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Redheaded girl hugging her mixed breed dog.

Love Your Pet Day

Tuesday, February 20, 2011

Why do you think we need a special day to love our pets? Sometimes people get very busy. They have homework to do. They have relatives to visit. They have chores to do around the house. Sometimes our pets get a little lonely when we are busy doing other things in our lives. Love Your Pet Day is especially for pampering (treating very special) your pets.

What are some things you can do
to give your dog a little extra love?

Here are a few ideas:

Sit down with your dog and pet him for a little longer than usual.
Take your dog for an extra walk.
Play a game with your dog: fetch the ball, hide and seek, races.
Practice some obedience with your dog. Try heel, sit, stay, down.
Help your parents give your dog a bath.
Teach your dog a new trick.
Give your dog a good brushing.

What are you going to do for your pets on 'Love Your Pet Day' ?
Here's how some kids have celebrated in the past!

pink pawI love my dog, Buster (Golden Retriever) when I take
him out for walks, dance with him, run with him, hug him,
and also when I sleep with him! Danielle, age 12, Pennsylvania USA

pink pawI usually play with Doc. She's so nice, my friend loves
her. We play hide and seek and we wrestle. We also dance.
Jessica, age 10, New York USA

pink pawTo love my dog, Pal (Beagle), I take him for walks, I
brush him once in a while when he needs it, I take him to the
beach when I have time, I play tag and give him exercise.
I give my dog lots of toys and I make sure he has lots of
food and water. Allison, Age 9, Maine USA

pink pawI take Abby (Golden Retriever) for walks. We play ball.
She lays on the sofa with me. Abby is sweet and gentle. Abby
is always there to help me and be a friend. When we are
together, I feel happy. My family takes good care of her.
Matthew, age 10, California USA

pink pawTo show that I love my pet, I am going to take her
for a walk everyday and play with her more. Sometimes
she is lonely. Jen, age 12, Mississippi USA

We like to play basketball. We throw the ball to
Hattrick (German Shepherd) and he hits it with his nose
right back to us, and then we make a basket! We also let
him jump over things like wagons and agility jumps.
Lexy and Sydney, ages 5 and 3, Florida USA

I love my dog, Prince (Chihuahua). He is so nice
and lovable. We play outside and he has a friend named
Barney. He gets along with him. I play racing and we sleep
together. When it's summer we go a lot outside and he plays
with my friends and Prince chills out with my friends.
My friend loves him because he is sweet and nice.
Noelia, age 12, New York USA

I love my dog, Retriever. I take him on walks.
I also play games all day with him. Shaquala, age 11, Pennsylvania USA

I play hide-and-seek with my dog (Miniature Poodle),
Brie. It is really fun because after the first few minutes that
I am hiding, she will run and bark all over the house! It takes
her a long time to to find me! I really love my dog, Brie.
Briana, age 10, California USA

Love all of your pets!


 Love Your Pet Day is not only for dogs. Take some extra time to appreciate all of your pets. They depend on you and they deserve love and good care.





Have a happy day!

Girl with Standard Poodle.


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