girl. We got Buffett's name from Jimmy Buffett.
He is a singer. Buffett snores. Buffett is a Beagle. That is the kind of dog
Buffett is. Buffett is 2 years old.

Rose, Age 10
Tennessee USA

Cinnamon is 4 years old. She is very cute, but she's a trouble-maker.
My Aunt Amy had too many dogs so she gave her to me when I was six.

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Katie, Age 13
Washington USA

Chance is an English Springer Spaniel. We got him from our local dog pound
about a year ago. He and I are in 4-H together and we have had a successful year.
Chance is a very smart dog. His whole name is Sir Frederic the Second Chance
of Washington.

Dogs are God's wonderful creatures. They're always by your side. My dog,
Chance, is a rescue dog. He is my only friend, my pal, my buddy. I love Chance.
Everyone should love their dog. I know I do!


Samantha, Age 11
Michigan USA

My dog, Alex, is the best dog in the world. He is a Dalmatian. He loves the
snow and the summer. But he hates the water. He never liked it and never will.
But he likes to drink it. I had another dog, but she passed away in August 1997.
My dog, Alex, is a watchdog and if he hears one little thing, he barks.



Mindy, Age 11
Maryland USA

My dog's name is Holly. We got her the day after Christmas 3 years ago
and we thought Holly was a good Christmas name.


Stephanie, Age 11
Indiana USA

I have a five year old Cocker Spaniel. Her name is Duchess. She is a black
female. She has not had any puppies that I know of. She is five years old.


Samantha, Age 10
Iowa USA

I have a dog who is 8 years old and is a Cocker Spaniel (black & white) named
Ozzie (named after Ozzie Smith). I have a 6 month old puppy who is a
Yellow Lab named Chipper (named after Chipper Jones). My dogs have to get
along with a rabbit and with each other. Ozzie has to get used to Chipper because
he was with a dog that we had named Cerny that was a Black Lab but he died and
Ozzie misses him so much. Chipper goes potty in the house still sometimes.
His mom, named Sadie, is on T.V. sometimes. I guess you could say dogs are
my life!

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Daniel, Age 6
California USA

Riley is a very cute and sweet dog. He listens to us when we tell him what to
do. He is very special to us. His favorite game is chasing balls.


Megan, Age 10
Pennsylvania USA

I love my dog, Snickers (Yorkshire Terrier), because he's small and I can
hold him. He likes to follow my mom around, but sometimes he sleeps on my bed.
He's so cute.


Vicky, Age 11
Maryland USA

Hi dog lovers,

My name is Vicky and I have two Poodles. Their names are Fifi/9 and Peaches/2,
both girls. They're so sweet and cute. For their birthdays we get them hamburgers
or cook chicken for them. Peaches is my dog and I got her for a going away
present from my mom. I was about 8 when I got her and everybody who sees her
loves her. Fifi, my other dog, is sweet. I got her when I was 2. She's also so cute.
Well bye.

P.S Poodles don't shed hair!

Florida USA

My dog, Holly, is 2 years old. She will sit on my command. She lives with
me in Florida in America. She is fluffy and kind. She's cute. She's a Beagle
and she is fast.


Sandy, Age 13
Sunnyvale, California

Hi, my name is Sandy. I live in Sunnyvale, California. I have five
people in my family including me! We have had our dog ever since I was
two years old. Her name is Bryn. She is an 11 year old beautiful Rottweiler
and in doggy years she is 77! She was sick for a long time, but she recovered
and is doing a lot better now! She is the best dog in the whole world! She is cute,
nice, cuddly, sweet, and she never bites, barks, or snaps unless she is protecting
someone from our family! And she loves to be petted on her head, scratched
on her back, and rubbed on her tummy! When I get older I hope to have a
Rottweiler just like her!

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Anonymous, Age 11

My dog's name is Rowdy. You can guess how he got his name. He is a
Labrador Retriever. We got him from the Humane Society when I was four.
He is four or five years old now. When he gets out, he always comes back.
I love him lots, more than you could write down.

Amanda, Age 9

I have a puppy named Scotty. He is a Sheltie. A Sheltie looks like a miniature
Collie. He is fun and outgoing. I bring him in at night and take him out
in the mornings. My brothers, Matt and Todd, do not pay much attention to
Scotty. But I will always love him.


Bridget, age 13
New York USA

My dog, Paddy, is a Yorkshire Terrier. He is probably about a foot tall
and is adorable. While taking a bath, he looks like an over-grown rat.
It's pretty funny. My dog lays with me at night and follows me around
during the day. I love him because he is so sweet.

Kyle, Age 8
Topeka Kansas USA

My dog, Precious (Yorkshire Terrier), is very special. She is funny and likes to get into things, but then again she is only a puppy. She is almost 2 years old. I love her very much.

Gabby, Age 8
Georgia USA

My dog is very special to me! He acts like a cat, he eats cat food, and it sits
on the top of the sofa! Sometimes he runs down in the woods, but he is still
my own dog!

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Alicia, age 9

I love my dog, Pepper (Labrador/Pointer mix), because she is very nice
and caring to me and she loves me. She never bites me. I got her when she
was a few weeks old. Now she is 2 years old in dog years and 14 in people
years. I love my dog!!


Lindsey, Age 11
Georgia USA

Hi. My name is Lindsey. I have a dog named Roxy. She is a Poodle. She is a gray Poodle. It is a girl. When I got my dog, I liked her a lot. She is my first dog. I love her very much. She is very sweet. I got a girl because I am a girl. She has had puppies twice. Well, Roxy is the coolest dog in the world. I love her so much. She turned 2 in August. She and I do everything together. When she dies I will be the saddest girl in the world. I play with her everyday, but if it is raining I play with her inside. She has never run away from home. Well, I have to go feed her, so bye.


Kaleigh, Age 10
Atlanta, Illinois

Although I don't know what kind my dog is, I love her very much. She is
brown and is starting to get black for the cold winter. She lives outside, though.
I sneak her in and give her baths when I am alone. She never has fleas, thanks
to me. Lilybug, my dog, is very lovable and goes wild when someone comes and
pets her. Like I said, I love her a lot. MERRY CHRISTMAS.


Allison, Age 9
Indiana USA

I have a really nice dog. His name is Dante. He is such a good
doggie (Greyhound). He is blonde and he has tattoo's in both of his ears.
But don't worry. It is just stuff that tells like when he was born and
if he was first, second or third out of his litter. He was first out of his litter.


Sam, age 10
Connecticut USA

Shally is a beautiful pug. She's black with big round eyes. She loves to be
petted and never bite unless she's protecting me.



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